Partition Of India

Thea, Partition of India, Its Cause, its Purpose, Conclusion, An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology 3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009.

Certainly all is not gloom and doom however.

Renewal, re-establishment become possible only at certain precise moments, those times when a maturing takes place, a ripening of time and circumstance, as it were. This is because a contingency plan was devised long ago that would provide an anchor for the fledgling nation in troubled times when the Ignorance would seem to reign supreme. More precisely, it was not exactly an anchor but rather an axis. This Axis is like no other we have record of because its ‘material’ component is Time.

Before describing the nature of this magical Axis, I must explain certain features of the new cosmology that ought to bring joy to the hearts of all those who take the trouble to read these pages. Joy arises in our hearts from realising that our main objective in life is simply a question of removing veils, one after another. Truth is as eternal as it is infinite; indeed, these divine qualities are expressed in our material universe as time and space. Therefore, they are everywhere part of us, our world. To deny their validity is to deny life itself, creation itself. The Eternal and the Infinite are right there before our eyes – if we but make the small effort to remove the veils. Then veils do fall away almost on their own. I am reminded of a wonderful Hindu temple in the hills of central Sri Lanka, Katharagama. The icon is Kartikeya in the form of Guha, the hidden One. He is nestled in a cave, as one would expect of Guha – he who resides in the ‘cave of one’s heart’. The special ritual to this Godhead at a specific time of the year consists of removing veils that cover the deity, many, one after another during the full period of the ritual. Finally the last uncovers the One.

This sacred temple ritual encapsulates the reason why we take birth, and at the same time it discloses the special property of this third planet from the Sun: to discover that One, to uncover the point we harbour deep in the cave of the soul: Guha, the centre of the Centre itself. This is the supreme secret of his unveiling.

The whole of creation is a display of the magic of the One. There is the Transcendent Divine, the Cosmic, and the Individual. But the soul each individual carries within – indeed our vahana – contains that One. We are never without it, never alone, we need only look deeply within and in the process remove one by one those coverings. For the One embodies purpose, the reason for birth; the reason for life itself; the reason for a universal manifestation at all. Always it is the same hidden ‘secret’. And all our struggles and successes are impelled from within by this sacred One. In India he is known by many names – Guha, Murugan, Shanmugan, Kartikeya, Shiva’s son Skanda, and above all Agni of the Vedic Fire, progenitor of them all.

The new India inscribes this secret for all times because her independence came through the ‘axis’ composed of a time formula in four stages, the trinity plus one. The last, the fourth is that Godhead/principle.

It is evident that what I am presenting in this brief study is, quite literally, as old as the hills, the favourite abode of the One. However, though Bharat has nurtured the Formula across the ages through myths of the Vedic and Puranic periods, and finally preserved in each Hindu temple regardless of how elaborate or how modest, the very special quality of this Age of the Supermind lies in the fact that we have reached the culmination of a long collective journey, just as it was described for the Initiate in the Rig Veda. The final stage of that journey, Vishnu’s highest ‘stride’, is precisely our present Aquarian Age which astrological tradition knows as the sign of the Friend, Mitra, just as the Veda indicate. The hymns also sing praises of the quality of Bliss that this highest passage brings. The reason for this ananda is that while the former strides were consecutive, culmination in this Age of Mitra brings what was formerly a linear progression into the wholeness, the integrality, the oneness of the circle. And its centremost Centre holds the divine Purpose, Guha in the cave of the heart. Once uncovered he can no longer be suppressed, ignored. He is the Immanent One, the Transcendent who takes birth in the human heart and at the centre of every created thing. Such is the magic of the soul.

Everything I have described in these pages has been known in India almost forever. For example, the core revelation of the gunaic harmony superimposed on the Indian landmass is not an entirely new discovery. Several years ago I came across a treatise on the Hindu Temple by the remarkable scholar Stella Kramrisch. She has brought together an amazing collection of data on sacred architecture from many sources. In Part VII, Volume 1 (The Hindu Temple, Motilal Banarsidas Publishers), we find the application of the gunas to sections of Indian geography somewhat similar to the Capricorn symbol-map I have presented. There are certain styles of temples which were considered appropriate to each of the gunaic divisions of the landmass: broadly, Nagara, Dravida, and Vesara. The ancient treatises explaining these designations and allocations are extremely complex. Obviously, they cannot be discussed in this short space. What I do wish to emphasise is that while there was an understanding of the landmass having a certain relation to the Gunas, it is significant that this understanding was preserved in temple knowledge. I have always contended that the entire store of Vedic Wisdom was passed over to the temple as a means of preservation when the dark age had set in. Page after page of Kramrisch’s study proves the point. The only complaint I have is that we have a fine collection of data, but no thread weaving through the texts to form a cohesive whole, an integrated body of higher knowledge that can be applied today, or at any time. This brings me to the notable difference between our age and the centuries during which the acts of preservation were undertaken. It would seem as if cramming sessions were in vogue with the purpose of preserving for a future age a vast, complex and highly sophisticated body of Knowledge, in attendance of Vishnu’s last ‘stride’ to make a greater sense of it all.

