The Mother’s Chamber, Part Three

In this Part I wish to throw some light on how such ‘conspiracies’ actually work. Again, this explanation based on real-life happenings will make fictional and new-Age romantic accounts appear insipid. None of the participants in the chamber saga were centred on a common purpose. If anything seemed to bind them, it was to obstruct me from succeeding; and since my only objective was to secure the implementation of the Mother’s plan, the outcome was the same: to undo her vision while at the same time to advertise the temple as her original. In other words, to usurp the place the chamber occupies at the heart of the New Creation and disfigure it. This, it needs to be pointed out, has been one of the most effective tools of the Adversary: usurpation. Falsehood was thus compounded.

On the other hand, the Ashram destruction compounded the Auroville choice over the Mother’s, and to hide the truth – fully exposed in The New Way – that what was being constructed differed critically from her vision and was therefore devoid of the Gnosis of her Seeing and Measuring. More than that, it was the Knowledge content that was targeted: the Mother had to be kept at a lesser, diminished status, it would seem. Was the quality of her Seeing and Measuring too exceptional for a woman? Surely if the chamber with all its intricacies had been Sri Aurobindo’s contribution, it would never have been challenged. Moreover, had he written The New Way would anyone have dared shred it to pieces? It is significant that two women were required for the densification or materialisation process, and that their contributions were treated so cavalierly – certainly reflective of the obstructions women must overcome in every walk of life.

None of those involved in the saga were guided by a common purpose. True, the common agenda was to hide all knowledge of her original vision and plan, but the individual instruments used to succeed in this dark agenda were all following their own vested interests. This is where the tale becomes very interesting because it reveals just how such conspiracies can succeed while those involved would never believe or admit that the role they played would be to obstruct the Mother’s vision from ushering in the new creation at the centre of which stands the sacred Feminine.

At this point in our analysis we enter into the domain of evolution itself and its goal. We know that the critical transition we are in the midst of is to establish the Supramental Manifestation on Earth. For that the top-heavy mental species – broadly categorised as patriarchal – must agree to abdicate and to allow the re-instatement of the Goddess at its heart, if the transformation is to be Earth oriented. This obstructionism comes from a well-entrenched patriarchy – West and East – that is presently using all its might to hold its own. It plays itself out on all levels of society and need not be spelt out. We are all too aware of the nature of the global civilisation we have spawned, with its brittleness and lack of the harmonising and softening suppleness of the Feminine.

This is not to be confused with weakness and docility, bodily or otherwise. Nothing could be stronger than the Daughter as she is portrayed in Hindu mythology in her form of the conquering Durga, who single-handedly vanquishes the mighty demon Mahishasura. Further, in her manifestation as Parvati, from her union with Shiva their warrior Son arises, the incarnation of the War God himself, who as a child concludes the work started by his mother Durga to conquer the mightiest of all Asuras, Tarak. This birth is echoed inRevelation, the last Book of the New Testament – the Second Coming is actually the Fourth Principle of the formula 9/6/3/0-1; or in the planetary harmony, the embodiment of all that the fourth planet represents for the Earth. In his return, however, he is the Victorious One.

For East and West, these are the powers required now to deal with the darkness that subjugates the Earth. Conquest is first in the subtle creative plane of the physical. When the channel is opened, as when the Mother entered the solar world and recorded what was seen, thereafter adding the all-important ingredient of Measure for the Earth plane, just as prophesied in Revelation’s final chapters, the task remained to build the bridge based on that Measure to conclusively connect the Earth to the solar realm.

In both cases – the myth describing Durga and her heroic exploits, and the fierce clash of forces described in Revelation – what is portrayed is the struggle that is required on the subtle plane once removed from the Earth, hence the fantastic imagery that the Seers of old couched their visions in so as to convey the fierceness of the struggle. What is transpiring is not a clash of civilisations as some historians believe, but a clash of forces.

In the case of Revelation, the tone changes in the final chapters once the Act of Measuring begins with the ‘golden reed’ and the city and temple come to the fore, descending from the heavens of the Cosmic Truth (the solar world of the Veda), the New Heaven and the New Earth of the prophecy. In The New Way series the prophecies are made real. Are we surprised then that the only factual record of this descent was the target of every concerted effort to impede it from reaching the public? In the past the Greek concept of an Ideal plane was prevalent; but corruption occurred when the Ideal descended into the physical. This understanding of the disfigurement the physical plane imposes on the Ideal was the masculine notion of the superiority of transcendence over any realisation rooted in matter. It accompanied the gradual decimation of paganism. In point of fact, Sri Aurobindo stated that if the Mother had not joined him he would have remained ‘up there’. Given the complexity of the task at hand, as a lone individual his position of Transcendent (9 of the Formula) would have been a repetition of the old yogas, all of which, with the exclusion of the process described in the Rig Veda, preferred the static peace which transcendence offers. In 1962 the Mother stated very clearly that the transformation could not be completed with just one avatar, but that a line in time, and perhaps space, was the way. The reason is that the Solar Line, which was the combined descent of four individuals, had to cover all the bases, as it were, for the completion of the task and the establishment of the solar world on this physical plane.

The Mother’s vision is the documented evidence – by her Act of Measuring – that it is possible to reproduce the Ideal, in this case from the solar realm, without any corruption. At the same time the negation her vision met with tells us just how determined the resistance is to that uncorrupted transposition. The mental/ego-centredness of the present human species has to allow space for the new Forms imbued with the solar light to grace the Earth. Though the attempt at transposition (into a physical structure) failed, the gnostic content of the chamber survived and has given birth to the first cultural expressions of the New Way, thereby preserving the evidence of the pristine, uncorrupted Supramental Ideal of the Mother’s vision.

What is the mechanism that compels human beings to ‘collaborate’ in such conspiracies, while claiming ignorance of any knowledge of a secret agenda or a common purpose binding all participants? What then does bind them together – because what I have related so far would seem to indicate a common overarching goal?

At the end of my narration it will be more than clear that a vast network existed which seemed to follow the commands of an unseen ‘general’, or a cabal of individuals pulling the strings from behind closed doors to oblige their puppets/instruments to suppress the Mother’s vision, and any text such as The New Way that would reveal the glad tidings of a Life Divine on Earth. However, no such cabal existed on this material plane because it was not necessary: with the off-centre alignment and the consequent ego-driven condition of the human being, orbiting the sex centre as in Leonardo’s ‘crucified’ man in the Square of his iconic drawing, a cabal of individuals is not needed.

The poise of the receiving instrument determines WHO PULLS THE STRINGS.

To avoid further interference, at the behest of supporters in Canada who were ready to cover all the costs,The New Way 1&2 was sent there for printing. But this was in the early days of Yoga before I had a ‘working knowledge’, so to speak, of certain complex occult operations. It was only in the 1980s that I became fully aware of the new alignment required for the Supramental Manifestation, if disfigurement was to be avoided. This is the theme of Volume 3 of the series, written in November of 1983 after a major yogic breakthrough that year. Therefore, believing that printing outside of India would assure completion, the text was sent to Canada and printing was indeed completed. In early January of 1981, I returned to India with 50 copies of the first edition.

Again the ‘conspiracy’ reared its ugly head: the remainder of the edition, though fully paid for, would not be released by the printer for another three years – for reasons best known to him – or perhaps unknown. He had no connection with the Auroville/Ashram network, or even any knowledge of Sri Aurobindo’s work, but still something pulled the most unbusiness-like behaviour out of this individual.

By then experience had taught me how the energy machine of the human constitution operates to fuel the system. A problem the current structure poses is that energy generation is restricted to the lowest chakra, affecting deep psychological layers of consciousness which, because of the depth and imprisoned nature of the operation, remain undetected. This imprisonment is intended to further the atavistic purposes of the species to ensure ‘survival of the fittest’, so to speak. Ultimately it ensures death when the energy machine runs down or closes in on itself.

