Reflections on Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to the evolution of consciousness

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss.
The Mother
(New Year message, 1967)
Question: Why imperative?
The Mother: Because we are at one of those moments Sri Aurobindo calls ‘Hour of God’, and evolution has taken an accelerated and intensified movement. (The Mother, 22.2.1967)

The new cosmology is a revolutionary formulation that could only be accomplished in this 9th Manifestation because it requires the descent of the Solar Line in Earth time to concretise the formulation; the tag of ‘theoretical’ – common to all contemporary scientific cosmologies until proven otherwise – is absent in this applicable cosmology that is perceived and formulated through its own manifestation as it unfolds in Earth time.

At the heart of all cosmology stands Time – and yet it is the cosmic property humanity knows so little of; we experience it only as the various methods of organising our individual and collective lives; or else as the drainer of the energy we accumulate from birth onward, until at the mid-point of our lives reversal takes place and we start unwinding. Then Time becomes the implacable consumer of the energy we had spent the first half accumulating. To date nothing has been able to conclusively arrest this irreversible process of Life leading to Death, increase then decrease, expansion then contraction.

Don Juan, the Nagual Teacher of Carlos Castaneda’s experience, described the phenomenon as an Eagle voraciously consuming the energy that human beings release at death. The process he set before himself and his pupils was to ‘cheat the Eagle’ by not becoming his ‘food’. It was what might be called a ‘conscious death’. His teaching was remarkably accurate for the individual; he never applied it to the entire cosmic manifestation, much less to the existence of the Earth and the evolutionary process she houses. (See The Fire From Within, Carlos Castaneda, 1984.)

The New Way, on the other hand, recognises the published works on don Juan’s teachings as perhaps the most relevant contribution to the transformation in the store of New Age literature; but the only problem is that today systems cannot be satisfying unless they are comprehensive. This, in fact, is the scourge of contemporary society: compartmentalisation accompanied by incompletion. Whatever science has produced is the result of incomplete processes; in such a case a destructive winding down is inevitable. Mind, which is itself divisive, cannot conceive of unity: what is created in such an atmosphere invariably has a downside – nuclear power, for instance.

Salvation today is described by one simple word: completion. This is the grace the new cosmology offers to seekers. It is the only system that is founded precisely on whole processes. In the new cosmology this is expressed by the Solar Line and through their lives it becomes the lived experience for the Earth because they render Time an Ally and no longer the Destroyer that Time must necessarily be if it is to bring in ‘food for the Eagle’.

The descent of the complete Solar Line radically alters beliefs that have imprisoned the human consciousness for the better part of the past 2000 years, and they still cast a gloom over our planet. The problem is that we were always faced with incompletion, particularly glaring in the last century, making it the most dangerous in the current period of recorded history. The danger became acute during the very last stage of the supramental process. This was the process of carrying the Transcendent to the Immanence of himself in 1963. For this reason the Mother stated that the most difficult years were 1963 and 1964, (The Mother’s Agenda, 1961) and if we could get past that the victory was assured. The reason for this categorical statement is because the final descent to complete the Line had to be without severing the thread of Time over that very period. The 9th Avatar’s most important labour was the 9th becoming the 10th in an unbroken line of time. In the Rig Veda it is noted that this passage is difficult; and if we consider the One Circle as described in the Veda covering twelve stages/signs/ages/manifestations, the 9th does indeed stand before the 10th opening to the last of the four quarters, which until now could only be accessed through death.


The Rishis certainly bridged the abyss to Swar in their individual yogas, but did that have an effect on the rest of society? Insofar as it might have, this will help us understand why its hymns are not understood by scholars and yogic practitioners alike. Our contemporary society is truly a world apart. If we could be transported back in time to the Vedic Age, it would certainly be like visiting another planet in another solar system.

Since this passage, 9 to 10, has been successfully accomplished, this is what establishes the inevitability of the Supramental Manifestation: it is based on the oneness of Transcendent and Immanent, the passage from the highest heights of the Supramental Plane and the compression of that vastness into the Seed of Itself. This functions then as a magnetic centre that irrevocably draws that future closer because of attraction based on the affinity of oneness, given the proper alignment, like magnets of north and south poles. In the Gnostic Circle there is a visual image of that north/south polarity in the connection between the 0/9 Point/Orbit and its opposite the 4.5 Orbit of the Asteroid Belt because of the continuity in time. Is this the power that caused the shattering in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter with its massive attractive force? Or the impact of the reverse, repulsion that could pull things apart before a certain maturity had been reached in the evolving system or planet or process – much the same as what the evolution of consciousness on Earth passes through when faced with the inability to withstand pressure. This is the difficulty of the 9 becoming the 10 expressed in the Rig Veda; without the completed process, the individual or society that seeks to move ahead boldly and cross the threshold to materialise ‘heaven on Earth’, forces collapse (due to an inadequate balance) and the Eagle of Death receives his food; we fall back into the 8th sign, Scorpio, known as the sign of Death in the zodiac and our journey in Earth time ends there: we never move into the last quarter of the 12.

Naturally nothing of this is acceptable to contemporary science (or spirituality) because it is an entirely new understanding of the evolutionary process, at least within the present precessional cycle of 25,920 years; we have no previous models to turn to. But if there is a disruption in the operation before establishing a balance or new alignment, then the magnetism is so overpowering that there is a risk of collapse into a black hole, as it were; or conversely, a shattering due to an opposite polarity. What is described is an aspect of Time entirely ignored by both science and spirituality, hence the Mother advocated the Third Thing beyond them both (1962). And this came to be known as the New Way with its revolutionising language and cosmology.

It was in 1963 that the Transcendent entered Earth time as the Immanent Seed – that is, as the infinitesimal magnetic point lodged in the centre of the circle’s centre, to describe it geometrically. The danger arises in that when this occurs the process is complete and can then never be reversed. What this indicates for the mentally-poised civilisation of today is that there is now only one possible pathway to the Future; and that Future is the blueprint Sri Aurobindo mapped out in his Yoga, by which means the Transcendent draws the Present to itself irresistibly. Nothing can stand in its way. The necessity for his re-entry in Earth time via a connected thread was the only way to secure that the new future would be indelibly stamped or imprinted in the evolutionary matrix, with the required magnetism to draw that future into manifestation in our material plane.

Cosmologists like Stephan Hawking realise the perilous moment we have reached, perhaps due to the destructive weaponry we are stock-piling coupled with the deterioration of the environment. His solution was migration to Mars (as if the transported mental human being would not wreck havoc there as well!). However, as erudite as they may be, physicists and cosmologists ignore the true reality of creation and can assess the future only on the basis of incomplete paradigms. But just as the old creation is doomed and resistances are swept away, so too is the inevitability of the new world a reality – in fact, it is the only reality. It can be said that anything born within the framework of incompletion (everything we have known during our period of recorded history) is unreal. Therefore, only those phantom formations are doomed. Ultimately, the Eagle is going to be cheated as never before, and not just by an individual or a select group, as in don Juan’s school.



Over the decades of involvement with this Work, one thing has become very clear: unless a process of yoga includes four stages, it cannot be Supramental; hence Sri Aurobindo stated that the Square was the geometric symbol of the Supermind. What Supermind adds to the symbolism is application through the executing agency of Time. This was made clear in March of 1976 when I was able to integrate the 4th Power; or better, to unveil it. Until then the work I had produced was certainly new, but it was not the full manifestation. This is illustrated by my published works – fortunately I have a record of the progress by the content of the publications, each one of which reveals where the Yoga stood at that point in time. The breakthrough in 1976 established the full operational extent of Supermind’s organisation for Earth use.

In 1976 I had no clear idea of what that unveiling meant because I was only focussed on the Mother’s chamber; everything was centred on that, and that alone – and rightfully because whatever discoveries I might make could be found or verified in the chamber’s plan and measurements. By early 1976 I had written and published The Gnostic Circle after dividing the book into four sections – 9, 6 3, 0. The telling part was the 0. There was no 1, which would have meant the integration of the fourth (9/6/3/0-1). That had not happened in 1974-5, and this was disclosed in the 0 section by mention of the ‘cradle’: it was, as it were, empty[1]. Only in March of 1976 would the cradle be filled with the One. Yet the third section does mention the Birth as well as the Child and connected to the Earth’s realisation; indeed, the cradle’s filling was through the Third [2]. And even in the Puranas it is stated that the fourth planet Mars was formed from the sweat generated by the Earth during her tapasya. As for the Solar Line, the knowledge was always complete; it just had to unfold organically in Earth time. Therefore I refer to it as an unveiling rather than a discovery. This was all planned and documented carefully so that we could receive the help required, when required, and were able to move ahead consciously. For finally, that is the goal: to be conscious instruments by evolving in Earth time what is involved and compacted in the Seed.

I have stated many times that the Gnostic Circle is the alphabet with which we could construct the new language (of the New Way); or to formulate a new synthetic language based on the Sacred Formula as the vowels of the alphabet, it could be said. The New Way would never have been seen and formulated without the Gnostic Circle alphabet, much less without the integrating power of the Fourth Principle; the latter supramentalised the entire process by its fourfoldness. In The Gnostic Circle it is very clear: we move inward to the Point, the seed of compacted Transcendence. The entire key to supramentalisation lies in that compaction and the birth of the One who fills the Void, individually and collectively: the Circle is one for all.

At this stage it all becomes very interesting because we can fill in the blanks. The 11th August last, leading up to Sri Aurobindo’s 143rd birth anniversary, was truly an inspiring moment. I saw something and could formulate it more concretely because it was unfolding in Earth time: the real value of the Transcendent’s contribution, carrying me deeper into its mysteries; for none can dispute that in almost all theological schools the greatest mystery is the seeming paradox of Transcendence and Immanence, in a sense similar to the paradox of the wave and the point of quantum physics. In this excerpt Sri Aurobindo is expressing the role his Solar Line has played.

