Planet Earth, in the Age of Aquarius

Part One

September 1974:  Thea is winding up Section Three of her book, The Gnostic Circle  (image right) and she opens Ch 18 with this statement, ‘The Earth is in a depressed condition at present… it is an infected organ…’ She uses the analogy of the Earth as a tumorous cancer to help the student understand not only the seriousness of the Earth’s condition but also, the cause: ‘…a group of cells breaks away from the central rule to set up its own autonomous one. They carry the body toward disintegration and death because they have lost all contact with the centering light’. (The Gnostic Circle, 4th ed, 2019, p. 304).


Without this ‘centering light’  the Earth does not know that she has a means to renew herself; with the ‘loss of the consciousness of immortality’, Thea writes, ‘Death has become the Sovereign Lord’.

Even worse, humanity has adjusted itself to this state; ‘theories of reality’ or ‘falsehoods’ were constructed to further convince ‘the patient’ of the need to abandon the planet and its cancer; ‘to look elsewhere for a Redeemer to save it’.  Thea sums it up with this chilling statement:

Death then became the reality of life, the only certainty in this uncertain existence, the Dark King reigned and Earth became his Underworld, whereupon he imprisoned the Soul-Spark Daughter of the Divine Mother…

‘…unable any longer to perceive the oneness of itself with Perfection, it (the Earth) passed into a torpid, chilling sleep, the unconscious slumber and the loss of the light and knowledge of the truth of things.

‘And so it glorified Death and erected numerous schools of thought around a mere Phantom.’ (ibid)

It is time for the ‘ignorance’ to be exposed, for our Earth to see the ‘phantoms’ of suffering and illness for what they are. And It is time, Thea continues, to expose the illusion of Death which has been like a tumour eating away at the planet. It is time for each person to awaken and realise his/her soul, and ‘return to the rule of the Central Being’. This is the only cure for the ‘cancer’ that afflicts our Earth (ibid, 308). 

Part Two

‘Earth Rise’ – a Vision of Oneness

20 July 1969, ‘Earth Rise’ – first photo of the Earth, taken from the Moon

At the same time as our Earth seems to succumb to her ‘sickly state’, she is being pushed, by the endless cycles of time toward recovery and growth. Thea cites an event that evoked a world-wide response: seeing our planet as one whole earth, from the photograph taken on the Moon, on 20 July 1969, filled the planet and its people with awe (image left). A  vision of unity rose up from the depth of humankind and made them dissatisfied with their  isolation,  ignorance and   sickly condition. However long it takes before this yearning is actualized, we do not know, Thea writes: but it is inevitable that there will be no peace until that vision of ‘One Earth’  becomes realised on this planet. (Thea, The New Way, The Rise and Establishment  of a Gnostic Society, Volume 1, p. 6)

There are other events that have become ‘symbols’ of the Earth’s evolving destiny, tremendous breakthroughs in Science.  But without an inner penetrating light into the reason why our Earth was created, and its unique purpose among the nine in our Solar System, Science may lead us into ‘a black hole’ of destruction. And Science  is not assisted by Spirituality; on the contrary we find around the globe examples of divisiveness and chaos, caused by monotheistic ideologies.

So where does humanity turn?

Thea introduces the concept of the Gnostic Society, a time on Earth when ‘higher laws were known to determine the ways of the planet’s societies’. The idea of such a time or group is not new, occult traditions speak of past evolutionary cycles known as  ‘A Golden Age’ or ‘the Satya Yuga’. Such groups of enlightened people today would be most likely rejected, states Thea (ibid, p. 18).

For as long as our earth is ‘sickly’ and asleep, ignorant of her inner soul potentialities and unable to cooperate with Mother Nature, the evolution of consciousness  does not occur by a natural process of undoing or ‘dissolution’. Rather she must ruthlessly make use of the process of ‘destruction’.  She makes use of ‘large scale wars’ and/or other acts of violence to advance her evolutionary goals because during  these spans of time, humanity awakens from its sleep  and nature makes use of those energies for a certain progress and expansion.