‘I reveal to men the origin of their cause of existence.’
Leonardo da Vinci


Energy thus generated often turns poisonous when not released. In terms of western psychology the negative effects of this accumulation are usually associated with inadequate sexual activity, for indeed this is a central part of the operation of survival and propagation of the species. In what concerns the establishment of a new balance and alignment, when sexual indulgence is intended to remedy the situation the old alignment is simply strengthened, making the shift far more difficult to achieve of the axial pivot from the sex centre of the Man in the Square to the navel of the Man in the Circle of Leonardo’s inspired drawing. Regarding the sequestered edition, the issue at hand was therefore to encourage a release of that power or ‘to cut the stinger’, because the poisonous accumulation was supplying the ‘fuel’ required to sustain a prolonged obstruction (see Chapter 8, The Magical Carousel).

Once release does occurs, the accumulated power on which basis the books were kept imprisoned for such a long period, the magnetic connection to the source of that power is cut – i.e., to the one who ‘pulls the strings’. Indeed, within three months of this release The New Way emerged from the cave where its light had been occulted for three years. This part of its history will be told chronologically in Volume Three of my autobiographical study, The Tenth Day of Victory.

More evidence was soon to follow of the global reach of this ‘force’ I had taken on in seeking to bring the Mother’s vision forward. The fascinating part was that at each stage or blockage something essential, some iron-clad ‘knot’ was revealed as a hurdle to overcome if the new way of Woman was to emerge. I wrote Volume 3 of the series, always based on the Mother’s chamber, in November of 1983. The following year it was sent to nearby Madras for phototypesetting and printing, because by that time I realised the futility in seeking to evade interference from certain well established agencies directly involved with the legacy of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. When an entirely unrelated person like the Canadian printer also fell prey to the resistance, it was clear that my involvement – though due to what I believed was simply a passion for the new knowledge and its creator, the Mother – went far beyond my original motivation. This was indeed the centre-womb of the new world that in 1957 the Mother announced had been born; above all, she stated that it was not the old world transformed but entirely new. This monumental transposition – direct and uncorrupted – was what the struggle to preserve her Act of Seeing and Measuring was about. I found myself, unsuspecting of the wider implications, thrust into the centre of what was akin to a formidable tornado, a force set upon uprooting the old to leave place for the new. I had even described the eventful moment in The Magical Carousel, Chapter 11, a prophetic mythic rendition of my own life as instrument for that change and my specific contribution; this was written in March 1970, just three months after the Mother’s breakthrough vision.

Alas, the printing of Volume 3 in Madras followed the very same pattern set for Volumes 1&2 in Canada: though having been fully paid for, it was sequestered for three years. When the phototypeset material was finally retrieved the original funds set aside to complete printing were no longer on hand for publishing, since what little was available went to building Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Skambha from 1986 onward. Though written in 1983, Volume Three was not published until 2005 and launched at the Intensive held at Skambha for the inner circle of the New Way students that year.

Over the 30 years of its existence ACC has given ample evidence that it is a true power-centre and that it has been the channel to bring to the world the foundational knowledge upon which the New Creation stands, and which serves as a means for the uncontaminated truths of the solar world to descend ‘without mixture’, as the Mother insisted upon with respect to the ‘symbol of the future realisation’. This is what The New Way series has preserved – the details of the realisation that can instil a divine Purpose as the new ‘genetic make-up’, so to speak, of the Gnostic Being.

In the concluding part of this series, I will describe the present stage of our task and once again how contingency plans were set in motion to overcome the remaining obstructions posed by the old guard, and how the pristine, uncontaminated contents of the Mother’s chamber were successfully brought to a wider public, as a demonstration of the new cultural expressions of the Supramental Manifestation, made possible by her breakthrough. To broaden even more the reach of the Knowledge, this appeal goes beyond India to America, the next destined venue of The Future Realisation exhibition. As seen from the cosmological perspective, this would be a further consolidation of the bridge between India and America, the details of which are presented in the concluding part of this appeal.

The Mother’s Chamber, Part Two

This appeal was interrupted for a few days, during which time I posted several items on ACC website; more particularly – because it is of a piece with this series – I draw attention to a detailed observation of the worldwide conspiracy, be it in science or spirituality, to suppress new knowledge that might force a disruption in heavily entrenched paradigms (see Those Unsettling New Paradigms). I intend to demonstrate how all these ‘conspiracies’ in different fields of knowledge can be brought back to a single source or root cause: the desire to keep the sacred Feminine suppressed so that the material plane can never be transformed in Her image.

What we see today in all walks of life is the over-powering rule of Mind. Our Earth is overloaded by this domination of Mind. Given its predominance, this top-heaviness can only be accompanied by ego-centeredness because of the imbalance created; the two go hand-in-hand. Penetrating deeply into the condition of the human species, we observe that everything we take pride in having produced on the basis of the material sciences, as we know them today, is reflective of this gross imbalance: the separative consciousness in place of the consciousness of Unity.

The ego cannot sustain the descent of the more refined energies of the Supramental Manifestation (see Thea’s Journal 28 June 2015, ‘All things in their rightful place’), of that higher principle seeking to become established as we transition from Mind to Supermind. To achieve that a new balance/poise is required by which a different ‘purpose’ is instilled in the human species, no longer imprisoned by the atavism it has been subjected to for millennia. With the Supramental Manifestation truly a new world is born – not the old world transformed, but an entirely new world. This requires a transformed physical vessel, newly balanced and aligned so as to receive and contain the finer energies required for that new manifestation to become established on our planet. This is the critical transition we are living through and cannot avoid.

This newness cannot occur with our current physical top-heaviness because of the rule of Mind and the sex-centred pivot. Everything our species has created can be observed to suffer from this affliction; it cannot be otherwise, for this is the Law that governs the evolution on planet Earth: the highest species sets the pace for the rest. We bear the burden of responsibility that being the leader confers. Our questionable leadership has clearly reached a crossroads.

The Mother left us with a graphic image of the realisation required so that the things promised can become reality. This simple imagery conveys what she called the symbol of the future realisation. In Part One I described how her entourage received that gift, resulting in the fact that it was never physically constructed. Further, any knowledge of her vision was summarily erased from the annals of the township’s brief history, where it should have taken pride of place.

This attempted suppression surfaced with the first mention of her vision and the significance of the chamber’s measurements in my book, The Gnostic Circle, that was being printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press in Pondicherry. Printing was sought to be stopped claiming that the reference to her vision that I made in the book’s final chapters would ‘harm the Mother’s work’ (!), given the fact that in a footnote I stated this was not being built in Auroville (see The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume Two, Book One, Aeon Books, 2015).

Image from 'The New Way' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

The Chamber’s Core
~ Symbol of the Future Realisation ~

This was only the beginning of the conspiracy to hide the facts of the case – that what was actually being constructed was falsely advertised as her original. There was more to come even surpassing the perfidy of the first reception in Auroville; ultimately, the network covered the entire globe. Given that nothing but a shadow copy would stand as the centre of the town the Mother set on its way in 1968, I realised that though I had no effect in changing attitudes in Auroville with the first revelations of the chamber’s significance in The Gnostic Circle, I had at least received the gnostic content of her vision and plan; and that was far more important than cement and steel – provided it could be securely preserved for posterity. The Great Pyramid in Giza and the Sphinx served the purpose of preservation in ages gone by, but the contrary was happening now: the physical construction would also last for millennia perhaps and, if the custodians of her legacy were to have their way, it would be passed on to posterity in its distorted form. Who would know the difference?

