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Thea, Partition of India, its cause, its purpose, Part Eight, An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology 3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009.

We near the conclusion of this series. It is hoped that with its completion right thinking, right planning, right strategising will be elaborated to deal with this sombre moment in India’s history. Sri Aurobindo warned the powers-that-be and the population in his broadcast to the nation at Independence. What he warned of then (‘…another invasion and foreign conquest…’) seemed unimaginable at the time. India and its erstwhile rulers were confident that never again would the nation fall prey to hostile attacks. And yet, in this sixty-two-year interim attempts have been made periodically to violate the Body of the Mother – sometimes successfully.

The disastrous situation in Kashmir is one example. Three major wars were fought due to Pakistan’s perfidy, and though India won she has been proven incapable of winning the peace at the after-war negotiating table. There is a specific reason for this inability which will be detailed in the remaining portions of this series. It is as if a fault line cuts across certain critical portions of Akhand Bharat; periodically eruptions occur deep in those sensitive locations with energy drained away impeding the necessary action on the part of the powers-that-be from reclaiming the occupied territory over which India had fought off the invader – and WON. Alas, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir tells its own tale of this inability.

Let us examine the root of the problem. What exactly constitutes those fault lines, not only in Kashmir but all along the western and eastern borders of the country? Now we note that China has queered the pitch and has intensified its nefarious activities on the eastern front. India is increasingly seen to be caught in a pincer-like grip: China and Pakistan have long since joined hands in this activity; and now, with an American regime indifferent to India’s plight, unwilling or unable to restrain what appears to be a last-ditch attempt to conclusively break India apart once again and for good, clearly India stands alone. Sri Aurobindo warned the nation on 15 August – his own birthday – in 1947:

‘…India is free, but she has not achieved unity, only a fissured and broken freedom…’ (Ibid)

Many in India then and now, particularly in political echelons, consider that the emergence of Partition was actually beneficial. It could be seen almost as a divide-and-rule policy whereby the problems posed by the Islamic block would be weakened by Partition and hence become more manageable, thus resolving vicariously the problems with the community that had surfaced in the decades leading up to Independence. However, this was short-sighted in the extreme. Our analysis of Akhand Bharat makes this abundantly clear. In particular the Guna Symbol-Map lays bare exactly what Partition did mean in that none benefitted. Gaps were left in the Mother’s Body through which energy could be sucked away; and at the same time those gaps left openings through which hostile forces could easily penetrate, leaving no peace for all concerned unless those gaps would come to be closed.

In the practice of the new Integral and Supramental Yogas introduced by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, practitioners learn to accept attacks by what are euphemistically known as ‘hostile forces’ almost willingly. They are seen just for what they are: pointers to ‘gaps’ in one’s consciousness-being, very similar to the gaps in the Mother’s Body. They are welcomed only because they are known to be without substance – indeed illusory. If we ignore their existence and the role they play in our sadhana, we miss the point and fail to take these attacks as aids in the course of our attempts to attain self-perfection. They indicate exactly where attention must be focussed, on ‘knots’ of energy which had become entrapped by these entanglements, thus withholding from the integral development precisely the additional energy required for progress and without which no advance can be made. Indeed, Indian yogas encourage an attitude of dismissing these attacks and attackers precisely because they are known to be ‘unreal’. Lamentably, this label extended to the entire field wherein these activities transpire: the Earth herself, our Mother, our field where progress can and must be made if a thorough transformation is to come about. We will return to this problem further on.

This is the wisdom of the Rig Veda. The same situation faces the Warrior as he or she undertakes the Vedic Journey. Unavoidable is the struggle with hostile forces which, in the Riks, are known as the Panis led by Vala; they do indeed succeed in snatching away those ‘rays (energy/‘cows’) of the Sun’ and entrapping them in their caves deep in the bowels of material creation. These are the strongholds of Vala and his Pani helpers. We may disregard their presence to our own peril because they will constantly interrupt our progress – until, of course, we recognise their utility and the inevitability of integrality on this Earth-centred path.

The 9th/10th Avatar understood the need to reverse the direction the spiritual endeavour had taken on the subcontinent from an otherworldly goal to our world in this material universe. He had come ‘to correct the error of the Buddha’, in Sri Aurobindo’s own words. For in his infinite compassion the Buddha understood that there was a sure method to disengage the human being from his suffering by emphasising its illusory nature. To do this he had to undermine the Soul, which is our individual and collective vahana as we journey through life in this material universe and on this planet Earth. But here lies the contradiction: the purpose of this third planet is none other than to provide that immaculate vehicle by which the Journey could be undertaken with the certitude of victory. The zodiacal sign Capricorn gives us this very same message. Consequently, we understand that without the Soul as the acknowledged helper during our sojourn on Earth, trouble inevitably threatens and we are assailed time and again along the path we have CHOSEN to embark on when we take birth. We may have forgotten when and how that choice was made; but indeed it was solemnly made, and it lies at the root of our destiny, individual and collective. The point is to become conscious of that choice, that Act of Choosing.

