A Resume of Aims and Achievements

Aeon Trust, founded in 1986, celebrates three years of life this year. This is the occasion to further clarify its purpose and aims in order to eliminate misconceptions:

  • 1. Aeon Trust was not founded to do SOCIAL WORK. It was not registered with the Home Ministry in that category. This is not the aim. Nor is it a RELIGIOUS TRUST, except insofar as the spiritual values of life are central to the formulation of its goals. The closest category to describe its aims was EDUCATIONAL. Therefore this was the selection at the time of registration.
  • 2. The aim is to support the flowering of KNOWLEDGE – pure knowledge which in its highest form can become a basis for a more enlightened society. Hence Aeon Trust’s main concern is to support Aeon Centre of Cosmology where this Knowledge is evolved and applied. On its part, Aeon Centre of Cosmology and its Director, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, have never charged fees to those who seek this knowledge. In this sense Aeon Trust is a ‘charitable’, ‘non-profit’ trust. The knowledge is given free, the only condition being sincerity of purpose, discipline, seriousness and a basic capacity in the individual to pursue this line.
  • 3. The Knowledge in question is not book-learning. An entirely new discipline has been evolved by Aeon Trust’s president, Thea (PNB), best described as an applied cosmology. Ancient Vedic sciences are a part of this SYNTHESIS, as well as new and proven discoveries of today. Thus at the Centre, as a microcosm for the application of this cosmology, knowledge is the basis for all activities. Everything undertaken at the Centre, under the guidance of Thea, is done with these cosmological discoveries as a backdrop. The creation of the Centre was specifically for the purpose of having a place where this cosmology could be applied and its efficacy monitored carefully. Its first few years of life have already produced an extensive documentation of this process, much of which has been published in our newsletter VISHAAL.
  • 4. Life in this new Age must be an holistic experience. Therefore no aspect of life is left outside the total experience evolved at the Centre. It is a field for expressing this totality and integral approach to living on a more enlightened and futuristic basis. Thus all farming done at the Centre is exclusively organic; there are integrated and renewable energy installations, such as solar heating and biogas; there is a dairy with a special semen bank from imported bulls of superior quality; there is an intensive reforestation programme in progress. Everything is integrated into the experience of this APPLIED COSMOLOGY for the betterment of life on this planet and for all people, rich or poor. Aeon Centre of Cosmology serves as model of what can be achieved with the right perspective and correct integral approach to existence.

The world needs NEW SOLUTIONS which we feel India is in a position to supply, given certain disciplines which have flourished on this continent from Time immemorial. Solutions must be INTEGRAL. The world needs a new consciousness which is capable of perceiving integrally and holistically. A universal consciousness is the aim of the work at the Centre, where all prejudices and barriers between nations and people may fall away – a truly INTERNATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF UNITY.

This is what Aeon Trust supports and posits as its central purpose for existence, because it considers that only such a fundamental change within the deepest recesses of the human psyche, producing a totally new perception and perspective can truly usher in the new millennium in a way that will benefit all of humankind. We believe that it is the destiny of India to provide the world with this new way. 

Skambha, 31 May 1989