Tenth Day of Victory: Volume One


This is an unusual story. It is the first record of action on the world stage of what Sri Aurobindo has called the Supramental Shakti. The Divine God, whatever name we give to that ‘principle’ we believe to be guiding our lives, guiding the world, the universe, is here revealed in action on Earth, no longer in some distant heaven. The events the author relates are supported by facts not usually found in spiritual biographies. Because it is about a new precision, a word we have come to reserve only for science, this book cannot be labeled ‘spiritual’ or ‘scientific’; it is something totally new; it is an autobiographical study that revolutionises our ideas about spirituality.



The author of The Tenth Day Of Victory was working as an astrologer in Rome, drawing up horoscopes for people in the film world, but her life changed dramatically in 1971. She describes the details of an occult nine month ‘initiation’ with the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram; the result is that she left Rome with her seven year old son and on 29 September, ‘I found myself in India at the Mother’s feet’. Book One describes her intense yogic experiences with the Mother, during the years through 1974; she absorbed from her what became ‘keys of higher knowledge’ – the foundation for an Indocentric Cosmology, ‘first of its kind, since the Puranic Age.’

‘Indeed, as I had written to the Mother, all the threads had come together. I found myself plunged into a state of consciousness where all the symbols Sri Aurobindo had given for the Supermind became living things: the square, the sun, even the colours of the supermind, for they were the material substance of that truth-conscious Sun. Yet none of this was static. There was silence, true, but it was not static nonetheless. And the dynamism that I perceived as one with statics was provided by Number. And number was the measure of Time. Time was the dynamis. Time was the power of the Divine Mother, the kinetic expression of that Divine Consciousness…This seeing resolved all the paradoxes. I had then a formula, a workable structure that harmonized the unity and the multiplicity…’ (Chapter 30, pp. 208-209)

Tenth Day Of VictoryChapter 13: [Concerning correspondence with the Mother]
‘I found that not only had all the letters to and from Pondicherry been written on days of 9 number-power, but they had been received on 9-power days as well! . . . The letters invariably took nine days to reach me. . . . The Voice said, ‘Now look at the stamp of the Pondicherry post office . . .’. And of course there, as clear as one ought to have expected, was the local post office seal with the date, 20.7.1971 . . . another 9!’ (pp. 97-98)



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