Partition Of India

Thea, Partition of India, its cause, its purpose, Part Seven, An analysis based on the new Indo-Centric Cosmology 3.9.2009 – 13.10.2009.

No longer mysterious are the ways of the Divine, for when Vishnu’s Incarnations descend, particularly the 9th and 10th of his line, the most profound mysteries of creation are laid bare. It is not out of the Lord’s compassion that this is so; rather, the clarity with which we are able to disclose the highest truths of creation and the Earth’s destiny is determined by the fact that having reached the 9th Manifestation and the Age of Supermind, the only way we can face the challenges of these trying times is by the conscious participation of at least a certain percentage of the Earth’s population. Ignorance can no longer be tolerated; ignorance has carried us to the brink of destruction. The only method to reach the other shore of Destiny intact, beyond the misery we know today, is by the descent of a higher knowledge unparalleled in the history of our planet.

India is pivotal to the unfolding of a higher destiny. As the Earth’s one and only cosmological Centre, the proportion required to transform our planet into the home of a life divine must occur in India. Only from this Centre can the Earth make the crossing safely. The unconsciousness, disorder and violence of the 20th Century reveal the true extent of the danger. Unlike any other period in history, the century we left behind in the year 2000 was certainly unequalled by any other for its legacy of strife and inhumanity. The two World Wars bear testimony to this statement. And out of those conflagrations of such colossal proportions in terms of human lives lost and unprecedented material devastation, we are left with the most lethal store of destructive power ever amassed. Before us lies Destruction or Creation.

The 9th Manifestation is the period of Shiva/Mahakala. While the Avatars are all said to be emanations of Vishnu this is because their descents can only occur during his astrological ages – or the Ages within each Manifestation of the quality of preservation. However, each of the ten may express a different energy, a type required for a particular task to be accomplished.

The Trinity is the essence of not only the metaphysical and psycho-spiritual reality but the cosmological as well. The zodiac, for example, is constructed on a triune foundation – groups of three repeated four times, 3 x 4 = 12. Each of those four segments or quarters consists of the triune powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In astrological tradition they are known by different names but remain the same energy: Brahma=Creation, Vishnu=Preservation, Shiva=Destruction; the respective astrological nomenclature is Cardinal (Brahma), Fixed (Vishnu), Mutable (Shiva). The correspondence is unequivocal and without this basis our study cannot reach any firm conclusion. More particularly, we cannot become conscious instruments or facilitators of the avataric mission in this cycle unless the triune expression underpins the cosmological data.

Moving through each of the quarters wherein the triune energies are grouped in their correct sequence, the last of each segment would always belong to Shiva the Destroyer. Our current 9th Manifestation is the last sign of the third quarter, Sagittarius, therefore of Mutable/Tamas/Destruction energy – Shiva’s expression. But there is an important shift at this 9th stage because the Line of Ten comes to an end in this special Manifestation. It is elaborated in the Puranic tales regarding Shiva and Parvati with eloquent precision. Thus, we are privileged in this Aquarian Age of Vishnu to be instruments for the most important play-out of the Harmonies to have been experienced in a period of 77,760 years. The final thrust of approximately 12,000 years is described accurately in the Rig Veda in the special verses to Vishnu when he ‘measures’ the universe in three strides. It is later picked up again in the Epics: the final descents, starting with Sri Ram’s 7th, through Sri Krishna’s 8th, and then Sri Aurobindo’s 9th, are described by Vishnu in his Act of Measuring and transposed to the Epics. But the jewel of the crown is set in place in our present Age of Vishnu when the injunction found in the Rig Veda is actually made a lived experience not just for its Initiates but for the entire Earth. This injunction is the mysterious ‘9 becomes the 10’. Indeed, it was when the final veil was removed from Guha and the 9th Avatar himself was revealed to be the 10th in an unbroken line of time that the full Knowledge descended in torrents. This occurred in March of 1976. Therefore, ignorance can now no longer be our refuge. To borrow from Sri Aurobindo’s style of aphorisms, Ignorance was the helper, ignorance is now the bar.