The division of the landmass in earlier times was horizontal. Moreover, there was no application of any formula on this basis, as, for example, the manner in which contemporary history can confirm the relationship between the land and the historic developments that occurred in each segment to provide a key to the eternal principles these gunas embody. Indeed the crux of the issue is a cosmology that is applicable. This can only come about when India adds the special ingredient that can cement this applicability for now and all times to come. We shall see just how this is done via the supramental Formula which Aurobindavatar himself has revealed. It is written in the heart of his own symbol, known as the Lotus of the Avatar.

The petals of the Lotus are 9 and 6 in number; then, after a gap there are leaves 3 in number. These 9, 6, 3 in a vertical descent come to rest on horizontal waves numbering 7 – a combination of 5 and 2, the full number-powers of the 9th and 10th Avatars of Vishnu’s Line. This, in brief, is the Formula: 9/6/3 which is compacted into the Zero and which, in turn, gives forth the One. Thus, 9/6/3–0/1 is its complete form. Out of the 3 comes the One from the compressed Zero. The significant point to note is the direction the above symbol indicates: vertical through the numbers 9, 6, 3, then shifting to horizontal. The 3 leaves are the ‘bridge’ to the horizontal.

This directional positioning is also described as involution (descending/vertical) and evolution (horizontal); or else contraction and expansion – depending on the application. The theoretical physicist David Bohm uses the terms implicate and explicate for his model, possibly inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s work.

The Earth could not house a play in time of this Formula before certain key elements had taken shape in the evolutionary process. These elements made the shift possible from linear to spherical, without which there cannot be applicability. We may once again use geography to illustrate the shift. I stated that the gunaic formulation in Hindu temple architecture confirmed a linear sectioning of the gunas/temple-styles horizontally up through the Mother’s Body. Today’s application is different based on the singular revelation of the Capricorn hieroglyph over Bharat which, as discussed, does ‘contain’ the triad, Rajas, Sattva, Tamas. But they move across the Body in an eastward progression along longitude coordinates. Succinctly, this is the distinction to be made. It reveals the enormous difference between now and then. Longitude is the key. Without this addition to divide the planet in bands of 30º, there would have been no possibility of applying the Formula to current affairs in time according to our universal calendar. Simplistic as it may seem, this discovery created the environment required for the Supramental Manifestation to take place after which details of the Formula could be revealed.

The formulation of longitude bands across the globe began to take shape in the 17th century. The art of horology was part and parcel of the discovery because in order to carry out the process precision instruments were required for measuring time. The result was the longitudinal bands as we know them today covering the 3600 of the Earth, upon which we have placed the 360º of the ecliptic with the twelve zodiacal signs of 300 each to arrive at the precious discovery that India is Capricorn (Part Five).

Though Vedic civilisation has always been obsessed with cosmology and time, scientific discoveries of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries have made the formulation of the new applicable cosmology possible. For that we do not need super telescopes to study the cosmos; we need only plunge deeply within to uncover Guha, the One at the heart of every created thing, large or small. Further, the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s were compressed by the time-tested Vedic laws of correspondence and equivalence into the last three decades of the 20th Century. And it was precisely during that period that the Supermind manifested, making use of – nay, controlling – the totality of circumscribing conditions for the purpose; and in so doing Supermind revealed its most significant quality – the ability to harmonise what had hitherto appeared irreconcilable in the linear perception: the One and the Many, Unity and Diversity, Being and Becoming. This is what it means to shift from linear to spherical, upon which basis cosmology can move into its higher expression of application. There is no better method to demonstrate this radical change than the analysis of the ‘contingency plan’ Supermind arranged for the new India, to serve as a stabilising Axis around which the civilisation could take its place as the centre of the Earth for this 9th Manifestation. The Formula had to be cemented in India first for it to be the holding power of the entire planet. And this did indeed come to pass.

