The Earth-Calendar 2022

An Earth Meditation

Inspired by Thea’s article, Simultaneity, Destiny & the Magical Carousel (1)

At the time of your birth on Earth, with your first indrawn breath, there is a convergence from the cosmic surround onto the centre of your being… with your first exhalation of breath, a pulsating rhythm connects you to the pulse of the sun. Time – your destiny – begins to unfold and you join the grand universal mosaic, the family of Earth all taking the same yearly journey on the ecliptic, the path around the Sun…

 The Tropical Zodiac lies on the ecliptic path – all twelve signs are imprinted simultaneously at that first breath; our day and night of 24 hours, the four seasons, the four directions of the Earth – all become deeply ingrained in our biological clock…

 Our Soul-centre holds all this, we are linked to the Sun like a ladder of consciousness with many steps. This Centre or soul remains veiled in most people; to science it does not exist. But our Vedic forefathers knew about this imprinting – they heard and saw this sound, this pulsation, and they never forgot it…

 This earth-imprint is like a negative waiting to be developed; at critical points a door opens, you begin to see. You identify with THAT (imprint) and begin the journey – a search for your soul.


As the Sun enters Capricorn on this 21 December Solstice, the Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom celebrates Makar Sankranti by presenting The Earth Calendar – 2022.
Our goal is to present the calendar year as a  journey taken by earth-family  as they travel round the Sun, through the path of the ecliptic, balanced on its four Cardinal Poles, pointing to the directions, north, east, south, west. These correspond to the four major divisions of the Zodiac  – 0 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (2).

The four Cardinal Poles are the Equinoxes of equal days and nights, and the Solstices of unequal measure – together they provide our structure of the four seasons of the earth (ibid).
An ellipse divided into four parts replaces the usual calendar graphic to convey the actual physical structure of our planet and the cosmic movements  earth-family takes as it journeys  from one Cardinal Pole to the next, in a harmonious dynamic way.

This journey – this grand mosaic of cosmic time – is hidden within each of us, waiting to be  unveiled; at a certain critical point a door opens, we identify with our birth imprint and begin the journey, – the search for our soul.
For all ancient civilisations, particularly  India, ‘the journey’ was central; calendars were organized to bring the community together around one common endeavor, to travel in a conscious and purposeful way to achieve their dharma. The Calendar became a tool to allow a diversity of expressions for both individual and community, while at the same time to carry them into the greater Harmony of the cosmos (3).

Although disconnected from one another, these early civilisations experienced a vision of oneness because they made use of the same tool –  the Earth circle of 360 degrees divided by the four seasonal rhythms. This allowed them to speak with one voice, that of Cosmic Truth (ibid).

The tropical zodiac, whole and entire, was seen by the Rishi as a cosmic script, a map of evolution that laid out the stages to a divine life, here on earth.  We may think the ancients were ignorant about scientific knowledge, but Thea states that our Vedic forefathers possessed intimate knowledge of the harmony of the heavenly spheres. They were aware of the inner journey: ‘the plunge into the depth of the soul revealed to them its workings and hence the workings of the physical cosmos’ (4). For them there was no difference, no separation between the cosmos and themselves:  as above, so below, as within, so without.

This vision of unity and oneness was lost during the dark age following Sri Krishna’s passing. A ‘great sleep’ swept across the earth hiding  our purpose for taking birth on Earth and covered Earth’s unique destiny in our solar system. The divide between spirit and matter, unknown in ancient civilisations, continues and accelerates, as scientific technology takes us closer to the abyss. Not only science but spirituality as well – both Eastern and Western philosophic systems have disregarded the foundation and purpose for our Earth journey. Our planet is viewed as a springboard for a better place after death, or it is denied its soul, believed to be an ‘illusion’ (5)

With the coming of  Sri Aurobindo, the 9th Evolutionary Avatar, Earth herself has reached a critical point. Under the harmonious rays of Aquarius, the sign of ‘universal transformation’, Earth is giving birth to a higher evolutionary stage of Consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo calls the Supramental. There is an awakening of consciousness, an unveiling of Earth’s destiny: birth on Earth is not a punishment or a fall from grace, rather it is the destined place where the transformation from the mental to the Supramental consciousness becomes possible.


Scientific theories discuss the inevitable collapse of matter, or the running out of Time, but the descent of the Supramental consciousness comes with a new vision and a new language; It renders the separation between matter and spirit obsolete. Thea’s cosmology of The New Way defines our whole Earth as ‘a field for the play of consciousness’ – that which we call ‘the Timeless’ or ‘the Formless’- by its own power, manifests itself in our cosmos as both Time and Form (6).
The organization of Time into its periods of days, months and years thus comes into being; this ordering is accomplished by Calendars, in consonance with the cosmic harmonies (ibid). This is stated simply in the Earth Meditation above: at the time of our birth, we connect to a ‘pulsating rhythm’, and our destiny, or our time on Earth begins to unfold.
This ‘field of consciousness’ does not become exhausted. It is in a state of constant renewal, and in fact, the purpose of evolution of our species is to create an ever more perfect form for the indwelling spirit (ibid).


