Open Letter to the Editor of Swarajya and to V. Anantha Nangeswaran, author of the May 2015 cover story Enemies at the Gate

I would like to offer a different perspective to the very important issue of the forces dead set on not allowing the Modi government to succeed. We realise that it is not the BJP or the Sangh Parivar that is the enemy for those forces. Or do we? This is my point and it is the focus of the cited article as well. My intention is to strengthen the author’s astute perceptions with facts gleaned from the new Indocentric Cosmology – thereby positing the discussion in a more objective framework. It is important for clear-sighted individuals to come forward at this stage of the global developments in which India is central. I make this statement because the dangers we face today are remarkably similar to the struggle that surrounded the Second World War. It needs to be understood that there is something much larger at stake than the success or failure of right-of-centre politics or economics. I will elaborate the issue further ahead.

I have resided in India for the past 44 years, since 1971. Over this long stretch of time I have seen the ups and downs of political parties, fluctuations in economic strategies, the rise and fall of once-thought unassailable ideologies, and even substantial cultural mutations, much to the chagrin of traditionalists; and of late the appearance of the newest tool on the block for foreign ‘invasion’ – the Internet. I have witnessed a growth in prosperity primarily evident in rural areas (where I prefer to live). In the 1970s and well into the 1980s, villages, picturesque and even pleasing to the eye, were a conglomeration of thatched huts. There was hardly a brick and cement building in sight, except perhaps that of the largest landholder of the area. This panorama has changed radically. The concrete habitations we now see may not be so aesthetically pleasing, but they do a better job in protecting their inhabitants than thatched huts. Above all, they indicate a new-found prosperity.

In this stretch of over forty years, what is it that has remained unchanged, and has certainly intensified? It is what V. Anantha Nageswaran admirably points out in his article: anti-Hinduism, plain and simple. I am a first-hand witness to this underlying obsession that has become so deeply entrenched in the Indian way of life, to the point that we must question if it will ever be eradicated. Not only have I been a witness, I am a perpetual target of those same forces as well. I have first-hand knowledge of their machinations to degrade Hinduism, and the obscene manner in which anyone who has an influential voice for the Dharmic cause must be discredited and ultimately silenced, by fair or foul means. And irony of ironies, even the apparently staunch upholders of the culture often lend their full support to such discrediting campaigns without realising what masters they are serving in doing so.

Anantha Nageswaran insightfully wrote that it may take ‘several generations for a millennium of slavish thinking to be shed. The risk is that the idea of India may be…buried before that happens, with its potential and promise remaining unfulfilled.’ The ‘idea of India’ is what needs to be discussed but by a cosmological and more objective approach. This has nothing to do with politics or economics, or even the mutations in culture reflected in the aspirations of the youth which often seem offensive to traditionalists. True, it is Hinduism that is in the dock. But even this is too simplistic and does not do justice to the essence of the matter. What do we mean by the word?

Actually it is the Sanatana Dharma that lies at the core of the hostility and relentless undermining that afflicts India in an increasing measure. Nor is this a recent phenomenon. Its seeds were first planted some 2000 years ago and have been gaining strength ever since. After successfully decimating all ancient cultures where aspects of the old tradition were to be found, those forces zeroed in on the only space on planet Earth where that Dharma had survived and been securely lodged. In other cultures where once the Dharma existed, esoteric schools called it the Perennial Knowledge. As the only surviving civilisation India was entrusted to keep the flame burning and the thread unbroken. Such is the burden of destiny she carries. It is a burden for the entire planet.

What we witness today is the last-ditch effort to re-group forces hostile to the perennial knowledge and finally to submerge that Dharma in the sea of ignorance we have inherited from the dark ages, to entrap the entire Earth, not just one nation, in a prison of spiritual backwardness; that is, to extirpate the Knowledge from its only surviving bastion. This is indeed a hegemonic struggle, but it is not a lust for worldly dominance or economic enslavement, as Hinduism’s adversaries strive for. It is a struggle for the elimination, once and for all, of the Sanatana Dharma, or the perennial knowledge that had once thrived across the globe in pagan cultures.

This true objective has been tactfully camouflaged. What is worse, a superb strategy was elaborated to make it almost impossible to realise where the root lies and what is the true objective of the hostile campaign, or even to pinpoint the real adversary. In contemporary society with its shallow yardsticks this strategy was a simple but fundamental one: to place the outer garment donned by the Sanatana Dharma – that is present-day Hinduism, the attire it adopted for itself during this 9th Manifestation of 6480 years (starting in 234 BCE) – on a par with the Abrahamic and exclusivist religions which are late-comers, having arisen as recently as in the past Age of Pisces (234 BCE to 1926 CE). That outer garb may be put on a par with religions – though scholars agree that Hinduism, even as it stands today, does not fit into the category of religion – but in no way can the Sanatana Dharma (the perennial knowledge) be categorised in this fashion. Having fully attained the objective of parity the forces hostile to its survival have succeeded in diluting the Dharma and obscuring the real issue: that India was entrusted with its survival, being its only living and flourishing example.

bharatmata-fullThe truth be told, this could only come fully to light in the present millennium, after the battle lines were fully drawn, resulting in the extreme polarisation we observe today. We bear witness to this monumental occurrence. It is a battle being fought on this soil, at this very time. And, I repeat, it is equal to the stakes at play during the Second World War. This is not a struggle for survival of Hinduism or Islam or Christianity, or whatever. India’s struggle is, and always has been, for survival of its very raison d’être: the Sanatana Dharma, well beyond all religious creeds and the societal structures they have given birth to across the globe. Still of greater importance is the survival of the Earth herself: the Sanatana Dharma is the repository of knowledge (veda = knowledge) that explains the destiny of our very planet because it is the involucrum of the soul of the Earth, its direct expression, as it were; in mythology (the language of the soul), this eternal soul-essence is captured in the Daughter Principle of the hierarchy, better known as Durga, or Bharat Mata herself.

If we do not understand what lies at the root of these pernicious efforts to undermine the rise and flowering of the Indian soul, we will fail to gain focus and determination in the battles being waged in the external strata – in the political sphere, for example. Yes, not allowing the Modi government and associates to succeed is the goal set by the adversaries. However, as Anantha Nageswaran elaborated so well, this is truly a last-ditch attempt to squash Hinduism, its contemporary avatar, because the nation cannot rise to its pre-destined heights while 80% of its population continues to remain trapped in the cage of an inferiority complex. Centuries of condemnation of idol worship (the principal target) have seeded and nurtured a sense of inferiority – though it must be understood that this could never have happened if the knowledge (veda) foundation of the Dharma had not been contaminated. But what does deep thought reveal of that negation? Again, it is suppression – nay, extermination – of the Goddess because she is the giver of all Form, be it the human form or the carefully-crafted murthi that is housed in the most sophisticated and sublime conceptualisation of sacred architecture of all times – the Hindu Temple, itself the repository of all the veda contained in the Sanatana Dharma. Passage in and through the Dark Ages resulted in this magnificent feat of preservation, of these exquisite paeans to the sanctity of Form in its myriad manifestations. And indeed, similar to Hinduism during that dark era, the temples themselves were targeted because they upheld Form, the preserve of the Goddess, no matter which godhead the temple housed. All, every such manifestation is part of her undivided Being. She embraces all because all are her cosmic expressions. It is time to call a spade a spade: the Goddess herself was the target across the ages, regardless of the gender of these idols. These are eternal truths that only India still cherishes.