The time has come at last to unveil the mysteries, whether Vedic, Orphic, Alchemical or [Christian] and to recover the truth of the Spirit. The ascent of man into heaven is not the key but rather the descent of the Spirit into his normal humanity and the transformation of his earthly nature. For that and not some post mortem salvation is the real new birth for which humanity awaits. Sri Aurobindo

Of course the Transcendent Principle was not new to me, nor its number-power 9 as part of the descending formula. What happened was a deeper understanding of the nature of the 9’s factual contribution, and how immensely important it has been. Sri Aurobindo is the Avatar, as Sri Ram and Sri Krishna were, of Vishnu’s Line of Ten. The difference between his appearance and the 7th and 8th before him is that there was no question of Supermind then: it was Mind (7th) and Overmind (8th); thereafter, as he explained, the 9th following the 7th and 8th, is logically the Supramental Avatar.

Some believe he never stated he was an avatar. Well, if not him who then? Who else had even conceived of the supramental Truth-Consciousness? In his published Letters on Yoga, Section VII entitled ‘The Purpose of Avatarhood’, he explains not only avatarhood in general, but his own role, while clarifying many misgivings. And this draws me back to my seeing on August 11th. For the first time I really understood the imperative necessity of the Avatar heading the rest of his Line, and to bring about the conclusive victory all four stages have to have yogic representations with Earth time correspondences. Sri Aurobindo’s time correspondence was the Future (Transcendence); the Mother’s was the Past (Cosmic); the Third’s is the Present (Soul). The 6 and 3 are responsible for constructing the Bridge across the cosmic planes and to the Earth as a joint labour. However, they would have nothing with which to construct, but for what the 9 supplies. In other words, thefuture is the first imprinting; thereafter follow the stages that bring the New Heaven (the new future) to the Earth plane.

It is the new future Sri Aurobindo mapped out in all his works, the outcome of his colossal Yoga. The central focus was, as we know, to bring about the shift so that the ‘easy way out’ could be blocked; this finds leverage in a tendency in the human consciousness which had to be dealt with. When that work is done less effort is needed to resist the tendency because that ‘escape route’ would be sealed for good; the tendency would then clearly be seen as a relic of a former immature stage in evolution on the road to maturity. However, alone he could not complete the task, as he well understood.

Sri Aurobindo as the Transcendent (9) established a new future for us, as if it were a blueprint, on the basis of which we build that vision by and through the reversed direction. Thus, the Mother dealt with the cosmic planes by putting order therein, which centrally means that she got rid of accumulated debris floating about in those planes as carry-overs from the Past, each item still seeking fulfilment. This is the baggage we carry, slowing down our progress; it is described by one word: Inertia [3]. It is what I call the cosmic waste bin, which translates into the clutter of the Known that drains the present of the energy needed to scale new heights; this drainage of energy does not permit the new blueprint to become established. In order for that to happen a passageway had to be created through those planes to create a channel, as it were, for the magnetic pull between Future and Present to be safely executed. This is the theme of Volume 3 of TNW, which is valid for the individual as well as for the entire species in evolution.

Consequently, the Mother stated that the Chamber of her vision in the Solar World was not for meditation but to learn concentration. In the actual human species power is never concentrated – rather, the atavistic drive is used to drain energy out of the system, thereby keeping the species imprisoned in the fortress of the Known to further Nature’s status quo.

In the Overmental creation you have the clutter of every possibility – the 8th Avatar’s term. The Mahabharata War gives a perfect example of the waste – so much destruction, unavoidable given the stage of evolution. At the end of the day we wonder if anything at all was gained. Was there truly a victor?

We have to ask ourselves the same question as we view the stockpiled weapons of mass destruction: they have indeed served as deterrent because those holding their finger on the trigger are rational beings who know that utilising those weapons would send us all down a slippery slope that no one can stop. But as things stand today, with these weapons in the hands of groups that value martyrdom and heaven as the be-all-end-all of life, for how long can common sense and reason prevail? Given the otherworldly goal of all religious and spiritual paths, we are engaged in the fulfilment of a collective death wish. One wonders if psychologists have taken into account the baggage we carry from the Piscean Age, in their deliberations on the imprints they uncovered in the collective subconscious.

This is where the Yoga of the Third enters. At that level the Void is closed, the hole is sealed for ever. Nothing of the sort would have been possible without the pioneering Yogas of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He mapped out the new Future, all the details of which can be read in his major works. It stands as the blueprint, but only that; without that New Heaven (for this is what the prophecy means: the Transcendent Father facing the Earth, not looking the other way [4]), there would have been nothing for the Mother to work with. She had to draw that vastness through the planes cluttered with the debris of Overmind, the thousands of possibilities or potentials seeking expression in Matter – i.e. solidity and permanency: each one seeking to create a world in its image with permanency given to incomplete systems, contrary to the goal of Vishnu’s Emanations. Without the New Future Sri Aurobindo supplied, the Mother would have been doomed to labour within a closed circuit (the restricted circuitry of Nature, requiring millennia to reach a higher stage). This would be expressed in the Ouroborus symbol, the serpent biting its tail. It is valid to indicate the unity of 0 and 9 of the number scale where mouth and tail meet, and the circularity of the eternal rather than linearity. But it is closed and does not indicate the threefold gunas of the Shakti. It is a masculine symbol of the Mental Plane where the Feminine is absent. …‘All these [other paths of yoga] could not be taken as they were, for the integral yoga needs to develop its own forms and processes’ (Letters on Yoga, Section II, Integral Yoga and other Paths).


The greater possibility is indicated in the Rig Veda verses regarding that One Circle by mention of thethree hubs. This is perfectly expressed in the static form of the Mother’s symbol above: but those three hubs, when set in motion by the spiralling dynamism of the Becoming (Time as the executing force), are the means of escape from the closed circuit of the Past. For this the integration of the Feminine stands beyond question. The Mother’s Yoga helped us to travel lightly and actually allows for the present acceleration. Her dynamism drew the Transcendent from a static Peace into the dynamism of Itself and cleared the way through the debris of the Overmental planes for an open pathway down upon which the things of the New Heaven could reach the Earth when the Third completed her construction process by making Time an Ally and no longer the Destroyer. These are facts not fiction; this is the New Way, non-speculative, documented – and, above all, it is its own authority. It does not rely on any imprimatur from either pundits or priests of the old ways; or else from the new high priests of science and their incomplete paradigms.

The birth of the One is fundamental, not only to render the Yoga supramental but more especially for the victory he symbolises, that the debris of the cosmic planes has been successfully minimalised. Therefore in the new cosmology his contribution in the Gnostic Circle opposite the 0/9, is the 4.5 Orbit precisely where baggage is meant to be shed if the initiate can successfully scale the heights that lie ahead. Until the descent of the complete Solar Line, covering all the planes, that area, the pit of the circle, was the escape route because the old structure, individual and collective, could not withstand the pressure and contain the new energies of higher frequencies from the solar realm, hitherto closed to humanity – i.e. the hole in the old structure that had to be plugged, sealed up forever. Only then can the new creation establish firm roots here. Only then can the destiny of the Earth’s evolving species be realised in Time and thereby enjoy permanency. The danger lies in an imbalance – moving too fast or too slow. The Solar Line holds the safeguarding regulator of Time as ally.

The Fourth is known as the War God (Mars) in the myths, as the redeemer in other legends; but always it is this fourth. Simply put, he is the symbol of the victory of the two Goddesses, Demeter and Kore; he is their Triptolemos, the victor of ‘the three wars’. The shaft of wheat Demeter carries is the prophecy of the redemption of the Earth, of the abundance the Great Mother can bestow.

The birth of the Son, the Male Child of many traditions, has survived across the ages in the deepest recesses of the soul. In Ancient Greece it was re-energised time and again in all who participated in the annual Eleusinian Mystery rites. That grand celebration of the Fourth, open to all, was brought to an end in the 4th century by the Church Fathers, the objective of which was to eliminate a sacred rite centred on the Goddesses, only to carry it over to the birth of the Son Jesus – alas, crucified, unlike the victorious Triptolemos; with the Goddesses eliminated, crucifixion was the unavoidable finale.


There is a charming story from the Puranas regarding the two sons of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh and Kartikeya. It calls up the image of the Fourth moving victoriously through the cosmos amidst the clutter that exists. Kartikeya is the 4th Principle, the Son victorious; his vahana (mount) is the Peacock, India’s national bird, precisely the symbol of victory. The story goes that there was a competition between the two sons: who could traverse the universe the fastest. Kartikeya set out on his vahana, sure of success, but when he had completed the round and returned to his divine Parent’s abode, he found Ganesh there already! The clever Ganesh had simply gone around his Parents seated in their thrones, reasoning that because they embody all that is he had actually covered the whole universe. Kartikeya was so incensed by this ‘trickery’ that he left their northern abode and went to the hills in the South – where indeed he is the favoured deity.

A curious contemporary detail to add is that the Peacock was declared the national bird in 1963 – unknowingly celebrating Sri Aurobindo’s own victory in that year as the Fourth, Kartikeya’s own principle in the descending formula. We have then two pertinent dates in the nation’s calendar that indirectly celebrate the 9th Avatar’s mission: Independence Day, 15th August (his birthday); the declaration of the Peacock as national bird in the very year that he did complete his mission involving the fourth victorious War God, Mars. But more astonishingly in what concerns his return as that Son of the formula is the date of the nation’s constitution: it is the very day of the 365 of our Earth year of that return. To add another detail, which encourages us to take a fresh look at the Puranas as repositories of more than just myths but are actually accurate prophecies of things to come, in the Shiva Purana section on the birth of Skanda-Kartikeya there are even certain prominent details of the horoscope of that birth centuries into the future.

This is how myths are born and how they record recurrent history read in the cosmic harmonies, regardless of the views of our contemporary historians. They are etched in the soul of each individual and in the collective soul. Naturally it would be difficult, if not impossible, for historians to understand how this display of harmony cutting across time and space is achieved; and failing to understand, academia dismisses it all as ‘coincidence’. In my world of Seeing this is a clear example of the action of the Supramental Shakti and her command over Simultaneous Time in a present that always IS.

To save our planet the contribution of the Goddesses is essential. While we cling to the old world and its imprisoning patriarchies, we simply continue to orbit that closed circuit of the past with no opening to the new future. Nothing can arrest the descent of the New Heaven, but the resistance of the old can result in a massive destruction – which, however, is entirely avoidable. The 4.5 Orbit is intrinsically connected to nuclear energy, to date the most destructive weaponry known to humankind. The Mother gave a warning and a hope:

The future of the Earth depends on a change of consciousness. The only hope for the future is in a change of man’s consciousness and the change is bound to come. But it is left to men to decide if they will collaborate for this change or if it will have to be enforced upon them by the power of crashing circumstances. So, wake up and collaborate!

