The Gnostic Circle – A New Language Of Unity

Part One

There have always been an elite group of people on Earth who were connected to the cosmic rhythms and harmonies, who understood that this Earth was the special place where the evolving soul would transform itself into the Divine spirit. Thea writes that the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built specifically as a place where initiation rites created a field of energy for the person who wanted to purify and prepare the body for this coming stage of transformation (Thea, The Gnostic Circle, 4th edition, ch 17). It functioned as a ‘sacred space’ for the initiation into knowledge and later where the gnostic being was laid to rest.

In India, the ancient Fathers also realized the need to preserve the Word, and compiled what has become known as the ‘Veda’ – Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. While Egypt made use of ‘space’ , i.e., massive monuments that could defy the passage of the aeons, in India, the preservation of the Sanatana Dharma in India was ‘through the human channel by virtue of an unbroken Line of Seers who had realized the truth of the way through the yogic  process described in those documents’ (Thea, The Third Way on Conscious Evolution, 2004).

 There was ‘esoteric’ knowledge for the Initiate, and ‘exoteric’, for the population at large. The knowledge that bound both groups and created an authentic community was the Divine Measure of the Year, the annual journey (traditionally called the ‘sacrifice’) through the tropical zodiac with its 12 periods or months of cosmic Time, opening with Mahavishuva on the March Equinox, and culminating the celebration in the 10th month, on the December Solstice, 21/22 December.

The same forces that decimated the Mystery Rites and Temples at Eleusis in 396 CE where once the Goddess had been worshipped for over 1500 years, turned their energies on India, the only surviving nation where that flame and thread remained unbroken. (Thea, Puranic Cosmology Updated, no. 18, 2010)

 Initiatic knowledge went underground, while above the surface the population was connected through the Myths. By the 6th century AD the degeneration in the subcontinent became so complete that it led to a ’deep sleep’; superstition would replace knowledge and very few people could connect to the real core of the Veda and ‘reconstruct society on its cosmic foundations’. (ibid).

However it is important to understand there is a ‘wisdom’ to the power that guides our journey: it was necessary to preserve the knowledge, otherwise it would have been completely destroyed but equally important, the ‘deep sleep’ allowed Time to do its work. At regular intervals , a process of ‘universalisation’ is called for and the knowledge must be ‘relived’ and ‘re-established’ in a more contemporary setting (See Themes 1 & 2). No longer is there a need for secrecy or elite knowledge for the few; an UPDATING is called for that draws all the people along.

Part Two

The Sphinx, resting before the Great Pyramid, gave the key to the Age when the sacred knowledge, would be recovered. It consists of two signs of the zodiac, the lion body refers to the Age of Leo when it was constructed 12,000 years ago, and the head of the figure to the Age of Aquarius (Man), when finally, in 1926, the sands covering the monument were removed and the message of the Sphinx (References, Theme Two) could be deciphered and made known.

And exactly as was indicated by this great ‘axis in time’ – at the onset of the Age, 1926 – Sri Aurobindo went into seclusion to begin a special phase of his yoga. Together with the Mother, his co-Worker they set about the task for re-establishment of the Dharma, to bring down the transformative power required for the endeavor. The vision of the next evolutionary stage, the leap from the mental to the Supramental, was known to the Rishis of old, Thea states, but it was not their objective to imprint this Truth Consciousness into the evolutionary matrix. (Thea, Open Letter to Swarajya, 2015). Nor was it the Time.

Soon after, there was a rise in those ‘forces’ entrenched in the old consciousness; it came with the threat of Nazism and World War II, in the early 1930’s. Thea quotes from a dialogue transcribed from the French, which is in the Mother’s Agenda (Volume 2, 1961): ‘… it came like that… That is why the war started: it was to halt the Work (the Evolutionary Yoga of Transformation). Because at that moment there was an extraordinary Descent of Supermind …What a DESCENT! It was exactly in 1939…’ (ibid)

Their special yoga was set aside for awhile, so Sri Aurobindo and the Mother could concentrate on these ‘forces’ at a time when the Earth was precariously balanced, at the start of the New Age. India was at the heart of it all. ‘How is it, Thea asks, that Hitler came to adopt the Swastika as his signature among all the symbols at his disposal to choose from? Or that the overall goal of his movement was to establish a superior race, the Aryans?’