In the first half of the last century, Sri Aurobindo embarked upon the agenda set for him to re-establish the Dharma by bringing down the power he knew to be the transformative agent required for the endeavour. This was the supramental Truth-Consciousness, known to Rishis of old but not incorporated by them into the evolutionary matrix since that was not their objective. Time had to fulfil itself. This did happen at the outset of our current 9th Manifestation. But since his efforts would mark the next leap in evolution from a race under the rule of Mind to Supermind, naturally the forces entrenched in the old consciousness would rise up and defend their hitherto unchallenged fiefdom. Together with the Mother, his co-worker and perhaps the most adept occultist the world has ever known, they set about their task with Sri Aurobindo going into seclusion right at the onset of the new Age of Aquarius, 1926. The first serious threat to their evolutionary undertaking came soon after with the rise of Nazism at the very time they joined in their mission, the second half of the 1930s. They realised that the Evolutionary Yoga they were engaged in for the Earth, with its promise of a grand new order, had to be set aside because of the threat Nazism posed.

This is a perspective closed to most thinkers; though Sri Aurobindo is appreciated for his nationalism and wisdom, hardly any are aware of just who he was and his own very special mission. It is cosmic and global, not trapped in parochialism of any sort, even of the Hindu brand – an oxymoron, where Hinduism is concerned, it needs to be added. Indeed, when veda is absent, the thrust for survival degenerates into fundamentalism: forces take over, filled with good intentions and zeal, but without a basis in sound knowledge, as contained and preserved in the Sanatana Dharma, the movement is led by those unable to bring to the agenda that wide consciousness which alone is capable of re-establishing the very Dharma they seek to uphold, protect and further. Inflicted as the entire nation is with the fixation of parity, as I call it, lamentably they become reactive, which results in the true character of the Dharma becoming perverted in order to react to the hostile avalanche of abuses, pulling it down to a level where Hinduism does not belong. Indeed the parity fixation is a trap almost all have fallen into. This is where the champions of the cause presently find themselves; it is a black hole that must be resisted at any cost.

Here is an extract from The Mother’s Agenda, Volume II, 1961, where she speaks of the threat the Second World War posed (translated from the French):

That is why the war started: it was to halt the Work [the Evolutionary Yoga of Transformation]. Because at that moment there was an extraordinary descent of the Supermind; it came like that (the Mother makes a gesture of a massive descent). What a DESCENT! It was exactly in 1939. Then the war started and brought a stop to it all. Because if we had continued the work (of transformation) regardless, we were not sure of being able to finish it before ‘the other’ would not have made a mishmash of the earth, and then that would have brought a set back to the whole thing for centuries. It was necessary BEFORE ALL ELSE to stop that action of the Lord of Nations, the Lord of Falsehood [a title given in occult circles to the predominant Asura of our times, at that point consolidated in and working through Nazism].

In their wisdom the Mother and Sri Aurobindo knew that if in India the new Power could not be rooted and activated, the entire planet would be swallowed up by the Asura, just as the myths describe. (For this reason I call myths – recurring history.) They were criticised by many because of their apparent support of the Allies during the Second World War; the above quote provides a better explanation. In this light recently I wrote a four-part series entitled A Cosmological Perspective, the Time-bound Necessity of War, in which I refer to the same action of that hostile Power, but from the cosmological angle, the point being to present to the public a basis in knowledge for statements, perceptions such as these which might elude the capacity to understand these subtleties by the layman. It is a language that pre-supposes a certain yogic background. I quote a relevant portion:

Usurpation is the keyword. The strategy is to use accepted symbols of higher goals based on the sacred sciences. We recognise the tactic without any difficulty regarding Nazism; but how many really question why those sacred Vedic symbols became the emblem of that entire movement? We must now question: How is it that Hitler came to adopt the Swastika as his signature among all the symbols at his disposal to choose from? Nazism was rooted in Christian soil, not Indian; and yet, not only was the Swastika adopted but the usurpation extended to the overall goal of his movement: the establishment of a superior race, the Aryan. This choice touched the heart and soul of the Veda and made the label ‘coincidence’ unacceptable: the only Aryan worth mentioning is the victorious Warrior of the Rig Veda – the world’s oldest Scripture…

Here again we are faced with a ‘gap’ due to unknowing, similar to the opening left in the time-fabric by the event of 1938 [the massive descent the Mother mentioned]: a cloud hangs over the significance of the Rig Veda. To date there is no consensus on the real meaning of its enigmatic verses. That unknowing, that unconsciousness permitted not only Hitler to usurp the Aryan as symbol of the superior race he intended to establish in Germany, but Indologists joined in the chorus, some of those of most repute from Germany itself. They not only fanned false ambitions by their interpretations of the Rig Veda, they also contributed to a persistent North-South divide on the subcontinent.

The point I am making is to recognise how precariously the Earth was poised on the brink of a sombre abyss at the border of the new Age, due entirely to ignorance – of a cosmic status – indeed, the Cosmic Ignorance that must give way to the Cosmic Truth of the Vedic Age. And India stood then, and continues to stand, at the heart of it all. (A Cosmological Perspective, the Time-bound Necessity of War, Part 3, ‘India as Centre-Soul’. The entire series can be found

This vision is based on objective knowledge. It is part and parcel of the updating methodology central to the Sanatana Dharma, for which reason it is able to survive and refurbish itself according to the demands of the new Age. It is knowledge rooted in the cosmic harmony, and as long as that lives, so long will the Dharma live and thrive. But to bring it to an end, the seemingly unbeatable weapon has been the strategy of derailing used by the adversary for the past two thousand years. The main objective, apart from a pernicious undermining, has been to disconnect the Dharma from its cosmic moorings, the preserve of the sacred Feminine. In this way, no sense can be made of the role India plays for the world which then helps us understand why I can make the statement that our times are the equivalent of the Second World War. Indeed, out-and-out brute force and usurpation was not the solution then to destroy the Dharma, so this time a more subtle strategy has been evolved, utilising the contemporary social and political structure as an almost infallible weapon to achieve parity. Once that is accomplished, for the wrong reasons, the Sanatana Dharma is lost forever and India’s reason for existence is obliterated. All the forces worldwide were marshalled to attain this aim when Narendra Modi began his rise on the political stage. It was an open and undisguised assault, impossible to ignore. Anantha Nageswaran described the operation accurately. But the people of India knew in their hearts what was at stake and defeated those forces at the polls. The Bharat Shakti made sure that her command would prevail. We may analyse all the troubling aspects of current world affairs and the root cause will always be found to be the same. In India, as explained so eloquently by Anantha Nageswaran, the battle lines are obvious.


There is a persistent underlying thread running through the Sanatana Dharma, as well as a unique methodology for perennial renewal and re-establishment. This is precisely what we are experiencing today: the re-establishment of the Eternal Truth. Therefore it can safely be stated that when the war with the dying old order is over, and Knowledge (veda) is finally victorious, the Earth will be the home of the new and most luminous creation ever conceived. It is India’s destiny to introduce that new order, the New Heaven and the New Earth, of the Veda.

More conclusively, in my article I point out the unusual fact that Nazism adopted entirely Vedic symbols for their movement. This is the most revealing fact that India’s destiny to preserve the Santana Dharma was the target at the onset of the new Age, beginning in 1926. Usurpation of its sacred-most symbols was the means, the implication being that they inspire and engender the worst evil the world has ever known. Apart from the Swastika, sacred to Ganesh, their attack on Jews would seem to have had an occult origin and strategic purpose as well because the symbol sacred to ancient Judaism is the two interlaced triangles and which graces even the national flag of Israel; this is the symbol sacred to the other son of Shiva, Kartikeya. But as mythology records, together with his mother, the evil forces out to take possession of the Earth are finally and conclusively vanquished.

