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The Magical Carousel is my favorite book, I wrote it while living in the West, practicing as an astrologer. I had no connection to Eastern philosophies or to the Rig Veda.

I had the idea of writing a tale to convey my perception of Astrology, the unity of all the twelve signs. And I discovered that this is the very bedrock of the Rig Veda, in fact, they call it the journey, although this is not understood. My book became the contemporary version of the Rig Veda.

First, the Sun is the central symbol in Rig Vedic mysticism, and so too is it central to this myth of the Magical Carousel. The children begin their journey to Saturn,  but unexpectedly they arrive on the Sun. The tale became prophetic in that finally, I came to India, and came upon Sri Aurobindo’s work and realized what I had written.

Chapter 11, Aquariusland, describes happenings of today. It is taking place in the subtle plane, which is above our earthly physical plane – a plane that influences events here on Earth. You need to be in ta certain consciousness to understand Chapter 11, i.e., you need to accept the law of equivalency which states, As ABOVE, so BELOW, or the Macrocosm is the Microcosm.

The two children are lifted from the Capricorn mountain, by an enormous gust of wind and they are dropped into the centre of the Tornado. They are in the water jug, a symbol of Aquarius, and they hear the wailing of the Earth outside them and can do nothing about it.  (Thea reads that portion of the text aloud and then comments on it).

They meet  The Speaker, who announces to the group that all foundations must be shaken, this will cause pain and panic… but it is a new world being formed, which has no relation to the old world.

There are many workshops in Aquariusland where cosmic currents are being prepared and poured into the ethers, just when the time is ripe. The Water Carrier pours these comic currents into the universe, and that is exactly what is happening now. The whole Earth is  being influenced by these cosmic currents from the subtle plane above the Earth – because there is only ONE movement  that is sweeping across the Earth, affecting each nation in different ways. Now, there are a lot of books being written; many people are trying to find meaning in the perplexing circumstances of today’s world,  but what I am trying to convey in The Magical Carousel in particular is: what is the purpose of the breakdown and where are we going.

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