Partition Of India

India is the cosmological ‘centre’ for the Earth in this 9th Manifestation – the Age of Supermind; it is a destiny for which the nation has been preparing for all eternity. To bear this huge responsibility India ‘requires a perfect balance of energies’, a body whole and complete. ‘What went wrong on the subcontinent’, Thea asks, ‘to permit something so devastating as the dismembering of Mother India? What could possibly be the purpose for such a tragedy that left huge gaps in her landmass and a festering wound that refuses to heal?

Partition Of India
The Mother of Pondicherry seated before the map of Akhand Bharat on 21 February 1952

To understand the issue of ‘the Partition of India’, and its cause and purpose from a cosmological perspective, Theme Three explores four interrelated issues: Part 1 – Akhand Bharat, its meaning and destiny; Part 2, India lost her connection to the cosmic harmonies Part 3 – India became disconnected from the triadic play of the Gunas – Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas, and in Part 4, the Renewal.

‘On the occasion of India’s independence from British rule, 15 August 1947, Sri Aurobindo, Vishnu’s 9th Avatar, stated in a radio message to the nation:

“…India is free, but she has not achieved unity, only a fissured and broken freedom… The whole communal division into Hindu and Muslim seems to have hardened into the figure of a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that the Congress and the Nation will not accept the settled fact as forever settled, or as anything more than a temporary expedient…”

(Photo above and quotation from Partition of India, its cause, its purpose, Aeon Books, 2009, part four)

Part One – Akhand Bharat

If we are to make any sense of the partition of the ‘body’ of the Nation, Thea advises instead of blaming people or nations, we turn to the Earth herself for the answers; Thea did that In a nine part series, entitled: Partition of India – Its Cause, its Purpose. (2009). As a cosmologist she was uniquely prepared to offer this kind of analysis which rests upon what she calls, the science of the sacred. Never before has anyone connected this historical event, the Partition, to the cosmic harmonies of our planet.
           Her thesis is that there has been in existence throughout the nation’s long history an enduring ‘sense of Akhand Bharat’ as well as the land mass of a whole and united India. But she had been weakened, India lost her inner strength to repel invasions counter to her Vedic spirit/soul:

‘India was dismembered along religious lines, Hindu-Muslim, this was and is a blow to the core of her Indianness, her most precious offering to the world’… This is the reason for the wound that just will not heal. It was a blow struck at Bharat Mata’s most vital ‘organ’, her heart.’ (ibid, part three, p. 10)

Thea offers ‘proof’ for Akhand Bharat and her destiny among the nations. In the above photo, the Mother sits before the map of ‘whole and undivided’ India; this became the key she handed to Thea to ‘unlock the door’ regarding India’s ‘Golden Thread’, – her antiquity, as well as her destiny, as Thea writes:

‘Here is the magical Symbol with which we carry the discussion into the domain of the factual and the irrefutable. It is the hieroglyph of the zodiacal sign Capricorn, known throughout the world as the ‘ruler’ of India… This is the unifying, eternal foundation of Akhand Bharat.’ (ibid, part five, p. 15)


India is the only nation on Earth that displays a physical connection with the actual Hieroglyph of her ruling sign. In the graphic above Thea gives a ‘spacial body’ to Capricorn – she takes it from its place in the heavens and plants it solidly on earth, within the exact physical boundaries of India’s landmass. That was the first step, in the process she called ‘the Science of the Sacred’.

Employing tools of measurement (latitude and longitude) she carries the densification process of bringing ‘Heaven to Earth’ to the next step: Thea lays out the Gnostic Circle of 360 degrees in a straight line across the entire globe (Thea, The New Way 2, p. 348 – 349); starting from 0 degrees Greenwich the reader can follow the backward movement to 90 degrees Earth longitude and find Capricorn. The landmass of India falls within the thirty degrees of Capricorn, from 270 degrees to 300 degrees on the Gnostic Circle. (Ibid, Part Six, p 18, see Thea’s world map, Ibid, p. 21)

Thea then starts measuring Ganga at the mouths in the Bay of Bengal – Zero degrees Capricorn. She follows the river inland to the source – 12th degree Capricorn (right) – Gaumukh, at 12 degrees, where the Source of Ganges is located. Thea continues to measure 3 more degrees to Mt. Kailash (right), where Ganges ‘alights’ yearly.

