Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom –

history & highlights from the Archives – PART ONE

Early Period – 1996 through 2002

Skambha, 6 May 1996

Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) writes to Shri Krishen Kaul that she is pleased to receive his publication – the Shri Krishen Universal Ephemeris & Panchang for 1997 A.D., English Edition and thanks him for his Newsletter  (Shri Krishen Astro-Graphics, December 11, 1996). She assures him she needs no convincing  re. celebrating Makar Sankranti on a wrong day – ‘you have an ally in me!’ She writes:

‘Like you, I too believe that at least during the period of the Vedas the Sayana system was followed…the system of higher knowledge that evolved from those times and what has remained as the seed of everything else, was clearly the work of men and women who understood the meaning of MEASURE. They knew what to measure, and they knew the Earth’s central part in that operation. But this was a time when the realization was based on ‘fulness’ and not the Void…

 ‘…the Line of Ten Avatars is directly connected to the zodiac, but in a way that is not understood today’. She is sending him a book and some other publications on the subject that will explain  the Map of the 12 Manifestations, and  the beginning date of the Age of Aquarius, 1926.

November, 2000

Thea publishes in The Hindu:

In Defense of the Ancient Culture: Fullness Versus Emptiness’, The Hindu, November, 2000

Part One opens with the following statement:  

This article was inspired by a two-part series, entitled, An Open Letter to Bangaru Laxman, that appeared in The Hindu, (10-11.10.2000), written by Gail Omvedt. It is not difficult to understand what prompted Ms Omvedt to write such a Letter. In describing herself as “leftist, liberal and secular”, it suggests that there is commotion and consternation in the ranks of her fellow travelers because of the elevation of a Dalit to the presidency of the Bharatiya Janata Party. That apart, I feel compelled to state certain facts about the sensitive issues she raises. There will no doubt be many other readers more disturbed than I in reading her piece, and no doubt the newspaper has received numerous protests due to its offensive tone in dealing with the most sacred Scriptures in Hindu culture and tradition. Then again, Hindus being as they are, perhaps none will complain about the insults hurled at them, or at least voice their complaints.


Skambha 17 April, 2001

Shri Krishen Kaul, as convenor of the Committee for Hindu Calendar Reform, and Thea both argue they are NOT in favor of ‘Vedic Astrology’ being taught in Universities. There is too much confusion currently with detractors of Astrology (in the scientific community) propagating numerous fallacies against the science, which Thea  outlines as follows:

  1. Astrologers propagate the fallacy that the Earth is the centre of the Universe (geo-centrism) .
  2. Astrology is based on an incomplete Solar System
  3. Astrology uses Rahu and Ketu in drawing up horoscopes
  4. Astrology refuses to use the Sidereal system of measurement

Thea publishes an article: ‘Why ‘Vedic Astrology’ Should NOT be Taught in Universities’ which explores these fallacies.



Skambha 14 August, 2001

Thea writes to Shri Krishen Kaul:

‘I have to indeed ‘join issue’ with you regarding the mention of the so-called Western signs of the zodiac in the Rig Veda. Please read verses I.l54 about Vishnu’s famous ‘three steps’ of his universal movement. Not only does he move from Fixed (Preservation – his own quality) to Fixed, that is Lion to Bull to ‘Friend’ or Aquarius, the Rishi also states quite clearly that the last is the ‘highest step’. This is absolutely accurate, Aquarius falls in the last quarter, Uttarayana you would call it, following Capricorn.

There is more. He leaves out Scorpio, or the Eagle as it was known in schools of higher knowledge in ancient times, which is Garuda, his own vahana. It cannot be clearer. And he measures the steps according to the Precession. They are also the times of appearance of the Evolutionary Avatars, Ram in the Age of Leo, Krishna (obviously) in the Age of Taurus. They are indeed emanations of Vishnu, the Preservers. There is much more, but I will leave you to ponder over this for a while…

Another interesting fact is that this same pattern we find in St. John’s Revelation, the last book of the New Testament:  Lion/Bull/Man/Eagle. The four signs of the Sphinx. It was composed in the beginning of the first millennium. This also indicates that the Tropical zodiac of the same nomenclature was known in India thousands of years ago, went westward and then returned in the first or second centuries AD.

