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Thea, Partition of India, its cause, its purpose, Part Six, An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology 3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009

The cosmos harbours many wonders of which science knows only the surface layers. It contains harmonies that the human being intuits only when somehow the depths of the soul are touched. From there the truths of the collective psyche are transmitted across time and space in the language of the soul which is Myth. All ancient civilisations have left records of these psychic seeings, but none have survived into the present as sustaining pillars of the modern nations that came to replace the cultures of old. The one exception to the rule is India. Her Myths, together with the great Epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharat, hold treasures of knowledge precisely of those cosmic truths – as valid and vibrant today as ever they were.

It may be more accurate to state that contemporary Indian society validates those eternal truths in a manner never imagined possible. This fact deals a piercing blow to fundamentalist ideologies because it is not really the past – which fundamentalists revere – that legitimises the present. On the contrary. India is unique in that the contemporary unfolding of her destiny is the legitimacy required to prove that indeed there is an unbroken thread from the origin of Vedic culture, through the entire trajectory of the civilisation’s tumultuous history during the last Age of Pisces, with its residue of unhappy memories and schisms, to this new Age where that Golden Thread can now be uncovered and openly experienced as the binding axis of Bharat Mata.

In this series we have located the thread in the cosmic harmonies. But we have the same revelation in all the myths of India and, above all, in the Epics because they provide the record of the Incarnations of Vishnu. As emanations of the Time-Spirit they are the true Axis of the civilisation. Without their appearance yuge-yuge, the destiny of India could not be fulfilled.

Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac describing a month of the year that is considered especially auspicious. This is one example of contemporary history and tradition legitimising the key element of the ancient scriptures, stretching back to the oldest record of all. Thus, we scrutinise the Rig Veda to learn that indeed Capricorn is honoured among all the months/signs, with no less an attribute than to state that the victory of the Warrior who embarks upon the singular Journey the hymns describe (through the pathway of the Year) occurs in that 10th month, holiest of all. The Mahabharat itself opens on the very first day of that special month, and later records that the mighty Bhisma chose to exit this plane on no other day but that shortest day of the year, the Capricorn Solstice.

In the contemporary culture of Indian society this very same day continues to be honoured as the day when the sign/month Capricorn begins, the tenth of the zodiacal wheel after the March Equinox. Makar Sankranti is celebrated throughout the land, though only very few realise its cosmic source and significance, as well as its relevance today, if any at all. Indeed, that relevance has been severely impaired with the fragmentation of the Capricorn symbol-map. The connection is seen between the nation’s time factor (the calendar day when Makar sets in) and its space correspondence where that same Makar appears in a geographical spread when the twelve signs are laid across the globe as if on a ruler, starting from 0 degree Greenwich. Moving eastward for the full 360 degrees of the globe, this zodiac/ruler takes us in a backward movement to the 300th degree where we encounter Capricorn.

The sign consists of 30 degrees, in this case longitude, or 300 to 270 degrees. At the end of these 30 we are lead to the ‘armpit’ of the hieroglyph-map (below), where we find the mouths of Ganga. In zodiacal Capricorn, this would be the 0 degree of the sign which in calendar time corresponds to the Makar Sankranti. From these mouths the power of Ganga meets the world. The sacred river runs for a total of 12 degrees of longitude from its source and finishes at the end of Capricorn in the symbol-map. The diagrams make this clear.

At that sacred location the ancient hieroglyph describes a loop and turns backward, followed by a tail as it were, ending at the Andaman-Nicobar Islands, exactly according to the actual geography of India in a wonderful display of the Knowledge that transcends any barriers we erect of time and space. Indeed, the loop and tail are in fact just where there is a change of signs, from Capricorn to Sagittarius. These are the precise cosmic/terrestrial coordinates of Akhand Bharat. The Cosmo-Terrestrial Ruler we present here and its accompanying diagrams indicate where Capricorn begins and ends, covering the main portion of Akhand Bharat. This Capricorn geography is that Vedic victory sign, the goal of the Immortals who had completed that special Journey. It is not just a spatial expanse; it is temporal as well.

However, two factors disturb the harmony. One is Partition where vital sections of the hieroglyph have been removed. This would be the cosmic/spatial coordinate. The other disturbance relates to time, but always involving the same Capricorn/Makar. To illustrate just how accurate these harmonies are, in time measurements our calendar is the above Ruler. Makar thus begins its time expression on the Solstice of December, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This is borne out by all the ancient scriptures: the commencement of Capricorn and the shortest day Solstice are one and the same. Interestingly, we note that the very same distortion or disturbance of the space Capricorn occurs in its temporal correspondence as well, because according to the calendar of Hindu observances used for every temple and private function, and for the construction of every horoscope, that same Makar is not recognised as synonymous with the Solstice. It has been torn from its cosmological rooting in the four Cardinal Poles. Capricorn is believed to begin 23 days after the shortest day of the year, an aberration known only in India. Indeed, because only in India is Capricorn so vital to the nation’s destiny.