Each of these points of descent correspond to a date on the Calendar (below): Ganga alights at 15 degrees Capricorn which corresponds to 5 January; the river surfaces at Gaumukh at 12 degrees which corresponds to 3 January and she then flows to her mouths at the Bay of Bengal, – 0 degrees Capricorn, which is 21/22 December yearly.

The Sun’s transit into Capricorn happens on one day only, the shortest day of the year, the Makar Sankranti, 21/22 December. Thea’s graphic shows that the mouths of the Ganga River are located at 91 degrees longitude – this corresponds to the Calendar date of 21/22 December, the solstice, Makar Sankranti. (Ibid, part seven, p. 24)

Part Two - India's Lost Time Measure

The most abiding symbol in Indian myth is the mountain, stretching back to the Vedic Age. The focus of that civilisation was on the ‘sacrifice’ or the sacred journey taken together as a family through the yearly cycle of time, starting on the March Solstice. At a special time in the journey, the 10th month, the ‘initiates’ were required to appreciate the symbolism of the mountain, i.e., they were to enter the mountain, their soul-consciousness, and find their special place within the whole, their special ‘truth’ (Swadharma). The Rishis knew the ‘Mountain’ to be the zodiacal symbol, Capricorn, the 10th sign of the Zodiac. They proclaimed that the victory of the Aryan Warrior took place on the path of initiation, during this special month of the ‘sacrifice’. (Sri Aurobindo’s Secret of the Veda (CWSA, vol 15, ch xvii), makes a special note: there are two kinds of warriors on the journey, the one who can endure through the 10th month attains the victory.)

In the Puranic Age, the initiation rites began to wane, gradually going underground, and the importance of the 10th month, Capricorn, was passed on to myth and tradition – the Temple in the form of a mountain and Makar, the crocodile are displayed in many prominent places (Thea, Puranic Cosmology Updated, no. 4, 5,  6, 2010). In the Puranic Myth, Mt Meru, axis of the world, the mountain was heavenly, or symbolic in nature; the new Indocentric cosmology joins both heaven and earth, i.e., Mt. Meru is no longer symbolic – it is Capricorn/Makar and is located, and measured, on our Calendar, as the Solstice, here on earth.

Known in ancient times as ‘The Name of God’. This astrological sign has always been considered the ‘ruler’ of the Nation and is celebrated as a national holiday, although we could say that now many people do not know the deeper meaning.

Most of the world celebrate this festival on the shortest day of the year, the Solstice. In India Makar Sankranti is celebrated 15 January, 23 days after the shortest day of the year. With the rise of the science of Astronomy, Capricorn became disconnected from the December Solstice; no one seems to notice this ‘conspiracy foisted on India’ – the real meaning of the celebration has become irrelevant.

Instead of people of higher knowledge determining dates for temple timings, astronomers are dictating to the Pundits; they are using the wrong zodiac for their festival timings. To find entry to Capricorn, they look out in the stars, light years away, in the constellations; they have lost Earth’s own Divine Measure: the Tropical Zodiac which lies within the Earth’s ecliptic as she makes her annual revolution around the Sun.

The graphic below shows the confusion.

 The innermost circle with the zodiacal signs is the  Tropical Zodiac, the ONE CIRCLE extolled in the Vedas, with its fourfold division marking out the four Cardinal points of Equinoxes and Solstices.  The outermost circle (hieroglyphs) describes the Sidereal Zodiac, the one currently used by Nirayana pundits which is actually the constellation of fixed stars far beyond our solar system.  (Thea, Puranic Cosmology Updated, No. 15, and Thea, Why is Makar Sankranti Important for the Unity and Integrity of India?)

Thea reminds us that the Hindu Calendar Reform Committee held in 1953 rejected the system which uses the Tropical Zodiac and the four Cardinal markers of the Earth. Instead it cemented in place the Sideral Zodiac,  which seeks to locate Capricorn out in the constellations. As a result, in addition to the Makar Sankranti being celebrated on the wrong date, the famous Kumbha Mela similarly opens on the wrong date of 15 January.