Mother Nature has other tools of destruction that work in a more subtle way,  she attacks the well springs of collective life to bring about ‘a quicker death of the old earth’ (ibid, p. 24). Drugs, passive absorption in entertainment (movies and TV), uncontrolled indulgence and massive greed – all contribute by exerting a pressure  to hasten the  collapse of the old. Because, as Thea writes, a new manifestation, ‘the cell of a new Earth’ cannot be built on the old creation:

The reality of a higher light is manifesting on Earth – a creation that exists in the subtle plane of Truth, that is already, and that only asks to be allowed to take shape in this world of ours…

‘There is no pressure exerted from outside… Shakti’s method today is to allow for the very light at the root of the deepest darkness to awaken and come forth, and from within it must influence and finally cause the collapse of the outer veils that hide the seed of light…

All is the Divine (action) – … to give shape to the Ideal in the material world that will be the cell of a new Earth.’ (ibid, p. 30 – 31).

As of 1956, when the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry announced, ‘the time has come,’ the Supramental force became an active part of Earth evolution. Thea writes this event radically altered every structure of the old earth, causing a self-generated process of caving in of the old powers. As this Supramental ‘seed of truth’ grows, that seed itself generates a force or a power (‘a tiny seed-flame’) which is able  to pierce  down to the farthest layers of darkness and ignorance , the ‘inconscient’, and start our earth on ‘the great rise upward’. (ibid, p. 33).

The Mother, of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry

During this time of transition to a new creation, the Earth  makes use of all these discarded energies; she casts both the dark and the light into a large cauldron where a mighty brewing process takes place. Thea emphasizes that the power working is not ‘occult‘, it is a force unknown on Earth before this time, a  Supramental force

‘which is a combined action of a rise from below, out of the hidden depths of the matter of each created thing, and a descent from the supreme heights of the Spirit. It is an irresistible power because it is the truth-core of all that is…’ (ibid p. 38).

The secret key to this renewal is a ‘precise control’, governed by the power of Time.  In  the very depth of the Earth herself is hidden the original seed, the Divine Transcendent. Through the evolutionary cycles of Time, The Transcendent One takes form, and keeps manifesting in an unending display of forms in Nature. As Thea describes it, the whole of our Earth’s manifestation is Prakriti’s (Nature) offering of love to her  Lord (Purusha).

Evolution on this Earth is for the purpose of refining the species, continuously creating a more and more perfect form for the indwelling seed. The many forms of creation are the extension of that ‘original seed’;  each is equal to it in every way, from the most etherial to the most material, all are one, the Brahman (Ibid p. 47). Our mental human race is the highest evolutionary form so far.

But it is a fact: our human body as it is now, will not be adequate to house this new seed;  a great pressure will be exerted to transform the physical body  for the growth of that ‘original seed’. It is only natural that now, in this present limited condition, we accept the condition of mortality, that our human journey ends at death.  But when humanity is able to widen and deepen and heighten their consciousness,  when they can begin to live in a consciousness of the One and the Many – to live their simultaneity – they will be approaching the condition of immortal being, not only spiritual but physical as well.

Part Three

The Magical Carousel, ’a new myth for a new age’

Witnessing the destruction of the old earth during this time of radical transformation can be painful to those who do not understand that the degeneration of the old way and the rise of the new Supramental seed is being guided by an absolute precision and control. For the student new to the study of cosmic harmonies, Thea explains the evolutionary journey, in story form , likening the progressive movements  of Earth to a spinning  Magical Carousel. (The Magical Carousel & Commentaries, 2nd ed. 2018,  See End Note 1)

Using a series of symbols Thea conveys a whole body of knowledge about how our Earth is evolving and why the transformation is now taking place with such an acceleration. Her primary theme is that creation and destruction are a simultaneous process, i.e., as the flame of the new Supramental Truth-consciousness arises on our Earth, it sets in motion a ‘caving-in’ (a dissolution) of the old world.

The two children, Val and Pom-pom,  represent the spirit of the planet as it evolves in consciousness.  It is the stuff of which myths are made, but with new insights : these children soar to a new stage of evolution. In fact, as the journey opens in ARIESLAND they are told:  ’you are about to begin a journey much grander than any Earth being has ever known’.