The attack on Jews stemmed from an occult connection with India: Apart from usurping the Swastika, sacred to Ganesh, there is another: the symbol sacred to Judaism is the two interlaced triangles, as seen on the national flag of Israel. This is sacred to Kartikeya, the other son of Shiva. ‘These choices touched the heart and soul of the Veda…’. (Ibid).

These facts were part of the article cited above which Thea wrote in 2015, in response to a cover story in Swarajya magazine, written by economist, Anantha Nageswaran, entitled, ‘Enemies at the Gate’. She was stirred by his deep insights, and wanted to support them by facts gleaned from her Indo-centric Cosmology. She felt the dangers now faced in our world were similar to those that surrounded the Second World War, with India still at the centre.

However, now the stakes are higher; a much more subtle strategy is being used by anti-Dharmic forces, a last ditch effort to keep India submerged in a sea of ignorance and to deprive the Earth  of the Knowledge which the Dharma holds – that ‘perennial knowledge that had once thrived across the globe in pagan cultures’. Although scholars agree there is no way that Hinduism fits the category of religion, the strategy has successfully put Hinduism on a par with Abrahamic and exclusivist religions, which arose as late as in the Piscean Age (234 BCE to 1926 CE).

‘This has not only diluted Dharma, it hides and undermines the fact that India ‘has been entrusted with its survival; it is its only living and flourishing example’. (Ibid)

Part Three

‘Each nation is a Shakti or power of the evolving spirit in humanity and lives by the principle which it embodies. India is the Bharat Shakti, the living energy of a great spiritual conception, and fidelity to it is the very principle of her existence. For by its virtue alone she has been one of the immortal nations; this alone has been the secret of her amazing persistence and perpetual force of survival and revival.’ (Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India, CWSA, volume 20)

Sri Aurobindo’s words remain as stirring as ever. Eurocentrism is over; a true cosmic harmony is being unveiled, and it is Indocentric. The home of the new and luminous creation will be the Earth and it is India’s destiny to introduce that new order, the ‘Veda’. Thea describes the new movement as ‘planetary’ and uses our solar system as the model: no single planet in the system ‘has the right to hegemony’; it is the totality that matters, creating together a symphony of harmonies:

‘…the Earth’s own Dharma is to foster the Soul, to provide the field, unique in this System and perhaps in the entire galaxy where the Soul can be unveiled to play the role for the whole of humanity that it plays for each individual…’

‘The Earth herself is the chosen One… we incarnate here to help the Earth realise and fulfil her destiny – nothing more, nothing less. We hear the slogan service to the nation often enough. This is a call to serve the Earth, to help her fulfil her nobel task…’

‘…in this exercise India plays the role of the Sun in our Solar System. She is the Centre – not a superpower let it be clearly stated – but the unique soul-centre of the Earth, where the Supreme descends yuge – yuge to re-establish that which is eternally true.’ (ibid)

In this 9th Manifestation, with the descent of the Evolutionary Avatar and the Solar Line, the knowledge that was lost has been found; Thea’s Gnostic Circle is the vision and the symbol that encapsulates the Cosmic Truths that were preserved from the time of the Vedas. Its essence is the ‘cosmic year’ divided by the four Cardinal Directions of the Earth, the method is the same as the ancient ones used – the ‘journey’ as a family through the ecliptic of the 12 month year.

The special part of that journey was the 10th month, the Capricorn ‘initiation’ – one entered the mountain within oneself, to find one’s place in the Dharma. The Veda states it is in the tenth month that the warrior conquers the obstaces that Time has placed on the path.

To tap into these cosmic truths, to achieve ‘the victory of the 10th month’ either individually or collectively, we must use the same script left to us by the Ancient Ones, the Tropical Zodiac; only then do we experience the harmonies of the universe. The journey, known to the Rishis as ‘the Sacrifice’, is based on the four Cardinal Points of the Tropical Zodiac, our four seasons: the March Equinox, Cosmic Dawn, the June Solstice – Cosmic Midnight, the September Equinox – Cosmic Sunset and December Solstice, Cosmic Midday.

