The Vedic Altar Updated – An essay in twelve parts


In the twelve essays which comprise The Vedic Altar Updated, Thea describes a contemporary Vedic altar – the inner chamber of the Mother’s Temple, the Matrimandir.


Over a period of 18 days, in January 1970, the Mother, a co-worker of Sri Aurobindo, brought a remarkable vision of the inner chamber of a Temple from the plane of Truth-consciousness, called the Supramental, into the Earth atmosphere.

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The Vedic Altar Updated   – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)




The Mother’s students and the architects could not understand the profundity of her vision; the structure built in Auroville India is not based on what she saw. Fortunately  the Mother’s plan and recorded discussions survived; it was Thea’s yoga to decipher,  explain and present this vision to the world. Essay 1 presents the essential theme: the Vedic Altar (vedi) was not a form of any type; ‘it was a process’. The major theme of the Rig Veda is a ‘journey’ or an ‘initiation’, the hymns present the different stages in this process which  took place through the months and the years. Each person by virtue of birth on this earth made the same ‘journey’ in search of his/her soul.