Chapter 11, titled Aquariusland, describes our present stage of evolution: based on the precession of the Equinoxes, our Earth, entered the Age of Aquarius in 1926 (see Map of the 12 Manifestations, Theme One). Using the three energy modes, or Gunas of Indian tradition, Rajas (creation), Sattwa (preservation) and Tamas (dissolution), Aquarius falls into the middle energy mode of Preservation (Sattwa) – asphere of higher consciousness towering far above the ordinary level of human awareness’. In traditional astrology, Aquarius, is known as the sign of brotherhood, of universality.

Val and Pom-pom, are precocious children, they have already travelled through all the obstacles of the first stages of their journey and were fully ‘initiated’ in Capricorn, the tenth sign/stage. They are the forerunners of ‘the new way’, people who have access to a new consciousness, a ‘future light that awaits the world’ as the new race begins to rise (ibid, p. 254).   Now, in the last stages of their travels, they are  swept up and suspended within a furious whipping tornado (image left). They look around with wonder: ‘it looks as though the ferocious tornado has destroyed the entire land it passed through. From where has the force arisen, and where is it taking them?’

As the cyclone stills, they find themselves being pulled downward, and sucked into a large jug-like container. Coming from all sides they hear a  ‘whining pitiful drone’ and realise it is the desperate cries of all humanity who have been destroyed and swept away. They pull themselves up to the top of the jug, and pull out one of big keys they have been given. Opening the lid, they climb out and emerge into a ‘huge vault of spaces… a kind of a cosmic hippodrome’.

Thea explores the meaning of her symbolism: the iridescent tornado is a symbol of   Mother Nature who is driving our evolution; like a mighty kundalini energy of cosmic proportions. She can be compared to Mahakali, Hindu Goddess of death and destruction  – she who breaks through all obstacles, and tolerates no obstruction:

‘…with incomparable power, she carries the world forward in mighty and irrevocable strides, and who causes destruction only because all resistance must be broken down, for the evolutionary movement cannot be allowed to stagnate. The destruction caused by this mighty force is only in proportion to the resistance it meets on its path.’ (Commentaries, the Magical Carousel, p.253)

Although  Val and Pom-pom are saddened as they hear the wailing sounds of humanity all around them, they realise that the collapse of the old consciousness is inevitable, they can’t help this dying civilization caught up in its own darkness of the past. They cannot change Mahakala’s (Mother Nature) evolutionary drive, the destiny of this Earth (image right).

The Jug symbolizes the Earth-womb;  all the wornout, discarded energies of the past are thrown into this vessel, where a big cosmic  brewing takes place.  This stew is allowed to settle and then the sediment is used in forming the new creation. Thea explains that our ‘cosmic manifestation is a perpetual re-allocation of energies. (ibid, p. 255). Through a sorting out process – an interplay of the old and new energies –  the knots of the old creation are undone; and so a way is cleared for the new. The wailing and clash of energies in the jug is a sign that the new realization is on its way, and people feel frightened and helpless.

Mahakala, Goddess of Time, Creation and Destruction

The music Val and Pom-pom hear as they enter Aquariusland is filtering down  from the subtle plane above them, from the harmony of the spheres. Upon these melodies the new society must be built,  upon these laws of cosmic existence, the new ‘brotherhood’ must  reproduce itself. Val and Pom-pom enter this land to learn about these harmonies,  to transform every part of themselves,  to undo the knots in the old consciousness.

The children are guided to understand the evolutionary process by ‘The Speaker’ who ushers them into Aquariusland: ‘Here are two new arrivals… who have come here to join the brotherhood and work for a universal cause!’ He shows them the various workshops  where the cosmic currents are assembled and brewed, then left to age, ‘til the time is ripe’ when they will be poured from their jugs into the ethers, targeting  the very people or institutions whom they were meant to transform. It could be our religious, political or educational sectors of civilisation, he explains; some of the currents are specific toward revolutionizing medicine, or art and music.

Even the weather and Earth’s atmosphere can be affected by The Speaker’s ’recipes’ when it is useful ‘for bringing about upheavels necessary for the evolution of humanity’. They eventually arrive at a workshop, with a sign: WATER CARRIER.  In this very different looking space, the Sacred Server pours out on mankind, the nourishing waters of life. He represents the quality of detached and true service to humanity, a person who sacrifices self interest for the good of the collective endeavor and the goal to be achieved.

