Skambha Bamboo Journal

Through a series of slides, our Bamboo Expert, C Balachandran, describes a new  AGRO project here at Skambha, planting Bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus)  for a sustainable future. He takes us through purchasing the seeds to the final planting and then sending the project on its way on the December Solstice, Makar Sankranti.

Bio: C Balachandran

Having born and brought up in a small town named Sivakasi in South Tamilnadu under my conservative, educated parents and coming from the long lineage of ‘Sivanadiyar’ family, I have had the opportunity to study the deeper meaning of the Human value system and its association with Nature, from the shoulders of those giants from early days of Life. My quest for travel took me to far away places, only to realize Nature is the underlying Source of All things manifested. Within that holistic knowledge, Bamboo became a central symbol of Sustainability and a Hope for the Future. With the intent of bringing more of Bamboo in everyday’s Life, started building a Bamboo value chain in South India with a host of activities – Bamboo plantations, Bamboo product development, Bamboo Training workshops and Rural Livelihood Initiatives with a few like-minded people under the banner ‘Bamboo Diaries’ (

As a Community Architect, I tend to amalgamate the social need and environmental context in Design and infuse appropriate technology in the implementation of the projects. To know more, please visit