Thea calls these four landmarks ‘balancing pillars’ along the way of the journey: they are ‘unchanging, immutably positioned in time…and provide stability to the individual and the collectivity…’. Because of this stability we have the Sanatan Dharma. We follow the Vedic Path and are faithful to the Dharma of the Rishis. (Thea, Letters to an Enquirer on Celebrating the Makar Sankranti). There are no balancing and stable points out in the Sidereal Zodiac, only many points of light, no stable Zero Point.

 The Gnostic Circle (4th ed. 2020) is that ‘supreme mandala’ and by the study of its wisdom we can understand the evolution of our mental race to a finer and higher expression of itself, a totally new manifestation – the Supramental (see REFERENCES for study guide). The Cosmic Script on how this is accomplished, is once again revealed in Thea’s The Magical Carousel and Commentaries (2nd ed, 2017). She describes this zodiacal journey as ‘the new myth for this new Age of Aquarius’, and uses the form of storytelling to convey a powerful message. The 12 part tropical zodiac is one whole circle and each of the 12 ‘lands’ or astrological signs through which the two young children travel is a part of a long journey, each sign a stage in the individual and earth evolution.

The myth is also an autobiography. The two travelers are the third and fourth in the Solar Line (of Sri Aurobindo), it is their ‘pioneering journey to the sun’ as they break through the forces of inertia and stagnation to reach their goal in each sign-land.  It is particularly tough-going in the 8th, Scorpioland. No one had ever journeyed through the last three signs of the Zodiac: no one had completed the full 12 stage journey including the new territory of Capricornland, Aquariusland and Piscesland.

Thea is surprised that no one has yet seen that the Rig Vedic journey is a ‘zodiacal odyssey’ – the cosmology is the same (Thea, Commentaries, The Magical Carousel, ch.viii, p. 198). The central figure, or the chief protagonist, in both, is our year of 12 months. In the Rig Veda, the leader of the march, ‘the sacrifice’, is Agni, who carries the ‘solar seeds’ as they move through the evolution of Time, forward and upward (ibid) through the four planes of consciousness, toward Immortality. In the Magical Carousel, the evolutionary avatar, as children, draws aside veil after veil and shows that the Veda is alive and as active today as it was centuries ago.

Thea describes the initial experience of the journey as ‘Cosmic Dawn’, opened by Aries, the first fire sign (Thea, The Power of the One  – an Excerpt from The New Way 3, ch. 18,  The Vishaal Newsletter, volume 1, no. 1). The early rays of the morning sun, burst into our consciousness as a dazzling display of chaotic energy at the moment of birth. ‘This is our inner Dawn’, it must be made into a cosmos in the course of our unfolding lives.

Soon the struggle begins, the dawn rays of light and ‘truth-consciousness’ are coveted and stolen by the ‘dark forces’ and the journey enters the second period of cosmic time, known as ‘Cosmic Midnight’, opened by the zodiacal sign Cancer, a water sign.

For the Rishi, these rays, ‘precious offspring of the sun’, can symbolise both solar rays or rays of ‘truth-consciousness’. Being highly valued they are hoarded and hidden by the ‘panis’. In this cosmic darkness, one must find the inner light, the soul, that is the ‘seed’ experience that allows the journey to move on with purpose toward unveiling within oneself, the Divine One.

This is the first half of the 12 month journey which started with Aries; the traveler is very far away from the light of the Sun (see graphic below). If the march is to go forward a real plunge inward is required as it is not possible to traverse the second half without a union with or an intercession from the Divine. In the sign of Libra, the sign of yoga, our receptivity to that Divine One pulls down the critical help we need in this third quarter, Cosmic Sunset.

