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    Arimus we apologize for no one getting back to you on this.   Am glad you found the source.  We are happy you have found this website and are resonating with its content.  Yes, it is ‘mind-boggling’ but well worth the effort!

  • You often refer to India’s ‘destiny’ and that she is at a critical threshold.  HOW would recognizing the relationship between Capricorn and India change anything for the individual, for humanity at large, or the Earth?  HOW will the observance of the correct date of entry to Makar Sankranti impact issues of deep concern to many, such as global wa…[Read more]

  • I have goose bumps having just read this.   Need to let that image of the Sun, the Point (as ST) in the Circle (as WT), penetrate and illuminate my understanding of it.  Powerful, powerful stuff.  Thank you.

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    Dear Devinder,

    Please re-read Madame Thea’s first two posts in this forum, as well as the article ‘Key to the Map of the 12 Manifestations’ by Robert Wilkinson, under ‘Articles’ on the home page.  The answer to your questions are there (as well as in the vast amount of material written by Thea and her students, available on this website, at http://www.…[Read more]

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    Dear Devindra,

    Your question implies an Absolute Truth which it is assumed is automatically reflected in any discussion of Cosmology.

    While that Absolute Truth exists – the ability to SEE it and describe it as IT IS varies widely. Just as there are, in any area of academia and science many theories to explain physical and social phenomena, s…[Read more]

  • In May 1974 Thea found herself facing the most serious dilemma her Yoga had thus far presented: India had detonated a nuclear device. In the 1960s the Mother of Pondicherry had written that India enjoyed an occult […]

  • From Lori: How to help people understand the non-religious nature of the Sanatana Dharma? It seems impossible due to how intertwined it is with a religion (Hinduism).

    Lori- such an important point. And my understanding is that in truth, Hinduism is NOT a religion. It IS the self-renewing, continually evolving way of BEING and SEEING we refer…[Read more]

  • Am struck by Jeanette’s comment re: The Indian Constitution’ use of the phrase ‘freedom to . . . propagate’ (in reference to religion). Propagation of an ideology is inherently an imposition from WITHOUT, as opposed to an unveiling/recognition from within, from that which resides eternally in the Core/Soul.

    India IS that Core/Soul for the Ear…[Read more]

  • Earth’s Secret

    Inward, ever inward to that sacred point, the soul.

    The ancient journey wends into the light of Day,

    Now concretised the matrix woof of Matter’s realm,

    Time’s Temple pulse here beacon […]