There is no conflict with the names we find in the Veda, Madhu, Madhav, etc. They were clearly, as you point out, indicative of the seasons. It is really not important what name you give the signs except for the fact that it must correspond to the KNOWLEDGE. If it does not, there is something wrong with the vision or ‘the measure’.,,

no one knows what to look for, so they will not find anything. They believe that the names of the zodiac were not known in India until the Greeks brought them in, and there it ends.

But ponder over this:  why are these the ONLY verses to Vishnu in the entire Rigveda? And why are they specifically referring to ‘measure’, the universal movement, the heavenly steps? The Rishi was not being vague or obscure. What he sang of is what is. Vishnu – Preserver. The Fixed signs – Preservation. The backward motion – the Precession of the Equinoxes. Simple. Clear… best regards,’  Patrizia


9 July 2002

Thea publishes in The Hindu:Cosmology in Rigveda – the third premise’. Open Page, The Hindu, 9 July 2002


Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom: 2003 – 2004

9 January 2003

Shri Krishen Kaul urges Thea to drop the idea of the ‘existence of Rashis (astrological signs) in the Vedas’ because she is creating confusion for the ongoing work of the Hindu Calendar Reform Committee.

He writes:

‘What we call Rashis in India are actually Sanskrit equivalents of constellations given by Hipparchus, Ptolemy and others about two thousand years back – which have been imbibed by Varahamihira, etc. – and they have nothing to do with the Vedic months, Madhu, Madhava or the seasons Vasanta, Grishma, etc, nor do they have anything to do with the Solstices and Equinoxes. If you say that  ‘Aquarius has been referred to as ‘Friend’ in the Vedas, it cannot be the sign Kumbha or Aquarius since there is absolutely no possibility of any Rashichakra in the Vedas – whether sayana or nirayana!

Precession of Equinoxes or solstices does not take place in Rashis but in constellations – thus if we link rashis with precession, we will defeat our own purpose since that will be tantamount to advocating a nirayana zodiac in the Vedas…’


Undated - 2003:

Thea receives from Shri Krishen Kaul a Newsletter re future activities of the ALL INDIA CALENDAR REFORM COMMITTEE as of 1 December, 2003. Four points are outlined (this is a summary):

  1. Religious festivals aligned to respective seasons instead of an imaginary ‘sidereal zodiac’.
  2. The ‘Nakshatra-chakra’ of 27 equal nakshatras will also be aligned accordingly.
  3. Solar year will start with Vernal Equinox…all other festivals will follow accordingly… Solstices and Equinoxes will be the four cardinal points of the rashichakra.
  4. Ony topocentric tithis, nakshatras, etc. besides lunar longitudes will be used for deciding fairs and festivals…


27 March 2003:

In response to the above document, Thea publishes A Statement for the All India Calendar Reform Committee:

‘Since I feel things are developing in a way that causes some concern where the question is veda, Knowledge, I am obliged to make a statement at this point so that my position regarding the activities of the All India Calendar Reform Committee is clear. I also feel that a program should be developed, with clearer guidelines.

I believe that there are actually only a few points that need to be stressed for this great and important work to get done, and that these should be formulated clearly and concisely so as not to clutter the minds of people, particularly since they have no understanding of jyotish. For the change to a solar calendar I would formulate these few important items for the public at large to concentrate on, as follows:

  1. The Makar Sankranti and the December Solstice are one and the same and can never be separated; hence all ‘corrections’ to this effect must be stopped.
  2. The year begins as per the Veda at the March Equinox each year.
  3. The Lunar Year is also calculated within or with the backdrop of the Solar, commonly known as the Tropical Zodiac.
  4. The so-called Niranyaya system is not Vedic and must cease to form the basis for the Pachanga
  5. The foundation of all proper time reckoning in the Veda rests on the Equinoxes and Solstices and is not determined by any Sidereal Nakshatras.
  6. The currently used NIrayana system is exposed as non-Vedic simply because it contains no veda.

This is an example of how I would simplify the matter for the public at large so that they are not confused by more complicated issues. If the above points are implemented all the rest will fall into place; this includes festivals, fasts, pilgrimages, and so forth. Without the correct calendar nothing is in its proper place.