The Earth Calendar – 2022 is not The Gnostic Circle, i.e., Thea developed The Gnostic Circle as an aid to the person engaged in integral yoga, to an ‘initiate’ on the path of The New Way (, theme six). The Earth Calendar is, rather, a tool that can help one grow into The Gnostic Circle.


The Earth Calendar – 2022 combines two cycles of time within the 12-month journey, each significant in its own way, each having its own starting date. January 1 is the opening date of the year that we are all familiar with, the calendar which organises civil activities for most people around the world. The four Cardinal pillars demarcating each of the four seasons is honored in this cycle.` The other cycle – the Cosmic Year of Time is based on the 12 zodiacal signs – starting with zero degrees Aries, the first sign of the Tropical Zodiac. In the coming year, 20 March is the starting date.


The Earth Calendar – 2022 is, in fact, the Gregorian Calendar used in most of the world. It is not Christian but pagan in origin, i.e., in 1582, to ‘adjust for the drift in the solar year’ Pope Gregory made a minor modification to the calendar implemented by Julius Caesar in 46 BCE. (Wikipedia). Thea holds it to be deeply significant that after such a long period of time, some 439 years, our Earth-family follows a Universal Calendar that faithfully reproduces the fourfold cosmic harmonies of our Solar System (7).


The Sun, as defined by Thea, is ‘the supreme symbol of the Eye that Sees, the Divine Consciousness… the upholding power that spurs the march of evolution and sustains the entire creation’ (8). As our Earth rotates on her axis through the ecliptic path, balanced on the four Cardinal Poles/Pillars, she tilts and turns, exposing her four faces to the Sun. These fourfold cosmic rhythms, or movements, become a cosmic dance between our planet and her Solar luminary, with Earth manifesting the light of the Sun in a different way each season.
The fact that the Earth’s orbit around the Sun does not form a circle, but an ellipse, helps the student see the cosmic dance in a new way: to see the correspondences between the annual journey the earth takes as she orbits the Sun and the life journey we each undertake in search of our soul, our purpose for birth on Earth. Thea’s symbol of Earth’s journey (below) became our inspiration for Earth Calendar 2022.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) Symbols and the Question of Unity, 2nd ed, 2021, p. 18

The Cosmic Year opens with Cosmic Dawn at the Vernal Equinox (0 degrees Aries) on 20 March, when day and night are equal. The Earth family participates in the great dance of Shiva to create a cosmos from this initial chaotic burst of solar energy. However, our birth on Earth begins a separation process, our entry into material creation puts out the divine light of the Sun temporarily.

We take our life-journey to find our purpose, to awaken us individually and collectively. Although our eyes may be open, our consciousness is asleep, it takes awhile to become aware of the true reality which surrounds us. Cosmic Dawn does not lead directly to the fullness of the light of Cosmic MIdday. Instead, our Earth swings away from the light of her Sun, toward Cancer – 21 June; she is her farthest distance away (aphelion), and this period of time is called Cosmic Midnight. It is the dark night of our life-journey where we give birth to our soul, which remains hidden by the protective veils of the ego.

The Earth leaves the darkness, and moves upward toward the sun, toward Libra, the sign of awakening consciousness. It is Cosmic Sunset, 21 September, and we see the mellow rays of the sun once more. As the earth and her family emerge into the light again; there is anticipation and hope of a greater light to come. This is the time in the life-journey when people must awaken to their purpose for taking birth on Earth – to see and understand the evolutionary journey of which they are a part.

The yearly journey culminates on the December Solstice, Makar Sankranti, as the Sun enters Capricorn. It is Cosmic Midday, the Sun’s highest point. Earth is closest physically (perihelion) to the Sun, and she enjoys the midday rays of the Sun unveiling her full perfection. Thea calls the person who completes the full journey, a ‘warrior’, for within them a new divine Purpose is implanted.


This upward movement of the earth-family through the Cosmic Year of Time (above) implies a process, a progression toward a goal. Thea captures the fullness of this 12 stage journey through the ecliptic – she calls it a ‘pilgrimage’ – in The Magical Carousel and Commentaries (9). The 8th stage of the journey (in Scorpioland) is critical because we must unblock the stagnant waters of Scorpio in order to complete the journey (there are four more lands to travel (Sagittariusland, Capricorland, Aquariusland and Piscesland). And the full journey must be completed, here on Earth. No place else.


Thea describes this pioneering journey of the soul’s release from the powers of ignorance to the traditional alchemical process. As described in Mediaeval times there were four stages in the turning of lead to gold: reddening, blackening, yellowing and whitening (ibid, p 202). Each quarter of Earth Calendar 2022 is coloured similarly from red (Dawn) to black (Midnight) to yellow (Sunset) to white (Midday) to graphically indicate this transformational process. (See End Notes).

