Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom – Message 1 from Thea 8 November 2006

Friends, we have been drawn together for a common purpose and with a common goal: concern for the fate of the Sanatan Dharma. There has been a deterioration setting in over the centuries, and its pace increases now. This must now be arrested. The time has come.


To assess the extent of the deterioration we need only observe the complete confusion that exists in Vedic Cosmology which has always played a central role in the culture of the subcontinent. We know this. We know that without the cosmos and its structure there is no Veda. For we can know God through the harmonies of this cosmos that is his Body, just as the Rishi had discovered and recorded in the praises to the Energies that constitute this grand harmony of the spheres. They are not found in a remote Beyond. The Harmonies through which the Divine speaks to us are a property of this Earth we inhabit, this beloved and exquisitely beautiful third planet from the Sun. And because it stands in the third orbit, the number 3 is one of the basic components of these harmonies.

The Veda provide us with an integral vision: Transcendent, Cosmic, Individual; or God, Nature and the human soul. These are the three principles that lie at the basis of our material creation which is like a sacred chalice replete to overflowing with the essences of all the subtle worlds this Physical supports. It is therefore not to be abandoned as a bothersome encumbrance but rather accepted as our precious vahana in our annual Sacrificial Journey.

Therefore, as the Veda instruct, we must not eschew the material dimension that is our birthright. Rather, we must use the formulas it hides in its structure to experience those more subtle realms. This is what the Veda instructs us to do and for which clues have been passed down through the ages to make these discoveries again today as the Rishis did in times so long gone by, the origins of which we have no memory. We cannot reach the Knowledge by extending our consciousness to a beyond that we believe will ‘liberate us’ from further birth on Earth. If we do so, it is an insult to the Maker of the exquisite Harmonies of our material world. The supreme gift of a Seeing Eye, with which the human species is equipped, will have been rendered inoperative by a wrong ‘observation point’ when we discard our human abode. We are born on Earth. It is from this position and this only that we can come to know the Divine through the harmonies of the surrounding cosmos.

Why do we seek a beyond when the cosmic harmonies are experienced only through the eyes of the Earth-born?

This question lies at the root of the deterioration. Nowhere is this made more evident than in the calendars in use throughout the Hindu world to determine when and how we must join our individual energies and those of the Hindu masses to the heartbeat of the Cosmos we know as the Divine Mother’s. There is a formula, a boon from the Supreme Mother herself.

It is her ‘measure’ we discover in the annual Sacrificial Journey as described in the Veda. It is a measure that comes into being in this solar system because in this great Round of many, thousands of years, evolution has brought us as a species to the point where we may now participate consciously in the unfolding of the new times that await us, – an era of re-establishment of the Dharma, of regeneration, of enhancement, of a brilliance never before known. For in this Age of Preservation of Vishnu, the Mother reveals to us her glorious Body in a manner that she has never done before: She unveils its INTEGRAL form.


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