Similarly there is the question of the knowledge content of the ancient Veda. This is another matter that does not concern the masses. This core aspect is for Initiates alone since the tapasya required to be in a position to receive this Knowledge is too rigorous, too difficult for most to undertake. But just because it is reserved for Initiates alone does not mean that it does not exist in the Veda. Rather, it is the essence, but only Initiation can reveal that content.

My point is this: it is of no concern to the public at large – only to those who wish to do the tapasya expounded in the Rig Veda. And these are very few. Therefore, let us concentrate on spreading the message of a few concise points alone which the public at large can understand. Then everything else will fall into place

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

Aeon Centre of Cosmology, 27/3/ 2004


4 April 2004

Shri Krishen Kaul responds to Thea’s  27 March 2004 Statement. He opens by stating:  

‘Regarding Rashichakra, after receiving your email I scanned all the four Vedas again – especially the Rigveda and was glad to see that it is really non existent in the Vedas and the Mahavharata…

6 April 2004:

Thea responds to Shri Krishen Kaul:

‘…Naturally, you are not going to find any Rashichakra, as used throughout the world today, in the Rig Veda in the way you read the text. Nonetheless, I repeat, it permeates it through and through, it is the sacred ‘language’ used by Initiates to transmit the Knowledge then and now. Without that background, what real sense can then be made of the epics? I would not trash all this so cavalierly.

If one has not been initiated into these Mysteries, one remains blind as a bat and cannot recognize what stands right before one’s eyes. In such a case, even the clarity with which the Rishi preserved the Knowledge for generations to come in the verses regarding Vishnu Trivikrama, using this very rasichakra to do so and not the seasonal names (RV, I, 154), becomes simply quaint ‘poetry’. Yet in using the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, with irrefutable exactitude and precision as we know them today, an entire body of Knowledge is contained in those famous three strides, and above all, an indissoluable link is forged with the Epics for all times to come. The undeniable presence of those three signs of Preservations (Vishnu’s signs), of the same nomenclature we use today, you have not answered. Yet you continue to deny what is so obvious, and without which no CONNECTED sense can be made of the Veda, universalising the Knowledge, as indeed it should be…’

Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom – 2006

May 2006

Thea formally convenes The Movement for the Restoration of Vedic  Wisdom; her Committee is composed of Rajah Rajagopal Tondaiman and Rani Sarubala R Tondaiman,(Mayor of Tiruchi City Corporation) and Thiru Sai Srinivasan, Dr. Patricia R Heidt and Thiru Robert E Wilkinson.

Thea writes the Manifesto for the Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom, titled: ‘The Zero, the Veda, and the Divine Measure of the Year’. She publishes it as a document and includes Part 1 of Kashmir and the Convergence of Time, Space and Destiny.


Circa July 2006

Shri Krishen Kaul dispatches  a 34 page Newsletter  titled: ‘The Hoax Called Vedic Rashichakra and Vedic Astrology’. He writes:

‘Almost everybody is surprised as to why there are no Rashis (astrological signs) in the Vedas. It is really an interesting (even an intriguing!) question as to why our Rishis did not actually ‘discover’ or ‘invent’ a Rashichakra – either sayana or so called nirayana! This question has vast ramifications especially since ‘Vedic astrology’’ is being proposed to be introduced in Indian universities as a core subject and any predictive astrology, whether ‘Vedic’ or ‘non-Vedic’ (even ‘anti-vedic’) is meaningless and useless without Rashis (astrological signs”! We must therefore analyse this vexatious question thoroughly. Let us put it this way….’

8 November 2006

Message 1 from Thea (to the MRVW)

‘Friends, we have been drawn together for a common purpose and with a common goal: concern for the fate of the Sanatana Dharma. There has been a deterioration setting in over the centuries, and its page increases now. This must now be arrested. The time has come.

     To assess the extent of the deterioration…


22 November 2006

Thea writes to the MRVW telling them about the recent activities of Sai Srinivasan who is organizing the celebration of the ‘transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius’, an important date in the Hindu Calendar:

‘…There has indeed been progress.  The coming transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius on the 24th of November at approximately 10:15 AM IST, will be celebrated according to custom in a group of temples in Tamil Nadu that especially honour this planet – particularly the Dakshina Murthy temples. It is an important development considering the nature of Jupiter and the special place the planet holds precisely in matters of rituals and higher knowledge. This is certainly the Guru of the Planetary system.