There is no fourfold Vedic journey out in the Constellations, in the calendar used by the Niriyanis; there is no unity, no ‘one starting point’ (ayanamsha) to join us together as a family.

Is it possible that the ‘falsehood of Partition’ can be changed?

Can the nation unify its energies and celebrate the Makar Sankranti as written in the cosmic harmonies, on the true date, the earth’s December Solstice?

YES. Thea is quite certain that when ‘people of higher knowledge’ become involved in this issue of the correct calendar for Temple timings, this could ‘change in a day’, our fourfold pattern of earth harmonies – the equinoxes and solstices – are engrained in the psyche of the people. She often used Sri Aurobindo’s word that the Veda was unknown and three quarters of the Upanishads were a ‘closed book to us’. (ibid, postscript).

Part Three - India's Disconnect From The Gunas

How could such a deep fissure take place in both the space and time coordinates of the Indian nation? Thea’s Indocentric cosmology reveals that a long slow contamination infiltrated the subcontinent; by the time the 9th Manifestation began in 234 BCE, spirituality in India had veered far away from that sense of Vedic unity between spirit and matter. A wide gulf existed between the two with the Indian nation deeply influenced by a sense of ‘otherworldliness’.

The prevailing attitude in India toward the three Gunas of traditional spirituality shows this contamination, this disharmony. There are three energy manifestations, in astrological tradition they are called the Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Thea carries the connection over to the Hindu trinity: Cardinal is Creation or Rajas; Fixed is Preservation or Sattva; Mutable is Destruction, or Tamas.

In India, Thea observed that the arrangement was the contrary; the Guna of Sattwa was listed first and this energy flow was extolled above all others. To be a spiritual person one should be ‘sattwic’ or full of peace; Rajas and Tamas were considered much less important, given a negative connotation or eliminated altogether.

In the graphic attached, Thea shows the proper arrangement: Creation or Rajas is first, followed by Sattwa, the quality of preservation (‘holding/fixing’) and Tamas closes the triad, a dissolution or letting go which allows a new cycle of birth to unfold.

This trifold Capricorn glyph shows the true movement from Rajas to Sattwa to Tamas, a creation that is continuously renewing itself, a true unity in diversity and it expresses the right order (Thea, Partition of India, part 7, p. 26). All three gunas are necessary for the strength of the nation, each guna makes its unique contribution to a sense of cosmic harmony.

Pakistan occupies the Rajas guna in the Map and Thea notes: ‘Pakistan’s brief history confirms its rajasic quality – bold, forceful, even reckless as Rajas can be when not tempered by the other Gunas…’. Bangladesh lies in the guna of Tamas, in stark contrast, not sharing a common guna with Pakistan.

With partition both ‘arms’ or gunas were dismembered, leaving the central portion of the map, the V, or the Sattva portion, standing alone. Thea concludes that this could only happen because of ‘atrophy’ of her limbs through disuse; India had lost her inner strength. An India of only Sattva reflects a spiritual ‘mis-step’ in her collective consciousness. To carry out her destiny as cosmological centre of the earth, India must understand the threefold harmony of the gunas, and make the necessary rectification.

Part 4 - Renewal

Renewal is possible, in fact, it is already underway. A ‘contingency plan’ was put in place a long time ago so that the Dharma could remain vital and updated, for those times when it seems the Cosmic Ignorance is overwhelming (Ibid, part nine.) There is a ‘new India’ in progress; the ‘highest stride of Vishnu Avatar’ is unfolding now in this Age of Aquarius.

With the revelation of the Solar and Lunar lines a ‘stable axis’ is in place that will hold and guide the nation through this period of dissolution of the old Earth and re-establishment of the new age of Supramental consciousness.

All the ancient cultures have been destroyed; India alone has kept that ‘thread’ that sustains the Dharma through the Ages; she does this through the Vishnu Line of Ten Avatars. To lose sight of her destiny or try to become ‘secular’ just like any other nation in the world is a big risk – for India and for the Earth.


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