The entrapped energies in the stronghold/caves of the Panis must be released because that very withheld substance is the fuel required to scale the (Capricorn) Mountain and join the victorious Immortal Ones. The Vedic Journey is an exact description of the demands placed on practitioners of the Integral Yoga. But the process has been extended by the descent of the Supramental Avatar and his Line to encompass not just individuals but the entire Earth through the revelations of the Supramental Yoga. If Sri Aurobindo had not lived the Vedic ‘9 becoming 10’, if he had not introduced that extended process embracing the wider field of the Earth, nothing of this series could have been expounded. The only method to deal with the destiny of the world is through the supramental revelations such as The New Way collection provides, and all publications of Aeon Books since 1976.

Thus, Bharat becomes a single consciousness-being with a destiny the lines of which describe what Supermind is and how it operates in the world; above all, its organisation for Earth use, as explained by Sri Aurobindo when discussing his quest for ‘the Formula’. We do have that Formula now and in the remainder of this series we shall reveal how accurately it has been active in India’s contemporary history. Before that, however, let us reflect on the way in which hostile forces can operate in the life of a nation just as we experience them in our individual sadhana.

Pakistan has played the role of adverse force for many decades, we must admit. But if the equation is applicable – as indeed it is – then the entity we know as Pakistan is simply illusory and substance-less as hostile forces can be proven to be in one’s individual sadhana. That adversity, we know by experience, exists only for as long as the sadhak requires. That is, there is a ‘knot’ which must be undone, and without which progress cannot be made – in this case to achieve true unity and integration. Relentlessly until that undoing, attacks will persist, and they are our greatest aid. Thus, the same may be said of Pakistan vis-à-vis India: when India has succeeded in liberating those hoarded-away energies, that hostile power will dissolve; for, ironically, it is India that feeds Pakistan energy for its survival. Or better, Pakistan gathers substance due to gaps in the Body from where toxins emanate. These are poisonous fumes, to be sure, and whoever utilises them for subsistence must reveal in every way that toxicity, proving Sri Aurobindo’s statement that Pakistan is ‘…fraud, force and treachery’. It cannot be otherwise when nourishment is gathered from oozing wounds, from energies entrapped and usurped to obstruct the attainment of unity.

‘…the whole communal division into Hindu and Muslim seems to have hardened into the figure of a permanent political division of the country…if it lasts India may be seriously weakened, even crippled: civil strife may remain always possible, possible even a new invasion and foreign conquest…’ (Ibid)

Sri Aurobindo highlights the essence of the problem: Muslim/Hindu. It is not so much the divide that causes concern, on which basis Pakistan came into being. It is rather the equation of Hinduism as a religion with the acknowledged religion that Islam is. In so doing the schism was inevitable and easily predictable, as well as the continued strife Sri Aurobindo has noted. This happened considerably prior to actual independence. In fact, in this section we shall move farther back into the Age of Pisces and uncover how weakness set in on the subcontinent at least 1500 years ago. Gradually, as Sri Aurobindo wrote, like a slow poison the consciousness of Bharat became contaminated to reach the present impasse (see The Origin and Nature of Hindu Decline, PNB, 2006, Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom). But, as stated, we now have Pakistan and China to thank for keeping the issue alive and thereby, due to periodic eruptions from the fault lines caused by Partition, fumes are emitted to remind us that all is not well in Paradise!

Unity in the context of Bharat is quite simple to identify. We have, to begin, Supermind’s revelation of certain ‘keys’ which leave us without any doubt as to what unity is and even how to go about attaining it. We have discussed substantially how unity is defined based on these precious Keys of Knowledge. Let us now focus our attention on the fault lines in the Body where poisonous fumes escape to feed hostile forces.

In this map of Akhand Bharat (without the hieroglyph) we see exactly where the fault lines are located. The means to determine the precise areas in the Symbol-Map was the true Makar Sankranti which we located in the geography of India on the zodiac-ruler at 0 degrees Capricorn. Moving back into the sign based on the measure of the ‘lost’ 23 degrees/days (see Part Seven), the extremity of the western fault is exactly where Pakistan begins. The eastern entry point is 0 degrees Capricorn itself, or Bangladesh. But let us review the historical facts to understand the nature of invading forces at both these locations.