Tamil Nadu is held in these higher studies as the portion of India where the guna of PRESERVATION is particularly active. As these discussions unfold we will provide evidence in support of this statement. For now, may it suffice to state that implementing the solar calendar as it was used in ancient times to usher in this trasit, even if it involves just an official representative number, we must consider a significant breakthrough

On this auspicious note, please join your energies to this transit at the appropriate time, in whatever manner suits your disposition, and according to each one’s preferred tradition. The important factor is that we honour the Stable Constant which is the ecliptic balanced by its four Cardinal Points hat never changes IN TIME> As it was in the days of our Vedic Rishis, so is it today…

Certain eternal worlds are these which have come into being, their doors are shut to you (or opened) by the months and the years; without effort one (world) moves in the other, and it is these Brahmanaspati (Jupiter) has made manifest to the knowledge.’ (RV, II. 24-5)


25 November 2005

Sai Srinivasan, Committee member of the MRVW,  reports to Thea about his work with Temples in Tamil Nadu (see above letter to MRVW). Sai is the Executive Officer of the Sri Mahamariaman Temple, Valangaiman, Tiruvarur.

‘I am happy to announce that the transit of Jupiter at 10:13 AM IST on 24.11.2006 has been celebrated in 5 temples in traditional manner. Mr. Elango, Joint Commissioner, Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments, Administration Department participated in the function held at Sri Vasishteswarar Temple (Guru temple), Thittai,

At Sri Abathsahayeswarar Temple (Guru temple), Alangudi, Mr. Nandagopal, Executive Office officer of this Temple, Mr. Gnanasekar, Inspector of H.R. & C.E. Admn. Dept. and myself participated.

This celestial event has been celebrated in the following temples which are under my direct control.

  1. Sri Kailasanathar Temple Valangaiman
  2. Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple, Valangaiman,
  3. Sri Swarnapureswarar temple, Andankoil.

It is a milestone in the history of Hindu temples because correct date and time had been adopted to celebrate his cosmic event as per directions received from Madam Thea. I thank all and Robert and Lori for fixing the time.  We have decided to extend this celebration of Jupiter transit to ore temples in future. Several devotees also participated in this function. My next assignment is celebration of Makar Sankranti in December solstice. Thanking you all, Sai Srinivasan.

23 December 2006

Sai Srinivasan notifies MRVW that the Celebration of Makar Sankranti took place in 12 temples in Tamil Nadu and he declares it a GREAT VICTORY, conceived and executed by Madam Thea. Thank you all.


26 December 2006

Thea publishes Part 1Refutation to Shri Krishen Kaul’s ‘the Hoax called Vedic Rashichakra and Vedic Astrology  (see above circa July 2006). She opens by stating:

‘’There was no time earlier to reply Avtar Krishen Kaul’s (AKK hereinafter for brevity’s sake)  recent paper, though we are all familiar with his basic premise: there are no symbols and signs of the zodiac (Rashis) in the Veda. Since these re widely found throughout the later texts such as the Puranas and works on Jyotish, his contention is that they are of Babylonian/Greek origin. They were then imported into India and widely adopted. This follows orthodox scholarship entirely and does not seek to probe deeper.

 In fact, no one really knows where and when these symbols arose. That the Rashis and their planetary rulers form the woof and warp of the entire Hindu Culture which we find preserved in myths, scriptures and in temples across the land, to go by this orthodox non-conclusion would then appear to be a further proof of the loss of the earlier Vedic Knowledge in favour of an imported culture.

But AKK has by no means furnished conclusive evidence of the precise origins of the Rashis. Therefore, his entire premise collapses since this is the piotal argument sustaining his entire campaign against their use. How then can he be taken seriously? (In addition to the points I have made, please refer to the latest posting of Shri Jai Maharaj on the Forum, entitled ‘Astrology-Astronomy Origins’, dated 12.12.2006, what we learn from the evidence he presents further supports my objections to AKK’s statements).

I would like to refute his long paper point by point…’



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