The Hidden Manna


The Hidden Manna is the Revelation to John the Beloved, seen by Thea (Patrizia Norelli Bachelet) for what it truly is, a Book of Knowledge; the foundation and the thread running throughout is the Zodiac, oldest repository of wisdom throughout the world. This perennial knowledge appears not only in John’s Revelation, but also in the oldest Scripture in the world, the Rig Veda. In both these ‘books of knowledge’  Thea reveals the central tenet of our cosmos, that it lives and evolves, it is born of motion and is subject to change.



The Zodiacal wisdom in John’s Revelation has not been detected because this ancient wisdom was lost, we have not known what to look for. With her deep understanding of cosmology, Thea sees through the veils that have obscured the meaning of this text; step by step she teaches how the ancients revealed their connection to the cosmos through the use of allegory and myth, through man’s oldest language, the Zodiac.

For example, John’s Revelations, like the Rig Vedic Scriptures, is an example of a seer’s vision of cosmic Truth. Central to the vision are ‘the four beasts’, cosmic symbols well known to the civilization from which they arose: the Lion, the Bull, the Face of man, and the Scorpion. They are the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. Thea shows their connection to the Precession of the Ages, which is the exact time when the Evolutionary Avatar makes his descent to Earth, every 6420 years.

* * *

‘John has carried us through various stages in his seeing, – starting with the transcendent plane where he showed us the eternal avatar in the form of the Father, who was the seed of the new creation and the new world; the first who then comes as the last. He was the Sun and he held in his hand the seven stars and candlesticks which corresponded to seven seals that had to be opened before the things seen in the transcendent plane could come to pass…’ (Ch XX, p. 279).

* * *

‘And I saw no temple therein…’; this is a most important phrase. By itself it announces that the work of the Age of Aquarius has passed, the age of the great universal transformation. The ‘temple in heaven’ was for the purpose of accelerating the process of change in order to hasten the advent of a spiritual race, which has reached the heights in consciousness far above those that have manifested thus far. But more important, it is a race which has brought this treasure down upon Earth…it has unveiled the hidden light in the very physical being of man…. Each individual has become a temple, each body a chalice holding the light of the Father.’ (Ch XXI, p. 326)

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