The New Way Volumes 1 & 2


Patrizia Norelli Bachelet (Thea) opens The New Way with a description of the old Earth, and the problem faced by our civilization: we need to find a new way, a new solution to the basic problems of human existence,  because the answers given by various ideologies, in both science and spirituality, simply cannot provide the answers. In fact, they have added further aggravation, taking us to the brink of collapse.  The sight of the collapse of the ‘old earth’ is painful to people who only see the surface of things, But below society’s crumbling ruins  are the seeds of a new world being born;  in fact it is the rise of this new earth that is causing the death of the old.

Although it  took Thea only 6 months to write volumes 1 & 2 of The New Way, it took more than three years to print and publish, and this long, complex and interesting history is presented by the author in a Postscript.

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Thea uses the symbol of the Tower of Babel to describe the condition of our old and dying consciousness;  the biblical tale shows how the confusion of tongues brings chaos. By contrast,  in Volume 1, she highlights the imperative need for a  new language to express the Supramental consciousness now descending on our Earth.  The components must first and foremost be universal, and express the oneness and unity of a gnostic society: the novemal number system (0 – 9), the calendar, the Solar System – which includes the Zodiac, and the myths and prophecies that have been preserved throughout the ages. The essential elements comprising the new language all arise from the Earth herself, there is no need for any mental imposition of outdated philosophies and spiritualities.
The time of Babel was the time of the ‘Fall’, when the mental consciousness expanded on a collective scale; We are nearing the end of that mental round – the Evolutionary Avatar of this 9th Manifestation (and his two Shaktis) have ushered in a new Age and they are the centralising axis for the developing gnostic community.

Volume Two  takes the reader into the Mother’s Vision  of the Inner Chamber of her Temple. Thea examines the recordings of the Mother’s own description of what she saw in the subtle plane, and the floor plans of the Chamber which she drew up with an engineer, with exact measurements of all the relevant items. Thea explains that although the vision is a part of the revelation, the most important are the measurements.  It is ‘measure’ that creates the bridge between what the Mother saw in the higher planes and what  was to be  built in the Earth dimension.

The New Way


Thea writes: ‘Our world is replete with marvels of architecture and contemporary technology. However as impressive as they may be, none have any gnostic content. They are examples of human endeavours divorced from a higher reality.’ The builders and architects never understood the meaning of the Mother’s vision, they concentrated on their own interpretation of the vision, using cement and steel; they distorted all aspects of it. It became Thea’s lifetime work to explain and preserve the gnostic content of each dimension of the Mother’s vision; and to document it, starting with this Volume 2 of The New Way.




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