Thea highlights the prominent position that Kashmir holds in the destiny of India, the home of the Kashmiri pundits, seed bearers of the Vedic Culture.


Subash Kak’s stirring poem, Snow in Srinagar, appears as an introduction;

Who knew that decades later a terror will come to Srinigar and I will be unable to see my home where I was born…’


The author traces the plight of the Kashmiri community to its root cause from a very new perspective.

She concentrates on the details of when and why the people of this sacred land lost their connection with the Cosmic Harmonies of the Earth, and India lost one of its most vital areas for the preservation of the Dharma.



‘My purpose in writing the essays collected in this volume was to highlight the prominent position Kashmir holds in the destiny of India, but from an entirely new perspective. I have written from the basis of knowledge that is both ancient and new. Its antiquity resides in the fact that it was founded on certain Laws which formed the basis of the ancient Vedic Way. These are called the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence. By means of these tested formulae, very clearly defined in the Veda, the evolution of the people inhabiting the subcontinent was recorded. But it was not a question of noting down history for history’s sake, as we do today. The purpose was to reveal the cosmic harmony playing out through this very special Punya Bhoomi and its inhabitants. This has been the foundation of the Sanatana Dharma from its inception . . .’ (Introduction) 



‘… with the help of the map we work with it to measure this sacred land and discover key positions, areas on its surface that are particularly vulnerable and vital. For example, we can measure an exact halfway into the sign of 30 degrees and we uncover what may be considered the spinal column of Bharat, as if it were the Goddess herself embodied in the land, as indeed she is.

This brings us to the 76th parallel. Starting from the ‘crown’ at 36 degrees north, and descending down and through the land, this spinal column is akin to an axis. It is the 15th degree of the sign, or the midway point.

To better understand the symbolism, the traditional significance of Capricorn comes to our aid: it is the sign of the Mountain and the 15th degree is its apex, indicated [in the above image] at 76 degrees longitude east and 36 north. This falls in what is now occupied Kashmir. In this cosmology it is known as the Eye of Shiva. It is the power that holds the Dharma together through time and space throughout the ages, keeper of the keys of Destiny.’ (pp. 25-26)

First Published as a four part series in “PRAKASH”, a review of the Jagat Guru Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji Charitable Foundation, 2002 to 2003

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