The revelation of the Capricorn hieroglyph synchronicity with the geography of India has come only late in the last century, in 1974 to be exact. Though many readers will find these details too technical and difficult for the layperson to grasp, what is offered here is an immensely important and necessary verification of that revelation by presenting its cosmic background and to demonstrate the results of the aberration in both the country’s space and time coordinates. We use the geography of the Earth herself for the purpose. More than anything else, this helps us realise that Bharat Mata is living and pulsating, and, in spite of all, continues to breathe even in her debilitated form and with her erroneous time measure. To make her whole implies that both measures be restored to their pristine states, spatial and temporal.

Therefore it is stated that contemporary history, albeit it negatively, confirms truths which have been sanctified in myth and scripture and which have reached us intact today. It is always that Tenth Month, our very own special philosopher’s stone.

In this revelation we have an unequivocal confirmation that Bharat Mata has very precise geographical measurements and that the ‘Name of God’ Capricorn glyph delineates the eternal truth of Akhand Bharat thereby proving that it was not the British Raj that gave us this configuration; it was as ancient as the hills and mountains and plains of the subcontinent. Thus, we also have confirmed not only the falsehood of Partition but the entirely wrong celebration of, precisely, that sacred Makar Sankranti 23 days after the fact; not at the onset of Capricorn as the mouths of Ganga indicate and all the sacred scriptures, but rather when the sign has neared its end in both cosmic/terrestrial time and space. Celebration of the Makar Sankranti was meant to be the most auspicious time of the year when the unified energies of the entire Hindu Samaj would find access to that secret ‘door’, like a portal to another dimension, where the power so organised, unified, would flow from Bharat to the world just as Ganga does at the geographical Sankranti of 0 degrees Capricorn as illustrated here. But since distortion exists in this sacredmost rite, is it any wonder that things are the way they are on the subcontinent?

We may refer once again to the Mother’s 1952 photograph in front of Akhand Bharat for further confirmation directly from the consciousness of one of India’s greatest Seers. We will find the same Capricorn indication, not by the hieroglyph itself which is implied in the Map, but by the fact that her own superimposed symbol, consisting of twelve outer petals – or the 12 months of the year – holds all the Vedic keys that have been presented in this series. Usually her symbol has the four inner petals drawn thus X, pointing to the signs of Vishnu, known as Fixed/Preservation in astrology. However, this bas-relief seems to be the single exception she made: the inner petals have been shifted to point as indicated in the photo, – that is to EAST/NORTH/WEST/SOUTH, or to the four Cardinal Poles/Directions.

The most significant petal or arm is the uppermost which would be Uttarayana, or the North Gateway – precisely Capricorn. Certainly it cannot have been simply a mistake or mere ‘coincidence’ that Capricorn is indicated. Rather, this was a deliberate message the Mother left for posterity, for a future time when she knew it would be most needed. Those times are upon us, and in this way the present confirms the past and the ancient knowledge, preserved across the centuries and the millennia and revitalised from time to time by great sages and seers. However, in this Age of Vishnu within the 9th Manifes-tation, that revitalisation comes through the Line of Ten Avatars itself. It is therefore a privilege and of extreme importance to be born in this century, in this Age. But we bear the burden of that special destiny; it weighs heavily in the hearts of the inhabitants of Mother India.

To carry that burden successfully the true SPACE contours of Bharat should be known, rendering irrelevant any fundamentalist stance which has only the past to sustain it, and poorly interpreted with significant points missed entirely or distorted to mean the opposite of what the original intent of the Seers had been. Equally, and perhaps more importantly, Bharat’s true TIME factor must also be known because Time reveals Destiny and Dharma. To this end a new calendar has to be adopted, the true Vedic measure of the civilisation’s time.

To achieve both these goals, the zodiacal sign Capricorn has been revealed as holding the key to India’s higher space and time properties. This is graphically achieved in the world map presented here. It offers another verification of the singular relevance of India’s Capricorn rulership. We take that same zodiac of 360 degrees and lay it across the 360-degrees of the globe, six signs west and six east, both horizontally and vertically, or across latitude and longitude lines, starting at Greenwich with the first sign Aries. We move over one half of the globe with the first six signs, Aries to Virgo, then over the second half with Libra through Pisces. We do the same horizontally, starting from the same Aries point. In an astonishing display of the exactitude of the new cosmology, we note that Capricorn on the eastern half converges on India from both directions: latitude and longitude.

All diagrams are from The New Way, Volume 2,
and Appendix VII (above map)
PNB, Aeon Books, 1981

28 September 2009
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

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