Secrets of The Earth 2


‘…The condition of the Sanatana Dharma in contemporary society causes great concern to those who realise that India is the last stronghold of the ancient Tradition; it lives on here in spite of the distortions that have crept in, particularly with the rise of Science over the last three centuries. The result has been a decided contamination of the sacred Arts which has led many to believe that they are mere superstition and should be exposed and dismissed forthwith. Indeed, since the body of higher knowledge that originally formed the foundation of these Arts is now lost, nothing but ‘form’ devoid of ‘essence’ remains; and without a sound foundation in higher knowledge, the increase in superstitious beliefs is unavoidable.

Given this scenario and the fact that only in India can we follow a clear line of Knowledge, however distorted, back to ancient times before the rise of exclusivist religions, as Director of this Centre which is engaged in eliminating the distortions, I have undertaken certain exercises which will diminish if not eliminate entirely any traces of superstition in the Vedic tradition. The method to do so is simply to uncover and update that lost Tradition…’ (Preface, Secrets of the Earth 2)


‘…the new order is simply an UPDATING of the old. The latter is not discarded but simply brought forward almost intact. Herein lies the extraordinary quality of the ancient way: it can be proven that the Order I am discussing bore an inherent mechanism of renewal, exactly what is lacking in religions and contemporary ideologies. Because of that mechanism it is known as sanatana, eternal; and because of this special and unique quality it can be demonstrated that what we know today as Puranic Cosmogony is actually prophetic in that the new cosmology is seen to build on that structure by virtue of the fact that the very same laws and methodology which we find in the Puranic cosmology forms the warp and woof of the new.

That is the issue: What is the core embedded in the system which is indestructible and is carried over across the aeons? When this is known the eternal essence is revealed on which basis the new evolves. To put it succinctly, there is a stable constant as upholder of both the old and the new. In the human being we know that constant as the Soul. The same must be said of cosmology of this special type. That unchanging quotient is the eternal support of the system, on which basis a civilisation can enjoy a blissful state of eternal Being within the Becoming. The evolutionary process provides the becoming of the being which is the stable support of the system everlastingly. But without the harmonised expression of the two there is neither sanatana nor dharma. There is just growth and decay, life followed by death.’(back cover, pp 17-18)