Q & A with Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet)

Series Two, Part 1:

Integrating a Higher Principle  – The Bane of Incompleteness  

(24 January, 2012)

Highlights Of The Video

‘Let’s start with the map of evolution – the zodiac. Imagine it as one circle. This is the ecliptic divided into 12. Imagine this circle as the year of 12 months, divided into four by the solstices and equinoxes. This is the measure of the Earth. This is what she offers to the system. Up to now we have only known three parts: the physical, vital and mental. Each of these levels or planes of consciousness correspond as well to the structure of our society: the physical is labor and agriculture for instance, energy and economics is the vital/emotional and the mental part is our government and military ). These four parts of the circle pertain to one individual or to the whole society – it is one circle.

The circle – the zodiac, divided into four
(Thea, The Gnostic Circle, 4th edition, White Falcon Press, 2020)

Up to now our evolution has taken us through only 3 stages – the 4th part of the circle has been a void; because it has been unknown. We’ve pushed it off to a ‘heaven’ or someplace out there. It is this last quarter we are in the process of integrating. But to get there we must go through the critical portion of the 3rd quarter, known as Scorpio. This ancient sign has two symbols – the lowly scorpion and the higher aspect, the eagle. We are now in the process of raising the Scorpion to the Eagle. What does this mean?

Our present humanity lives in a state of fear on this Earth – when we die we go to an eternal heaven or hell. We want something better than this: an evolution based on knowledge, not fear. We stand at this critical point now – before the last quarter, the unknown. What has to be done is this: we have to bring the contents of the 4th quarter – which is thought of as heaven – down to earth. And this needs to be a conscious passage, that is, a conscious death. What that means is that – at death, we need to make it to that heaven, out there – as a conscious process and bring it back to Earth. Change the entire structure – go from 3rd quarter to the 4th.

This 4th quarter is what Sri Aurobindo calls the ‘Supermind – Truth Consciousness ’. We know only ‘mind’ – humanity is using the mental principle to run the show now. So you have a science that is largely unconscious, they don’t see the goal or purpose of this planet – they cannot solve the problems we are facing. Or you have the ‘fear factor’: we will die and go to eternal hell, which is totally unprovable. Evolution based on Knowledge does not include fantasies that you have to believe regarding heaven or hell.

Or there are the sceptics and those who do not believe in any continuity after death. In fact, as it stands now, life does end at death. If you are reborn, you have to start over and over again, because there is no knowledge of your past; it is all incomplete, there is no conscious passage ‘to the other side’. It is this that has to change, the forging of a conscious passage.

We are going against the current. Sri Aurobindo started the process – he told us, not only is my path different, but the goal is different – to bring ‘heaven’ to earth. I stepped in, as a cosmologist. I am able to show in my work there is no division between this side and that. I have shown a series a births that were arranged before, at some earlier time, and have now taken birth in perfect harmony with Time. How does this happen? What is this critical threshold we can’t breach that seems beyond us? What do we need for this to happen?

You need a capacity to make a conscious transition at death from this life to the next. Mind cannot do that; Supermind can do that. Certain people have the ability to carry on this labor and make breakthroughs, until all the crusts are eliminated – and there is a certain maturing that has taken place. Supermind, or this Truth-consciousness is like a plant that is now emerging above ground. It has revealed an entire new body of knowledge with the minute details of how all this is to take place. Gradually it eliminates the false, or old spiritual paths that have been incomplete. We do not have to live a life of fear, or with fantasies of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’.

Our Earth has been like a foetus in gestation, thousands of years. It is only now, in this Age of Aquarius, we can speak of a real creation. Or filling that 4th quarter. It is the time of the ‘birth’.

You can understand how theories of ‘illusion’ came about. How was the Buddha to deal with the suffering of mankind? What his compassionate soul did was to deny the suffering – deny reality. And then the religions that followed during the Age of Pisces, during the last two thousand years, all said there is a better place beyond this suffering Earth.

This cemented the idea of the ‘Earth is illusion’. This is the idea that is being changed, and it is so radical, you wonder if it can be done! It is not a matter of eliminating anything… all spiritual paths of the past contribute to where we are now. But like the Buddha, these paths, these realisations, were incomplete. They could not go beyond this. And Nothing, absolutely Nothing, changed on this earth.

 I’m talking about a very ancient movement – this movement of spirituality which may have started thousands of years, it is moving on with a particular goal in mind. It has come to this moment when the child can be born. No one questioned all this until Sri Aurobindo. He started the reversal process and I stepped in as the third in the Line. This is radically new: what we have considered ‘heaven’ – where you lived after death, ‘on the other side’ – is to be lived, here on Earth.

People have such vested interests – they have built all their lives on incomplete perceptions – so these old formations do not want to give up, to change very easily. But for those who are seeking the new, who want knowledge, you can use the cycles of TIME and see how Heaven can be brought to Earth, how and when it takes place, when the child is born. If you can see that, you don’t despair. BUT, it is hard, because this great movement of evolution has no sentimentality. You see something like 9/11 in America or 26/11 (here in India). I see these as noble sacrifices that move us forward to where we are now. You have to have an equinimity and know there is going to be a certain amount of dissolution, maybe destruction, which has to happen to move toward the new. It is hard for me too, this labor is hard.

See The Gnostic Circle, 4th edition, 2020