The Mother, August 1964

Sri Aurobindo’s mission was incomplete without his return as the Immanence of his former Transcendence. As the Fourth Power he became the magnetic point drawing the things of the present forward irresistibly, compellingly. Clinging to the old, with its escapisms, compels the newly-energised magnetism to draw the Earth as if into a black hole by the massive baggage brought down the pathway through the cosmic planes, adding to the gravitational contraction and forcing collapse. This involves the energy the Russian physicist Kosyrev found to be locked in Time, the most powerful of all energy sources, he claimed. In the New Way cosmology once the Void is filled and no energy is drained from the system, centering and the new alignment allow for a single-bodied pathway to the Future that exists. It is that existing Future (the blueprint, somewhat on the order of a morphogenetic field as postulated by Rupert Sheldrake) that draws the Present to itself. This is the basis of all creation in matter: the magnetic point (the centre of the Centre itself) is compelled to reach that future regardless of what might stand in its way, similar to the action of two powerful magnets irresistibly drawn to each other. They will join and whatever lies between will be crushed, just as the Mother stated. The Future mapped out by the Avatar exists within the mysteries of simultaneous time, and that is the power compelling us to be the instruments for its manifestation on this material plane.

We are at one of these ‘Hours of God’, when the old bases get shaken, and there is great confusion; but it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to leap forward, the possibility of progress is exceptional.

Will you be one of those who take advantage of it?

The Mother (ibid)


We start with the fact that very little is known of the true structure of human consciousness – or of consciousness itself. Most scientists still refuse to accept that such a thing exists. That structure houses four broad planes of consciousness: physical, vital, mental, and finally the fourth and most rarified, which, after completion of the combined yogas of the Solar Line, is known as Supramental rather than Spiritual. This quarter of the circle below is, in fact, where the full impact of the transformation is felt in our 9th Manifestation (see Keys of Knowledge, The 12 Manifestations).

The tropical zodiac & the same Vedic One Circle divided into four quarters

The tropical zodiac & the same Vedic One Circle divided into four quarters

As of 234 BCE, we are passing through that final section hitherto considered beyond the material world and accessible only through death – i.e., once the physical had been shed and fed to the Eagle.

The Solar Line’s primary objective has been to open the last quarter to the evolving species that until now has been limping along on three legs rather than four – that is, only now do we have all four integrated to constitute wholeness and the stability of complete processes. Only then can Time cease to be the mystery that harvests food for the Eagle; rather, it is Time itself that experiences a higher function, a reversal to be the ally of the species.

Wholeness, integration of the sort described above creates numerous difficulties because of its newness. For example, our Map of the 12 Manifestations is an updating of the Hindu formula of four major Yugas or Ages – Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and finally our own, Kali Yuga or the Dark Age. The Kali Yuga is stated to have begun in 3102 BCE at the demise of the 8th Avatar in the 8th Manifestation prior to ours and to last for a blessed 432,000 years thereafter (the traditional time measure given for Kali Yuga). In other words, we have approximately 427,663 years ahead of us of the deep ignorance for which Kaliyuga is known.

This conceptualisation was a product of the Dark Age during passage through Pisces in the precession of the equinoxes, from which we are now emerging. I have treated the subject in The Gnostic Circle, Chapter 6, ‘The Indian Yugas’; it need not detain us here. My point is only to use this as an example of the enormous shift the lived experience of wholeness can signify for both individuals and the civilisations we create. In the light of completion when the full circle stands open to our lived experience, the old formulas become obsolete. Moreover, the real danger lies in seeking solutions in paradigms of the past based on conceptualisations that were accommodations required by a three-legged lameness; indeed, often the four yugas are described as four legs of the Cow. When a new light dawns, only that can dispel the darkness and carry us to embrace wholeness: The sacred Cow today stands firmly on four legs.

The critical problem Hindus face with regard to the Yugas is the weight of the Known; anything that presents a challenge to that fortress is either distorted or dismissed a priori for lack of an ‘authoritative’ support in the Scriptures – somewhat incongruous because being new where can we look for that authority? It must necessarily be above all other systems, and therefore obliged to be its own authority. This describes the current impasse: the old paradigms and beliefs can no longer be accommodated, try as we might, but we cannot seem to let them go.

Given this state of affairs, it is evident that only pioneering spirits can face the challenges before us; those with ‘the soul of a hero’, as the Mother stated in 1972. The situation is especially problematic in traditional societies like the Indian; or in facing the new orthodoxies of contemporary science.

1. The 0/4th section: The Centre, the womb, the cradle, the upholder.
2. The 3rd section: The Individual, the Child, the birth, the Earth’s realisation.
3. There are Akashic Records that can be ‘read’, as the psychic Edgar Cayce had done. This would be the debris. Those unfulfilled fragments he and other psychics ‘saw’ can be valid in the Old Creation, before the Mother’s act of ordering and clearing the cosmic planes of floating elements (of the past). The cosmic womb contains that past. This is where prophets of the old creation pluck their visions; and this is why when Supermind manifests they may no longer be reliable. In the old creation any one of those fragments could materialise – or none; it all depends on the availability of receptive vessels on Earth. The precision of the New Way was lacking. In fact, it was never demanded of a spirituality that had no use for the things of this world.
4. ‘Father, why hast thou forsaken me?’
Image from 'The Magical Carousel' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

The Magical Carousel

“The zodiac is the horoscope of the Earth. All the details of our collective and individual journeys are contained in its twelve sacred symbols. This is the gift provided to humanity to serve as an anchor as we move across turbulent waters to reach the shores of the new world of Unity and Truth. In The Magical Carousel, the new myth for the new age, the corresponding attributes of the Diti/Aditi axis… are clearly explained.’’ (‘Contours of a Binary Creation’, Thea’s Messages,, May 2015).

In this key we explore The Magical Carousel as ’the new myth for the new age’. It all starts with the Mother saying to her disciple:

tmc-cover“…But were I ever to write a book on Sri Aurobindo, that’s the book I would write, something like a fairy tale… just imagine…you see life, you see how it is, you are used to this sort of existence; and its dreary and it’s sad… well behind it all there is a fairy tale. Something in the making, something that’s going to be beautiful, beautiful, inexpressibly beautiful. And we shall take part in it…

“And with pictures, mon petit! Pictures of all the outer activities like a movie…a lovely magazine full of pictures. This seems to me the only thing that could really be said, because that’s all that can be seen. So you show all this, saying: ’Yes…but someone is trying to do something with all this. Look behind it, look at the lovely image, the lovely story behind…’

“And he was trying to draw that story down to earth, and it is sure to come. And if you like, you too can help make that story come down to earth… What I see is almost a children’s book, for a whole generation aged ten to eighteen, thousands of children…with lovely pictures.

“Just imagine yourself talking to children and telling them the most beautiful story in the world. And it’s true! It is the most beautiful fairy tale in the world. There’s none more beautiful.

“I am going to tell you the most beautiful story in the world…”. (The Mother’s Agenda, III, (29 May,1962) Institute de Recherches Evolutives, Paris and Mira Aditi, Mysore, 1979, pp 170-174)


Students of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother know that the lovely image, the lovely story behind it all that is being drawn down to earth, (from the quote above)refers to the yoga undertaken by them to bring the supramental Truth Consciousness into the physical Earth plane. This is why they took birth. The place where this most beautiful story in the world unfolds, where the transformation of mental to supramental man takes place, is here, on our own planet, not after death in a heaven beyond or a state afterlife.

The yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother was successful: on 29 February, 1956 The Mother gathered a group of ashramites together in the playground and told them ‘’The Time has Come’’ – the descent of Supermind had taken place.

At that time, not all the characters were in place for the full story to be told. The Mother planted the seeds but it was not until March of 1970 that Thea, Third in the Solar Line(see EndNote 1) was flooded with inspiration to write a book on astrology – as she says, of a totally new order. She was living in Rome and drawing up horoscopes of famous and sundry people. But she knew there was something far more important about the zodiac than simply a tool for prediction. She saw each sign as part of a connected story – a script that had been in the heavens since the beginning of time; viewed together in one grand circle they described a cosmic journey in 12 stages. The story she envisioned would be a way to introduce young people to the wisdom which has been known through the ages as ‘the perennial knowledge’ or in India, as the Sanatana Dharma.

Describing her creative experiences, she wrote “Images began to take shape before my mind’s eye of a fantastic journey through the zodiac. The vision I had developed of the zodiac in my first book was now to be presented to children in allegorical form, where all the symbolic meanings of the signs would be personified in figures in a land of fable in the manner of a fairy tale. I was totally overtaken by this flood of inspiration which took hold of me … the story was as if projected on a screen in my forehead betweenmy eyebrows. All I had to do was to follow this projection and record what I saw…I was constantly under the impression that I was receiving this work from ‘someone’, some plane other than the human, something above and beyond myself. I was merely a tool, an instrument used at that particular moment… never had I experienced such a joy in creating…”. (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol.1, Aeon Books, 2003, p27)


The details of taking the book in 1971 to The Mother of Pondicherry India (to ‘the place of its origin’) and its publication on 18 February, 1973 – three days before the Mother’s 95th Birthday – is described by Thea in volume 1 of The Tenth Day of Victory. During this same time she was teaching in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and she referred to her classes on astrology as the study of cosmic harmonies because of the combination of both number power and the script of the zodiac (TMC) in her teaching. By that time Thea writes that she was convinced she could not get to the core of the wisdom of the zodiac without also embracing a study of number: “I saw the 9 as matter… I saw the 0 as spirit. But my seeing allowed me to realize the unity of the two and this was what so revolutionised my consciousness and later provided me with an entirely new basis on which to build a new cosmological synthesis.”(Ibid, p 208). The outcome of these revelations emerged as The Gnostic Circle.(see‘The Gnostic Circle’, ACC Keys of Gnosis)



It was after Thea met The Mother that she began to realize the prophetic nature of all that she had written in 1970, prior to coming to Pondicherry. In fact the book is her own biography beginning in 1956, her 18th year. Told in allegorical form, it is the story of the unveiling of her soul, her purpose for being on earth.Thea, third person in the Solar Line or the daughter principle, is Val; Pom-pom is the 4th member of the Solar line/the son. (see End Notes2)

The Prologue sets the stage:it is the twenty-first day of March, beginning of the new cosmic year, and two young children are on route to visit their grandparents – living on Saturn – in a rocketship named Fritz. On the ninth day of the journey mayhem on board allows Fritz to take over the controls and following his dream he changes course and heads toward the Sun

“We’re going to the sun! This can’t be! No one can fly to the sun!’’cries Pom-pom. ”But that’s just what the cosmic compass says,” responds Val.


