3. Thea’s First Breath Horoscope

At the time of your birth on Earth: with your first indrawn breath

there is a convergence from the cosmic surround onto the centre of your being.

The entire cosmos is imprinted in your soul.


With your first exhalation of breath, a pulsating rhythm connects you to the  pulse of the sun.

Time – your destiny –  begins to unfold

and you join the grand universal mosaic,

the family of Earth all taking the same yearly journey on the ecliptic –

the path around the sun.


The Tropical Zodiac lies on the ecliptic path – so all 12 signs (each connected to the other) are imprinted simultaneously at that first breath!

Our day and night of 24 hours, the four seasons,

 the four directions of the Earth – all become deeply engrained in our biological clock.


Our soul-centre holds all this… we are linked to the Sun

like a ladder of consciousness with many steps.

This Centre or soul remains veiled in most people;

 to science it does not exist.

But our Vedic forefathers knew about this imprinting…

they heard and saw this sound, this pulsation, and they never forgot it.


This earth-imprint is like a negative waiting to be developed;

at critical points a door opens, you begin to see.

 You identify with THAT (imprint) and begin the journey –

a search for your soul.

Our destiny is to be what is imprinted in our soul…


Our Solar System is the Temple; our Earth is the Sanctum Sanctorum.

 The journey through the twelve signs/stages of the tropical zodiac is a pilgrimage to this sacred cavé… the mountain summit, the 10th stage, is the ultimate goal.

Inspired by ‘Simultaneity, Destiny and The Magical Carousel’

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea).  February, 2007

Reprinted in Symbols and the Question of Unity, 2nd ed, 2020