The Earth Calendar: Cosmic Sunset

Coming –

21 September 2022 – Cosmic Sunset

The Gnostic Circle is Thea’s gift to help the student and/or seeker ‘make time our ally’. This key to evolution combines the Zodiac and the Solar System into one circle (graphic right) to show ‘the ideal perfection’ that humankind can achieve as they evolve from this transitional mental phase of evolution to that of a more divine Supramental (6).

     Seekers  are encouraged to  break through the limited vision of their own personal destiny and experience  the unity of all things, particular that of our Earth and her family.

     It is no longer acceptable to ignore our Earth, Thea explains, or to detach ourselves from the destiny of our home, our planet:

 ‘The soul that we are is one with the soul of the Earth’… We are the Earth, each of us. We carry within us the veiled psychic being, a particle and spark of the Manifest Divine…’(ibid).