What I propose to discuss will seem to project the Congress Party and the Nehru-Gandhi family as somehow saviours of the nation. The truth of the matter is that there was no other political vehicle then that could serve the purpose of axis-binding. To be noted, however, is that the Formula contains four numbers/stages/individuals. It does not extend beyond the fourth. But at that level the vertical, descending direction shifts to horizontal. Regarding the Congress and the designated instruments for the four stages, the last was Rajiv Gandhi. History confirms the exactitude of the Supramental Formula in that his period was the last of single-party rule. The (horizontal) era of coalition politics had begun and is still with us today. The ancient symbol of the Sun

explains the situation graphically: 9/6/3 are numerical properties compacted into the central Point (the Zero), from where a reversal takes place and the direction shifts from vertical to horizontal, – that is, to the periphery. Thereupon, as multiple stars in the firmament, we find the multiplicity of political parties. For a time during the transitional phase confusion may prevail, but it will eventually subside when a new balance replaces the old. It goes without stating that the new will have to be based on a true new order, proper to India as centre.

Thus 9/6/3-0/1 is the Formula. We note that with meticulous precision it has been cemented in India’s contemporary history as a form of Time-Axis with binding power via the birthdates of 1) Motilal Nehru (6.5.1861=9); Jawaharlal Nehru (14.11.1889=6); Indira Nehru Gandhi (19.11.1917=3). Significant is the fact that Indira had two sons while up to that point the family line consisted of a single off-spring. Yet Indira’s sons are proof of the remarkable previsionary nature of the Supramental Shakti since both sons bore the same number-power (Rajiv 20.8.1944=1, and Sanjay 14.12.1946=1). We note that both Sanjay and Rajiv were born with the required 1 number-power. There is no better demonstration of the spherical controlling capacity of the Supramental Shakti than this evidence of a ‘contingency plan’ in the event of the demise of either one, as indeed did come to pass.

But this is only part of the Formula. The most important element is provided by what must necessarily be termed ‘powers of the Sun’. This is because only the year is used to determine the operating number-power of each of the four members, whereas regarding the Nehru-Gandhi-Congress ‘axis’ the full birthdates were required: day, month, year. This may be a dilution of power but it is also an indication of an inherent capacity to operate in the world openly, as indeed each one did, conscious or not of the axial design they were fashioning. They were a sort of relay station. What is known as the Solar Line (because of the power of the Sun/Year) is the creative or originating source, the central Pole as it were; the Lunar Line is the receptive vehicle operating in the world as a relay station, a function metaphorically conveyed by the Moon in the harmony of our system in orbit of the Earth, whose rotations provide the full birth numbers in calendar time.

This is another example of up-dating the ancient cosmology. Solar and Lunar Dynasties were a firm feature of the previous descents of Vishnu’s avataric line: Sri Ram belonged to the solar dynasty and Sri Krishna to the lunar. Their epics provide the precise details to confirm these cosmic/zodiacal designations (see Secrets of the Earth, PNB, Aeon Books, 2009). But today, in this time of culmination and spherical convergence, we may naturally expect the Lines (formerly dynasties) to be simultaneous. Important to note is that the new arrangement is still faithful to the Vedic Laws; indeed, contemporary history serves, as we have noted, to confirm the value of those ancient precepts, with the additional ingredient of applicability.

Thus, a scrutiny of events through historical analysis cannot provide a really complete and accurate understanding of the affairs of states and nations; rather, the Vedic up-dated Formula makes sense of those events providing a framework that far surpasses anything contemporary society has accomplished so far. At the same time, and this is significant because once again fundamentalism and dogmatism are exposed as tools for fossilisation, it is revealed that the Supramental Shakti and the Formula of Supermind does not need to violate contemporary processes. On the contrary, being the creator of what transpires on Earth, it uses the totality of conditions at any given moment for its manifestation. We thus see how three of the Lunar Line were time and again voted to power through regular democratic processes – precisely because we are in the Age of Aquarius and therefore the Time-Spirit’s favourite tool is democracy: it is the time of universal transformation and the lived and harmonised experience of the One and the Many as the Sun’s symbol describes: the voice of the people is heard.

Details of the Solar Line are as follows: Sri Aurobindo, 1872=9; the Mother, 1878=6); Thea, 1938=3). To be noted is that there is a gap of 66/60 years between 9 and 6, and then the 3. This has been conveyed in the Avatar’s lotus-symbol by the separation between the lotus petals and the three leaves, revealing a stunning prophetic capacity: the symbol was designed long before the full details of the Line were known, even before the Third was born.

