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    I’m in the process of trying to upgrade my understanding of the Ganges in terms of Geo-cosmology and the birth/victory of the Vedic Sacrifice.

    In trying to better understand the measures put forth in TNW 1&2 I drew up a Longitude line from Capricorn to Aquarius (left to right)

    Gaumukh (the Cow’s Mouth) from which the Ganges begins to flow is at 79.03° E. – which is almost 11° Capricorn (or at the extreme tail end of 10° Capricorn). I see that the Ganges swings West 1°out to 78°E longitude  (before heading East) , so perhaps this accounts for the full 12° of the width of the river. But on p. 349 of TNW 1&212° Capricorn is said to be the source of the Ganges, which would be 78° E longitude. I’m not understanding why 12th degree is indicated as the source, rather than the 10 degree of Capricorn (which stretches from 10°-11° or 80°-79°E. Unless in this instance the source is measured in terms of the western most longitude of the Ganges. So any clarification on that point would be helpful.
    Ganga-AxisRegarding the image of India on p. 345 on TNW 1&2 (to the right) I was at first wondering why the source of the Ganges is marked at 79°50’E which puts the source closer to 10° Capricorn (80°E), which you identify as ‘the victory of the Aryan warrior’ on p. 8 of the Ganga monograph, then I realized that of course it is Pondicherry that falls at 79°50′. … which is absolutely an AMAZING ‘coincidence’ for sure. Wow.
    I am a bit confused about the occult Mt. Kailash/Mt Meru. [1]
    It makes sense that the height of this occult mountain would be 15° Capricorn in terms of the sacred 360° year but I’m not understanding why this is marked at 76°E longitude instead of 75°E on the map.  From the above ruler I drew out, I don’t see how the midpoint can be 76°E, or how 61° and 91 can be the edges of the sacred mountain as shown below right. Did I draw it out wrong?

    [caption id="attachment_2127" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Capricorn & India, Mt Meru, latitude & longitude, ganga image from TNW, Vol. 1&2, p. 350[/caption]

    [1] The geographical Mt. Kailash is 81°E longitude.
    Thea, ‘The Ganges and the River of January,’ The New Way, Vol, 2, Ch. 9
    Thea, Ganga – Soul of Indian Culture – Her descent to Earth (Available from Aeon Group, not available online)

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