The Rig Vedic myth and the new myth, The Magical Carousel, both portray clearly the aim of the dark forces; they want to halt the movement at the 8th stage of the journey, Scorpio, sign of Death (The Magical Carousel, Ibid). In Scorpioland the children confront inhabitants who are ‘drugged’ and ignorant, made unconscious by an accumulation of poisonous energies. The Scorpion’s poisonous stinger must be cut.

And in the Rig Veda, the ‘unconsciouness’ of the 8th stage of the journey is similarly described: the stolen rays of light (of knowledge) have been ‘penned-in’ by the hostile forces, the ‘titans’; they await the release of ‘the fallen Sun’ by the Gods, who know that it is the ‘birthright of sons and daughters of the Earth to complete the full 12 stage journey’, to make the breakthrough and go beyond Death. (Thea, Simultaneity, Destiny and the Magical Carousel).

The student can begin to see how  the journey of The Magical Carousel is the Rig Vedic Journey. The Earth is the Centre of the experience as she turns her four faces (seasons) to the Sun, through four periods of Time. Cosmic Midday opens the final quarter, with Capricorn (an ‘earth’ sign), the mountain, 10th sign of the zodiac, as the true destination of the Aryan warrior. It is here the Divine One is revealed under the full rays of the midday sun. Thea summarises the experience in this way:

‘The Rishis left their glorious hymns to give us a ‘taste’ of what is to come,… the transformation of humankind into a divine species was intuited by them to be on this Earth and not elsewhere, and this is the grand cosmology we inherit from them’ (Thea, The New Way 3, ch. 18, The Power of the One).

Part Four

The Supramental Descent holds the possibilities for new solutions. However accepting a new paradigm and its demands is never easy. The critical part of the journey, the 8th, Scorpioland, is a very real part of our daily experience of life in this 21st century. Thea describes the accumulated poisonous energies of this stage of the journey as the ‘Whore of Babylon’: ‘…we stand before her gaping mouth hypnotized by her might and ready to be consumed…food for her insatiable appetite’.(ibid)

 Thea reminds us, ‘the Whore is not isolated’. She is a ‘collective karmic web’ made up of millions of people, societies and institutions around the world who all sustain and consolidate the old consciousness, the dying world. A tight conspiracy holds it all together to obstruct change (from Thea’s Journal). The Whore is a part of the whole and the enormous power of her accumulated energies of the past, her inertia, must be transformed because it is she who provides the fuel for acceleration. She serves the new creation, the rise to the ‘Capricorn’ summit. The problem to be faced is that a new world must arise, amidst the old, uncontaminated by its decay. How can that happen in an orderly and controlled way? How can we contribute to the rise of the new, all the while we live in the old creation.

Diti and Aditi – both part of the Whole

‘It is a cosmological process we are living,’ Thea writes, we are talking about Time and the unfolding of a new consciousness: Time creates, Time restrains, and Time releases (The Power of the One,  op cit). The Earth and her people move steadily together toward Capricornland – toward that fourth quarter, where under the midday sun an inner alchemy will be experienced, and our lives will become divine. Because we are in the 9th Manifestation (see themes 1 and 2), the descent of the Supramental Avatar of this Age brings an acceleration of energies. During this ‘crossroad’ – this time of acceleration – Thea gives the student her insights and tells how take advantage of the moment and participate (From Thea’s Journal, The Vishaal Newsletter, volume 1, no. 1):

 First, ‘clear seeing’, i.e., fearlessly look at all aspects of society and recognize how all contribute to prevent change. It is easy to see and judge the ‘negative’ parts, far more difficult to recognize how the ‘good’ and the ‘noble’ are part of this web of the ‘whore of Babylon’.  Second, acquire knowledge about this new ‘seed of consciousness’, known as The New Way. Knowledge about the journey, or the process of transformation described in this Theme, is a precious gift. Third, see that the old is crumbling before your eyes, despite appearances, and avoid a sense of helplessness by contributing your energies to The New Way. In the Preamble  to her first and second volume, we find Thea’s prayer:

‘Let each person see the cause within himself for the suffering and the agony of his Earth. Let him understand that the division in his being is productive of a division within his society. Let him heal this division, and then come to the new way in the collective body – that of true collaboration in a life of harmony, of positive growth and of all that is true and good and real…’ (The New Way, 1 & 2)


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References: The Gnostic Circle

Thea, Open Letter to the Editor of Swarajya, 14 May 2015.