No longer afraid, and out of the space ship, they hear a voice (as if coming from within themselves): “Welcome (to Zodiacland)! I am deeply honoured to welcome you and to have been chosen for this special occasion… You are about to begin a journey grander than any Earth being has ever known, and on this journey you will discover for yourselves what this land is. Many believe it to be imaginary, but it isvery real… there is just one thing you must remember: follow the Sun as it leaves each land and stay not a day longer, for it is the Sun who gives you your light and it is he you must follow.”

Image from 'The Magical Carousel' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

“And down a long passage they go; with a little door ahead of them. Lying at their feet they find a ring of twelve keys, three large ones and nine smaller, each with a symbol and number on it.

“They walk toward the door with the number 1 on it, use their first key and enter Ariesland.

(Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Magical Carousel, Aeon Books, 1979, Prologue)


The light of the Sun is the central figure of the story and just as the earth continuously turns to face the sun through its annual revolution the children must keep moving if they are to obey the admonition,‘follow the sun’. As one could expect, there were big hurdles to surpass: Malamulapaga, the enormous and lovable queen of Taurusland wants to put the kids into her favorite cage to admire them.They have to be thoroughly scrubbed in Virgoland before they can go on; they are under Hyala’s spell in Scorpioland and almost forget to leave. And the Centaur refuses to budge from Sagittariusland without his arrows. There is always some kind of inertia threatening their exit-entry to each land!

Val, the older child, seems particularly alert about getting out on time and what could happen if the light goes out. O dear, what to do, where to go. Their time in Leoland is almost up and the lion and the king are madly chasing them. They jump into a chimney stack and plunge down and down and down, into the bowels of the earth. The keys, find the keys, it’s a new land, we’re here. Where? Virgoland, of course. (see End Note 3).With a kind of innocent excitement the children charm (and often outwit)their hosts and helpers in each land and are given the necessary aid along the way to complete the journey.


The last three keys are larger than the others, and indicate the special quality of this stage of the journey.(see End Note 4). As they are about to depart Sagittariusland Professor Heropidus Heronimus whispers to them: ‘’You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach…good bye, my little ones. They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuschia coloured land, for the Centaur makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly and to bring the children to their destination on time. He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than sound and light and at a certain moment the very space round them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seem to have entered a point right within themselves.’’(Ibid, p. 102)

tmc-capricorn‘’A woman sits before them. She is clothed in robes that blend in colour with the mountain, In fact she herself appears to be a continuation of the mountain itself. Her face is not old but rather ancient, And her half closed eyes reveal an understanding that is of the nature of the mountain over which she presides.Omanisol is cloaked in an aura of serenity and strength,of timelessness and intensity, which become a part of the children merely by being in her presence. (Ibid, p. 112)

Omanisol of the mountains in Capricorn land (the 10th sign of the zodiac) has a very different level of consciousness than the Queen of Night in Cancer land, her opposite on the zodiacal wheel. Like the possessive Mother she is, the Queen flatters and entertains the children endlessly in hopes of diverting their departure(‘Little ones, you must tell us of all the adventures you have been through.But remember, here in Cancerland you have found a mother and I shall take care of you always, as if you were one of my own. Poor Val/Pom-pom you must be afraid no longer…”, Ibid, p38).

Here in this early fourth stage of the journey, the focus is on development of the ego, a necessary protection in the evolution of the human being. The giggling girls of Cancerland are centered on the small and personal aspects of life with no real identification with the universal principles of existence. In theCommentaries, Thea writes that the ego protects by separating and isolating us from one another, whereas in Capricorn, a much later stage in development, the protection is different. Omanisol initiates the children into“the most profound secrets of her being…

. . . (She) forges in their consciousness the elements that serve as their protection. The knowledge they acquire in the process of initiation is the power that protects the children… reflective of the conversion of mass into energy for higher knowledge is a material substance and in the human consciousness the transmutation brought about in this process of initiation results in a power… no harm can come to them because all the elements in creation, even those that would be harmful, are part of Omanisol herself.”

(Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Magical Carousel,Commentaries, Ibid, p. 100)

And when this initiation is complete Val and Pom-pom are thrown into the middle of a furious tornado which is whipping about at a tremendous speed and producing earth shattering sound. In the words of the author, Omanisol throws the children right into the ’very drive of evolution’, for there are two more lands to go and they must be prepared for the momentous task ahead.


map-of-the-manifestations“But shortly after coming to the Mother I discovered that TMC was actually a prophetic autobiography. And why shouldn’t it be so: it is the contemporary myth of the Supramental Manifestation – written from below, as it were. We have Savitri of course, but that arose in the Old Creation – that is, on the other side of the borderline between the Old and the New. When it was crossed as the Third entered active yoga, everything had to arise from this side, into the New Creation proper. Therefore TMC is not based on older myths, as Savitri was; it arises in the new creation and voices the Soul’s aspiration and light where it stands today;it answers those questions or conditions which we encounter today.”


(Thea, – Forum,
‘The New Myth of the New Age – The Magical Carousel’, June 2015)


Some topics for STUDENTS to consider:

Characters in myth are usually larger than life and those in Ariesland – the first stop on the zodiacal path – are no exception. Great Hunter with his fiery eyes and the impulsive bashing Ram symbolise the first stages or stirrings of consciousness. Hunter’s distress at losing his way results in a flood of tears putting out the light; they can no longer see; they lose their way – and their hope. After a long period of pondering what to do, Val and Pom-pom jump in, take up the reins and the movement continues.Thea explains that this action of the children, the descent of the Transcendent Divine into time, is an act of supreme love, by which the Creator not only ensures that the journey continues, but instills it with a sense of harmony and purpose:

“…The children are necessary elements in the manifestation,because of their individualised souls which receive the charge from the ‘Driver of the chariot’, the Supreme Consciousness, and they guide the carriage forward in discovery of the path of evolution, of the Eye that Sees. They take up the reins and spontaneously, effortlessly break open the next dimension of evolutionary being. In this manner they have the first intimation of their purpose in creation, their purpose for existence”(The Magical Carousel, Commentaries, Ibid, pp 7-8).

So many themes emerge as we examine The Magical Carousel. It is a path breaking myth, a warrior myth and an initiation myth, and certainly a creation myth for the new age. In the beginning there is fire, water, wilderness, an endless landscape of unknown. There is no God separate in his Heaven, nor a hell or the usual references to morality (good, bad, sin or virtue) and spirituality (redemption). Instead the Divine presence comes from within the children; they are the necessary ingredients for evolution to continue. Here, myth is much more than a story; it becomes a sacred tale giving us a new way to explain our relationship with the Divine, and to understand the purpose of the Earth. The Zodiac is a living being; each of the signs is a different aspect of the Divine in evolution and it is the source of all myth. (See End Note 7).

Val and Pom-pom are part of the New Creation – their journey to Saturn is dramatically interrupted as rocketship Fritz heads directly to the Sun. In esoteric circles of ancient times Saturn was the end of the journey (see End Note 4). Three more planets have been discovered – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So in some sense, this new myth will most likely appeal to students and seekers who are of this new creation either in spirit or age. It comes to us with its own language, its own science and tools for seeing and measuring.

The 9th Age is the critical turning point in the evolutionary scheme; the leap from mental to supramental transformation in the human species takes place here on this third planet from the Sun. And it is here, during this 9th manifestation, Thea recently communicated via the ACC Forum, that the ‘’riddle must be solved’’, that the void in the centre of the human being must be filled. For over 2000 years, during the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 ACE), the earth was abandoned; the goal of most spiritual quests was union with the Divine in an afterlife in heaven, elsewhere. Thea calls this the great escape: all our energies are/were directed away from the planet. With the coming of the evolutionary avatars of this Manifestation, the goal of the quest is reversed – the full twelve stages of the evolutionary journey takes place here, on Earth.

The myth of The Magical Carousel is the universal journey of all people who seek to fulfill their divine potential.We can be the children swimming in the great cosmic sea(as in Piscesland); we can learn to centre ourselves in the point of the circle and see the whole of evolution – past, present and future.We can travel consciously through the last three lands/signs and learn to stand under the midday sun without faltering. In summary, we can begin to see as the Divine would see. This is the joy of both The Magical Carousel and The Gnostic Circle: through the key of time, we can see the unfolding of the Divine in evolution and find our place. And as our own initiation deepens and progresses, we can offer ourselves, our services to this new creation evolving on Earth.

And last but not least – Consider the myths that have influenced your life; the myths that have influenced this culture over the last centuries. What will it be like when a whole generation of children, of adults, emerges from living the new myth of this 9th Manifestation?



1 The Mother made it clear how she viewed the evolutionary avataric descent when she talked with her disciple on 24 May 1962: “I don’t think any single individual on earth (as it is now) no matter how great he may be, no matter how eternal his consciousness and origin, can all by himself change and realize…change the world, change the creation as it is and realize that higher Truth, the Truth that will be a new world…In other words, no matter how great he may be, no matter how conscious, how powerful, ONE avatar all alone cannot realize the supramental life on earth. Either a group in time, a number of individuals staggered over a certain period of time or a group spread out over a certain space – or maybe both – is indispensable for this Realization. I am convinced of it.”

The individual can give the initial impulse, point out the path, WALK the path himself (I mean show the path by realizing it)… but he can’t bring the work to fulfillment. The fulfillment of the work depends on certain collective laws that are the expression of a particular aspect of the Eternal and Infinite – naturally, it’s all one and the same being! There aren’t different individuals and personalities, it’s all one and the same Being. But the same Being expressing itself in a particular way that for us translates as a group or a collectivity.” <em>The Mother’s Agenda, III, (24 May, 1962),Institute de Recherches Evolutives, Paris and Mira Aditi, Mysore, 1979, p. 158.

