An Earth Meditation

At the time of your birth on Earth: with your first indrawn breath
there is a convergence from the cosmic surround onto the centre of your being.
The entire cosmos is imprinted in your soul.

With your first exhalation of breath, a pulsating rhythm connects you to the  pulse of the sun.
Time – your destiny –  begins to unfold
and you join the grand universal mosaic,
the family of Earth all taking the same yearly journey on the ecliptic –
the path around the sun.

The Tropical Zodiac lies on the ecliptic path – so all 12 signs are imprinted simultaneously at that first breath!
Our day and night of 24 hours, the four seasons,
 the four directions of the Earth – all become deeply engrained in our biological clock.

Our soul-centre holds all this… we are linked to the Sun
like a ladder of consciousness with many steps.
This Centre or soul remains veiled in most people;
 to science it does not exist.
But our Vedic forefathers knew about this imprinting

they heard and saw this sound, this pulsation, and they never forgot it.

This earth-imprint is like a negative waiting to be developed;
at critical points a door opens, you begin to see.
 You identify with THAT  (imprint) – and begin the journey –
a search for your soul.
Our destiny is to be what is imprinted in our soul…

Our Solar System is the Temple; our Earth is the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Excerpts from ‘Simultaneity, Destiny and The Magical Carousel’
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea).  February, 2007
Reprinted in Symbols and the Question of Unity, 2nd ed, 2020