Though there may be few on Earth today, the initiate of the true Vedic Way understands what it means when ‘9 becomes 10’. The details of this culminating realisation need not be repeated here [see The New Way, Volumes 1, 2, & 3, 1981; Secrets of the Earth, 2009, Aeon Books]. The 9th Avatar undertook the very difficult passage for India and the world. But significant to note is that to the lay person what transpires after this ‘reversal’ might appear as the unfolding of a miracle when this equation becomes a lived reality. The most apparent and obvious result is the transformation of our experience of Shiva himself from being the Destroyer to the Dissolver. This transformation of the final energy mode of the triad is the grace that can save the Earth.

‘Destruction was the helper, destruction is the bar’. Without that transformation the Earth and all her creatures would be doomed. The planet could not bear the full descent of the power of Mahakala as Destroyer. It is described artfully in the myth of the descent of the heavenly Ganga whose impact was lessened when the sacred waters tumbled into the matted locks of Shiva to mitigate the rushing power of the Goddess. Once again we meet Ganga in our analysis, for in this Manifestation she is directly connected to the geographical Makar Sankranti via the location of her numerous mouths where Ganga rushes to meet the ocean and the world. The measure she provides is thus a vital clue to the problems Partition poses. Therefore we are able to use the 0 degree of Capricorn – the mouths of Ganga according to the zodiac/ecliptic Ruler – once again to confirm that both Partition and the current Nirayana Calendar of Hindus are indicative of the wounds that must be somehow healed. Ganga sets the measure.

The Makar Sankranti – 0 degrees Capricorn/December Solstice – is currently celebrated 23 days late, or 23 days AFTER the actual Solstice. The argument proffered by the Nirayana Pundits for this aberration is that ‘Capricorn is no longer there, at that same point where it was centuries ago but has shifted 23 degrees’, they argue. As absurd as it may seem, they make the mistake of using thewrong circle for locating this crucial point in the heavens, using only the sidereal constellations and not the Tropical Zodiac along the ecliptic as was the custom in the Vedic Age and even throughout the world today. Since that ‘circle’ is hundreds of light years away and bears only scant relation to our solar system, its 0 Point in that distant space is largely unverifiable; hence total confusion prevails: one pundit gives a particular time for the passage, the second gives another, and a third yet another.

All are wrong. Capricorn is always equal to the December Solstice and never shifts, as they claim, because it is the last of the four ecliptic Cardinal Poles that form the verifiable, scientifically measurable structure of our solar year – today as in the Vedic Age without any shift or change, or, what I call a ‘slippage of time’.

Let us put aside discussion of their incompetence and return to the true measure of things cosmic. We move from Ganga’s 0 degree point in the ‘armpit’ of the zodiacal map-symbol and cross back through the body of India for those ‘lost’ 23 degrees (days) of longitude. The result is, amazingly, another confirming miracle of the manner in which even the negative proves the truth of the new cosmology and India’s very special destiny. 23 degrees from 0 Capricorn carries us exactly to the westernmost tip of India as she stands today in her dismembered condition (above). Thus the false Makar Sankranti points out the falsehood of Partition via India’s present longitude expanse in the measure of those lost 23 days from the true Makar Sankranti, or 14-15 January in calendar time.

If this were the whole tale it would be remarkable enough. But there is more. If we use the same latitude ruler of the Earth and count from 0 degrees latitude, 23 takes us right to the Tropic of Cancer – again directly to that same westernmost tip of present-day India. In both directions, vertical (time-longitude) and horizontal (space-latitude) we end up at this same point, above which lies the whole of Pakistan, torn out of the Body of the Mother in 1947. The other measure, 0 degree Capricorn in the ‘armpit’ was also torn out of Bharat Mata at Partition. These two most sensitive areas, west and east, are today outside of the main Body, wrenched out due to ignorance of these eternal truths of Akhand Bharat. And we cement, we ‘feed’ both falsehoods, each time we celebrate the Makar Sankranti on 14-15 January instead of at the December Solstice, 21-22 December.

Let us now examine more closely those torn-out portions of Akhand Bharat. In this exercise we will discover an entirely new way of analysing contemporary history. In India’s case, with a destiny mapped out so clearly in the cosmic harmonies, the result of analyses according to the accepted methods today is not sufficient to convey just what that destiny might be. Thus, all political and historical analyses are trapped in ideologically-induced conclusions. The brouhaha over a recent book on the founder of Pakistan is sufficient proof of the correctness of this statement. The book sought to uncover the real culpability of Partition and its agents; but the result has proven once again the point made in this series: there is no single individual or group of individuals or any single political party responsible for the dismembering of Akhand Bharat. There is simply the totality of conditions at any given moment or period of history which, in their totality, compel individuals to play the roles they must play in order that the contours of that destiny be shaped according to the reality THAT IS.