Each nation is a Shakti or power of the evolving spirit in humanity and lives by the principle which it embodies. India is the Bharat Shakti, the living energy of a great spiritual conception, and fidelity to it is the very principle of her existence. For by its virtue alone she has been one of the immortal nations; this alone has been the secret of her amazing persistence and perpetual force of survival and revival. (Sri Aurobindo, Foundations of Indian Culture, The Sri Aurobindo Library, Inc. New York, 1953, p.5-6, original edition; later published as The Renascence of India.)

Sri Aurobindo wrote these words in the beginning of the last century. They are more pertinent now than ever. Could he have imagined that the polarisation brought about by forces seeking hegemony over the very soul of the planet would reach the extremes we witness today? Being the 9th Avatar and conscious of his mission, he certainly must have. The entire volume from which this pertinent portion has been extracted should serve as the holiest of Holy Books, the virtual guidebook for the nation as she moves through the tumultuous upheavals that lie ahead in her struggle to virtually hold her own amidst forces that are intent on drawing her off course. In this regard, it ought to be mentioned that Hindus are to be admired for their courage across the centuries in face of untold brutalities inflicted on them because of their ancient beliefs and culture. They have held firm – and they must continue to do so because we are in the midst of the most conclusive battle the civilisation has ever known; it is not to be taken lightly. Confusion reigns supreme because enemies are within. The order of the day – indeed, the main characteristic of the new order – is the all-embracing quality of the Goddess and her cosmic manifestation, the Body of the Supreme. It is transformation not destruction, not marginalisation but the wisdom and the courage and the ability to put each thing in its place. Blanket parity is not the enlightened way. The victory would mean an atmosphere established across the country where each section of its society can be accommodated in such a manner as to be able to contribute its best to the overall harmony. The cosmos is truly the greatest demonstration of diversity in unity imaginable. The Dharma has suffered undeniable scarring, but in spite of it all it has not perished. This is the gift Hindus can proudly offer the world. Some day what that exactly means for the Earth will be understood by all. The planet is blessed by the fortitude Hindus have shown.

In his quoted words Sri Aurobindo makes a fundamentally important point. He states clearly that ‘each nation is a power of the evolving spirit and lives by the principle it embodies’. The issue of course is that hardly any nation is aware of what that embodied principle might be. All are infants in the ability to perceive the contours of destiny, for example as laid down in the simple Vedic aphorism vasudhaiva kutumbakam, the whole world is one family. The nations of the world cannot even reach the point of acknowledging that we are allequal parts of that One Family. The division between large and small, big economies and minor, north and south, and so on, reflect this limitation. The true cosmic harmony is now being unveiled as the model to follow – and it is Indocentric. The Eurocentric is over, but it is not going to gracefully withdraw. The way to face any onslaught is armed with the only Powers the Goddess knows best how to wield – the Power of Truth, of Knowledge: they are invincible.

Let us look at it in terms of our Solar System. No single planet in the System, be it large or small, claims a right to hegemony of any sort. Size and lustre make no difference in the grand scheme of things. It is exclusively the totality that matters, the whole; and each planet plays its own particular role within that concert, no single unit houses a greater purpose than its companions in the cosmic scheme destiny has mapped out for our unique System. It is the duty of a more mature civilisation like the Indian to understand Sri Aurobindo’s words and to use them to forge ahead into the new times in the fulfilment of her destiny.

Simply put, each thing/planet/nation must find its true place and value in the grand scheme of the Earth’s destiny. Each nation is a part of the whole and together this concert of nations can create a symphony the harmonies of which have been heard (sruti) and understood only by the most evolved souls (the Rishis). Modelled after our very own solar system and as its third planet, the Earth’s own Dharma is to foster the Soul, to provide the field – unique in this System and perhaps in the entire galaxy – where the Soul can be unveiled to play the role for the whole of humanity that it plays for each individual. The individual centred on the psyche can never serve lesser powers but only the highest, just as Sri Aurobindo wrote a century ago, and give expression only to THAT in all aspects of life.

The Earth herself is the Chosen One – not any one philosophy, any single creed or religion or ideology – but this third planet we inhabit herself: We incarnate here to help the Earth realise and fulfil her destiny – nothing more, nothing less. We hear the slogan service to the nation often enough. This is a call to serve the Earth, to helpher fulfil her noble task.

To this end, this grand Lila is reaching a culmination, a now or never moment in a very long and seemingly limitless evolution of the spirit. It means that now is the time to become aware of the stakes, higher now than ever they have been, and to become conscious instruments in the hands of Bharat Shakti. In this exercise India plays the role of the Sun in our solar system. She is the Centre – not a superpower let it be stated clearly – but the unique soul-centre of the Earth, where the Supreme descends yuge-yuge to re-establish that which is eternally true.

India alone, when she finally takes possession of her centre-ship, can allow each nation to find its place in the grand Harmony and to contribute its unique worth to the Whole. She cannot allow herself to be pulled off-centre – because that is the goal of the adversary, which would constitute victory for the forces hostile to the Sanatana Dharma: to engage India in a lesser hegemonic struggle. But India must see more deeply into the essence of the struggle; for forces hostile to the Dharma the objective is indeed to ‘harvest souls’. I say, let the harvesters reap whatever they like. But India must penetrate into the heart of the matter. She must see the potential contribution of those very antagonists that seek to destroy her before she can bring her age-old Dharma to express the glories it holds for the whole Earth.

The West, after passage through the Dark Age with its history of abolishing all pagan cultures, has embraced the Judeo-Christian ethos. This choice has resulted in a civilisational expression apparently at odds with the spirit and soul of India. Be that as it may, that choice resulted in a marked affinity with matter and the external dimensions of life, out of which evolved the current political ideologies as well as the concept of secularism that bears little relevance to a Vedic culture. It enjoys a prosperity India cannot seem to parallel, try as she might. But is this commensurate with her true destiny? To follow the lead of the West and extend the life of a dying consciousness?

Let the West, now led by the United States of America (and this too is in the just order of things) continue to support with their wealth and rajasic missionary zeal the less materialised nations. Let a thousand Mother Theresas come to Indian soil and ‘harvest the poor’, certainly not those souls who belong to the Sanatana Dharma, but the poor, even the poorest of the poor. It is their dharmic obligation to do so; even as it is India’s dharmic obligation – the whole of India, all Indians included – to uphold and to protect that Dharma. The Harvesters know nothing of the other, the ancient Dharma that India has held from time immemorial in her sacred Bhoomi. Leave that to the care of the wise, to the wisdom of the Mother – for she alone knows what is best for her children.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology
at ‘Skambha’ Palani Hills, South India

The Keys to the Map of the 12 Manifestations


Map of the 12 Manifestations

1 Age (1 sign/astrological age) = 2160 years
1 Manifestations (3 signs/astrological ages) = 6480 years
1 Round (12 signs/astrological ages) = 25,920 years
1 Great Circle (12 Manifestations) = 77,760 years
1 Greater Circle (4 Great Circles, or 144 signs) = 311,040 years

1. Of Vishnu now I declare the mighty works, who has measured out the earthly worlds and that higher seat of our self-accomplishing he supports, he the wide-moving, in the threefold steps of his universal movement. 2. That Vishnu affirms on high by his mightiness and he is like a terrible Lion that ranges in the difficult places, yea, his lair is on the mountain-tops, he in whose three wide movements all the worlds find their dwelling-place. 3. Let our strength and our thought go forward to Vishnu the all-pervading, the wide-moving Bull whose dwelling- place is on the mountain, he who being One has measured all this long and far-extending seat of our self-accomplishing by only three of his strides. 4. He whose three steps are full of the honey-wine and they perish not but have ecstasy by the self-harmony of their nature; yea, he being One holds the triple principle and earth and heaven also, even all the worlds. 5. May I attain to and enjoy that goal of his movement, the Delight, where souls that seek the godhead have the rapture; for there in that highest step of the wide-moving Vishnu is that Friend of men who is the fount of the sweetness. 6. Those are the dwellings-places of ye twain which we desire as the goal of our journey, where the many-horned herds of Light go traveling; the highest step of wide-moving Vishnu shines down on us here in its manifold vastness. (RigVeda 1.154) – Sri Aurobindo, Secret of the Veda, Vishnu the All-Pervading Godhead p. 331.

