Secrets of the Earth


Certain events in 2009 revealed a lack of understanding on the part of followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry about the Vishnu line of Ten Avatars.


The author had ‘special knowledge’ about this, and she agreed to a series of discussions so that the ‘precious fount of wisdom would not be lost’.


Using the oral method of teaching, imparting knowledge from Guru to student, the text is written in a clear question and answer format.


For the first time Thea presents knowledge which connects the Line of Ten Avatars to the Veda, not the Puranas as is usually considered.

There is a precise time for these appearances and specific tasks each Avatar must fulfil for the Earth’s evolution.



Secrets of the Earth

        Vishnu Trivikrama Sculpture, Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal

‘In past ages, the Mysteries of the Earth were taught under a seal of secrecy and only to candidates who had risen through the ranks and proven their ability to receive the sacred knowledge. For the time had not yet come when these mysteries could be revealed to a larger mass of humanity. But with the advent of the Age of Aquarius a new chapter in the Earth’s evolution has opened and with it, the dawn of a New Way, an entirely new path for mankind.

The ascent of man into heaven is no longer the goal but rather the descent of the Spirit into his ordinary humanity and the transformation of his earthly life. This reversal has produced a radical shift in the way we view spirituality as well as our relationship with the Earth. Many have described the essence of this change as a return of the Feminine Principle, the Goddess of old, who dwells at the core of matter and in the deepest recesses of the human soul. Indeed, She has returned.

Her descent into human form is once again being enacted on the Earth for the renewal of humanity and the birth of a New Creation. Our initiation into Her cosmic mysteries opens the way to a deeper knowledge, a gift of ‘gnosis’ which allows us to ‘see’ the Divine plan and with it, a vision of the Goddess herself. But her most cherished secret, reserved only for the most intrepid seeker, is the control of everything by the Time-Spirit.

In her “Secrets of the Earth”, Thea reveals this profound mystery so that a larger humanity might finally experience the promise of redemption and resurrection – a new life and a new birth.’ 

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