Thus The New Way series was born. It went far beyond what was recorded in The Gnostic Circle and would be the only detailed documentation of the Mother’s extraordinary genius in the sacred sciences, far surpassing anything we have record of, be this even the extant examples across the globe that continue to bewilder us by the evidence they provide of civilisations whose core values were obviously so different from ours. They bear testimony to what I failed to convince the Mother’s entourage of – the fundamental principle of the Sacred: Knowledge supersedes all other considerations. At the same time, illustrating one of the most important precepts of the truth-conscious Supermind – there is no pretence, no lie, and everything is exactly as it should be, provided we have eyes to see in understanding this perfection at every moment as demonstrated in the Shadow Chamber itself that was built; it has the distinction of being the perfect representation of the off-centre/ego-axis of the present human species which can only reproduce a form devoid of any higher essence and purpose.

Once composed, The New Way, 1 & 2 in a single volume, proved to be unique in many ways. Never before had a book been written wherein a temple-chamber was the main protagonist. It is as if a dialogue is held in its pages between the chamber and the reader. Piece-by-piece it is ‘constructed’ in the book, thereby unfolding for the seeker an entirely new body of higher knowledge as the ‘edifice’ grows. All Hindu temples are books of knowledge, but none have reached the pinnacle of the Mother’s creation. They were conceived over 2000 years ago with the aim of preserving the Cosmic Truth – while evolution was still under the rule of Mind and the constraints this dominance imposed. Regardless of the constraints, they fulfilled the function for which they were created, and have remained the exemplary apex of Hinduism’s supremacy in the art of the Sacred ever since. With the descent of the supramental Truth-Consciousness, naturally a new conceptualisation emerges. This emergence of the new within the old brings its own set of troubles since India too was afflicted with passage through a dark Age and the diminishing of the sacred Feminine.

The overall purpose of the Hindu temple is to preserve knowledge of the Cosmic Truth. In so doing, the seeker is drawn into the nature of the cosmic manifestation with its innumerable energy combinations and permutations that the temple enshrines by the vast array of Gods and Goddesses that populate the Hindu pantheon. The temple so devised brings them within reach of the aspirant according to one’s individual temperament and what resides at the centre of one’s consciousness; that is, the human being carries the same Energy in his soul. The temple is divinely designed to reproduce the plunge into the soul, into that ‘hidden chamber closed and mute’ where the idol stands, a select aspect of the supreme Energy that is the Goddess in her all-encompassing Vedic form of Aditi, mother of all the Gods.

In the Hindu temple the Idol occupies the innermost precinct. All the glory of the fullness that permeates the cosmos is portrayed in the outer precincts by the captivating mythic images sculpted into the gopuram and elsewhere throughout the structure. However, they are left there, in the outer precincts – to remind us as we pass under the boldest and most magnificent rendition of that basic principle of Fullness of the Sanatana Dharma, the gopuram, that all of creation arises out of this superb Plenum, never emptiness, never nothingness. We enter the temple bathed in this experience and the divine Seer carries us further and deeper into the heart of this knowledge, so different from the Buddhist concept as, for example, magnificently expressed in the structure at Borobudur where reaching the apex the seeker comes upon an empty stupa, without the figure of the Buddha that had filled all the stupas leading to that culmination of the journey. There it is emptiness; here it is fullness. If transcendence is the goal, then the former is the answer; but if this Earth is to express the full reality of creation, the Life Divine as Sri Aurobindo prophesied, then we must learn to accept the maddening diversity the Cosmic Mother holds in her sacred womb, that all of creation is part of her Being. In the Hindu temple the journey inward finally takes the seeker into the intimacy of the sanctum sanctorum (the garbha griha) where the single Idol stands – even as in one’s innermost soul-cave the Godhead of one’s predilection is found: no space for anything else, just this beloved One.

That is the magnificence of the Hindu temple’s conceptualisation: the Seers of the Puranic era perceived how the structure of the human consciousness could be reproduced in the most material elements of our world. They thus preserved the Cosmic Truth as the foundation of human evolution from the womb of the Cosmic Divine and how we are conscious Seeing Eyes of her astonishing display of diversity within an all-encompassing unity. During the Age of Pisces it was this that was under severe attack, not just in the West, but primarily in the East as the chamber saga reveals. The final play-out is in India because that is where the foundations of the New Creation are laid when the Vishnu Evolutionary Avatar takes birth.

That fullness of the cosmic manifestation is the domain of the Goddess as the giver of Form, made sacred by the quality of its inner essence. This is a conceptualisation unknown to our contemporary culture, for no holy precinct of the religions that arose in the Piscean Age is sacred in the truest sense. They are places of worship, of prayer, but not structures that have the capacity to transform or to encapsulate energies from the circumscribing cosmos – a cosmos which in any case they shun, or reject as having any significant spiritual worth. In heaven alone lies salvation, they believe, beyond the cosmic Body of the Lord. She too, like the chamber vision, just does not exist. But for how long can this deception last?

The Mother incarnated in her fullest manifestation – what is described in western mythology as the Great Mother (Demeter of the Greeks), embodying the multi-faceted aspects of the Cosmic Divine (as the 6 in the descending Trinity of the Solar Line, 9/6/3) – in order to introduce the next stage, the new and enhanced sacred science and art. In bringing to Earth the Seeing and Measuring of the ‘symbol of the future realisation’, she disclosed what the realisation would be and in what way it differs from earlier times, grand as they may have been. As in the image of the Core here reproduced, we do not come upon one of the Idols enshrining an aspect of her cosmic energies as in the classic Hindu temple. Rather, we see the core of ourselves and the Earth herself, her divine Daughter – the future we are destined to become – indicating the special function of our planet as third in the solar system. The luminous Globe of the chamber’s core is the Earth, Daughter to Demeter, the Moon.

We could describe the Core as being an x-ray image of the earlier garbha griha; here we zoom in right to the bone or the innermost mechanism that sustains and carries out, through each individual soul, the evolution on Earth. The Hindu Temple was its precursor and is a hymn to the Cosmic Divine – the 6 of the sacred Formula. The chamber of that very Cosmic Mother’s vision is a hymn to her daughter-soul, the Individual Divine, the 3 of the Formula the 9th Avatar has bequeathed. This is the new sacred geometry and architecture for the new Age: in the core of the chamber, as in the soul of each individual, the supreme Secret is enshrined – and it is this inner mechanism that is captured in the Mother’s chamber. It is the manner in which, through the Third, transcendence is transmuted to the immanence of itself. This is the alchemical magic of transmutation as expressed in Sri Aurobindo’s formula as 0-1, or the birth of Brimos from Persephone (the Earth) as the Son victorious. This is the truth of who we are and why we exist.

The 6 and 3 join in the final countdown to creation or destruction: the choice is ours to make. But are we so foolish as to continue arrogantly crossing swords with the divine Demeter and force her to lay the Earth barren?

This third planet in the system is the position where the soul can lead the evolution of the species from within; thus, the symbolism of her chamber conveys just that: the soul directly beneath the ray of the Midday Sun, casting no shadows.

The off-centre ego alignment casts shadows. The realisation required of each individual is to become the symbol (the goal of the New Way), to aspire for a poise that eliminates the shadow – i.e., egolessness, not merely as a psychological condition but more significantly physical, without which there is no future realisation. We have had enough of a spirituality that denies the Mother (=mater=material) her rightful place along with her Daughter. To continue with this charade is a signal that, in the face of all evidence pointing us in the right direction, we obstinately insist on making the wrong choices.


To return to our saga, once The New Way 1 & 2 was completed I sent it to be printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, as I had done with all of my previous books, fully confident that its contents would gladden the hearts of whoever would read and learn of the Mother’s great achievement. As it turned out, reception was even worse than in Auroville! There a new plan, entirely unrelated to the Mother’s original, was preferred over hers, one that in her words made no sense. The New Way was revealing that pregnant sense, the gnostic Truth laid bare for all to know and appreciate. But in the Ashram it was not a physical construction, it was the Knowledge that was at stake, and quite literally as this narration reveals.