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three. Who can comprehend this? On it are placed together Three hundred and sixty like pegs. They shake not in the least. (Rig Veda 1.164.48)

One is the wheel; the bands are twelve; three are the hubs – who can understand it? Three hundred spokes and sixty in addition have been hammered therein and firmly riveted… Though manifested, it is yet hidden, secret, its name is the Ancient, a mighty mode of being; in Skambha is established this whole world; therein is set fast all that moves and breathes.(Atharva Veda 10.8)


The work of the Supramental Avatars has largely been to reveal the inner essence of profound spiritual truths which over time have been insecurely grasped and only superficially understood. Sri Aurobindo led the way by unveiling the ‘Secret of the Veda’ which had remained undiscovered for thousands of years. The Mother weaved those sublime truths into architectural form in the body of her Cosmic Temple. But it is the Third of the Line, Thea who has brought this knowledge into sharp relief because the very nature of the Third is Precision in Truth. The ability to see with such detail comes about because the action is observed from the most intimate dimension the human consciousness can experience, the ‘center’ or individual Soul. It was Sri Aurobindo who introduced the mystery of Supramental Time, but it was Thea who gave it language and form in her Gnostic Circle and Map of the 12 Manifestations. Following the manner in which these discoveries unfolded is one of the greatest detective stories of all time.

In Chapter 12 of the Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo gives an unparalleled interpretation of the Rig-Veda 1.154 which deals with Vishnu, the All-Pervading Godhead. It is the story of Vishnu Trivikrama which begins with a declaration of how Vishnu measured out the universe and that ‘higher seat of our self-accomplishing’ in the threefold steps of his universal movement. In Sri Aurobindo’s translation he described Vishnu’s first step as a‘terrible Lion’. His second step is as a ‘wide moving Bull’ and Vishnu’s third and highest step is as ‘that Friend of men’. To the ordinary scholar these passages may have suggested a form of zoomorphism in which certain archetypal qualities are given to a God by comparing him to an animal. But to ‘One who Sees’, these verses were pregnant with cosmological significance. Not only was Sri Aurobindo the only translator to interpret these passages in this particular way, but he had emphasized these epithets of Vishnu by capitalizing them in the text. One can only imagine Thea’s excitement when she grasped the inner meaning of these passages. By this time she was well aware that the Rig Vedic Myth contained the same story of the evolution of human consciousness as depicted in the Zodiac, but these verses gave a specific period in Time to the concluding stages of Vishnu’s incarnations. Not only did they confirm that the God of Preservation appeared in the Fixed signs of the Zodiac, his own signs, but since the verses had given these symbols in reverse of their normal order, it revealed that the Vedic Rishis who wrote these passages thousands upon thousands of years ago were fully aware of an astronomical phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes which was believed to have only been discovered in the 2nd century BC, by the Greek astronomer and mathematician Hipparchus. As Thea later wrote:

‘Vishnu’s famous three strides (to measure the universe) cannot be more revealing. The first `step’ is like a lion (Leo), according to the Veda; the second is a bull (Taurus); the third, and most revealing of all, is the Friend. This is the same Aquarius of Agastya’s birth, which is also known as the sign of the Friend. More conclusively, they are given in their correct backward moving order, and are Vishnu’s own zodiacal domains because of their quality of PRESERVATION (`Fixed’ in zodiacal terminology, stable, balancing).’ Thea, Cosmology in Rigveda — the third premise

It is well known to astronomers and astrologers that the complete round of the Precessional cycle is 25,920 years giving a period of 2,160 years to each zodiacal age. The last three steps of Vishnu’s Measure included the signs Leo (the Lion), Taurus (the Bull) and Aquarius (the Friend) each comprising three signs or a ‘Manifestation’ of 6,480 years. Moreover, these last three periods conclude with Vishnu’s ‘highest step’ which was to occur in our present Age of Aquarius.

Rectification and the Act of Seeing

One of the Seers many gifts of consciousness is the unique ability to synthesize seemingly disparate fragments of information into a coherent body of self-evident knowledge. This process is known as ‘Rectification’ or the ability to See each thing in its proper place. A lesser version of this technique is used to solve problems that arise in Astrology. When an astrologer is asked to cast a chart and does not have the client’s exact time of birth, he will ask a series of time specific questions in order to synchronize the time of the birth chart with the client’s own lived experience. Through the use of certain ‘Keys’, the Truth of What Is cannot help but reveal itself. We can see this process of rectification employed in Thea’s reading of the Rig-Vedic verses to Vishnu Trivikrama as well as the passage from the Atharva Veda that speaks of the ‘One Wheel with three Hubs’. What to the uninitiated might seem random and insignificant has given Thea a key to the order of the ages. Her ability to See the exact relation of Time and Archetype allows us to follow the unfolding of human history against the backdrop of a precise and purposeful evolutionary plan. There is of course far more to the story. The Vedic verses are just the beginning of a much larger process of unveiling. As Sri Aurobindo used to say when he was trying to solve a particularly difficult problem, ‘I’ve got the tail of it’ and he began to pull until the knot finally unraveled. For Thea the Vishnu verses are the tail of a far bigger picture which takes us into a precise understanding of our evolution in time.

The Ordering of the Ages

The Vishnu verses give us the signs and zodiacal order of three of the God’s emanations. When these appearances are seen in relation to the 25,920 year precessional cycle they reveal that Vishnu’s Avatars take birth on Earth every 6,480 years (a Manifestation) in the Fixed signs of the Precessional cycle: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. But for Thea, there was another problem; exactly when did these Ages begin? Only with this knowledge could she be absolutely precise in the field of cosmic harmonies. There had been numerous dates put forward by pundits, astronomers and esoteric schools claiming to know the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Most of these dates were the result of scriptural interpretations or astronomical calculations that differed from each other by as much as 2,000 years. Through a series of yogic experiences and careful mathematical calculations* Thea was able to work out this complicated issue and and in a letter to the Mother on 30 March, 1973 she wrote that she had finally been shown the exact date and it came within a design that included a sacred name of three Greek letters, ΘΕΑ (Thea) and the numbers 1, 5, 9. The date of the beginning of the Aquarian age was 1926 and it corresponded to the official beginning of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s joint work in the form that we know it today.


On 24 November, 1926, after a lifetime of yoga, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother sent word to their sadhaks asking them to assemble in the upper verandah of the Library House in their Ashram in Pondicherry to hear about something of supreme importance that had happened in the history of the Earth and Universe. On what was later to become known as ‘Victory Day’ or the day of Siddhi, Sri Aurobindo announced that Krishna, the Overmental Godhead had descended into the physical, meaning Sri Aurobindo himself. As the Mother explained, ‘…Krishna consented to descend into Sri Aurobindo’s body – to be FIXED there. Then I saw him – I saw him with my own eyes (inner eyes, of course), join himself to Sri Aurobindo’. With the integration of the Overmental consciousness begun by the 8th Avatar Krishna, Sri Aurobindo could now retire to his rooms and begin the establishment of the Supramental Consciousness-Force. This event marked the true beginning of his mission, the platform from where he could carry the evolution to greater heights. Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day, 24/11/1926, was also the close of the Age of Pisces (234 BCE to 1926) and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. It was a victory for the whole world, because without it transpiring right on time, the Avatar could not have begun his transformative mission to bring down the Supermind.