Before Val and Pom-pom leave –  for they must complete, on time  their 12 stage  journey in Piscesland,  – they too are given  a thorough treatment of magnetic waves, shaking them to their very core.

The Speaker, standing in the centre of the cosmic vault in Aquariusland is illuminated from within by an intense light. He represents the Transcendent Godhead,  who is both the ‘original seed’ of all creation, as well as ‘the vast’ or the cosmic manifestation in Nature. It is the last quarter of the journey through the zodiac – Cosmic Midday; and the travelers are in the realm of unity, where the answers to all paradoxes may be found.  He has prepared Val and Pom-pom to re-enter Earth with a new and firm foundation, and now sends them on their way, for ‘the time is ripe’.  They are ready to be active elements in the evolutionary movements of a new creation. This part of the story also becomes autobiographical (see end note 1).

Part Four

The New Way – the Rise and Establishment of the Gnostic Society

With the rise of a collectivity that has seen and realized the collective soul which embodies the spirit of a new age, a unique turn is taken n the destiny of the evolving Earth consciousness (image left), unique in the fact that for perhaps the first time – at least during our period of recorded history – the Earth herself emerges as a conscious entity and an individualised element of our planetary system… in the past, in many systems of cosmology, the Earth was not inserted into the proper place and her function was often distorted or at least veiled…


When the time comes for the unveiling – as it is today – then there emerges simultaneously an elect body capable of seeing the newly unveiled light, and through this seeing able to assist the planet in her growth and affirmation… The function then of the new collectivity is to merely serve as the instrument through which the Earth manifests her own Light, the deepest truth of her inherent nature…’ (Thea, The New Way, volume 1, ch 7, The Centre, p. 88).

(to be concluded in next UPDATE)

End Note1:

In 1970, while Thea was living in Rome and charting  horoscopes for people who worked in cinema, she became aware there was far more to the traditional meaning of astrology than simply a tool for prediction. She saw the zodiac as a living being; each sign was inter-related and connected forming a cosmic script that had been in the heavens since the beginning of time; they told the story of the evolution of consciousness of our Earth.

Based on this seeing ,she  wrote The Magical Carousel;  it was the gift she gave to the Mother when she found herself at the Mother’s feet upon her arrival in Pondicherry on 29 September, 1971.  Nine years later, while living in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, she added Part Two, Commentaries and she tells the reader that it was after she had met the Mother she began to realise the prophetic nature of all she had written in 1970, prior to coming to Pondicherry. ‘It is my story, autobiographical’ she said, ‘and also the story of opening the new path for all souls’.

The Magical Carousel is called a children’s story, but it may be more accurate to say that Thea uses a story-form to tell a perennial tale, to describe ’a new myth for a new age’. In her words:

‘It is the contemporary myth of the Supramental Manifestation… it is not based on older myths as (Sri Aurobindo’s ) Savitri was; it arises in the new creation and voices the Soul’s aspiration and light where it stands today; it answers those questions or conditions which we encounter today.’

 Val and Pom-pom initially embark to Saturn, but  their rocket is detoured to the Sun instead. Upon arrival they find a set of 12 keys to open each door of Zodiacland, and are given one directive, ‘Follow the Sun’. And so it is the four stages of Cosmic TIME that are the real protagonist  of the myth. It is these four ‘faces’ of Earth which she shows to the Sun as she journeys annually round ‘her Lord’. Thea calls these phases, Cosmic Dawn,  Cosmic Midnight,  Cosmic Sunset and Cosmic Midday.

The people they meet, as well as the obstacles that try to delay or halt their movements toward the Sun, all  describe the process of discovering one’s soul and securing the victory over death.


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Thea, Transcendence and the Imminence of the One

‘Mahakala is not only destruction, for the supreme Truth is a triune manifestation (creation, preservation and dissolution/destruction) – and every end initiates a new beginning.
But for the process of destruction to be just one phase of an eternal mechanism, something must necessarily survive the devastation, something must remain ever unmoved, untouched, uncontaminated by the sting of death.
The loss of the definitive knowledge of just what that imperishable core is, can safely be held as the reason for the enactment of the collective death-wish that presently plagues our society…’

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