Anantha Nageswaran insightfully wrote that it may take ‘several generations for a millennium of slavish thinking to be shed. The risk is that the idea of India may be…buried before that happens, with its potential and promise remaining unfulfilled. Thea affirms the authors ideas and takes up his (idea of India) from a cosmological perspective period.

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Thea, THE THIRD WAY on Conscious Evolution, 30 June 2004.

A Great Sleep moved across the globe centuries ago, Thea explains; it overtook the East as well as West. Wisemen understood what was to come and they did their best to preserve the WORD. In the East the compilation became known as the Veda; in the West, the preservation, for reasons unknown, were in stone. ‘The mysterious sphinx was installed as a companion to the mighty Pyramid; it was necessary to leave a sample of the language of the celestial harmonies…’

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Puranic Cosmology Updated, no. 18, February – June 2010.

‘…The difficulty lies in the fact that if we discuss the cosmic backdrop of that foundation, its so-called pagan identity surfaces immediately, which exclusivist religions of the Piscean Age have rejected as somehow evil and ungodly. Or else we have Indian culture which still clings to its pagan moorings but in a distorted fashion because of the loss of the Divine Measure, and overburdened as it is by the weight of an intolerable ignorance. Indeed, at the root of the conundrum lies the Feminine Principle.

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Simultaneity, Destiny and ‘The Magical Carousel’, Parts 1-9, February 2007.

‘…The horoscope – which is the condition of the heavens converging on an individual born on Earth at a particular isolated moment – is not simply uni-dimensional; that is, a flat horizontal plane like the first floor plan of the Mother’s Chamber. Contained within that singular moment frozen in time through the infant’s first breath is a vertical dimension. That vertical element is how imprinting is done; when it meets the breath of the infant through which it makes contact on the material plane, localised in that frozen moment and stamped on the aether…’

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The Power of the One, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 1 No 1, April 1986.

‘The quantity of energy Diti hoards at present is thus more formidable than ever before. It is such that, by the universal character of the movement the Earth now fosters, it can annihilate the entire planet. But what does this show us? It reveals to one who sees the full scenario and perceives the true roles of all the actors that it is precisely this factor of unprecedented destructive power which indicates, more than any other aspect of our twentieth-century life that the time of the new way has come. And that the new creation being fostered by all powers – the dark no less than the light – is a child divine, herald of a race of supramental beings.’

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From Thea’s Journal, ‘How Then is The work to be done… The prophecies fullfilled ?’ The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 1 No 1, April 1986.

‘The key lies in clear-seeing and knowledge. Knowledge tells us, shows us the roots of the problem and reveals the real mechanism whereby a collective karmic web is sustained. We see that each human being contributes his/her part to keep that web alive and thriving. Therefore we know that nothing of that web will change, because to change one part means to change the entire web, which is impossible since all the constituents are precisely the perpetrators of the web: each supports the other, fortifies the other’s stance, consolidates the hold the web exerts.’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 1 (of 6), The Horse as an example in the Gnostic Circle application, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 7 No 5, December 1992.

‘The Gnostic Circle is the combination of two divisions of the 360° circle – into 9 and 12 parts superimposed. The former are the 9 orbits extending from the 0/Sun. The 12-part division is the circle of the ecliptic, or the horizontal base of the 12 zodiacal signs… The essential difference between the Gnostic Circle and traditional astrology is thus the vision of wholeness it inspires. In traditional astrology the signs are taken as separate stages and are usually viewed linearly, or disconnected from each other.’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 2 (of 6), The Horse as an example in the Gnostic Circle application, Volume 7 No 5, December 1992.