With this date, Thea could begin an ordering of the ages that would reveal an irrefutable divine plan and purpose to our collective evolution. It would also take us deeply into an understanding of the ‘Involution’.

The Mystery of Involution

Evolution is not some meaningless product of random chance as the old science and otherworldly religions would have us believe. It is a controlled and intentional process, a movement in time toward an ultimate and supreme apotheosis. This is a foundational principle of the Rig Veda whose entire cosmogony is contained in the ‘Hymn of Creation’, an incomparable account of the birth of the universe from a ‘golden embryo’. All material creation proceeds from this original involved ’seed’ as involutionary forms move across the event horizon, extend themselves, multiply, and grow in accordance with the laws of causation and the principles of time.

As we follow this passage from the Un-manifest to the Manifest it begins with an inverse compaction on the ‘other side’ into a Golden ‘Bija’ or Seed wherein Life is involved in Matter and Mind in Life. Crossing a certain threshold, what was originally compacted begins to unpack itself in an orderly predetermined manner. Similar to the nature of any Seed or embryo, Time is the driver of this process of unpacking because it is precisely what was compacted in the first place. The order of the evolution is simply the inverse of what was originally involved; Life emerges from seemingly inert Matter and Mind emerges from Life. But perhaps the most amazing quality of this passage is that the process occurs in exquisitely timed stages of development that follows a natural gestation process. The Vishnu Purana describes the unfolding of the cosmos and the coming into existence of the earth and its living beings as taking place in nine ‘creations’ or periods of evolution. In the Bhagavata Purana we find a similar division in the story of Vishnu’s periodic descent into human form as the evolutionary Avatar. According to Sri Aurobindo, the appearance of Vishnu’s Avatars through the ages is a parable of the evolution.

‘…First the Fish Avatar, then the amphibious animal between land and water, then the land animal, then the Man-Lion Avatar, bridging man and animal, then man as dwarf, small and undeveloped and physical but containing in himself the godhead and taking possession of existence, then the rajasic, Avatars, leading the human development from the vital rajasic to the sattwic mental man.’ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga – The Purpose of Avatarhood


What is important to note is Sri Aurobindo’s description of the development from the ‘undeveloped and physical’ to the ‘vital rajasic’ and finally the ‘sattvic mental man’. Here we have a perfect description of the evolutionary unfolding from the Physical, to the Vital and finally to the still incomplete Mental human being who is balanced upon Three pillars of Being with the Spiritual yet to emerge. But in the later stages of the Nine Puranic Creations, the 7th, 8th and 9th we will see the Mental, Overmental and Supramental Manifestations. Vishnu’s final Avatars come to unveil the Fourth pillar, the Supramental/Spiritual principle which resolves the contradictions of the Mental species and brings the Kingdom of the Divine upon earth.

Vishnu’s Final Emanations

In the Line of Ten Avatars we can see the order of the evolution unfolding over thousands of years in a precise order from the Physical to the Vital to the Mental man. The Rig Vedic verses to Vishnu Trivikrama allow us to focus in on the final stages of that unfolding taking place in the ages of Leo, Taurus and our present age of Aquarius. If 1926 was the beginning of the Aquarian Age, then the Avatar of the Age of Leo (the Lion) would have appeared some 12,000 years ago around 11,034 BCE. Historical records of that period are almost non-existent but we do have the Indian Epics which recount the lives and mythic adventures of two of the most recent of Vishnu’s incarnations, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. While there are no reliable records of Lord Rama’s birth date, we know that he preceded Lord Krishna who was born around 3,100 BCE at the mid-point of the age of Taurus. In the Indian Epic, the Ramayana, we find a detailed account of Sri Rama’s life that reveals to the eye that sees volumes about his purpose in the scheme of evolution.

Lord Rama was born in the 7th Manifestation some twelve thousand years ago in the Age of Leo. He was what is called a ‘Solar’ manifestation and details of his epic, the Ramayana, reveal him to be the IDEAL or Sattvic man. Lord Rama’s purpose was, ‘to fix for the future the possibility of an order proper to the sattvic civilised human being who governs his life by reason, the finer emotions, morality, and higher Mental ideas’. The story of the Ramayana Epic revolves around Rama’s love and devotion to his wife Sita, an unmistakable theme of the 7thzodiacal sign, Libra. The plot of the epic involves the abduction of Sita by the demon king Ravana. In his pursuit to rescue Sita, Rama assembles an army of allies who attack Ravana’s army, slay the demon king and reunite Sita with her loving husband, thus restoring balance and order to the world.

Lord Krishna, the 8th Avatar was the Overmental Superman. He was born in the 8th Manifestation around 3,100 BCE in the Age of Taurus. He was a ‘Lunar’ manifestation as the meaning of his name ‘the dark one’implies. The most important document of Sri Krishna’s teaching is the Mahabharata Epic which contains the Bhagavad Gita, revealed during the battle of Kurukshetra. The ‘Gita’ is woven around a discourse between Krishna and his student Arjuna which centers on War, Duty and Death, an essential knowledge for the ‘Kshatriya’ or Divine Warrior. As all initiates know, the subjects of War and Death are the preeminent themes of the 8th zodiacal sign Scorpio.

Just as the overarching sign of the 7th Manifestation was the 7th zodiacal sign Libra, ruled by Venus, the sign of the 8th Manifestation is Scorpio, ruled by Mars, the god of war. The passage from the 8th Manifestation to the 9th follows the same progression from the sign Scorpio to Sagittarius. Scorpio is regarded in the Veda as the stage of the un-illumined Vital, the ‘cave of darkness’ where the ‘light’ or ‘shining cows’ are penned in. It is the stage in the Vedic sacrifice where the demon Vala is said to obstruct the journey. In other words, the passage through Scorpio represents the final contraction before the great expansion in the 9th sign Sagittarius where the release of the penned in energy (cows) occurs. According to the Veda, it is the domain of the ‘nine-rayed seers’ who by the utter thought of the soul broke open the fortified pens and released the Sun’s radiant herds.

As we follow this progression of Time and Archetypes we would naturally expect the 9th Avatar of Vedic tradition to appear in the 9th Manifestation in the Age of Aquarius. He would be a Solar manifestation and the overarching theme of his life and mission would correspond to the 9th sign Sagittarius, which represents a body of higher knowledge. Since we have been told by Thea that Vishnu’s 9th Avatar would immediately return as the 10th, in keeping with the Rig Veda injunction, we must view their appearance in the context of the culmination of the Vedic journey. What makes these final incarnations so absolutely unique is that they represent the last and supreme emergence of that original involutionary principle, Time. While Rama and Krishna prepared the soil for the conquest of Time, it is not until the concluding members of the Line that we see the complete apotheosis of Time as the ultimate feature of an integral Gnosis. We must expect therefore that their teachings would represent a radical reversal of an old transcendental spirituality whose strategy involved a complete denial of Time and Matter in order to reach the opposite pole, Spirit. Moreover we would expect Vishnu’s final Avatars to open an entirely new path for humanity, one that can at long last resolve the ancient paradoxes and unite the poles of Spirit and Matter through the instrumentality of Gnostic Time.

Sri Aurobindo


Our expectations of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar are overwhelmingly realized in the person of Sri Aurobindo. He was born in the 9th Manifestation and ushered in the Aquarian Age. He was the epitome of the Solar manifestation, born under the sign Leo which is ruled by the Sun. Considered to be one of India’s greatest sages, not simply of this age but of all ages, Sri Aurobindo fulfilled his Sagittarian mission by producing hundreds of volumes of an all-embracing and profound philosophy that has been described as a contribution to human thought the equivalent of which has not been attained by any other known thinker. Any serious student of Sri Aurobindo’s life and yoga will immediately recognize that his work represents a radical departure from all previous spiritual paths. It challenges thousands of years of traditional wisdom that believes transcendence of the physical world is the highest possible attainment. In an epochal reversal of direction, Sri Aurobindo and his line have presented humanity with a New Way, an entirely new direction that foresees the possibility of A MATERIAL UNION WITH THE DIVINE, one that takes us into the core of this world of matter and the innermost mysteries of time.