When two-thirds of printing was done and binding was to begin, a curious set of circumstances resulted in the nearly-completed book undergoing what can only be termed a contemporary version of the medieval burning-at-the-stake: it was shredded to pieces by the machine we now use to fulfil the same purpose. It needs to be stated, however, that this was not done at the behest of the Ashram’s board of trustees; the culprits were anarchic forces. But there is more on this further ahead since their participation reveals an essential component of the ego-driven world; nothing better explains the constraints Mind and ego-centredness impose, nor the necessity to move on to better times.

Thus, the only testimony to the Supramental Gnosis of the Mother’s Seeing and Measuring that was not carried over to a physical construction but preserved in a book, was similarly destroyed. By then, with this outrageous act reminiscent of the Inquisition, all traces of the Mother’s genius were done away with. The conspiracy went further than just the destruction of The New Way: any mention of the book in Ashram publications was expunged and its author discredited whenever and however possible. This interference was even extended to the publication of The Gnostic Circle abroad in a major publishing house (see, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Chronicle 3). Her original plan was not going to be allowed to leave any trace of its existence. Whatever testimonies there might be, in Auroville or in the Ashram she created, would henceforth be censored, or replaced by the Shadow. It just never happened. These acts were reminiscent of the Church Fathers in the 4th century, when dogmatism was formalised and the sacred Feminine completely abolished.

I found it telling that at that very time a growing ‘cult’ arose wherein disciples and devotees were encouraged to refer to her as ‘Mother’ without the article Sri Aurobindo had always used in his writings and which I have done as well, for the simple reason that with the article emphasis is laid on her cosmic status – truly in her fullest incarnation, she who brought to the Earth the new symbol of the gnostic Being. Dropping the article might seem insignificant but accompanying as it did the conspiracy to hide her vision and plan, it was meaningful: it reduced her to a purely human, motherly status – in other words, the Cosmic Mother was summarily diminished. How else to snuff out any effort to re-instate the sacred Feminine but via the way she would be addressed by her followers? It was so transparent: diminishing had to begin there.

With the authority invested in them for just being ‘close to the Mother’, for merely occupying the space she and Sri Aurobindo created as a laboratory for their joint Yoga, the control exerted over their legacy is formidable. As in the past with the followers left behind, they hold the ultimate authoritative word. These are indeed the new Church Fathers with the power, they believe, to abolish any trace of the sacred Feminine once again. History will always repeat itself until human nature is transformed.

Similar to the Auroville transgression, the Ashram conspiracy to hide the Mother’s greatest achievement from her followers is an unacceptable infraction in these times when transparency is sought to be upheld as a pillar of the Aquarian Age. This defeats the very purpose of Sri Aurobindo’s mission as the 9th of Vishnu’s line. In point of fact, there is a key player in the Ashram declaring in print and through the electronic media that Sri Aurobindo was not an avatar (see my Secrets of the Earth, Aeon Books, 2009). In the same light, all efforts to occult the truth and diminish the Mother’s cosmic status have to be exposed. The Mother’s incarnation and Act of Seeing and Measuring was essential for the reinstatement of the Goddess – herself made new, as it were: from the Great Mother at the heart of the conceptualisation of every Hindu Temple to the Supramental Shakti of the new Seeing who carries evolution forward in her irrepressible Act of Becoming. Nothing can halt her march. But certainly the most intrepid heroes are required to champion her cause in this time of transition.


Those Unsettling New Paradigms

A film last night, Dark Matter, caused me to ponder over certain aspects of the new cosmology and its reception – not in the corridors of science of course, but in India and abroad in quarters that should take a keen interest in this new postulation because it is the only Indocentric cosmology since the Vedic/Puranic Age. Further, there is nothing in it that would offend the scientifically-minded because it is based on facts that were not available in the Puranic era – certain truths seen in the innermost consciousness of the Seer many times had to be formulated figuratively, though the Indocentric cosmology of the sages did make perfect sense at the time because of a common ‘language’ understood by all. Fortunately, that sacred language continues to thrive throughout the world, except in India due to a clever strategy that was set in motion in the Dark Ages.

The New Way cosmology, on the other hand, follows similar principles and employs that very same language – the main ingredient being a contemporary version of the Mt Meru concept, the centrepiece of the Puranic vision; this was Bharat, the continental embodiment of the sacred Mountain, and all the other continents fanning out from that central point. However, the enormous leap forward is that now we take the full Earth, exactly as she stands in the planetary harmony, and using longitude and latitude coordinates we proceed to locate that sacred Mt Meru that is Bharat today on the globe, based on a zodiacal ‘ruler’ that provides a knowledge basis to the operation: Mt Meru is indeed the centre, India, via her zodiacal sign Capricorn, determined by the ruler laid horizontally (longitude) and vertically (latitude) across the Earth. Thus her ‘centrality’ is no longer restricted to the visionary plane of the Seer but given a factual basis in both time and space. Mt Meru/Bharat, so measured, is the embodiment of the sign known as India’s astrological ruler from time immemorial: Capricorn, the ‘mountain’ of the zodiac, confirming the earlier Seer’s vision based on an inner knowledge of the subcontinent’s essence properties. This is the knowledge-basis of the sacred mountain Meru, no longer condescendingly labelled a quaint tale or outright superstition.

Capricorn glyph on India
Capricorn hieroglyph on undivided India


And here is the zodiacal symbol-map that confirms the antiquity of the knowledge, its Capricorn essence extending even to Bharat’s geography.

Indeed, there is not a trace of superstition in this new Indocentric cosmology, an updating from the Puranic Age. However, there are certain demands placed on its appraisers. One must first of all accept that the cosmology carries its own science with its own language; just as we accept that physics uses the language of mathematics, so must we realise that this postulation is also based on its own formulas and formulations which constitute its operational methodology via its own language, resulting ultimately in a new paradigm. And here is where problems arise from quarters none would have expected. But the film Dark Matter that set off these reflections, explains why. It portrays the travails of a brilliant Chinese cosmology student who enrols in an American university for his PhD. Eventually he is driven to a psychological breakdown by his doctoral mentor because the candidate’s thesis disproves certain conclusions in his own String Theory cosmology, on the basis of which the mentor’s scientific career had flourished, bringing him considerable fame. Now he sees it threatened by the candidate’s brilliant discovery regarding dark matter. He was consequently denied a PhD, based on what can only be termed vested interests. Vested interests cover a broad spectrum that can be more clearly defined as ego-interests with their zillion manifestations, proper to the billions of humans who populate this ego-driven world.

The film ends in tragedy and the viewer is left heartbroken at how a brilliant talent was shamelessly snuffed out.

Along with this viewing I happened to be reading an article in a past issue of Atlantis Rising, #107, September/October 2014, treating the very same theme when in the scientific community a new discovery forces the old guard to accept that they are faced with a ‘paradigm shift’ in light of which ‘physics would have to start over’. Moray King, a systems engineer is quoted as saying in an interview in Jeane Manning’s column ‘Tracking the News on the Coming Energy Revolution’. King comments on just how vicious the threatened group can get: ‘Talking about a paradigm violation becomes serious when a claim is declared as fraud’… Further on he lays down some rules for ‘online chat rooms’:

  • When you call someone a fraud, name the type of fraud you think they’re perpetrating.
  • Understand the paradigm you’re in so when you say ‘disobeyed the laws of physics’ you know which paradigm those laws are in…

Recent exchanges in our own online Forum under the topic ‘Sidereal or Tropical’ caused me to consider writing this article for our readers because of the play of circumstances that forced me to take a serious look at the similar allegations levelled at me personally and the new cosmology I have formulated; I repeat, from quarters that should rejoice in the updating it signifies and the potential for removing the taint of superstition on matters Puranic. I mentioned vested interests at the root of the accusations in the face of new and potentially threatening discoveries in science. On our own Forum we have a clear example of just how that works in the ego-centred human being. I too was recently labelled a fraud – and why? Simply because the basis of the new Indocentric cosmology is the zodiac; more specifically – and here lies the rub – the tropicalzodiac. This is what we find as the foundational language of the Puranas and its mythology and displayed in every temple across India. The sacred mountain is the most prominent and obvious connection. When the devotee passes through and beneath the main gopuram to enter the sacred precinct, it brings to his visit the lived experience of Mt Meru, the sacred Mountain of Capricorn. In the symbolism of sacred architecture the Gopurams are that Mountain.