2 “The Solar Line, or the Line of Supramental Avatars, is known and recognized by the fact that the birth and lives of these Incarnations bear a most unique relationship with Time… Because of this these beings are able to act as a force of unification on Earth. But this is not enough. Such a relationship with the Time-Spirit allows the Solar Line to join the evolution on Earth to the higher laws that govern the entire Cosmic Manifestation. It must be understood that such Incarnations do not develop into what they are after birth. They are that eternally, and their births on Earth at specific moments in Time, are, in fact, for the purpose of accelerating the evolution of the involved truth-consciousness seed…

But the avatar, or to be more specific, the ‘evolutionary avatar’ – as Rama and Krishna were – appears on Earth only at intervals of approximately 6000 years. This line of Evolutionary avatars is the same as the Puranic Line of Ten avatars, the last of which is Kalki. However, as we have stated in other work – the avatars are nine because the tenth is the ninth returned. Moreover, the 9th is accompanied by two others who in terms of numbers are the 6 and 3, because there can be no 9 without the powers of 6 and 3 to grant that stability; and these three united become the supramental avataric womb that allows for the birth of the 10th, or the 1, from this very womb, for the last is the first reborn. The 10 is the same 9 who once having appeared as the Father Transcendent, returns as the Son-Conqueror, the 10th avatar: Kalki. (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet ,The New Way, Vol 1, Aeon Books, 1981, pp 122-3).

3 At the end of The Magical Carousel a short synopsis of each astrological sign is presented along with its esoteric meanings. In the summary titled ‘Virgo – Ch. VI’, Thea writes that Virgo is an Earth sign, feminine and of mutable energy quality. It completes the first half of the wheel…(The Magical Carousel, Ibid, pp 137-8)

4 Aries, on 21-22 March, opens the zodiacal year, it is the first sign of the triad, called Cosmic Sunrise, comprising Aries, Taurus and Gemini. And it is to our annual revolution round the Sun that The Magical Carousel pays homage: ‘’…the Vedic year-long sacrifice is a reality of the remote past as well as of today, because the year is today the same as yesterday, the same as the cosmic year of The Magical Carousel, divided into four periods: Cosmic Sunrise, Cosmic Midnight, Cosmic Sunset and Cosmic Midday. The latter is the Aryan’s ‘northern’ or ‘uppermost’ home because it is the region of swar where immortality is secured. And this victory is open to all.“ (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Magical Carousel Commentaries, Ibid, viii).

5 Read more about this in The Gnostic Circle, Ch. 12: The New Planets, the Significance of their Discovery and the Calendar years.

6 From the article in The Vishaal Newsletter,(vol 4, no 5,December 1989, p. 10), Thea writes about her memories of the carousel:

“ I, for one, hold no other memory from childhood closer to my heart, till today tinged with a psychic sweetness, than that of the merry-go-round or the carousel, which gave us so much delight as children as we sat perched atop those utterly magical carved horses of such fine craftsmanship and invention. There is a distinct soul element in those memories, for indeed the Carousel is a cosmic design, thoroughly faithful to the symbol and the cosmic truth. We see this in the movement of the horses, as well as the entire Carousel itself, and we realize that the carousels of our youth provided us in every ride with the lived experience of the cosmic harmony,of the truth of the Earth’s being in space and in this planetary Kingdom of the Sun.

The carousel horse, like the Earth in her 24-hour day, turns on its axis; at the same time, it moves up and down or tilts, making us recall the movement like a spinning top which the Earth makes in order to trace the precession of the equinoxes’25,920-year round; and then the horse/Earth moves around the carousel’s central axis, as the year of 365 days is marked. All the planetary harmonies are incorporated in the simple invention of the Carousel. And all of us, at one time or another, have experienced this simple, graceful truth of cosmic harmony. Like the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad of thousands of years ago, which described the cosmic truth in the symbol/figure of a Horse, so too the creator of our childhood carousel remained faithful to the symbol and gave us this magical mount whose essence is the universal expanse, ever in movement, ever tracing the lines ofthis exquisite Harmony.”

7 A quote from the Aeon Centre of Cosmology Forum on the theme of The Magical Carousel, written by Lori Tompkins explains this well:

“Thea writes that we entered the Age of Mitra/Aquarius in 1926. It makes much sense to me that the ‘new myth’ of this age would simply be a fully un-veiled account of the Zodiacal journey as a whole … not broken into bits and parts. When is the last time anyone has understood and presented the Zodiac in this way? For many many ages, all that was understood of the Zodiac and its symbols has been pieces and parts, aspects and angles … fragments of its whole body of gnosis. Mythologies and symbols of the past have thus arrived at our doorstep ‘unassembled’, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. In Mitra’s Age, the Age of Unity Consciousness, the MYTH must be made not only whole, but it must be revealed as the central (FIXED) pillar of our individual and collective movements. It must be revealed as the central hub from which one can see, understand, appreciate and embody the Supramental Consciousness-Force as it manifests on Earth. There is no other vantage point (fixed pillar) that opens up this view and experience of the New Age. “(‘The Magical Carousel’, ACC Forum, May 2015).


Patricia Heidt
Aeon Centre of Cosmology
June 2015



Patricia Heidt and Thea
Photo courtesy of Patti Tower
PNB, The New Way, front cover image, Agni in the Core of the Mother's Chamber as constructed in TNW

The Mother’s Chamber, Conclusion

From the year 2001 the work of Aeon Centre of Cosmology entered a marked new phase that could be described as an accelerated process of ‘coming out’. This means that a threshold had been reached in that special 3-power year (2001=3), the first of the third millennium. The most overt indication was the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11. Indeed, that date is now iconic. Within zodiacal symbolism we know that the sign Gemini stands for Mind among the 12; and Gemini is also known as the Twins of the zodiac. Its hieroglyph ♊ indicates this relationship, as well as the dual nature of Mind. Just as Cancer/Diti requires its opposite sign to fulfil its higher purpose, so too Gemini requires its opposite Sagittarius to unify what would succumb to uncontrollable divisiveness if left to itself. The pictorial image of the unification is the Centaur of Sagittarius, not separate creatures as the Gemini Twins but a single-bodied symbolism.

Therefore, though a hugely tragic event, deeper insight reveals that the image of the Twin Towers’ collapse left a deep psychic imprint, not only on Americans but on the whole world via the live media coverage that carried the imprinting as it transpired across the globe. This fact alone indicates that 9/11 was not confined to American shores; it had an evolutionary significance that went far beyond a struggle with international terrorism. America was chosen for this imprinting because of her inherent resiliency, because of which she has a destined role to play for the Earth compounded by the axial connection with India.

The United States of America enjoys the coveted capacity to re-make herself because America travelslightly, not being weighed down by the accumulated baggage of centuries of civilisational accretions. That resiliency is both a boon and a bane because it can lead to the superficiality of fads, for example. She needs a more mature influence such as Europe provided – unfortunately accompanied by the negative biases mentioned in Part Four. At this point India as a balancing power can help her shed those biases, precisely because of India’s roots in the sanatana dharma which enjoys an in-built and eternal method of renewal.


On the surface 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, but its iconic symbolism in its long-term import cannot be overlooked. Who can forget the image of the Twin Towers collapsing; it was the Gemini glyph set in motion with the profound meaning of the new beginning heralded by the demise of Mind as the regent of the species: there is another way, a higher principle waiting to take the lead.

That day in that first 3-power year of the new millennium, sounded the death knell of the supremacy of Mind and everything that it has spawned, which, unfettered, has imprisoned us in the old ways for far too long. The time of the unveiling of its balancing sign, Sagittarius in the higher hemisphere, has arrived, which, in the current cycle of 25,920 years, is not just higher mind as esoteric astrology understands the 9th sign, but the truth-consciousness of Supermind.

Naturally our politicians and diplomats have to contend with these calamities as best they can, in the effort to prevent repetitions and a further loss of lives. But how much better would responses be when stemming from an awareness of the deeper purpose driving evolution in which all nations and all peoples are equal participants, each with its own contribution?

We are at a tremendous crossroads of destiny, as Sri Aurobindo noted – indeed, we have the privilege of being actors in the descent of the highest Ideal possible in this particular cosmic cycle, when it is ‘vehement, energetic, and refuses to be debarred from possession and throws itself with all the gigantic force of the higher planes of existence on this reluctant and rebellious stuff of life and matter to conquer it.’ This is the ‘great era’ Sri Aurobindo foresaw that can ‘change the world’ in just several decades. And we do receive assistance from the ‘higher planes of existence’ as he stated.

As of 2010 (=3), the final count-down has begun: the play-out shifted into higher gear. The two nations are joined by an especially powerful bond that has not been discussed yet – number-power. They both attained independence in 3-power years, 1947, and 1776. This is the stronger binding power that has become activated in this third millennium. It was felt at Aeon Centre of Cosmology, seat of the Third in the Solar Line, and therefore especially sensitive to that number, by the impulse to extend the boundaries of its mission and to bring the content of the Mother’s chamber to a wider public that is not reached through books alone. There is a heightened push towards universalism, a characteristic of the new Aquarian Age. On external levels it is symbolised by the foundation of the United Nations in the beginning of the new Age. At deeper levels, the days of elite cabals and esoteric schools are gone, where coveted mysteries were closeted away from the population as the preserve of initiates. Therefore, if the New Way is indeed in harmony with the intent of the Time-Spirit, it must live up to the call of universalism and carry its message out and beyond its inner circle, as a natural, organic development.

This is precisely what happened when we entered the new phase starting in 2010. The method to attain that goal presented itself as The Future Realisation on the lines of an art exhibit (for lack of a better word, given its newness) of the gnostic content of the Mother’s chamber, as one of the contingency plans set in motion when the Mother announced to her entourage that she was handing the matter (of rejection of her vision and plan) over to the Consciousness that ‘creates a pressure’ to sort out the people who could build the chamber. Indeed, it was a question of constructing the chamber in knowledge, first and foremost.