The Birth of the One

If we view the periods of Vishnu’s final emanations, the Mental, Overmental and Supramental Avatars, we see that they have occurred in the 7th, 8th and 9th Manifestations. This parallels the conclusion of the 9 Puranic ‘Creations’ and, so far as we know, the Line of Avatars. Since Vishnu’s 9th Avatar quickly returns as the 10th, Kalki, we must view them as a single incarnation which closes the circle so to speak and establishes the Supramental life on Earth. After Nine Creations and Nine Avatars unfolding in a perfect progression of Gnostic time the Birth of the One has finally taken place, bridging the planes of Spirit and Matter. As the Mother explained:

‘The consciousness is like a ladder At each great epoch there has been one great being capable of adding one more step to the ladder and reaching a place where the ordinary consciousness has never been… one more step to the ladder without losing contact with the material (consciousness)… to reach the Highest and at the same time connect the top to the bottom… To go up and down and join the top to the bottom is the whole secret of realisation, and that is the work of the Avatar.’ The Mother, Collected Works of The Mother, First Edition, Volume 10, pp. 137-40

To reach this goal, the two ends of existence, the spiritual summit and the material base had to be purposefully linked and this had never happened in the history of the world. But the time had come for the final unpacking or ‘Birth’ of what had been involved into that golden seed at the dawn of creation.

Switching our view from the widest possible perspective of the 7th, 8th and 9th Manifestations, let us now focus in on the 9th Avatar and his evolutionary entourage.

‘The 9th Spiral and the 9th Manifestation present the earth with the appearance of not only the Father but the Mother and Child as well. The full birth is lived through, and is probably the only time that the Divine Mother becomes actually singularly embodied, because it is then that she descends and literally brings forth her Child.’ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, The Twelve Manifestations, p. 41


Just as the wider view revealed an entire body of Cosmological knowledge, the final Four staged descent of Sri Aurobindo and his Solar Line takes us on a plunge into the Individual Soul. This means that we have entered into a new stage of human development the expression of which requires an entirely new language, one that needs must include what Sri Aurobindo described as, ‘the rhythms and metres of the stars and the symbol powers of number and form’.

While it was Sri Aurobindo’s task to bring about the descent of this truth- consciousness of the Supreme Divine Nature into himself, that was only the beginning of a descent and compression that would extend to subsequent members of his Line, disclosing in the process the most profound knowledge ever revealed. Of course the Mother had foreseen this possibility in connection with the establishment of the Supramental life on the earth.

‘I do not think that a single individual on the earth as it is now, a single individual, however great, however eternal his consciousness and origin, can on his own change and realise — change the world, change the creation as it is and realise this higher Truth which will be a new world, a world more true, if not absolutely true. It would seem that a certain number of individuals — until now it seems to have been more in time, as a succession, but it could also be in space, a collectivity — are indispensable so that this Truth can become concrete and realise itself… That is to say, however great, however conscious, however powerful he may be, one Avatar cannot by himself realise the supramental life on earth. It is either a group in time, extending over a period of time, or a group spread out in space — perhaps both — that are indispensable for this Realisation. I am convinced of it.’ The Mother, Collected Works of the Mother, Volume 3, p. 178

The Mother was exactly right. As the final emanations of the Time Spirit, the births of Sri Aurobindo and the members of his Line illustrate the stages of descent from the Spiritual to the Cosmic, to the Individual and finally to the Immanent Physical and in so doing, they recreate the mystery of the Involution by which knowledge of the entire creation is compacted into a tiny ‘Seed’. The ancient Alchemist expressed this same process of descent in the numerical formula: “One becomes Two, Two becomes Three, and out of the Third comes the One as the Fourth.

Indeed, the very incarnation of the 9th Avatar and the births of the members of his line reveal the occult dynamics of the process by which Spirit becomes Matter. Their births in time reveal a non-speculative objective truth which is both MEASURABLE and APPLICABLE and leads to the deepest understanding of the operations of the Supermind. Sri Aurobindo considered the numerical formula of this descent to be so important to his work that he included it in his Seal which is also known as the ‘Seal of Vishnu’ or Lotus of the Avatar. In it we find an arrangement of 9 and 6 lotus petals in a descending order, resting on 3 leaves.


In terms of the Solar Line and the fields that they represent, Sri Aurobindo was the Transcendent principle[9], the Mother was the Cosmic principle [6], Thea is the Individual principle [3]. They incarnate as a mathematical trinity to unveil the occult process by which energy-consciousness becomes crystallized into material forms. To illustrate how precise and specific the actions of the Supermind can be we need only look at the dates of birth of the Supramental Line. You have to ask yourself what kind of consciousness is capable of arranging the births of a group of individuals to reflect a geometry of Time that becomes the basis of a New Gnosis? Since the manifestation of the Avatars is determined by their inherent association with the Time-Spirit, their three-staged descent upon the earth occurs within an exquisite Geometry of Time that cannot possibly be concocted. It can only be arranged by the Supermind and thus becomes the basis of their objective cosmic credentials. As revealed below, these seed numbers calculated through the ‘Mathematics of Unity’ appear in the exact order of the actual descent:

Sri Aurobindo was born in 1872: 1+8+7+2 = 18 = 9
The Mother was born in 1878: 1+8+7+8 =24 = 6
Thea, (ΘΕΑ) was born in 1938: 1+9+3+8 = 21 = 3
The Fourth (Kalki) was born in 1963: 1+9+6+3 = 19 = 1


Sri Aurobindo’s withdrawal in 1950 and return in 1963 completes the descent from the Transcendent to the Immanent Divine and provides us with the final integer of the formula by which the Supermind deploys itself on earth; 9-6-3-0/1. Thea explains:

‘…Whole numbers, as number-powers, alone ‘explain’ reality…The Zero/Contraction is what holds the universe together. It is the binding force – the eternal all-pervading Centre. Without that there is no universe at all. And those number-powers encapsulate the Transcendent, the Cosmic, the Individual Soul. These are the triadic principles of all creation, of all created things. These principles through the 0/1 are at the root of our universal manifestation – and they are the components of the individual Soul, our vahana in this material creation of 9.’ Thea, ‘The Miracle of Oneness’, 2012, p.1

The Birth that ‘Fills the Void’

In order to appreciate the full significance of this birth we must locate its position in the Map of the 12 Manifestations. According to Thea, there are four births, corresponding to the four different ‘sheaths’; Physical, Vital, Mental and Spiritual. We must proceed through the Circle of 12 Manifestations four times before the full birth is accomplished; nearing the fourth, the Child is truly born and delivered into his rightful destiny. We are now in the Third body or quarter, the realm of the Higher Mental body and Sagittarius, the 9th sign, is the last sign of that group. In the Circle of 311,040 years, the 9th Manifestation and the 9th spiral of the Greater Circle are equivalent to the 9th month of gestation and this is where the Child is born.


We are told by Sri Aurobindo that Kalki comes to correct ‘the error of the Buddha’, to solve the paradox that the mind imposes which leads to theories of illusionism ‘Maya’, and strategies of escape. The nature of the ‘Void’ the mind creates is due to an irreconcilable split between Spirit and Matter, Becoming as discontinuous from Being, and because of this, the absence of any Plan or Purpose.‘This void’, says Thea, ‘is the crux of the entire human dilemma, spiritually and physically and the reason why all spiritual paths until now have failed is simply because none have been able to ‘fill that void’.