The main Gopuram of the Srirangam temple
in Tamil Nadu, South India, where the purest tradition is found.


Lamentably, during the Dark Ages a different formulation gradually gained ascendancy and ultimately did away with the former based on the tropical zodiac and its related mythology, as in the cosmology of the New Way. It introduced another ‘zodiac’ based on the imaginative animal figures made up of the fixed stars in the sidereal sphere, called Nakshatras. In the traditional astrology practised outside of India they are known as the Mansions of the Moon and were brought from India by Al Biruni, the Arab scholar-traveller who in the 12thcentury planted the damaging seeds that later flowered into the full-blown Nirayana system of astrological computations and ritual timings in use today.

I have stated many times and I must state again that these misguided reformists, whatever their motivation, are measuring in the wrong circle. At the end of this article I offer readers a graphic image of the problem and a brief explanation with the facts of the case.

Al Biruni’s Mansions of the Moon divides the zodiac circle into 27 parts based on the mean daily motion of the Moon which is 13.20 degrees. Moving through the circle cumulatively, from 0 degree through to the 360th, each point where this measure falls is called a ‘critical degree’. Any competent astrologer knows that when a planet is located on one of those degrees, whatever that planet represents will play a prominent role in the individual’s life.

Unfortunately Nirayanis, who call themselves by the misnomer Vedic Astrologers, carried the matter further – because there is a secret agenda behind this rise of thought in India. Muslim invaders, their own history records, destroyed thousands of temples across the land because of the role temples stepped in to play during the Puranic Age to preserve the Veda. But there was a far more insidious attack in the wings, with the potential of bringing the Sanatana Dharma to an end as it was known in the Vedic Age. The simple yet potent device was 1) to do away with the Veda’s foundational language of the zodiac itself, whether tropical or sidereal, and pari passu 2) to destroy the cosmic connection India had enjoyed from time immemorial (see the Capricorn symbol-map); indeed, to disengage the cosmic wheel from the true Zero Point (ayanamsha), the start of the ‘journey’, as it was called in the Rig Veda, on the Aries equinox of 21 March each year. This was cleverly done by insisting on measuring in the wrong circle, and claiming, as Al Biruni had advocated centuries earlier and the Nirayanis continue to proclaim: Aries has shifted, it has moved on; it is no longer there (at the March equinoctial point). ‘The solstice has kept its place but the constellations have migrated, just the very opposite of what Vahara has fancied,’ he wrote (India, II, p.7). With this Al Biruni plants the undermining seed of a shifting zodiac, erroneously equated with and measured in the sidereal sphere.

There is what is called the Cardinal Cross in the tropical zodiac. It is composed of four signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They are the equinoxes and solstices. Therefore an intrinsic part of the constitution of Aries is the thrust of energy as in the gunaic mode of Rajas, or Creation of the fundamental trinity Creation, Preservation, Dissolution. Actually Aries does not ‘exist’ disconnected from the March equinox; similarly with the others on the Rajas/Creation cross. So, to claim, as Al Biruni did, that while the solstice remained in place the constellations (zodiac) have moved away from the zodiacal connection with the Cardinal Cross, reveals a basic ignorance of the cosmic harmony. What is extraordinary is that no pundit, to my knowledge, rose up and refuted his claim. This is the crux of the Nirayana system Hindus follow, this claim that a ‘shift’ has taken place and therefore periodic ‘corrections’ must be made to accommodate it.

According to these Nirayanis, while measuring that purported 0 degree Aries in the wrong circle – the circle of fixed stars where no equinoxes and solstices exist – this 0 point has shifted, therefore a correction is needed to move the start of the circle back by 23 days. Consequently, based on their astronomical wisdom, disconnected from the alleged superstition of astrology which astronomers believe they have improved upon, we must agree to celebrate each new zodiacal year on April 14-15 and not 21 March; or, even worse, the Capricorn entry (Makar in Sanskrit, perhaps the most important festival for the Hindu collectivity) is also shifted by 23 days to 14-15 January, instead of the fourth Cardinal Cross solstice on 21 December each year when Capricorn actually begins for the whole world, not merely for Hindus, with no change – because these unchanging equinoxes and solstices are the temporal and spatial pillars of Hinduism.

In addition, the so-called shift that needs ‘correction’ varies from pundit to pundit because accuracy is impossible to achieve in the circle of fixed stars with relation to Earth, given that they are zillions of kilometres away from our solar system. The result is confusion and chaos; ultimately what should be the single most unifying factor for Hindus, a calendar that unequivocally secures the true cosmic connection, has become a most effective tool for dis-connection and endless dispute.

Today the supporting cosmic pillars of the Dharma have been wiped out of the cultural fabric where they can only be meaningful when the true link to the cosmic harmony exists. It no longer does for all practical purposes today in India, regardless of vociferous claims by the Nirayanis to the contrary. Practically, factually it exists only in the updated Indocentric cosmology of the New Way.

The tactic of undermining was superb indeed because Time itself, with each passing day, undoes the very Dharma it holds in the secret recesses of itself. Time, in the land where Mahakala is known to be above all the Gods, is made to work against itself: instead of a creative power it is one of undoing.

All is not doom and gloom however. The Vishnu Avatar’s mission stands completed. The Solar Line he heads covers all the bases, even this one, perhaps the most significant for Hindus today. The Third in the Line comes with the express mission of dismantling this falsehood and re-establishing the supremacy of Shiva as Mahakala. She takes birth to re-establish the tropical zodiac as the foundational language of the Tradition, for there are no Cardinal Poles – equinoxes and solstices – in the sidereal circle of the fixed stars beyond our solar system. Astronomers require – nay, demand – points of light in the heavens that they can see with their human naked or mechanical eyes; for them the division of the ecliptic into 12 signs (the tropical zodiac) does not exist, or is of no consequence because it is not visible, while the Sage sees the light manifested within as without, he does not need external points of light to measure Truth, for he is the truth-seer. For him there is no difference: truth, the Rishi knows, lies within, uncontaminated by human projections covered over in vested interests the ego feeds on. For the Seer all is One, and on the basis of Oneness the truth of the supramental Gnosis is known. Thus the Third’s mission is completed with the New Way and its updated cosmology. Those who see and wish to follow the Journey of the Rig Veda have this new paradigm at their disposal.

Why are the Nirayanis so incensed? They call the Third a fraud, and in times gone by in the print and electronic media, a charlatan – and even the most incendiary label of all: anti-Hindu. It is always the same group, then and now, the followers and practitioners of the sidereal Nirayana system of astrological computation, those who falsely call themselves Vedic Astrologers. The only truly Vedic astrology/cosmology exists in the New Way today. But their desperation to discredit is understandable from the ego-driven perspective. If the New Way rises, in that very rise their system crumbles into dust of its own and is cast into the cosmic waste bin as another of Time’s useless residues. It is the dross that is eliminated when the pure gold of the supramental Truth-Consciousness is cast into the alchemical cauldron to sort things out. We are in the midst of just such a period of conclusively defining and sorting things out.