The very first contingency plan was the unsuspected arrival in the Mother’s Ashram of the Third of the Solar Line in 1971, well prepared to receive the legacy of the chamber from the Mother herself and to take up its defence; as well as to begin constructing the bridge left half completed at her departure, which marked the completion of her mission as the Cosmic Divine of the Formula 9/6/3/0-1. The next half would connect the Earth to the cosmic plane, to root the Supermind in Matter. This contingency plan was entirely unexpected and foiled the intentions of those opposed to her vision; it furthered the role the chamber was to play in the redemption process of the sacred Feminine. The preservation of its gnostic content was originally through the books; and though every attempt was made to suppress that channel of preservation, The New Way did survive and was published in 1981.

Finally the most surprising contingency plan of all surfaced when the Ashram couple visited ACC in 2013, and informed us that they believed the propaganda that what was constructed in Auroville was ‘the Mother’s original’. They had also presented it to the visitors they accompanied to the site as the Mother’s.

The Future Realisation exhibition was born as a means to present the real chamber to the Mother’s devotees and disciples who might be interested in appreciating the Mother as an outstanding geometrician of the Sacred, and its central place in the Supramental Manifestation, since Aeon Books are not allowed to be sold in Ashram outlets. The exhibition was first presented as an offering to the Mother on her February 21st birthday in 2014 in Pondicherry at Aurodhan Gallery [See TFR-Pondicherry Photo Gallery]. But for dependents of the Ashram, as it stands today, to show interest in her vision and plan might rock the boat of the welfare society the institution has become. The courage needed to confront the authorities on their failure to make this aspect of the Mother known, would require an adventurous spirit, to say the least. This is expressed in a message the Mother gave to her disciples on 2 January 1972: The future is for those who have the soul of a hero.

The Future Realisation has served two purposes, apart from its cultural and aesthetic appeal. First, it has been a means to preserve the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision by a visual imprinting in the hearts and souls of all who visit the exhibition, in the process overcoming attempts to suppress knowledge of its existence.

Next, it is a very new cultural expression and experience, which carries us into the realm of Objective Art. One of the principal characteristics of this lost tradition in sacred art is that it has the potential to create the same impact on all viewers. The TFRs so far presented have fulfilled that requirement, as testified to by the entries visitors made in the guest books of each exhibition, first in Pondicherry and later in New Delhi. Apart from its aspect of Objective Art, The Future Realisation is an entirely new method of bringing the highest knowledge to a wider public in this Aquarian Age, especially those who prefer a visual experience over the written word. To visit the exhibition is akin to entering the chamber itself as a representation on Earth of the immaculate gnostic content of the solar realm, uncontaminated by ‘the things men do’, to quote the Mother. One is simply bathed in the supramental Gnosis; it enters through all the senses and creates an atmosphere that penetrates to deep layers of consciousness-being through our very pores, it would seem. The conceptualisation of The Future Realisation exhibitions stands as an example of the things to come in the way of new cultural expressions, and a scared art that would be a more direct transcript from the higher planes of the Truth-Consciousness. Our art galleries are saturated with meaningless creations that rarely, if any at all, express inspiration from the higher realms; they are purely expressive of the artist’s one-dimensional ego consciousness, without the power to encourage a transformation in the viewer, much less to help usher in the new times.

Once the purpose of The Future Realisation had been successfully achieved in Pondicherry –that it was actually possible to mount a display of this order in the form of an exhibition – it moved to a very special venue in India’s capital, New Delhi. It was displayed there in the first half of January 2015, at Mati Ghar gallery in the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). [See TFR-New Delhi Photo Gallery] Again the impact of this objective art was as anticipated. Visitors were not from the closed coterie of the Mother’s ashramites, but from a much wider and more eclectic public, yet the results were the same. At that point it was clear: The Future Realisation was destined to cross the seas and complete the cosmological bridging process by reaching American shores.

It will be of interest to readers of this series to know the history of Mati Ghar, the gallery at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi, where The Future Realisation was presented in January 2015. Its architect, Sanjay Prakash, had the Mother’s darshan as a child in the late 1960s, while his parents were posted at Jipmer Medical College in Pondicherry. We do not have the exact date of the darshan, but we do know from the architect himself that he chose architecture as his profession when he began his higher studies. His approach was always ground-breaking, using techniques for cooling buildings employed in ancient times; he also used indigenous building materials such as adobe and bamboo – both of which have been replaced by cement and steel, greatly increasing construction costs.

In the 1980s he received a commission from IGNCA to construct its first gallery on the land allotted to the Centre. Mati Ghar, with its first exhibition on Time in 1990, would launch IGNCA as the country’s most prestigious cultural venue. Its design, following closely the indications given to the architect by the board of IGNCA, almost exactly reproduced the floor plan of the Mother’s original chamber. The two are reproduced below:


It ought to be pointed out that Indira Gandhi, after whom the Centre was named, had the original blueprint drawn up by the Mother in her hands as early as 1976 (see The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2, Book One Twenty-Four), and two-thirds of The New Way 1&2 that had already been printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press before it was destroyed, delivered by me in December 1978. Her full support was behind the construction of the Mother’s original which never materialised.

The next best option seems to have been to give pride of place to the essential lines of the Mother’s vision in Mati Ghar. The architect chosen for the experiment knew nothing specific of the controversy, nor had he seen the Mother’s plan; he fell into the category of ‘not getting involved’ and steering clear of what would not have received ‘official’ approval. Regarding the project, he related that his instructions were to follow closely the directions given to him by the Board. It was to be done in adobe and with a natural cooling system that was used in ancient times by the Romans.

Had the Mother planted a seed in his consciousness when he visited her as a child to help her preserve what was to be her finest creation? Or had contact with her ignited a flame of destiny that would facilitate making the right choices at the right time to be the only architect honoured with creating the vessel where, forty-five years later, his building would house the gnostic content of her vision? For it was at that very gallery, Mati Ghar, that Time did blossom with The Future Realisation, to fulfil the original purpose for which the building was created.

The Supramental Shakti is characterised by the ability to operate in simultaneous time (ST), as it is known in the New Way. It can be visualised as a circular perceptive capacity in contrast to the linear of the mentally-oriented human being. Above all, mind has a small role to play in ST, but this is not the place to discuss this aspect of the work we are engaged in. ST is much like the three concentric circles of the Mother’s plan itself. The distinguishing feature of ST is that at all times the multiple, or the circumscribing play of circumstances, is integrated or pulled into the central Consciousness embodying this capacity (in this case the Mother) – i.e. the unity of the One and the Many. Obviously such a capacity is well beyond the linearity of Mind.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology came into contact with the architect only in late 2014 when we began mounting the exhibition at Mati Ghar. One of our members had gone to Delhi to locate an appropriate venue where the same atmosphere the exhibit enjoyed in Pondicherry could somehow be recreated. On reaching the capital, it did not take long for him to be guided to Mati Ghar and everything was quickly settled – that was the only appropriate venue, but even he was unaware of the full truth. That was indeed the destined location, but at the time none of us knew just how ‘destined’ it actually was. The full story unfolded slowly.

The exhibition would take place over the first five days of January 2015 – but it was extended to the 15th by IGNCA in answer to popular demand. This fortuitous turn of events, the details of which were unknown to any of the participants, including the architect, this drawing together the strings of destiny to fulfil the Mother’s dream certainly made TFR/New Delhi a most gratifying event. To be made aware of the Mother’s part in the unfolding across time and space, added immensely to our joy at having been the ones to carry the gnostic content of her vision and plan to the capital of India.

Originally Mati Ghar was to serve only as the venue for the first exhibition IGNCA planned – it is interesting enough that Time was to be the subject, indicating that the choice of the gallery’s plan might well have been inspired by the Mother’s vision in which Time is central. Surely, the combined designs themselves are revealing. Mati Ghar was meant to be torn down shortly after that first exhibition, but it survived for over 25 years – until its true purpose could be fulfilled which was to serve as a venue for the Mother’s supramental Gnosis to be put on display at the nation’s capital, since the chamber could not be built in Auroville. After our exhibit was concluded Mati Ghar was permanently closed to the public and is likely to be razed to the ground. That it lasted so long is certainly reflective of the building’s own power of destiny at work: when in harmony with higher laws, those will invariably prevail over human choices and rejections.

This is a demonstration of the Supramental Shakti’s ability to always have a contingency plan at the ready. For some, those who cling to the illusion of free choice, a demonstration of the existence of a controlling poweris disturbing. But to those who are conscious of the role of the Goddess and how the Becoming or the evolving play of circumstances is her preserve, then the only aspiration we can have is to stop denying the Goddess her place in creation and to become as conscious as possible, a willing instrument in her hands as the Grand Puppeteer. In the new order that stands before us, she alone pulls the strings. However, even more disturbing for most is the fact that these harmonies she sets in motion can never be manipulated. They can only be witnessed, seen. That is our bliss: to be her conscious instruments.

Mati Ghar, IGNCA
Under the full Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn
highlighting Cancer/Capricorn Axis
on 5.1.2015, at The Future Realisation exhibition


Our Appeal

The first two exhibitions, in Pondicherry and New Delhi, were sponsored by members of the inner circle of Aeon Centre of Cosmology. The next exhibition in America is a project beyond the means of ACC. It requires outside support. This Appeal is put out to those who have read this series and have vibrated to its contents and wish to collaborate in the next stage of outreach. The bridge must reach completion by opening the interested American public to the Mother’s creation in its most pristine form, The Future Realisation. To reach this goal ACC in India asks for contributions so that India and America may be joined in the fulfilment of the purpose for which the axial balance exists. In so doing the way can be demonstrated for Harmony and Purposefulness to prevail over the meaninglessness of chaos.

For Hindus in America this exhibition does more to dismiss the label of Superstition levelled at many of the myths, rituals, and practices in Hinduism than any other means, primarily because of the factual basis the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision provides to the tradition by its capacity to update the Indocentric vision of the Puranic Seers. No visitors of Indian origin failed to be moved by what they saw; this was expressed in the guest book by so many entries; an example is from the president of IGNCA, Shri Gharekhan:…Makes me proud of our country even more.