The Guna Map opposite places Pakistan fully in the section governed by Rajas Guna as part of the Mother’s threefold energy play. On the other side it is Tamas, perhaps even more subtle and sensitive because it is in this area that we note a shift in signs, from Capricorn to Sagittarius as the Ruler indicates (Part Six). Both these configurations provide exact descriptions of the quality of the forces that made repeated incursions into Bharat across the centuries from these points, finally gaining definitive entry to become ‘permanent political divisions’ at Partition.

Pakistan’s brief history confirms its rajasic quality: bold, forceful, even reckless as rajas can be when not tempered by the other Gunas. To be noted also is that the western Fault from 23º is LINEAR, in a sense reflective of the largely mountainous terrain of the area it crosses. On the eastern side Bangladesh is fully within tamas. We note the stark difference with Pakistan in that

the latter’s boldness and reliance on the military option is not prominent in the Tamas section. We could almost state that the breakup in 1971 of Pakistan and the formation of Bangladesh was inevitable given that these areas do not share a common guna which is then reflected in the unfolding of their respective destinies.

Also to be noted is that the breakup between East and West Pakistan occurred at a most significant time in the destiny of Bharat – the whole of it. 1971 marked a sort of before and after. The remaining three decades of the century and millennium would be the most important and significant period of the entire history of India, ancient and new. Most significant of all is the lifting of the last veil covering Guha and then the revelation of today’s connection with the Vedic Age, not only in terms of Knowledge but the revelation of the real and not imaginary avataric descent. The full Knowledge did take its place in the spiritual consciousness of India – and can no longer be ignored. During those three decades the understanding of the separate destinies between Pakistan and Bangladesh because of their different Guna qualities was made factual on the basis of the Symbol-Map with the Gunas.

If we wish to visualise the difference between the West and East fault lines, the line that constitutes the border separating Pakistan from India is indeed linear, – stark, aggressive and bold. The Bangladesh line is seen to be more circular. Its influence is exerted in the more subtle ways of the circle which we will discuss further on when we analyse the actual incursions into the Body of the Mother from these two sensitive areas and how contemporary history itself serves to confirm deductions based on the new Indo-centric cosmology.

To further emphasise the exactitude of our supramental Keys, let us observe just how much area in square kilometres these two portions carved out of the Body contain. The result of our calculations is further proof of the remarkable nature of the truth-conscious Supermind.

Applying the Vedic laws of Correspondence and Equivalence, Pakistan and Bangladesh make up approximately 951,510 km² of what was once Akhand Bharat. We state approximate because there may be some difficulty in being exact because of inaccessible areas. According to Wikipedia data, these two sections together make up approximately 22.44% of the total landmass (951,510/4,238,750); other sources give similar approximations, all ranging between 22 and 23%.

Insofar as 23 was the ‘Measure of Falsehood’, again it is proven by the Capricorn Makar Sankranti of India’s geography that this is indeed the percentage of land that must be retrieved; just as the 23 days ‘lost’ by the wrong calculation of the Sankranti must also be retrieved. These are the two areas that require immediate rectification. The calendar comes first, however, inasmuch as there are 80% of the energies of the nation that are currently dispersed by the wrong Nirayana calendar in use for Hindu temple observances. When those 80% are unified through adoption of the Vedic calendar, then India will acquire the power from within to conquer.

There is no outside power that can save India at this critical crossroads of her destiny. She stands alone. True to the centre that she is, power to conquer any adversity must arise from within. There is no nation on Earth that can do for India what she must do for herself. But those Hostiles know exactly how to keep the energies of 80% of the population disunited and hence useless for solving her problems; and above all, to be in a position to face the adverse forces and expose their illusory substance. After all, it was Al Biruni in the 12th Century who set the undermining seed in motion when he wrote that ‘….. ‘The solstice [December] has kept its place, but the constellations have migrated, just the very opposite of what Varaha has fancied.’ (India, II, p.7, quoted in ‘The Origins and Nature of Hindu Decline, Part 2). And thus the undermining, that would take approximately 800 years to bear results, had begun.

Hindus, slowly but surely, took to heart Al Biruni’s critique, baseless as it was in terms of the Veda; and thus his suggestion, the Nirayana calendar of observances, finally came in vogue and displaced the Vedic Calendar with hardly a protest. No need for invading armies or converting proselytisers thereafter. From within Hindus determined their own fate. It is therefore only from within that the undermining can be brought to an end and India can be made whole – first in the subtle dimension of her energy body; then, with that new and re-vitalised foundation, wholeness will automatically be extended to all Akhand Bharat.

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