When we follow the lives and mission of the Solar Line we see that they re-enact a process of ‘contraction to a point’ in which the undifferentiated Transcendent is reduced to a seed of itself, a Zero Womb. The compressed energy within this seed becomes ordered as a triadic force, the 9,6 and 3, known as the three qualitative modes of nature or ‘Gunas’. When the Zero womb or compaction of the 9-6-3 crosses a certain threshold, Contraction is balanced with Expansion, the Vertical is harmonized with the Horizontal, and Being and Becoming are continuous without any ‘gaps’ whatever. As Thea writes, ‘Time propels the contents of the Zero-Womb-Seed to the extension of Itself in our material dimension – with no separation between the two; that is, never leaving a void but bearing the seamless continuity of an upholding plenum’. The 9-6-3 extends itself as the 0/1 and thus the Child is born. Kalki corrects the error of the Buddha by joining the two poles of existence and erasing the separation that for millennia has depleted the reserves of higher energy necessary for our individual and collective transformation.

‘…The key to salvation of the civilisation lies precisely in eternal Time, the very vision Arjun shied away from. But that was another age, the 8th Manifestation of Sri Krishna; while this is the time of Kalki who returns to humanity the saving formula of sacred Time.’ Thea, The Sanctity of Materialism.


In past ages this precious knowledge has been the possession of a small group of initiates who had opened the doors to occult and spiritual knowledge and were charged with its preservation for future generations – the ‘few who shall see what none yet understands’. But with the advent of the Supermind the time has come at last for these mysteries to be revealed. In a prodigious body of higher knowledge Thea has laid bare the evolutionary ‘scheme of Avatarhood’ and disclosed in its entirety the full face of the Cosmic Truth.  With the coming of the 9th Avatar, Sri Aurobindo and his return as the 10th, Kalki, we can now follow the evolution through its incarnational stages of becoming to its final apotheosis of a Supramental Species and a Life Divine. For those who see, there can be simply no question of who Sri Aurobindo describes in his epic poemSavitri, book Two, Canto Six, when he writes: ‘She has lured the Eternal into the arms of time, caught the boundless in a net of birth, cast the spirit into physical form and [lent] speech and thought to the Ineffable’. Through Thea’s unique recognition of the Vishnu verses and the passages from the Atharvaveda as Keys to the Cosmic Order, we no longer need to simply believe in the Divine but we can See and Know and Marvel at the perfection of which we are a part.

* I had previously written that Thea had arrived at the exact date of the beginning of the age of Aquarius through a process of prayer. I stand corrected that her realization of the correct date of the beginning of the age was the product of certain yogic realizations which, ‘…opened up new vistas and permitted a higher light to illumine the regions obscured by the passage of time’. This led Thea to a process of careful mathematic calculations that revealed the exact date of 1926 as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. An example of her notes and calculations may be found illustrated on p. 319 of The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2 Book One.

Contours of the Binary Creation

Prominent in the Indian news is the burning issue of marital rape, whether or not to amend existing laws to criminalise the act. The debate in Parliament further added fuel to the fire when the Minister dismissed the question by stating that rape in marriage did not exist insofar as in Indian culture marriage is a ‘sacrament’, the implication being that therefore there cannot be any question of rape. As was to be expected, his statement set the cat among the pigeons. Advocates of women’s rights were quick to condemn the statement as being patriarchal and revealing of the prevailing mindset that marriage actually denotes ownership of women by men; but how far will they go in bringing about a mindset shift, the necessity of which was made evident by the Minister’s statement?

Communism sought to change the mindset of the population by doing away with the conventions fostered by the old order in which religion was the most prominent binding force. Matrimony was one such tradition. It was seen to attack the very foundation of the egalitarian society Marx and Lenin sought to introduce. The truth be told, as marriage stands today it is a means to subjugate women in most cases. The Indian Minister made that clear enough when he brushed aside the right of a woman to protect herself from the violence of rape, especially and above all rape perpetuated by her husband, by claiming that the sanctity of marriage precludes any question of rape taking place! What he really meant was that sex is an obligation in marriage and cannot be denied. The woman, ‘owned’ by her husband when she enters marriage, must succumb to that obligation even if it be by force.

This slavery was sought to be done away with by Communism, but the irony is that one minor form of patriarchy was simply replaced by a major one: the patriarchy of the all-powerful State. This reveals that it is not such a simple problem to solve because the root-cause must be dealt with, and that lies deep within the psychological constitution of the human being, particularly women.

In the mid 1980s I wrote a paper entitled The New Way of Woman. One of the main points I made was that if the condition of women was ever to change in the world, the shift had to come first in women themselves.

There is a larger issue to question here: The entire structure of civilisation – east, west, north, south – is binary. I call it the Binary Creation. Marriage is a critical element in that structure: it is the glue that holds it together; in that is included almost everything civilisation as we know it across the globe has created. Therefore it is cherished by traditionalists of whatever hue.

But at the behest of the Zeitgeist, society has a way of challenging those old structures because they stand in the way of a new breath of freedom women can now experience, provided they realise that these institutions are the shackles of their own choosing. They ostensibly ‘protect’ women and offer them the security in law they would otherwise lack. And it is this lust for security that is the favourite tool of those who oppose the new times.

In the zodiac based on the Vedic correspondences of the signs, this aspect of life is conveyed very clearly in the fourth sign Cancer. If we view the zodiac as a ‘journey’, the journey of an individual from the moment he or she takes a first independent breath as one enters the wheel of Earth time, the fourth stage is seen as the plunge of the Divine Spark we all carry within, fully into this creation of dense Matter. It therefore marks the stage when the ego becomes the axis around which the individual’s life experiences revolve. But hidden within is that Divine Spark, veiled initially – because that very fact is the purpose of birth on this third planet of our solar system: it is here, and only here, that the soul incarnates to experience its fall into the oblivion matter imposes, and to remain hidden there until Time encourages that Spark to grow in intensity into a flame that eventually illumines every nook and cranny of the many layers (veils) beneath which it lays hidden – but also protected.

The ego-axis causes us to find succour in those veils. In common parlance, they are our ‘comfort zone’. There is no better way to describe the nature of Cancer in the Journey and what it offers the human being on this often perilous though intriguing, and always mysterious voyage so unique to Earth life.

In the Veda this stage is personified as Diti, the Mother of Division. Though she lacks unity Diti plays an important role in our lives because she lies at the root of the Binary Creation; the ego, as our axial balancing structure, is her tool. Thus, on that foundation we create societies, from primitive to the apparently more enlightened, with the many institutions and laws that serve Diti in securing the perpetuation of her binaryinterests and maintaining the status quo. In this dark, dense world of Matter, the quest for security is the paramount goal, along with the propagation and survival of the binary creation. Darwin got it wrong: it is not the survival of the species that drives evolution; it is the quest for the supremacy of Diti’s creation in this particular round of the Precession of the Equinoxes as seen in the Map of the 12 Manifestations. The purpose or goal set before us as an evolving species in this vast cycle of 77,760 years is the establishment of a civilisation that has surpassed the binary and entered the realm of the Mother of Unity; she is known as Aditi in the Veda, or Capricorn in the zodiac where she stands in direct opposition to Diti of Cancer.