With regard to Hinduism and the ancient Tradition still flourishing in India, academia in the USA persists in clinging to the biases of a deep-rooted Eurocentric anti-paganism with which America herself has to contend as an affliction it cannot seem to shake off, and that colours her relations with the rest of the world with unfortunate consequences. To be a world leader with such dark biases is unacceptable and will never succeed. In India, scholars and academics – primarily historians of the Left who have dominated universities since Independence – need to re-appraise the Dharma with its own method of recording history (its myths, for example, which arise out of the cosmic harmony) and cease to foist on the culture the Eurocentrism their ideology fosters. In the light of the updated Indocentric cosmology The Future Realisation offers, what many even in India consider superstition cannot be dismissed so cavalierly. No amount of words can compare to the impact the inspired visuals of the Mother’s chamber have on viewers. Above all, The Future Realisation takes the discussion to a higher level by factually demonstrating that those myths and practices originate in the cosmic harmony which carries its own language and science, and therefore can never be labelled superstition (which implies beliefs and practices devoid of knowledge). Scholastic integrity demands that the content of these exhibitions be evaluated not on the backdrop of an outdated Eurocentric model, but studied within the parameters of the ‘third thing’ the Mother foresaw as replacing both the science and spirituality of today, neither of which can satisfactorily solve the angst of contemporary societies.

For Americans The Future Realisation offers an understanding of America’s higher purpose of destiny, something we tend to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of survival and the politics of confrontation, in a world that has lost touch with the universal manifestation and our place within the grand scheme of things. It shows the way to a true harmony among nations, which the United Nations has yet to achieve because these cosmic harmonies are not incorporated into our deliberations. We have only vested interests of every sort before us; we need to recognise the inner ‘pulse’ of nations far beyond those vested self-interests – as, for example, the Power of 3 in both India and America, the inner pulsation that sets the tone for their participation in the new world order along with everything else. 1776 and 1947 were ‘choices’ serving a higher evolutionary purpose.

The Future Realisation/USA will be somewhat expanded, over and above the one hundred panels that were on display in India, to include material especially meaningful for America. And also to reveal the new precision, as it was called by the Mother, by providing numerous examples of the meticulous care the Supramental Shakti took in laying secure foundations for the new India to rise and take her place as centre of the Earth in this 9th Manifestation of 6480 years. Given the prevailing circumstances at the time of Independence, the democratic process itself was the tool to forge an indestructible Axis of Time in the nation, through what is known as the Lunar Line in the new cosmology.

Your contributions and suggestions for a presentation of The Future Realisation in America may be given to Aeon Group/USA or Aeon Trust/India, both awarded tax exemption status by their respective governments. This project, which is beyond the material means of the inner circle of Aeon Centre of Cosmology, offers an opportunity to those who see the value in this newly-revealed alliance of destiny, to play a role through this means in the establishment of the Supramental Manifestation on Earth, in which both nations are centrally involved. Therefore, it is in the just order of things that the presentation in America extends beyond Aeon Centre of Cosmology and becomes a collaborative effort, both materially and spiritually.



[Donations will be used for the exhibition & may be used for general operating expenses. Please inform us if you wish to designate your donation specifically for TFR/USA.]


TFR-Pondicherry Video series
Introduction | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


The Mother’s Chamber, Part Four

The Gnostic Circle, Chapter 15 (PNB, Aeon Books), I wrote of a destiny tie between the United States of America and India; its broad lines are made clear by the new cosmology. The zodiacal ‘ruler’ (of longitudes and latitudes) laid horizontally and vertically across the globe, added to the birth dates of the newly-independent nations from their colonial masters provided the details of this connection. America’s 4th July independence, for example, places the nation under the rule of Cancer. I have pointed out how India’s ancient ruler Capricorn delineates the actual geography of the subcontinent over which it rules according to astrological tradition as practiced throughout the world – and in India as well until the Nirayana system based on the Nakshatras became the vogue. Does the hieroglyph of Cancer ♋ play a similar role for the USA? It is not the contours of geography in America’s case that the glyph reveals but something that has come to be a characteristic feature of the culture.

The Cancer hieroglyph, similar to Capricorn and the remaining 10, was seen and recorded in very ancient times; in fact, we have no precise date of either its origin or place, regardless of what our history books tell us to the contrary. We teach our children that everything we know by way of culture arose in Mesopotamia; but the truth be told, this simply fit into the Eurocentric view of the world and the dominance of Christianity. Regarding the zodiac, given that the glyphs, when read on the basis of the knowledge the Integral and Supramental Yogas confer, describe the Journey of initiates as recorded in the world’s oldest scripture, the Rig Veda.


The superimposed zodiacal ruler of the USA, Cancer

Be that as it may, the Cancer glyph has a distinct quality. Apart from imaging the female reproductive system, it has a special characteristic: it is binary, bearing two balanced circles at either end. When superimposed on the United States map, the striking aspect is how the east and west coasts are highlighted, which are undeniably the dual cultural hubs of the culture.

We are justified in questioning what came first. The glyph obviously predates the development of the binary culture as it stands today. We talk of influences due to being born under a particular Sun sign of the twelve. Is it therefore this ‘influence’ that caused these two cultural hubs to emerge thousands of years after the Seer first ‘saw’ the hieroglyphic shape of the fourth sign of the zodiac?

In India’s case the major determining factor is Capricorn rather than Leo of the newly-independent nation because of everything Capricorn signifies, particularly regarding the Sanatana Dharma – though its 15 August 1947 date in Leo also plays a role, which we will discuss further on. Capricorn is the abiding constant of the civilisation’s destiny from very ancient times until the present. Regardless of newly-set borders within the glyph – which in any case just reflect the divide-and-rule strategy of the departing colonial power – the land delineated by Capricorn is the area where the Dharma exists, and will persist for many millennia into the future based on what might justified be called the Earth’s sacred geography.

Zodiac, Twashtri's Bowl, Caste System

If we observe the full zodiac circle we note that the two signs face each other and form an axis which I consider the Axis of Evolution, thus revealing the immensely important role these nations/signs play in the movement of the Ages. This is strengthened by the solstice points at the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn which have always played a major role in the ritual observances of many civilisations. Even their location on the globe suggests an axial balance: they stand back-to-back. Regarding the purpose of this Appeal, there is something of greater significance to consider. Cancer within the context of the old Yogas is Prakriti: she ‘rules’ over the lower hemisphere together with Purush, or Leo, whose own hieroglyph conveys the image of a single male sperm, perfectly in tune with the female reproductive organs of Cancer.


Leo is the sign under which India became independent on 15 August 1947, Sri Aurobindo’s birth date, Vishnu’s 9th Evolutionary Avatar. This was no happenstance. It is another demon-stration of the control that exists over the destiny of India to assure that the entire nation would celebrate the birth of one of his Line of Ten well into the future. The understanding that the Dasavataras are the ‘backbone’ of the civilisation would eventually dawn.

The two, India and America can be meaningful partners in the more external dimensions such as world affairs; but more significantly at far deeper levels, precisely the theme of this Appeal. I saw this partnership in 1974 while writing The Gnostic Circle. The situation between the two was anything but collaborative in the 1970s, when the Cold War was at its peak. Nonetheless, I wrote what was indicated in the new cosmology. The Cold War became history with the collapse of Communism and the Berlin Wall in the 1980s.

Today India and America have gone beyond ideological taboos and the partnership is getting stronger by the day. But still there are hurdles to overcome. These are recalcitrant carry-overs from the Age of Pisces we left behind in 1926 but that seek to maintain a supremacy which is no longer viable. However, they are strongly entrenched and stand in the way of the partnership fully realising its potential to usher in a newworld order.

Mention of Pisces brings up another ‘coincidence’ involving zodiac rulerships. Italy, also known as the Boot, was the centre of the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 CE) when she ruled over the then known world, first through Roman conquests, and later as the seat of Christianity. Pisces rules the feet according to traditional astrology. This is ‘coincidentally’ confirmed by the shape of the Italian landmass in the form of a boot. Geography becomes indeed sacred when the Earth is seen on the backdrop of the cosmic harmonies.

Also to be noted is that there is no single pattern employed by the Supramental Shakti in this question of glyphs and landmasses. One is obliged to ‘see in understanding’ – that is, there must be a comprehensive understanding, founded on unity, of the language employed by the ancients to transmit and preserve the perennial knowledge across the ages: one must see the parts and the whole simultaneously, with the ability to put each thing in its place as this analysis of the USA/India axis reveals.

America arose as the new world, while Europe stands as the old. Lamentably, the decimation of paganism by the powers of that old world was exported and implanted in the new, to the extent that this mindset influenced interaction with the indigenous cultures the early settlers encountered, as they sought refuge in the new land from religious and political oppression in Europe. It is unfortunate though that those settlers carried over what was a very deep-rooted bias against paganism in whatever form, but essentially the central position the Feminine occupies in paganism could not be accepted.

Subsequently the inferior status given to women reached its lowest ebb. The bias was planted in the soil of the new world and thrived unchallenged for centuries until the dawn of the new Age when unsettling Aquarian influences began to be felt, the goal of which was to uproot those transported biases and to allow for the new way of Woman to rise. It has been a long and hard labour. The purpose of this Appeal is to provide the means to hasten that change – but for this America cannot stand alone precisely because the scope of the endeavour is evolutionary. She needs India’s help.

The reason I make this statement is cosmological. Confirmation lies in the nature of the axis that joins America and India. Cancer and Capricorn are two aspects of the Goddess that need to meld into one now, otherwise the binary condition will persist with its devastating consequences. To avoid this, to hasten the new order this Appeal is sent out in anticipation of an awakening and dawning realisation of the help the forging of the bridge between the two nations can bring to overcome the persistent negation America and India have inherited from the Age of Pisces with the affliction of anti-paganism Europe imposed across the globe and its consequent suppression of women. It was not so-called ‘civilisation’ and progress that Europe brought to the new world and the lands it colonised in its expansionism; for the most part it inculcated in those unsuspecting pagans a bias against Woman that seems recalcitrant and so deeply rooted that extirpation, at this point, is likely to destroy the very Earth as the field where this play-out takes place. Nonetheless, regardless of the danger it is time to shed baggage and to embrace the new future this axial balance can offer the world, in an organic development based on higher knowledge, the gift the Supreme Mother has provided: to proceed ahead in ignorance of the real rules of the game is to plunge our world into an irredeemable chaos.