Before concluding mention must be made of another creative act of the Solar Line, this time involving the discipline of sacred architecture and geometry, equally an ‘obsession’ of all ancient civilisations throughout the world. But similar to the other topics we have discussed, only in India do we find that thread connecting today’s culture through the Puranic period right to the Vedic Age. However, as with all things Vedic, an up-dating is now required which we can do because of the in-built system of renewal that has reached us from those former times. It is the ancient art of temple-building that now captures our attention.

The Mother has provided us with this up-dating through her visionary act of a temple’s Inner Chamber with its accompanying architectural plan, Vedic to the core in the purest sense of the term. Her greatest legacy to humanity and particularly to India has been this detailed plan, a blueprint of the cosmic harmonies; or, as it is termed in select schools such as that of the renowned teacher I. Gurdjieff, a ‘new model of the universe’. The essence of her design, with its accurate and detailed measurements, is again, as we might expect, Capricorn; at the same time it conclusively establishes which calendar should be used by Hindus, the Vedic Sayana and not the current Nirayana calendar. As I have done throughout this study, the Mother has also established the full and true dimensions of Akhand Bharat – that is, 30 + 40 (latitude and longitude respectively). This has brought sacred architecture and geometry to another level, worthy of the Supramental Manifestation that she heralded in 1956. On that foundation the Mother was able to engage in this renewed ‘act of measuring’ and to put the art in its proper place in contemporary Hindu society.

A word of caution however: the Mother’s original vision and plan are not to be confused with the Matrimandir built in her name. The structure in Auroville is only a shadow of her original, though the public is encouraged to believe that the building there is her design. Rather, it is the architect’s improvisation on her theme, by which he altered every detail she had given; therefore the revised version has lost all its original Vedic content and left only an empty shell in its place (see Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, PNB, 2009, for details of the Mother’s original).

In this brief study only a small portion of the particulars of both Lines is being presented, space not permitting anything more. For the full details The New Way series may be consulted, and also the latest publication Secrets of the Earth which deals in detail with the Vishnu Line of Ten and the new culminating arrangement. It needs to be stated that there are no less than twelve individuals who complete the harmony. We see, for example, the place of Mahatma Gandhi in the scheme which helps us realise that titles such as Father of the Nation may well have to be re-thought, though we do observe nonetheless the control of Mahakal in evidence at the birth of the nation because it occurred on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday. There is one axial-truth: the Solar and Lunar Lines. The rest find their place in that scheme, their rightful place. Their participation is not at all diminished by this superior and comprehensive arrangement; rather, the key to the Supramental Manifestation lies in its ability to put each thing in its place on ITS terms, regardless of the consternation this may create, or offenses to ideological preferences, of whichever persuasion.

The design arranged for the new India is not political, or an unstable axis tilting sometimes Left, sometimes Right. Its truth is proven by the march of Time and the unfolding of the play of circumstances. It needs no other proof nor adherence, for belief changes nothing of WHAT IS, as this study has demonstrated. The new rests upon and draws sustenance from the old. India’s ancient heritage with its in-built mechanism for renewal is her sanatana dharma. We may lose sight of that foundation at our own peril, because then we risk becoming like all the other nations on Earth that finally succumbed to forces closed to the ways of the Mother. If anything, what this series has proven is that the attempt since independence to diminish Hinduism to the point where it poses no ‘threat’ to exclusivist religions and ideologies, is to play into the hands of hegemonic powers which, through the same tactic sought to be used in India, have systematically destroyed all ancient cultures which indeed posed a threat to their designs of world domination (witness Nepal).

In spite of these failings, we see displayed in the Axes of Births stretched across a century the invincible power of what Hinduism has always known to be the controlling majesty of Mahakal. Nothing else displays this quality like the revelation of the Solar and Lunar Lines, the stabilising Axes the new India would require as holding power during the foreseen period of break up, renewal and re-establishment, as an aid to conquer precisely those divisive forces. Not for herself alone; for the entire Earth.

This is all contained in India’s ruling sign, Capricorn – the sign of the Axis, of Mahakal, of the Time-Spirit, of Destiny and Dharma. To deny these truths of her ancient tradition is to deny India her dharma and to establish in its place cultures that have no relation to the ‘thread’ that sustains that Dharma throughout the ages: the Vishnu Line of Ten Avatars.

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