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October 18, 2020

The Evolutionary Avatar

Thea, The Emerging Cosmos, A paper prepared for a symposium on The Human Condition. New Delhi, The Vishaal News Letter, May 1987.

by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

[A paper prepared by Thea for a symposium on THE HUMAN CONDITION;
New Delhi, Dec.1986, and published in The Vishaal Newsletter in May 1987.]

‘At present mankind is undergoing an evolutionary crisis
in which is concealed a choice of its destiny.’
˗ Sri Aurobindo

The malaise of our civilisation is not an inchoate or unpredictable development. Rather, it is the logical, foreseeable result of thousands of years of partial and ineffective spiritual visions and incomplete philosophical systems. These have always been the driving force behind the evolution of higher mental forms. Therefore, if our civilisation stands at a critical juncture at present, it is not in the secular and scientific domain that we must search for the cause of the decay. We must discover what has been lacking in the dimension of existence that moulds the more external and material patterns which condition life on this planet.

Once the root of the problem is located in its true area of causation, necessarily a change must be introduced in that sphere before the more external levels can be influenced. Thus if we can locate the root cause of the decay in that more essential domain, our task of bringing about a change in the individual and in society and of establishing a new world order on Earth is greatly facilitated.

Indeed, the crux of the problem lies here: for thousands of years sages, saints, yogis, philosophers, and men and women of wisdom have described the purpose of birth on this planet as simply a passage to a reality beyond not only our planetary home but entirely out of the cosmic dimension. The course our civilisation has taken can therefore be directly connected to this factor. The influence a vision of this nature has wielded has been devastating–for it has carried the planet and its multiple societies to the brink of total annihilation.

We may call this development a conspiracy of the spiritual elite which gradually influenced the whole tenure of life on Earth, spreading its tentacles of influence through religions and philosophical systems during the past several thousands of years, but now through scientific, political and socioeconomic systems. The latter can invariably trace their inspiration to some spiritual or philosophical source. For even our most material ideologies that apparently deny the higher realities of existence and focus entirely on the physical dimension, have done so by virtue of a reaction to those more metaphysical postulations.

Many profound thinkers throughout the world have perceived that it is only a spiritual renaissance that can save our civilisation. Only if we attain a different consciousness, rooted in some higher seeing, can there be any real change, they feel. This may well be true, but what is not appreciated is that the present chaos is a direct outcome of our past mystic and spiritual perceptions. There are two aspects to this development. One is the course spirituality took in the West, which founded itself on a certain form of negation of life; and the other is the Eastern orientation, in its own way equally a denial of life.

In the West, out of denial and suffering there developed a certain strength. Believers had been encouraged to accept suffering as a way to God and the means to attain a heaven beyond this life. Indeed, life on Earth came to be considered a prison and the fall of the soul. Salvation, through negation of life, could only come in a beyond, namely in some transcendent Heaven. The final outcome of this negation has been the materialistic philosophies and political ideologies which the West has given to the world. Presently there is a clear dichotomy on the planet, whereby western civilisation has aligned itself clearly and decisively with what has come to be called in spiritual circles the ‘materialistic consciousness’.

However, in the East we find a similar denial of life, also as an outcome of its spirituality. Interestingly, this negation took hold of the consciousness of eastern wisemen at about the same time that a similar denial caught hold of their western counterparts. About the end of the first millennium Indian spirituality veered fully toward a quest for otherworldliness: the philosophies of the day made the conclusive proclamation that all creation in matter was an ‘illusion’, a deceptive veil that seekers of Truth must tear through in order to reach the immutable, immobile, transcosmic and static Brahman; or a Self devoid of all relations in this material web of time and space.

Thus at approximately the same period in history, the stamp of otherworldliness and denial of life and the planet’s own truth of being and purpose as a home of an evolving species, became firm pillars of our civilisation. This conditioned everything. This denial coloured all our perceptions and gradually moulded every pattern we evolved for the regulation of our individual and collective life. And what we are faced with today is simply the ultimate display of that denial and negation of life. The human being has carried the formula of this negation to its fullest extremes: What was seen as the highest spiritual poise has been carried over to the material realm, or the stage upon which all the ideals and more ethereal concepts of humankind are played out; with the predictable result that now science has furnished the race with the ultimate powers for its own destruction. If the only purpose of life on this planet is to escape it somehow, never more to return, then we are wholly justified in seeking means to destroy this springboard base as the ultimate and conclusive ‘solution’.

It is important to see clearly that the root of this problem is directly connected to the religious dogmas and spiritual visions that have conditioned our living since time immemorial. Spirituality is not a static expression. It has evolved pari passu with the material evolution. In fact, there is only ONE evolution, one principle evolving through the myriad forms that constitute our world. This ‘consciousness’ has two facets, material and spiritual. But both respond to the same underlying energy and drive.

Consequently, to posit the ultimate solution in either the spirituality we know today or in materialism, with its own brand of denial of life, is inadequate. Indeed, such attempts have consistently failed. Spirituality can only offer old solutions which were themselves largely the causes of the decay. Likewise, materialistic answers are prisoners of the same insufficiencies; and continuing as we are, they will drive us to a total destruction in order to play out the drama of denial of life that spirituality has constantly espoused in one form or another, under one disguise or another.

To accurately assess the situation it is required that we examine the problem deeply, in an effort to reach the core of the matter and discover the fount from which both science and spirituality receive their driving force. Therefore, it is necessary to perceive what stands behind the play of forces; and to do so we must come to a more enlightened understanding of the evolutionary process itself. This will provide us with a more holistic assessment of the condition of the highest instrument nature makes use of for the purpose of the evolution of the species, in order to effect this upward march to ever better forms of consciousness and life: the mental human being.