Cancer/Prakriti rules over what is known as the lower hemisphere of the circle of 12 – when the circle is divided in half (the equinoxes), and then again into four (the addition of the solstices). India’s Capricorn rules over the higher hemisphere – and this is the higher aspect of the Goddess. In Vedic cosmology and myth they are known as Diti and Aditi, the Mothers of Division and Unity. Aditi represents the capacity to unify what Diti divides.

The Diti/Aditi relation is found projected into the chamber saga not only by the symbolic representation of the ego structure of the human being in what was finally built in Auroville and passed off as ‘the Mother’s original’, but in the way she had to be addressed – i.e. ‘Mother’s original’ – or Diti who does indeed providemotherly comforts for her subjects, particularly the ego as a temporary protective device. However, when the seeker passes through death (to the lower hemisphere) and has the good fortune of knowing Aditi with the soul replacing the ego, she can only be addressed as the Mother. This is not dogma; it is simply the result of realisation. For most residents of the Ashram, she certainly was the ‘motherly’ Mother; and they remained satisfied with that – or better said, that aspect required far less effort on the part of the sadhaks than Aditi would.

What is needed in the world today, and womanhood in general, is a balance between the two, each supporting the other from their respective strengths. USA/Diti/Cancer has affinity with Matter and all things material. India’s predilection lies in the Spirit; but alone she cannot eradicate the forces of negation the Earth is still saddled with; whereas together the axis Aditi/Diti can help to usher in the new order. This is written in the cosmic harmony and as Time is the motor of the cosmic manifestation and evolution, each day brings us closer to that grand apotheosis.

The Mother’s chamber carries this message and power; hence it was sought to be obliterated because those handling the matter could not rise to the occasion. The new way and its cosmology carries the same message: the central place the chamber occupies as an executive force, disclosing the controlling and organising powerof a newly-manifested aspect of the Goddess, the invincible Supramental Shakti; therefore it has experienced the same attempts at suppression women face throughout the world. But the Supramental Shakti cannot be so easily dismissed. She devised contingency plans. This Appeal is one of them.

The Geometry of Time, from 'The New Way' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

The Geometry of Time

We are accustomed to thinking of elementary Geometry as a function of Space, a way of plotting out relationships between points on a flat plane. Thea has added a new function for Geometry, a means of connecting points in Time and applying them to real events in the world by date; the year or month or day they occurred. In the Mother’s Chamber, envisioned by her in 1969-70, a central Ray descends from the top of the Chamber and passes through the Globe and Pedestal below where it comes to a halt at the Mother’s upholding symbol. Here at the critical point the vertical descent shifts to the horizontal plane and number values shift from 9-6-3-0 to 1, 2, 3 and so forth. The movement has changed into an energy that pervades all that is encompassed in that point’s wide influence on Earth. It is the birth of Form in the world we sense.

Accuracy is one of the principal attributes of Thea’s work. Although the Mother gave most of the essential measurements in the Chamber she did not give the size of the Pedestal. She stated, however, that the Globe’s diameter was 70cm. Intuiting that something was missing Thea set out to correct this omission.

The atmosphere in the Ashram and Auroville appeared to have reached the lowest ebb….I saw the cause to be that each one was clinging to his or her ideas without making a sincere effort at allowing those of others to evolve… A brittleness existed… A deadlock had been reached…On my part I did not feel that I was separate from what was transpiring, like it or not, I was a part of the Ashram and therefore as responsible for the impasse as everyone else…and because I understood the Mother’s legacy in the inner chamber my responsibility seemed compounded.

March 1976, The Tenth Day of Victory, pp. 314-315

She opened herself to a very deep exploration and finally this stalemate was resolved during a supreme act of yoga. Thea was reminded of words she had read of Sri Ramakrishna years earlier: ‘One can give up everything but not truth’. After collecting herself from the force of this experience, Thea intuited ‘…what if the Globe of 70cm is the basis for a vesica piscis construction—vertical, upright—and the lower circle holds the Pedestal?’ (Tenth Day of Victory, AE, Volume 2, Book One p.317) This ancient sacred symbol formed of two equal circles, one overlapping the other, and sharing a common radius proved to be the key to unlocking the supreme knowledge contained in the Core of the Chamber. The reason the Mother had not given this measurement became clear when Thea laid the 70cm vesica piscis over the globe and realised that the bottom circle would contain the pedestal made up of four of Sri Aurobindo’s upright symbols engraved on each side. The Mother had stated that the angles of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol should touch at the corners of the pedestal. When these conditions were met the height of the Pedestal measured 50cm.


Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 241

The descent down the central ray marked each Avatar in the Solar Line according to their place by date of birth: the Transcendent (9) 1872, the Cosmic (6)1878, and the Individual (3) 1938 and finally the (Integral) 0 point which shifted to 1 completing the formula: 9, 6, 3, 0/1. This astonishing culmination signaled the rebirth of Sri Aurobindo from the 9 to the 1.In a word, from the Transcendent to the Immanent. This action has remained an unsolved puzzle to those who have considered the problem, but now the method was revealed as a fact and a new science, the Geometry of Time was added to mankind’s keys of knowledge.


Introductory Guide to TFR exhibition, Delhi 2015, p. 14

The Ray of the Chamber begins at the top of the Chamber where an aperture lets a beam of sunlight into the room (at night artificial lighting is used). The Ray continues to the floor where it meets the Mother’s symbol. As it passes through the Globe it glows until it reaches the top of the Pedestal at 15.20 and there it continues hidden for an additional 13 days or 50cm until it reaches the floor. This is called the point of Reversal and occurs when the vertical descent shifts to horizontal expansion. The point of Reversal contained a ‘secret’ never before revealed. It indicated that this was “the fourth missing or hidden power [I] had intuited was lacking. This was the secret laid bare of the transmutation of Transcendence to Immanence. Or, as he has described this power in Savitri, the ‘masked Transcendent mounting his throne’. Such was the immensity of the unveiled ‘secret’. It was Sri Aurobindo’s own rebirth.” [The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol.2, No.1, AB, 2014, p.320]

Here, from Sri Aurobindo’s epic, Savitri, is the pertinent passage:

There in a hidden chamber closed and mute
Are kept the record graphs of the cosmic scribe,
And there the tables of the sacred Law.
There is the Book of Being’s index page,
The text and glossary of the Vedic truth
Are there; the rhythms and metres of the stars
Significant of the movements of our fate:
The symbol powers of number and of form.
And the secret code of the history of the world
And Nature’s correspondence with the soul
Are written in the mystic heart of life…

Savitri, Book 1, Canto 5

Along this passage through the Globe and Pedestal, the Ray crosses six critical points. They are the top, bottom and center of the Globe and the top, bottom and center of the Pedestal:


Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 246

By calculating the measure along the ray of 15.20cm and beginning the Time measure at the top of the Globe with the Time year (22/23 December) or the beginning of the Space year (21/22 March) each of these points can be given a date. The Time year begins with the Winter Solstice when the days are the shortest and always falls on 22/23 December. This date is perfectly stable and can easily be confirmed by scientific observation. The Space Year begins with the first degree of Aries in March. It is thus that the equivalency of Time and Space are measured.

The Geometry of Time, from 'The New Way' by Patrizia Norelli-Bacheletserpent-time-tnw-p227

Upon the descending Ray the Geometry of Time is illustrated and can be applied to Earth events in real time. The visible Ray ends at the top of the Pedestal (the Globe glows from within) and the date calculated there is 5 January, which is also the date of the Third’s birth. When using the formula 1 day equals 1 year, it is 1950, the year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing, and continues on down to the bottom where the year is 1963, the year of Sri Aurobindo’s Return.


This is another awe-inspiring aspect of the Geometry of Time. The details in the lives of the Solar Line reveal this content contained in the Core of the Chamber which is a direct result of the Globe’s diameter the Mother insisted on: 70cms. The vesica piscis based on this figure provided the missing Pedestal details.

This was the One born of the Zero. It was confirmed in the Mother’s plan by the measurement of the descending solar Ray, the translucent Globe and the Pedestal—at the exact end of which there is a shift which is described as horizontal from the vertical, no longer triadic but sequential, starting with the 1. This simple element of the design is the key to applicability of the Formula in Earth time.  Her symbol makes this perfectly clear, laying horizontal, upholding the chamber’s Core—because in the New Way symbols are the things symbolised.

 The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol.2, Book 1, AB, p.321


The alchemy of transmutation in the Pedestal is the miracle life on Earth offers, whereby the Transcendent becomes the Immanent; the vastness beyond is compressed to a ‘seed’: the intensity of compaction gives birth to the One. The pedestal is four-sided, each side of which corresponds to the contents of the soul wherein Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual creative principles are compacted; the reversal is the great Mystery of our material creation, whereby this side of the material demarcation is joined to the upholder of the universal manifestation ‘on the other side’. Their number equivalents are 9/6/3/0-1.

Introductory Guide to TFR exhibition, Delhi 2015, p.14


This ultimate ‘secret’ is the seal of the Supramental Evolutionary process and demonstrates the truth of this phenomenal occurrence which has become real in our time. The Truth prevails and sets in place the Future Realisation. It opens the way to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of ‘reality beyond relativity: ‘3 dimensions of Time, the 4th of which is the point of Space.’



Another calculation that has arisen from this new Geometry of Time is the height of the Pedestal which equals 13 days. Added to the days of the year 365+13 =378 days which is the synodic period of Saturn. This astonishing concordance confirms the whole construction within our Solar System and demonstrates the Mother as the ‘greatest of all geometricians of the Sacred’.



The act of comprehending and making use of this measure is applied in many instances in Thea’s books. This initial application however stands as the key to all the others and illustrates Thea’s greatest contribution to a new way of seeing and experiencing our cosmos. In fact we may say that science and spirituality have come together in a totally new discipline that rests upon Truth and is valid for the whole Earth.


For more information on the Geometry of Time:
The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume.2, Book 1, AB, 2014, Chapter 53
The New Way, Volume 1&2, AB, 1981:
The New Language of Form
The Beginning of the Chamber’s Time
The coiled Serpent pp 226, 227
The Gnostic Circle, AB, 1975, Part 0:
The Centre, Matrimandir and the Cosmic Truth.