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Thea, Partition of India, its cause, its purpose, Part Three, An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology 3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009

An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology
3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009

Parts One and Two have laid the foundation for our discussion which is an entirely different approach than that of all scholars on the subject of Partition. None have been able or equipped to assess that supremely important event on its own terms. Rather, attempts constantly are made to force assessments into the confinements of one contemporary discipline or another. None have been able to accept not only Partition but the entire evolution of consciousness on the subcontinent on the backdrop of cosmic harmonies as this analysis is doing. If Indians pride themselves on having a culture that stretches back thousands of years without any disruption and as being unique on the planet, at the same time it must be accepted that the cosmic harmony in its being is the same today as it was at the onset of the civilisation’s development. Similar to an individual’s natal horoscope there was a point in time when the ‘seed’ of Vedic culture was planted – its ‘first breath’ as it were. But in dealing with large cycles that ‘breath’ was perhaps an entire astrological age. Nonetheless the formula remains the same because of the Vedic Laws of Correspondences. The record of this ‘seeding’ has been preserved in the revelation of Vishnu’s Ten Avatars.

Indeed, this is the glory of the Vedic Way: it alone among all the known paths and philosophical postulations accepts the Becoming of that Being – which would be the state of those cosmic harmonies today, but ever connected to that root of its Being. Consequently, if we are to make sense of the partition of the Mother’s Body, we must use that same cosmos for the answers we seek. No other method will suffice, as, it is hoped, this analysis will prove.

The Vedic Rishis left us precise keys by which we can understand the destiny of Akhand Bharat. The Vedic formula for the purpose has now been disclosed in its full form in the Hymns and subsequently applied to India’s contemporary history; it need not be repeated here [see Secrets of the Earth, Aeon Books, 2009]. The point to be emphasised is that the hand of Mahakala lays over this civilisation and demands that there be no deviation from what was contained at the origin, compressed into seed form, and gradually unfolding from that compaction of Time itself according to its inherent rhythms and patterns of destiny. Thus, if we wish to know the hidden destiny of India we must experience Mahakala according to his terms of Being (seed) and Becoming (unfolding of that Seed) and no others. None have approached the problems India faces on His terms. Through this analysis that is just what we seek to do.

However, we know from the Gita that the lived experience of Mahakala is difficult to bear, though as instruments of evolution unknowingly we do serve Mahakala well. From the Epic of the last Avatar, the 8th, we know that the mighty warrior Arjun, though seeking a direct experience, could not bear even just the vision of this most demanding of all the Powers, let alone to consciously play out his harmonies in Earth time. But the Gita left us with this formidable key that can open the door to the 9th Manifestation after Sri Krishna’s 8th, when it would be the task of that 9th to cement in the evolution of Vedic civilisation precisely those applicable cosmic formulas that would allow conscious participation. – i.e., the ability to experience Mahakala in his fullest expression as regent over the 9th Manifestation, through the incarnation of his most complete Power in the 9th Avatar, – in our very times.

Mahakala is the most exacting Power of all the Gods in the Vedic/Hindu pantheon. To be borne in mind is that as the Great Time it is only when that universal property is embraced – unlike Arjun’s reticence – that the deeds of the 9th can be understood and consciously integrated in one’s experience of life. During the Age of Pisces (234 BCE-1926 CE) all religions and spiritual paths have hammered into the human consciousness the Lie of Escape and hence rejection of time, and even of space, as the field of both the labour as well as the enjoyment of the supreme Victory. Thus, before all else the unenviable task of the 9th Avatar has been to reverse that trend and to reconnect contemporary India to its Vedic roots once more.

This has been impeccably accomplished [see The New Way, Volumes 1, 2, & 3, Aeon Books]. At this stage of the process it is now possible for others to be allowed entry into Mahakala’s secret ‘chamber’ and to discover his most exacting cosmic Formula, without which no sense can be made of Bharat’s ‘history’. This is written in the cosmos, even as it was of old, in its being and above all its becoming; indeed, because it is so the civilisation of the subcontinent has escaped the fossilisation that grips all religions bequeathed to humanity from the last Age of Pisces. It is also this supramental reconciliation of Being and Becoming that has allowed us to pinpoint exactly what went wrong on the subcontinent to permit something so devastating as the dismembering of Mother India; and also to learn of Mahakala’s applicable Vedic formulas to heal this still oozing wound that is Partition.