The key feature of a unitary creation is that each thing is in its rightful place. Nothing needs to be discarded (i.e. destroyed) but putting all aspects of material creation ‘in their place’ introduces an integral and harmonious balance such as we have never known, at least in the current Great Circle. But it is a destiny we cannot avoid: to establish a society in which women will play prominent roles, as seen in the Aditi/Diti axis of the Goddesses. For indeed, the ego-axis is not the full story. It is the reality of fragmentary perception demonstrated in a linear appraisal that cuts the zodiacal wheel in half, unmindful that there is another, higher hemisphere – that the Journey is of 12 stages: six constitute the lower hemisphere whose regent is Diti; six are the higher, ruled over by Aditi. When only the lower forms the totality of our world Diti then supplies our needs, good ‘mother’ that she is; foremost of which is the ego-axis. This implies that nothing can be ‘in its rightful place’ because one’s universe (journey through time) consists only of six stages, central to which is Diti (Cancer), the Mother of Division. In this condition we abide in a woeful state of incompletion.

Our civilisation, societies the world over are the outcome of this fragmentary appreciation of life. Diti would be another name for Eve. In the Biblical tale the task and its trajectory are made evident: the Old Testament offers a very exact description of the Mental/Binary Creation of Adam and Eve. It lays bare the trials and tribulations of the races on Earth that bear the burden of the Old – the Mental/Binary structure – in the throes of a process of ever greater division (Diti’s expertise) until finally in the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation, the conquering principle of the Soul is described and the new order of Unity, based on the number 12, can then take its place on the planet with the perception of a complete system by unveiling the higher hemisphere and each thing can be put in its rightful place. The entire denouement is centred on the number 12. The descent of the ‘City of Light’, as described in the final chapters of The Revelation, measures 144, the square of 12, further divided into four quarters (the gates) – i.e., the zodiac. (See The New Way 3, Chapter 3, Karma and the Human Cell, or the Genesis of Man.)

The zodiac is the horoscope of the Earth. All the details of our collective and individual journeys are contained in its twelve sacred symbols. This is the gift provided to humanity to serve as an anchor as we move across turbulent waters to reach the shores of the new world of Unity and Truth. In The Magical Carousel, the new myth for the new age, the corresponding attributes of the Diti/Aditi axis (Earth’s actual orbital axis around the Sun, balanced on the December/June solstices) are clearly explained. Regarding Diti the key symbol is presented at the entry to the sign Cancer, the Crab, as the children Val and Pom-pom are carried out of Gemini-land by a large bird:

Darkness encloses them, like being suspended in a black onyx stone…Before long they stop descending and can see the approaching surface of water which slowly becomes illuminated… The bird glides smoothly over the water, circling many times until finally he seems to find what he is searching for. Gently and with great care he deposits Val and Pom-pom on what appears to be a rock slightly protruding above the top of the water…

…Tired now after the long journey and in spite of their fear, they curl up close to each other and fall into a deep sleep… For a long while they remain like this – who knows how long really – until they are awakened from their slumber by a soft rocking motion.

‘What?’ cries Val, ‘the rock is moving! We’re moving, Pom-pom. Wake up!’

They shake the sleep out of their frail bodies and in no time are wide awake, with eyes enormous and shiny in the pitch darkness… After a seemingly endless ride very soon the rock cautiously emerges from the water and to the amazement, horror, fright and wonder of Val and Pom-pom, they see it is a huge crab they have been sleeping on, an enormous coral-coloured Crab! (The Magical Carousel, Aeon Book, pp.32-33.)

The shock the children receive is when the solid rock they thought they were sleeping on begins to move. This describes the ego-axis better than any more complicated definition. It is believed to be stable and to provide the firm security creatures on Earth desire and cherish. But the tale describes the true condition: Stability of the ego is a gross illusion. Given this introduction the remaining passage through the Queen of Night/Diti’s realm (Cancer) is simply the temptation presented to the children of the myriad distracting disguises Diti dons to beguile her audience and provide individuals in her care with all the comforts and security demanded in the unstable world of fragmentation and division.

This is our world, the world we have created for ourselves. And this is what is being dismantled brick by brick. But the key of higher knowledge that the zodiac provides is the map that assures us of a grand resolution. As a global civilisation we are in the process of opening up the higher hemisphere to the conscious experience of all humanity and the shift from a binary to a unitary creation, the implication of which is that the measure of 12 has become our integrated field of perception and the foundation of a new world order. The Mother made the matter clear in her letter on the subject: with the ego in place we cannot reach the higher realms of the Supermind.


Diti is not alone, for her cherished ego-axis indeed offers no stability, just as the moving rock/crab indicates. Stability arises only with the discovery or unveiling of the other end of the axis – that then actually brings an axis into being. It is Aditi, the Mother of Unity. In The Magical Carousel she is known as Omanisol. And to convey the sense of permanence and stability she represents in evolution, the chosen symbol is no longer a rock/crab but the magnificent sacred Mountain, her abode and apex of the Journey. As the children scale the mountain they finally emerge at the summit:

A woman sits before them.

She is clothed in robes that blend with the mountain, in fact she herself appears to be a continuation of the mountain itself. She sits on the ground with legs crossed and covered by the robes, immobile and breathing ever so slightly, in a manner which makes one feel the physical life in her is suspended. Her face is not old but rather ancient, and her half-closed eyes reveal an understanding that is of the nature of the mountain over which she presides. Omanisol is cloaked in an aura of serenity and strength, of timelessness and intensity, which becomes a part of the children merely by being in her presence…. (pp.111-112.)

There is not even a hint of instability in this imagery. Omanisol presides over the entire universal manifestation; all the worlds, subtle and dense are a part of her dominion. She presides over those vast spaces but she also resides in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Indeed, this sacred Mountain (reproduced in the Gopurams of every Hindu Temple) is not reached by any extension outside or in the beyond. Omanisol is the Earth herself. That is, she embodies the Earth’s sacred and divine Purpose within our Sun’s planetary family.The Magical Carousel maps out the way to reach this soul-essence of our very planet (Omanisol) in Chapter 9, as the children leave the land of Sagittarius carried by the Centaur to the border:

‘They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuchsia coloured land, for the Centaur makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly to bring the children to their destination on time. He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than sound and light, and at a certain moment the very space around them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seem to have entered a point right within themselves.’ (p.102)

Earth creatures need be wary of only two adversaries: Inertia and Incompletion. In fact, they go hand-in-hand. In each of the stages/lands the children experience there is in evidence a pernicious effort to hold them back, to halt the journey, to stop the movement, thereby never reaching the higher realms of the supramental Truth-Consciousness; otherwise known as the Solar World. There is no evil other than this: Inertia; no ‘sin’ – original or otherwise; and Inertia is simply another meaning of Death: one is held back so tightly, compressed till one is forced by the power of Inertia to exit the material plane. Thus, there is simply incompletion for the mental human species. Death intervenes and cuts the Journey short so that one never reaches the Solar World, the abode of Omanisol. In such a condition of incompletion nothing can find its rightful place.

When the ego is our pivot the higher potential we all carry within cannot come to fruition: the field – or our material base – does not accommodate the abundance of energy required to reach the Summit. The field of life must be made to encompass the full circle (see diagram) and all four quarters must be cleansed of those disfiguring veiling substances the ego structure creates, those beguiling disguises Diti so artfully displays in order to distract the travellers who visit her realm.

We are those travellers. Collectively, as representatives of the mental species we stand right in the middle of her realm. To pin us down she has enlarged her ‘wardrobe’ of disguises to a degree never before imagined. But the Time-Spirit is the vahana/carrier of each Soul in evolution. We can never succumb to Inertia under whatever guise. The Time-Spirit impels us forward; and in this culminating 9th Manifestation our collective destiny is to open up to our evolving collective consciousness the full 12 by penetrating ‘realms very few reach’. In the words of the great wizard and philosopher, Heropidus Heronimous:

‘You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach. Remember Heropidus Heronimous and all his teachings, for in those realms this knowledge is used. Good-bye my little ones, good-bye…’ (Ibid, p.102)