After all, what have they to show for themselves? Dozens of ayanamshas, chaos, disunity in the Hindu community on this essential issue, and a total lack of higher knowledge – for the Nakshatras they base their system on do not contain Vedic knowledge. They served a purpose in the Dark Ages of anchoring in Time’s vast vault, but never were they meant to displace the Vedic initiate’s Journey.

Gnosis, now enhanced by the descent of Supermind, is found only in the Vedic Journey as mapped out in the tropical zodiac. And, above all, it is only with the tropical zodiac of the ecliptic plane, balanced on the unchanging equinoxes and solstices that we can read the cosmic credentials of the Vishnu Avatar and his line in this 9th Manifestation. This, beyond any doubt, is the primary goal: to create such confusion in the most important area of the Sanatana Dharma, the cosmic harmony wherein the true Vishnu Avatar is recognised by his cosmic credentials, and the impostors unmasked. The Sanatana Dharma hinges on this recognition of the true emanation of Vishnu because yuge-yuge he comes to re-establish order, first and foremost the cosmic order.The Dasavataras themselves, for the Sanatana Dharma, are like unto the Polar Star of the zodiacal Age in which they appear. We are blessed to be living in this 9th Manifestation, and in the Aquarian Age that ushered in the electronic revolution with the higher octave of its traditional ruling planet Mercury in the mix today – the 7th planet Uranus. The Negators and nay-sayers can also have their day in the Sun by this new-found freedom, but Uranus allows the Internet to give us finally OUR place under the Sun as well, instead of being conveniently marginalised as this New Way has been for so long.



Diagrams for Part One:


Ganga, river of January, measured on
the body of India via the new cosmology’s
zodiacal ruler



Here we have the same constellation and sidereal spheres, but with the Vedic One Circle central, divided into the four Cardinal Points, the all-important equinoxes and solstices, with the 23-day ‘shift’ included to show the actual position of the Hindu calendar.

Here we have the same constellation and sidereal spheres, but with the Vedic One Circle central, divided into the four Cardinal Points, the all-important equinoxes and solstices, with the 23-day ‘shift’ included to show the actual position of the Hindu calendar.

The Mother’s Chamber, Part One

In early January of 1970, the Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s co-worker, had a vision that changed forever the conceptual nature and relevance of the sacred in geometry and architecture. Nothing like it had ever occurred; nor is it likely to recur. This was more than just a vision – phenomenal occultist that she was, the Mother had the ability to navigate through many dimensions, from the most dense to the most ethereal. On that momentous occasion she moved into what is known from the very ancient Vedic Age in India as the Solar World, Swar in the Rig Veda. What she ‘saw’ there was a ‘hidden chamber closed and mute’, as described by Sri Aurobindo in his epic poem Savitri, Book 1, Canto 5:

The body’s rules bound not the spirit’s powers;
When life had stopped its beats, death broke not in;
He dared to live when breath and thought were still.
Thus could he step into that magic place
Which few can even glimpse with hurried glance
Lifted for a moment from mind’s labored works
And the poverty of Nature’s earthly sight.
All that the Gods have learned is there self-known,
There in a hidden chamber closed and mute
Are kept the record graphs of the cosmic scribe,
And there the tables of the sacred Law,
There is the book of Being’s index page,
The text and glossary of the Vedic truth
Are there; the rhythms and metres of the stars
Significant of the movements of our fate:
The symbol powers of number and of form,
And the sacred code of the history of the world
And Nature’s correspondence with the soul
Are written in the mystic heart of life.

The Mother’s feat did not end merely with a vision of the chamber. The truly astonishing part came when she called in the Ashram engineer, Udar Pinto, and drew up a minutely detailed floor plan to explain to the architect exactly what had to be built, respecting above all the measurements and the precise arrangements for a ray of the Sun to enter the chamber at all times of the day. To achieve this exactitude she requested the services of an engineer rather than an architect for the sake of the precision required.

It was the Mother’s act of measuring that linked the vision to the most ancient Vedic Age and placed it not only on a par with certain extant structures that indicate the presence of a now-lost knowledge such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, but far above them in that she brought to the Earth what is known as the Divine Measure. She accomplished what St John had prophesied in Revelation as the ‘golden reed’, Chapter XXI-15:

And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.

Thus was born the Geometry of Time that is the foundation-stone of the new cosmology. The Golden Reed is the measurement of the descending solar ray falling into the translucent Globe and Pedestal of the core of the chamber. With its precisely-given measure of 15.20m, the symbol of the future realisation became ‘materialised’ – or better, the tool that makes the supramental Gnosis applicable for Earth use became operable.

One would logically have expected her vision and plan to have been received with great joy by her entourage, with the highest respect and appreciation for what she herself described as ‘the symbol of the realisation of the future’. Lamentably this was not the case. Nonetheless, it is providential that the disciple charged with conveying to the architect the description of her vision had taped those discussions that covered 18 days, from 31.12.1969 to 17.1.1970. What they reveal is a determined attempt by her entourage to alter every single item and never accept the plan from her hands, following her repeated order to ‘make no changes’. The tapes also reveal that since the Mother was then 90 years old she had difficulty speaking; this seems to have emboldened her entourage to take advantage of the situation.

Changes were indeed made while she was present on Earth. New plans were drawn up which the chief architect insists she ‘blessed’, thereby giving her approval. What the taped discussions reveal is something quite different: she had no choice. Thus, she closed the issue of the implementation of her plan on 17.1.1970, with these words: ‘But you know, I do not believe in external decisions. I believe simply in one thing: the force of the Consciousness that makes PRESSURE like this [gesture of pressing from above] and the pressure is increasing…which means that it will sort out the people…I believe only in that: the pressure of the Consciousness. All the rest, they are things men do; they do it more or less well, then it lives, and then it dies, and then it changes, and then it becomes deformed, and then… – everything that they have done. It is not worth it. The power of execution must come from above, like that, imperative.’ (17.1.1970)

The result is that the ‘soul’ of the new creation she saw and measured in the solar world was never built. It became not a chamber in the Divine’s image but rather in man’s, reproducing most accurately in its symbolism man as he stands today, with the ego central and not the soul – much less the soul of the Supramental Creation of her vision: in her words, ‘the things men do’. That this Shadow Temple came into being as it has, perfectly reproducing in geometric symbols the ego structure of the human being, in itself is a remarkable demonstration of one of Supermind’s prime demands: to put each thing in its rightful place.

We accept that. We accept that the builders and the community wilfully chose to build the architect’s version and not the Mother’s original before anything had been built, and that they have the right to choose in this Age of Aquarius. However, what is unacceptable is that the structure was publicised thereafter as the ‘the Mother’s original’. When this came to light it was the signal that an immediate intervention was required. In the years that followed this took the form of the Matrimandir Action Committee (MAC); the details of that particular campaign can be accessed at


Already by mid-1975 the building coming up at the centre of the township was lost to higher knowledge forever. It could only serve to expose the actual condition of the human species – a shadow of the light – and nothing more. But the question to ask is why, after deliberately choosing to construct the architect’s plan and not the Mother’s, before anything had been built, (see for factual evidence), was it necessary to hide this from the public for years by fair or foul means. The answer is that the tradition of sacred architecture is alive and well in India, and the vision of the Seer is sacrosanct in these matters; therefore it could never be made known to the Mother’s devotees and the public throughout the world that what was actually being built was not her original. Indians, true to their ancient culture of respect for a Sage’s vision, would never have donated funds for the project, knowing the facts of the case.