This analysis of Partition until now has emphasised the futility of seeking to lay blame on one individual or another for its occurrence, as the current debate reveals. Every historian and political analyst has an ‘opinion’ on the matter. But none have accepted the terms Mahakala himself has set for a true comprehension. None have been able to rise above individual, party and ideological preferences to view the unfolding of events on Indian soil as arising from the ever-renewing play of circumstances, the totality of which throws up periodically this ‘leader’ or that, according to the needs of the hour, as determined by that totality for the fulfilment of what was contained in the seed of Vedic Civilisation. Similar to physicists who seek to come to a firm conclusion on the origins of our universe, the only way to understand the destiny of India is to penetrate the inner chamber of that Seed. In its nucleus we find the Great God who discloses its content to all those intrepid seekers who, like the Vedic Warriors of old, will not recoil from the demanding experience but rather accept Mahakala’s terms, undiluted and still the recognisable replenishing Source for every twist and turn in the play of circumstances of what is euphemistically known as ‘the history of India’.

To move along with the Time-Spirit analysers must cosmicise their perceptive faculties, step out of the box of contemporary disciplines which have little or nothing to do with the true and actual laws of the evolution of consciousness on the subcontinent. One must have the courage to state the obvious and recognise the torts that have been committed in the name of Secularism for example, nothing of which plays an intrinsic role in the destiny of Mother India. These are simply peripheral, auxiliary expressions along the way; yet we seek to enthrone them as the highest goals for contemporary Indian society, thereby missing the forest for the trees. Foremost of these accoutrements is without a doubt the modernised concept of secularism, at the altar of which the highest truths of Bharat’s destiny have been sacrificed; precisely a case of attempting to confine that destiny within the inadequate box of time-bound perceptions bereft of the sustaining eternal principles which constitute the core of Indianness. In effect, the tragedy of Partition is the fact that the only civilisation on Earth from the onset and throughout the Age of Pisces which could lay claim to being secular was the Vedic; it lay in the fact that in a movement totally contrary to that inherent ancient principle, the subcontinent came to be partitioned precisely on the basis of all things unsecular. Akhand Bharat had to suffer the humiliation of being packaged together with an exclusivism it had never known, and the Body of the Mother was thus torn asunder by forces that cast deep wounds right to her heart.

To be dismembered because of religious divides in a civilisation that had never known or accepted such intransigence was indeed a blow right to her most vital organ, to what had always been the core of Indianness and her most precious offering to the world. It is this ancient way of being that qualifies Bharat to be thecosmological centre of the Earth. No other nation can lay claim to this position; no other nation knows this depth and wideness of vision.

This is the reason for the wound that just will not heal. It was a blow struck at Bharat Mata’s most vital ‘organ’, her heart.

No religion in existence today can lay claim to being secular, though to suit the political discourse their spokespersons often mouth the terms acceptable to contemporary society. Orthodox, exclusivist religions can never be secular and precisely because Hinduism has ancient Vedic roots which cannot be equated with religion, it has always been inherently secular. It has in its long evolution granted umbrage to all beliefs, even those many and diverse expressions that form a part of her own multi-faceted firmament. But finally those waning forces of a former age, as an exit gift have left the Centre that is India with a certain unfinished business: India must eradicate the ills she inherited from former times and in the process liberate the Earth from this affliction that will not allow her to experience growth into the new age of unity and oneness.

Lamentably, to ‘secularise’ herself so as to conform to a modern definition India is being made to destroy that true Secularism deep within her being. The result of such an affront is visible in her dismembered condition. To become whole again India must re-find the ancient truths of her Being and allow them, uncontaminated and free of any distortion, to illumine her path ahead and to be the beacon for the entire Earth in the fulfilment of her destiny.

20 September 2009
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

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