Skambha - 1987 - Letter to Board of Trustees

29 January 1987

The Trustees
Aeon Trust,
Kodaikanal, TN, 624101

Dear Members of the Board,

       It gives me pleasure to present herewith our Progress Reports for 1986. We shall endeavor to prepare three reports annually, to keep the Trustees informed of the new developments. These will be prepared in January, May and September each year.

       The focus of this past year has been the founding of the permanent site for our Aeon Centre of Cosmology, with considerable success. Its location is a very sacred place and propitious for our work. I would like to point out that this is not an ‘ashram’ in that traditional sense of the word. Nor is it a conventional educational institution. For this reason I am calling it a ‘centre’, meaning a central focus of a new Force working in the world, where people may come who are interested in the new consciousness that is manifesting on Earth, a place where they can come into contact with the living essence of that Consciousness and learn to become channels for its expression in life.  To establish the ‘life divine’ of Sri Aurobindo’s vision. This is a centre of cosmological/yogic studies, but an applied cosmology, and a practice of Sri Aurobindo’s revolutionary Supramental Yoga.

        Because of this newness, it is not possible to compare ACC to any other place on Earth, find models for this work in any other organization or ashram. We are ‘hewing a path’, and therefore it is often not possible to explain a work that is unveiling itself before the clear lines of its new course have been traced.  We are discovering and disclosing a completely new path, a ‘new way’.

        During this past year this work has experienced a considerable expansion. In my trip abroad it was evident that the world is ready for the newness we offer. This work can be a beacon, a stable point in the midst of a decaying civilisation. For this reason I have named the new land ‘Skambha’, that ‘Support of the World’ sung of in the Arthavaveda, that ‘cosmic pillar’, that ‘axis mundi’. When all else fails and collapses, Skambha shall ever remain.

With Blessings,