AEON CENTRE OF COSMOLOGY-the nature of its activities

The work of Aeon Centre of Cosmology has entered a new phase in which it is attracting a certain amount of attention from diverse quarters. Therefore the time has come to explain the nature of this work given its newness and unusual character, its methods and its objectives.

As a centre of cosmology the study of universal harmonies are the focal point. This means that while the activities of the Centre located at Skambha are varied and seem to bear little relation to cosmology, the opposite is the case. EVERY activity at the Centre is measured and assessed according to the cosmological yardstick.

The tool for this exercise is the Gnostic Circle, a diagram discovered by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, director of ACC, in 1973, which allows us to measure the progression of any event in time. It is an enlightened method for assessing an event’s relevance to and place within a global and universal context. Above all, it permits us to appreciate the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of events through a unified, spherical approach to Time. The Gnostic Circle is a yardstick which can be applied to any event and by which that event or object may reveal its intrinsic nature and objective value. In ancient literature and tradition, such a tool was sometimes referred to as the Golden Rod, or else the Philosopher’s Stone. Its value resided in the fact that because of its special relation to Time and Space, it could provide an OBJECTIVE means to assess the truth-conscious substance of any given situation or event or object. In a word, it could objectively reveal the element’s inner pulse and place within the greater harmony of life on Earth and within the solar system.


With this tool work at the Centre encompasses every aspect of life in an apt reflection of Sri Aurobindo’s injunction, ‘All life is yoga’. But the objective of the work at the Centre is to unveil the deepest inner truth of life’s varied expressions, shorn of the negative accumulations of the centuries, and to allow that Truth to find an uncontaminated field for development.


In this light the Centre at Skambha is on the order of a laboratory. In this ‘nuclear space’ the formulas of the new cosmology are tested on the basis of non-speculative LIVED experiences. Indeed, one of the distinguishing features of the work at the Centre is that ‘theories’ are replaced by perceived formula. Therefore, its correct description is an APPLIED COSMOLOGY, with Time and its various cycles as the field for this verification. The truth of the perceptions are empirically tested through these isolated sections of Time, synthesised in the Gnostic Circle.


The purpose of this study is to add a new dimension to the practice of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga which carries it into its ‘supramental’ phase, as Sri Aurobindo had announced, thereby allowing the harmonies of the cosmos to freely and in an uncontaminated manner organise the life of society and of the individual. To permit this a certain poise of consciousness is required so that the practitioner may be able to perceive the Harmony manifesting in ALL aspects of life on Earth, to a degree not available when this pose is lacking. In that ‘seeing’ certain obfuscating and distorting influences are eliminated and the cosmic harmony is allowed to express itself unhampered and to organise a new and superior expression of life.


The ancient Hermetic dictum is, ‘As above, so below’. At Aeon Centre of Cosmology this perception is rendered a lived experience by the revelation of the manner in which that superior universal Harmony does organise this life ‘below’ in its own image.


It has been necessary to carry the work of the Centre into the extended field of SKAMBHA precisely to provide a ‘laboratory’ for the work of proper dimensions, an area sufficiently wide so as to allow for the collection of energies through the diverse activities of the Centre which are necessary for the formulas to reveal their just application.

The areas of experience drawn into the Centre cover all aspects of contemporary civilization. Thus, in the Centre’s publication, The VISHAAL Newsletter, articles are offered by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet covering a wide and varied range, though always seen through the perspective of the new cosmology. There may be articles on animals and their place in the new cosmos of the Supermind; or else, indepth studies of the religious experience throughout recorded history and its effects on the new and emerging cosmos; or the contemporary political scene; or the changing dimensions of the spiritual experience. And, more importantly, the manner in which the anticipated ‘new world order’ is accurately described by the new and applied cosmology.


In sofar as India houses a civilization which from very ancient times nurtured a superior understanding of cosmic harmonies and allowed them to mould all expressions of its collective life, the Centre is established in India and it occupies a key position in the vision. For the point is to provide a NON-SPECULATIVE, applied cosmology, and India is the only country in the world today where the preliminary foundations can be established for this new order based on celestial harmonics, precisely because these harmonies even today are seen to freely shape the life of contemporary Indian society. India therefore provides an ideal ‘filed’ in which to verify the application of the cosmological formulas.


The motto, if it may be so called, of the Centre is ‘From truth to greater Truth’. This is one of Sri Aurobindo’s descriptions of the character of the truth-conscious Gnosis or Supermind, which he announced would finally come to govern the affairs of the world. It indicates a vision that unfolds from a central unified seed of Truth in a process of ceaseless expansion. Thus, that truth-seed is never discarded and its premise proven false, only to be replaced by other theories and speculations. Rather, it is a vision constantly revealing wider and deeper dimensions and applications of that original truth-seed-hence…from truth to greater truth in a luminous experience of shadowless perception.

In the course of this unfolding another aspect of Supermind’s character is revealed at the Centre. It is the method of its ‘organisation for the Earth-use’, which Sri Aurobindo anticipated would surface at a certain point in the development of his work. The formulas of the new cosmology and the new vision they help to establish are precisely the lines of the truth-conscious Supermind…’ organised for Earth-use’.


30 October 1991

Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Skambha