Completing the full Journey– Makar Sankranti

‘Certain eternal worlds are these which have come into being,
their doors are shut to you (or opened) by the months and the years;
without effort one (world) moves into the other,
and it is these that Brahmanaspati has made manifest to knowledge.’ (RV II, 24-5)_

The verse above makes it obvious that to regulate and organize the flow of time, by a Calendar, was central to the enlightened Vedic society. In other verses, the Rishis sang praises to the seasons and to the periods of our 24 hour day, such as the dawn and the night, and to the basic elements of fire, earth, air and water – ‘which Time uses to give form to consciousness’ (10).

Although the Hindu civilization has an abiding faith in the cosmic harmonies – her music, culture, dance, temples, architecture, all arose from a perception of this oneness and unity — Hinduism began a slow and steady decline from the Vedic ideals when the December Solstice and the Makar Sankranti were separated (11). As the Vedic light dimmed, no longer was the ecliptic balanced on the four pillars of Equinoxes and Solstices – the foundation of the society. For the ancient seers the goal of ‘the journey’ was an earth-based SWAR, but from about 500 BCE onward, the Earth’s own Divine Measure was lost, and realisation was projected out into ‘a beyond – a ‘heaven’, or it was completely denied as ‘illusion’ or unreal.

Pundits continue to ignore the earth’s ecliptic path. To measure festival timings they continue to use the Nakshatras in the constellations rather than the zodical path demarcated by Earth’s four cardinal poles. The distance is far away from Earth and the result is a cacophany of different starting dates for the Earth journey. Aries is presently celebrated on 13/14 April instead of on the Vernal Equinox of 20 March. The culmination of the journey, Makar Sankranti, is separated from the December Solstice and celebrated 23 days late as well – on 14/15 January.

East or West – we no longer see the December Solstice as the highlight of our yearly journey, we no longer see the correspondences between the Earth’s cosmic journey and our inner journey in search for our soul. Like a rudderless ship, we are so busy conducting our daily affairs that our Divine Purpose for taking birth on earth has been forgotten.

Summary: The MRVW offers The Earth Calendar – 2022 not simply as a time-keeping device; we hope it to be a symbol for the unveiling of Earth’s purpose in her annual journey round her Sun – to remind us that we are a race in transition, a higher Truth is evolving within us. Earth, in fact, is the place where the process unfolds, where the Light of our Higher Being can increasingly manifest in us.


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End Notes

The Zodiac is a belt of 9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic path – not to be confused with the Constellations of similar names, beginning always at the vernal equinox, 0 degrees Aries, about March 21st . (The Magical Carousel & Commentaries, p 212)

The Sun enters Aries:

Cosmic Dawn opens with Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars, planet of energy and vital force; it is related to Spirit -the first creative impact of the season, with direction and impulse. (TMC, p 112) 

The Sun enters Taurus 

The Spirit of Aries quickens matter, awakening inherent life. Taurus, related to material creation, is an Earth sign, ruled by Venus, feminine and of fixed energy with a steady flow. (TMC, 112). 

Sun enters Gemini 

Gemini is related to Mind, ruled by Mercury, masculine, and of mutable energy – the wavering, unsteady flow of end season, sensitive and changeful but without force or direction. (TMC, 112) 

Sun enters Cancer 

The Divine spark (of Aries) becomes imprisoned in the density of matter, initiating the gestation of the Soul, protected by the veils of ego. Cancer, feminine, is ruled by the Moon (TMC, 113)

The Sun enters Leo 

Leo ruled by the Sun is a fire sign, fixed energy quality; it is the true soul which sustains and upholds the Play of creation, the active centre of light illuminating all (TMC, 115 )

 The Sun enters Virgo 

In Virgo, an earth sign, ruled by Mercury, the body (our vehicle in this stage of evolution) is conscious of its potential, its need to return to an original stage of purity – ‘New Born’ (TMC,116) 

Sun enters Libra

Libra, air sign, masculine, ruled by Venus, opens Cosmic Sunset: sign of union or yoga, the soul’s emergence into the Light again moving beyond the hold of Mind toward the Supramental harmony (TMC, 117) 

Sun enters Scorpio 

Stagnant waters of Scorpio (fixed sign), blocked by the un-regenerated energy of Mars, its ruling planet, are awakened from the inertia of lower vital nature to unveil the divinity within (TMC, 119) 

Sun enters Sagittarius 

The liberated Mars of Sagittarius (of mutable energy), takes humanity to the borderline, the journey becomes luminated by Higher Mind, leading to the realms of the Supramental (TMC, 121) 

Sun enters Capricorn 

The bonds of ego created in Cancer are loosened in Capricorn (earth sign, Cardinal), higher mind has forged a unity with all and humanity experiences its true ‘swadharma’ (TMC,123) 

Sun enters Aquarius

Aquarius is the descending force which flows into receptive vehicles, the marriage of Shiva and Shakti which brings forth the Divine Child, the new race (TMC, 127)

 Sun enters Pisces

Pisces is the final stage of the journey, a complete dissolution into the waters of the Divine Mother to experience her true essence, her nature of Love ( TMC, 128).