On my part the real issue was not one of funds, and the like. It was that the Shadow could not be handed down to posterity as the Mother’s vision. And this was what their agenda seemed to be – or at least this was the result. Even as late as 2013, in spite of our persistent campaign to expose the truth, visitors from the Ashram to Aeon Centre of Cosmology informed us that they were regularly conducting tours to the Matrimandir and presenting to the visitors what stands there as ‘the Mother’s original’. In my view there can be no more grievous transgression than to distort the truth in full awareness in such an unforgivable manner. I repeat, the transgression is not necessarily that of having chosen to discard her vision; it is the misrepresentation that followed and lasted for many years. Ample evidence is provided on MAC’s website, as well as in the second volume of my autobiographical study, The Tenth Day of Victory (Aeon Books).

The chamber saga did not end there, with the misrepresentation of the Mother’s vision in the Shadow Temple. The attempts to suppress awareness of the fact that she had such a vision were continuous, from 1970 to the present; we have documented evidence to prove that the powers-that-be who rule over Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s legacy will not allow this information to leak out – and when it does, as in 2013, the tactic remains, as always, to discredit. In fact, this saga makes the Dan Brown thrillers pale in comparison; the difference is that this is a real-life documented conspiracy and not fiction. At this point, after 45 years have passed since her original breakthrough, there is ample evidence to suggest that like the author conveyed in his best-selling novel, what has been under attack from the outset is nothing less than the reinstatement of the Sacred Feminine.

To appreciate the fullest implications it is necessary to understand why the Mother’s vision and act of measuring were so important in the long labour to regain what was decimated during the Age of Pisces. During those 2000 years prior to our times, Goddess worship throughout the world was decimated. For Europe the final blow came in 396 CE with the closure of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the rise to supremacy of Christianity. Until that time the sacred symbol of the faith was different than what we know today. It was the Ichthyus, or Fish symbol, in keeping with the movement of the Ages into Pisces, the Fish of the zodiac. About the time the Goddess was smothered under a blanket of darkness, the Cross displaced the earlier symbol; its supremacy continues until today.

Scholars and even occultists, or what Dan Brown calls symbologists, in my view have not understood that this displacement by the off-centred Cross is a precise revelation of the calamities we face today in all areas of life, even down to the constant rape of the Earth by a humanity that has lost touch with the Feminine. We are playing out the rape of Persephone, the Divine Demeter’s daughter and the central figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Damocles Sword that hangs over our heads, threatening by one form or another a complete destruction of the human species and the planet we inhabit, is rendered perfectly clear if we delve deeply into the true meaning of the symbolism of the crucified Son. Even more telling with regard to the Sacred Feminine is his resurrection to join his Father in heaven; certainly not on Earth, or to bring about the New Heaven and the New Earth prophesied in Revelation. I quote from my Explorations into the Leonardo Mysteries(2005, Aeon Books), a scholar’s findings on the shift from Fish to Cross; the timing is important to note because it occurred at the end of the Eleusinian Mysteries in 396 CE, when the Goddess was finally extirpated from Europe’s religio-cultural experience:

‘When questioned about changing Christian symbols over time, Diane Apostolos-Cappadona states in an interview: ‘The fish has had multiple connections and meanings, from the Last Supper to the risen Christ. The fish was found in original depictions of the Last Supper… [It] had many meanings in early Christianity; then, it basically disappeared from the Christian consciousness…only to return in the late twentieth century when the ichthyus was retrieved, or rediscovered, as a symbol. It, not the cross, was the first symbol of Christian identity. The cross didn’t become an identifying and visual symbol until the fourth and fifth centuries…’. (Secrets of the Code, Dan Burnstein, Orion Books 2005.)

Yes, we have played out the Mother/Daughter myth of ancient Greece. After Persephone is abducted and carried away to the Underworld, it is said that Demeter withdrew her grace from the Earth, the crops withered and all sorts of calamities ensued while Demeter mourned the loss and roamed the Earth far and wide in search of her beloved Daughter. I have always sustained that myths, the language of the Soul, are tales of recurrent history – and are therefore universal. Indeed, we are playing out the tale, from the rape (have not women been subjugated to unspeakable physical and psychological horrors, with no end in sight?) to the withering away of the Earth’s offerings.

The Chamber Saga tells us that the culmination has been reached. The chamber the Mother saw andmeasured is the contours in sacred geometry of the Earth’s Soul (Persephone). This is what is required to save the Earth. This is the grace of the Divine Demeter restored. The New Creation must and will be centred on that luminous truth and not the ego, for the Great Mother herself took birth along with her Daughter, the Kore (Kumari in India), to whom she passed on this treasure to save the Earth and restore the Sacred Feminine for all times to come.

I have called the Son’s crucifixion a cosmic aberration. It indicates the conclusive victory of Death. More to the point, it makes of the Earth (the ravished Persephone) Pluto’s Underworld. The precise meaning, because of which I call it a cosmic aberration, is that the evolutionary process the Earth is destined to house is brought to an end if that symbol of the crucified Son and his off-centred Cross is to be the last word of our existence.

The Supramental Shakti has, however, numerous contingency plans up her voluminous sleeve; one of the most meaningful is the Mother’s chamber. The symbolism of its Core is the prophecy in sacred geometry of the Son Victorious and not crucified; it confirms the descent of the Supramental Gnosis as the next level of evolution. Armed with this weapon and its power of Gnostic Truth, the Goddess conquers, and, just as the culmination of the Greek Mysteries portrayed, the initiates chant: Brimos is born of Persephone! The Mother’s chamber-core even tells us the precise year.

That sacred birth, however it was conveyed in the ritual, for the acolytes were sworn to secrecy and none were allowed to reveal explicit details, brings the Fourth Power, the Son, to Earth, and not relegated to any transcendent heaven, just as the Mother’s chamber-core reveals by its sacred geometry. Triptolemos, the conqueror of the ‘three wars’, as he was known, does not fall in line with the Negators and Nay-sayers who seek to prolong the rule of Death and Pluto’s victory. He is the Son Victorious – even as Shiva’s and Parvati’s son Kartikeya is known in India. His coming indicates the transformation, definitive and conclusive, of the fourth planet Mars and all that the planet signifies for the Earth in the human species.


How this relates to the Sacred Feminine is simple to explain: the crucified Son indicates that the play of thegunas, or the Divine Shakti’s play of energy, is interrupted. That play is threefold. In the cosmic harmonies it is expressed as Creation (Rajas), Preservation (Sattva), and Tamas (Dissolution). Without the Fourth Power, the Son, Tamas/Dissolution operates only as Destruction; whereas the true harmony, the true cosmic experience requires Dissolution. This becomes the case if the threefold movement is completed – that is, the movement is not interrupted to force Destruction/Death. Therefore it is said that Inertia is the greatest enemy of humankind. Only if that Fourth Power is impeded in adding his capacity of reversal to the play, can Inertia win the day; he reverses the movement and draws it back to Rajas. From there the play begins again renewed, replenished of energy for another round into eternity.

The glory of our Age is the descent into Earth time of the embodiments of the three gunas, ‘through a wonder cleft in the bounds of birth’, as the poet sings, for without this completion the Earth is not saved and doom and gloom prevail.

Incompletion – this is where the aberration comes in: this collapse of energy. Death can never happen as long as the Goddess IS. Hence the desperate attempt during the last Age of Pisces to eliminate any trace of her supremacy and to install in the deepest layers of the human being’s collective consciousness the victory of Death via the Son Crucified. With it went the grand undermining through dogmas that also became rooted deeply in the human collective sub-consciousness: eternal damnation. The worst part is we persist in allowing this to be taught to children from the tenderest age.