‘…A central part of this age-old tradition is the knowledge of the Ten Avatars. It is interesting to note that the tenth or last in the Line is none other than Kalki, the ‘horse’ Avatar. For not only is the manifestation represented as a man astride a white horse with sword in hand, there are even more powerful depictions where the Avatar himself is the Horse, as the figure following demonstrates. Kalki in fact is an appearance of our very Age. We are in the period of Kalki whose birth sign is precisely Sagittarius, the sign of the Horse…’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 3 (of 6), The Horse as an Example in the Gnostic Circle Application, Volume 9, No 4, October 1994.

‘…(This) however, help the student to understand the intricate difficulties we have faced in seeking to carry forward the banner of this new and exciting yoga, in the world, of it, but not contaminated by the old. That we were obliged to make use of that very field and no other indicates that the time has come to expand the truth-conscious ‘seed’ at the heart of their work and slowly, gradually, organically and in stages, infiltrate the field beyond.’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 4 (of 6), The Horse as an Example in the Gnostic Circle Application, Volume 9, No 6, February 1995.

‘…The Horse is the key protagonist because, as the Rigveda describes, this is Usha’s carrier – the Divine Dawn. As we move into a new Dawn, we do so with Agni in the form of the Horse illuminating our way into this new future.
We must therefore present the minute details of our story because almost each and every detail becomes a piece in the extraordinary mosaic the Shakti created as a first detailed testimony of her actions on Earth involving a group of individuals and not simply one person… Everything we know, see, do on this planet is impelled by the ego through a species in orbit of a Void.’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 5 (of 6), The Horse as an Example in the Gnostic Circle Application, Volume 10, NO 1, April 1995.

‘…the fillies by their dates of birth covered the three energy flows: F1 as rajas or cardinal; F2 as tamas or mutable; and F3 as sattva or fixed. Their positions are indicated in this illustration. Left out, it can be noted, are the remaining three signs of the higher hemisphere, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. Interestingly, and true to the exactitude of this new cosmology, owner, trainer and jockey, by their birthdates, do indeed complete this zodiacal/Gnostic Circle mosaic with trainer born in Scorpio, jockey in Sagittarius, and owner in Capricorn.’

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Vedic Symbol of the Universe, Part 6 (of 6), The Horse as an Example in the Gnostic Circle Application, Volume 9, No 6, February 1995.

‘This is all a play of Energy. A void means a vacuum, a hole, an empty space, – i.e., without the support of that ‘release’. The ‘pillar’ or Skambha we write of is simply aligned energy resulting from a perfect intersection of cosmic directions on the basis of a true centre. This is the Axis, the Pillar of the universe, indeed – axis mundi. All of this is captured in the Vedic references to Agni, as the One, as pillar, as navel of the world.’

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Video Series -The Language of the Soul – Myth in the Age of Supermind

The Magical Carousel is my favorite book, I wrote it while living in the West, practicing as an astrologer. I had no connection to Eastern philosophies or to the Rig Veda.
I had the idea of writing a tale to convey my perception of Astrology, the unity of all the twelve signs. And I discovered that this is the very bedrock of the Rig Veda, in fact, they call it the journey, although this is not understood. My book became the contemporary version of the Rig Veda.

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Letters to an Enquirer on Celebrating Makar Sankranti, November 2006.

Thea instructs a student on the three steps to take to correctly celebrate Makar Sankranti. Step One – Reorient your consciousness and bring it into alignment with the Vedic Seers, Step Two – Celebrate the Makar Sankranti on the correct date, the December Solstice, when the Light begins to increase and illumine the Earth once again, and Step Three – Join in spirit the collective Hindu Samaj who simultaneously all celebrate together entry of the Sun into Capricorn, the 10th month of Victory.

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The Importance of the Makar Sankranti in Hindu Calendar Reform – Part One, 24-26 December 2010.

Thea presented this paper at the First National Conference on Hindu Calendar Reform in 2010, held at Tirumala. In Part One she presents a foundation for why a Calendar based on the fourfold balance of the Equinoxes and Solstices, the measure of our Earth year, is so important: ‘Forging a connection with that eternal Constant is the single most important objective of a cosmic- based civilisation (such as India). By inference, to lose that connection would mean the disintegration of that eternal dharma which the cosmic harmony describes so accurately for India, unique among all other nations’.

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