This is the message of the Bhagavad Gita: Arjun must slay because the victims are already slain. And since this sacred text has shaped the mind of India for centuries upon centuries, India has great difficulty in conforming to contemporary models of governance that might conflict or present obstacles to giving shape to the injunctions of the scripture.

This is especially noticed in the area of jurisprudence. The injunction of the Gita puts anyone sitting in judgement over another in a very difficult position indeed. For example, can a murderer really be held guilty when, like Arjun, he was simply the instrument to fulfil destiny, by whose hand the victim ‘met his fate’?

The dilemma is very real – and the difficulty judges face in India is obvious to any careful observer. The solution will come only when we understand that a new way must evolve in and for India that reconciles both the sacred and the profane. This reconciliation of course reveals that it is really with the establishment of a superior consciousness, more God-like, that the way ahead to solve the many inadequacies of global jurisprudence will actually come about. It lies in the understanding that, yes, the victim’s fate was indeed ‘sealed’: destiny was inevitable, death was unavoidable, inescapable. In addition, the higher vision as per the Gita causes us to realise that the slayer was also bound by the same fate to slay as the slain. However, reconciliation would come to pass when both the slain and slayer accept their responsibility – not in the current terms of justice ‘done and seen to be done’, but with a broader vision that questions why it was this particular murderer and no other. That is, the slayer’s totality of conditions forming his or her consciousness-being, when known would reveal that there was no other instrument possible to carry out the designs of destiny at that particular moment in time. What brought both parties together at that fateful moment? What macabre play of circumstances? What flaws, above all, exist in the consciousness-being of the murderer to assure that he would be the proper channel for the act?

This perspective does not freeze us into in-action, which would be the unregenerate Tamas reaction, so prevalent today in India and for which reason cases upon cases, files upon files pile up and remain forever unresolved. Rather, the results of such a vision would carry us to a very different conclusion where our justice systems are concerned. Punishments meted out would necessarily take into consideration the inevitability of the situation and not freeze us into non-action but point us in the more all-inclusive direction of the transformation of the conditions within the murderer that brought him to be the ‘chosen’ instrument for the act. This is responsibility within a more all-inclusive vision of the slain, the slayer and the parameters of destiny that brought the two together on that fateful day. To bear responsibility for one’s acts is the key; but newness lies in securing different methods of analysis which would inevitably produce different results when judgements are passed.

It is to be noted that in a sense attempts are made to reform prisons and correctional institutions with a view to transform individuals rather than simply to punish. This may be adequate for the world at large, but our analysis is focussed on India and her obligation to set new standards first within her own borders and, while being the Centre of the Age and obliged to take the woes of the world into her bosom, to assist in or to facilitate the establishment of new ways to solve these long-standing problems beyond her borders. It is to be borne in mind that what is good for the goose may NOT be good for the gander! India lives by the tenets of the Sages in the true spirit of the Veda. Her task is different, her responsibility lies elsewhere.

To provide an example and to demonstrate once again how Akhand Bharat and the Capricorn hieroglyph contain the answers we seek, let us deal with the question of that unregenerate Tamas Guna which is the scourge of India today. To do so we must present further details of the ‘Name of God’ glyph which reveal how the three energy manifestations are contained in the ancient script. This being the case, the occidental esoteric name given to Capricorn must necessarily be altered to read the Name of the Goddess, for the map below reveals that her three energy modes are contained in the Capricorn script. But the order of the Gunas has undergone a deformation over the years, like everything else. To be cosmologically applicable they must be known to move from Rajas to Sattwa to Tamas. Only then can the Gunas be connected to the Trinity in the correct sequence.

We shall discuss this in depth further on to demonstrate not only how the Gunas manifested in the nation’s destiny at Partition but how they continue to undermine the advance of Bharat Mata to occupy the centrestage in global affairs. While gaps where energy is drained away remain, Sri Aurobindo’s words are prophetic: ‘…The partition of the country must go…For without it [unity] the destiny of India might be seriously impaired and frustrated. That must not be.’

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