Given the content of the Mother’s chamber, that ‘forces’ rose up as in one voice to suppress the knowledge of its existence, should not surprise us. In spite of the trials and tribulations we have had to experience over the past 40 years to keep the vision alive, it has been a fascinating adventure – indeed, far surpassing any fictional thriller. Fascinating to witness is that all, positive and negative, became the tools for its preservation and final overcoming. Using the off-centred poise of man, the Divine Shakti was able to ‘sort out’ those who could ‘build the temple’. When the Mother handed the matter over to the Divine Consciousness for this sorting out, she did so confidently because she knew that her Act of Seeing and Measuring, once having occurred could not be erased from the evolutionary matrix. That is, in the very act of penetrating the Solar World where ‘angels fear to tread’ because one must pass through Death’s realm (which the Mother did in April 1962) before reaching those luminous heights, the Mother opened the passage-way down upon which the new solar creation descends. Sri Aurobindo describes it in his poem A God’s Labour:

Heaven’s fire is lit in the breast of the earth
And the undying suns here burn;
Through a wonder cleft in the bounds of birth
The incarnate spirits yearn
Like flames to the kingdoms of Truth and Bliss:
Down a gold-red stair-way wend
The radiant children of Paradise
Clarioning darkness’s end.
A little more and the new life’s doors
Shall be carved in silver light
With its aureate roof and mosaic floors
In a great world bare and bright.
I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you. (31-7-1935)

Because it is the Goddess in command, the property over which she presides in the cosmic manifestation is movement, motion. Indeed, this is her very essence – and therefore she rules over all things that move: as long as movement IS, she is. Thus, as long as the universe exists, so does the Sacred Feminine and each step forward brings to fruition her Divine Plan. Therefore her only enemy is Inertia, and this is symbolised in the crucified Son. He resurrects, this much is certain – but it is to rise up and away from our woebegone planet Earth, and to pass into the static peace of the transcendence of his Father in heaven, and Earth left bereft of the Sacred Feminine. In this light, in order that the dogma be maintained, our planetary base can never be allowed to experience the Life Divine Sri Aurobindo prophesied. It has to be the hell it presently is.

Sri Aurobindo took birth to reverse that flight. The Mother took birth to re-establish in the hearts of human beings the truth of the cosmic manifestation, as only the Great Mother Demeter could do. The third, her Daughter, took birth to forge the bridge between the cosmos and this Earth – that ‘gold-red stair-way’ of Sri Aurobindo’s vision-poem – on the basis of the secrets she inherited from the Mother in her chamber’s plan, and to thereby eradicate once and for all times to come the rule of Pluto on Earth. She gives birth to Brimos as the myth foretells, and he conquers for his two Mothers on this very Earth.

The two mothers in whom is the Truth, in whom is the mage-wisdom, formed him and brought him to birth like an infant child, they have put him firm in his place and make him grow. Men found in him the navel-centre of all that is moving and stable and they weave by the mind the weft of the seer.

(Rig Veda, X, 5)

Copa America 2015 Chile The Magic of Number

‘All life is yoga.’

Sri Aurobindo

copaamerica logoThis will seem like an unusual message to post for visitors to our website. It is important however that this be offered because it is a demonstration of the spontaneous way the new cosmology can be seen to be factually operating in the world, using Number Power. Above all, it proves Sri Aurobindo’s dictum (above). Indeed, all life is the play of the Supramental Shakti, but there have to be certain keys of Knowledge to assist one in seeing in understanding.

This is what the New Way and its cosmology offers.

Below are two letters I wrote to Chileans of my acquaitance spread across the world. The first was at the conclusion of the semi-final that got the Chilean team into the finals; and the second was sent at its conclusion.

After the semi final…

I suppose you are all watching Copa America! How about Chile’s last win to get into the finals? I tuned in and saw the line up for Chile’s team and noticed that the number 9 was missing. I wondered what that meant and how the game would be played out without the 9.

Well, it turns out that the 9 was in the substitute line up. He was put in when about 15 minutes were left of play, I believe. Lo and behold, the magic of Number prevailed once again! Within five minutes of the 9 entering play Chile scored the winning goal! (2 July 2015)

After the final…

Of course I watched the final of Copa America though it was from 1:30 AM till 5 AM in these parts of the world! So, this is a follow up to my last on that famous 9.

Since 9 x 11 = 99 years have passed from the last title Chile won (I believe it was a title), naturally this caught my interest, knowing that Chile, because of her Independence dates (two days, mind you, and purposely so in the context of higher knowledge), has an affinity with all things 9 (and 10), and because of what happened in the semi final with the substitute 9, I wondered if anything similar would occur in the final.

Here goes, and it will provide an interesting lesson in how to approach these cosmic harmonies – and, above all, that we are mere witnesses to the unfolding of these harmonies and we cannot ‘control’ them in any way. For example, knowing what happened in the semi, if I were coach should I have purposefully put the 9 substitute in straight off, believing that he would bring ‘luck’, as he did in the semi? If I were to do that it would be mere superstition. Our approach in the New Way is entirely different. We learn fairly early that we are merely witnesses to the unfolding of the Consciousness that uses various methodologies to accomplish a particular task. In our times it is the complete transformation of society, of the human species itself. Number Power is ideal for our stage because of the prominence of contemporary science.

In this light I observed carefully the line up for the start of the match. The 9 player was missing on both sides. What to expect? Well, as a few of you who had been alerted to the display after the semi might have expected, the 9 substitute was put in, similar to the semi, in the second half – but, Lordy, it was the wrong side! Was Argentina to be the favourite of the Supramental Shakti this time? Poor Chile, would another century have to pass before a team of similar quality would emerge?

It needs to be pointed out before all else that, as those who know my work well will testify, I consider sports to be the ‘pulse’ of a nation. Through the status of the country’s sport achievements much can be understood about the overall health of the ‘patient/nation’, similar to how India’s Ayurveda operates when the first thing the physician does is to ‘read’ the patient’s pulse. Through that, as one such doctor recently said to me, “I will scan you now’, and he proceeded to ‘listen to and analyse’ several depths of my pulse. Sports can play a similar function; therefore I say sports indicates the pulse of nations. This is important to note in two countries, Chile and India. The latter fails entirely in sports. With 1.2 billion population India’s Olympics performance year after year is worse than dismal. It is non-existent; corruption is one of the reasons.

Observing Chile and the prosperity she begins to enjoy, clearly the level of her sports indicates a very healthy ‘pulse’. To begin with, the country hardly knows any corruption, unlike India where it has saturated the country through and through. Football is of course the main sport in Chile, and that is mainly where we gauge the pulse. Like India, Chile inherited the sport from her European conquerors, but it quickly spread to become the major spectator sport of the world. In India we see cricket as the most prominent, virtually the only sport. That was a legacy of the British Raj which the nation continues to follow in many other ways – the others being politics and jurisprudence primarily. But unlike football cricket has not moved beyond the colonised nations. India seems bogged down there – which in itself indicates where the problem lies: India has to shed the baggage it collected over the past 1000 years, something it finds very hard to do.

With this background I eagerly awaited the display of the 9. This is how it went – because I doubt any of you who read my last post on the semi would have been interested in following the operation through to the final. Why would you? You would have considered that what happened was simply ‘coincidence’, and left it at that. But the wise know better. Coincidence? Get this:

The Argentine 9 substitute was sent in and of course I was dismayed: it’s the wrong team! Lo and behold, following observation of this 9 through, what happened? And this is another lesson on the inventiveness of the Shakti: she does not repeat herself, but things get arranged for the pre-determined outcome according to the circumstances prevailing at each moment.

In this light, I kept my eye on that 9, and the rest is history: his penalty shoot-out was the first penalty miss by Argentina! Chile’s win was a foregone conclusion from that miss onward.

99 years for this. My Lord, how lovely to have been a conscious witness to this display of the Power.

A final blessing to the team and to their magnificent goal keeper, Claudio Bravo. He’s tops, truly bravo! (8.7.2015)

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