For this is the self-evident purpose of evolution. It is to bring forth evermore perfect forms in order to create more complex and sophisticated networks or patterns of structured energy that can express more harmonious states of consciousness-being. Our present stage is merely one step along the evolutionary way, albeit a decisive one. We have reached a major evolutionary turning point. There is a choice: Before us lies a totally new way of life and by consequence a new world order. For this, a finer, more refined instrument has to manifest. And this is the major focus of the present crisis. We are in the process of evolving a human instrument capable of sustaining the greater cosmic forces at play through life and matter on this planet, without experiencing destructive collapse of energies or succumbing to the old ways of escape through outdated solutions and methods the world has known until now.

The human instrument as it is presently constituted pivots a void. At its centre lies a ‘black hole’ into which energies collapse, cave in, dissolve; resulting ultimately in decay and death. And out of this condition of the instrument ,through which the human consciousness perceives the reality beyond, came the projection of a world in chaos and collapse and hence the perception that salvation, of whatever order and under whatever guise, lay beyond this material universe and, above all, away from this woeful planet Earth. The demon of the drama was seen to be the senses, which wisemen understood to be the limiting factor which distorts a reality that somehow could be disconnected from the body and experienced separately, free from our physical organs of perception and hence disengaged from the world of material creation, out of which and within which these senses have evolved. Thus, ways were devised to liberate the seeker from the physical, sensual instrument, limited by its own apparently untransformable insufficiencies.

To be more specific, such projections and perceptions of our condition are the logical outcomes of a species ill-poised, but for reasons quite different than those given in current religious, mystic and spiritual explanations. The human being has an off-centre pivot of his bodily instrument, which results in a distorted perception of our world; but which is, paradoxically, caused by the perception itself. Consequently, to alter that perception it is required that concurrently we shift this axis of being–in the species–and allow evolution to carry us to a new and higher destiny.

The human instrument, an intrinsic part of the solar system and the universal harmony, is structured energy just as any other microcosmic or macrocosmic body. The human being has its ‘axis’ also, around which the individual frame is organised and because of which a separate entity can come into existence and sustain itself without dispersion, adding to this magnificent display of multiplicity within unity, which is the key feature of our material world. But because we are as yet merely a transitional species, albeit evolving to a higher form, the present ‘axis’ and its location within the body, which has come into being in accordance with certain evolutionary laws, encourages atavism as the single most important driving force of the species.

Over the ages, wisemen, philosophers, seers, mystics, have sought through various means to alter this condition. In place of the inertia of atavism they have sought to install a higher purpose. But the inadequate condition of the instrument through which perception is made, provided only a partial understanding of the problem; and hence the techniques which were devised in order to help the human being to find release from this limiting function were in themselves inconclusive and did nothing to alter in any way conditions on the planet. Matters progressively worsened, until finally, seeing the gravity of the situation, all those who in some way have been concerned with this problem, came to a dramatic impasse. Finding that it was apparently impossible to change this evolutionary determinism, all spiritual and religious paths proffered methods of escape from the ‘coils of this corruptible flesh’ as the only way to salvation, and to seek dissolution of the consciousness in a transcendent Beyond or a nirvanic Void. Not only has this done nothing to change conditions on Earth, it has complicated the task of discovering the solution. And finally we find ourselves, as a species, facing possible annihilation.

Let us demonstrate the subtle ways in which this notion of irredeemability has penetrated the thinking of even those philosophers whom one would expect to perceive the position differently, primarily because they are indefatigably engaged in the task of instructing men and women the world over on the ways to a better life. But a better life where? If it is here, on this planet, then the flaws that emerge in these teachings must be pointed out, which will serve to expose the fact that on the basis of just such erroneous visions the human condition is what it is and cannot hope to change. Rather, the condition becomes compounded.

To illustrate, we may quote a statement of one of the most eminent thinkers of our times, the late J. Krishnamurti:

‘Truth cannot be exact. What can be measured is not truth.’ (Krishnamurti’s Notebook, Harper & Row, 1976, p.24.)

This declaration is sure to appeal to all those who have become disenchanted with life in the body and in the material universe of which measure is the salient feature, and who have subsequently posited the goal of their quests in some extra-cosmic heaven or transcendent Beyond. For, what is Krishnamurti really stating?

It is simply this: the higher reality is not of this world, measurable in time and space, and any such attempt to find truth within this material (measurable) universe is futile. Hence this statement is a denial of life and fosters a totally divisive consciousness (certainly not the aim of his teaching efforts on the surface), whereby truth is OUTSIDE of time and space and hence beyond our world. God, the supreme Reality, or Truth is not, according to Krishnamurti, found in what is measurable.

It is this sort of postulation that has carried us to the point of such a tremendous evolutionary crisis. And lamentably, it is men and women concerned preeminently with the spiritual well-being of humankind who have contributed most to this situation, either by encouraging the faithful to live rightly and morally–but only for the purpose of reaching ‘heaven’ after death; or else by subtly and more often unknowingly, as in the case of Krishnamurti, consolidating the perception of an untransformable, irredeemable material creation, into which the soul and spirit of the human being has fallen and out of which some form of escape must be found in order to know truth in its transcendent, pristine and uncontaminated purity.

Krishnamurti, provides us with another example of the way in which this vision has permeated the intelligentsia, in quarters that one could not have anticipated. Of late two books have appeared with transcripts of his conversations with the physicist David Bohm. It is interesting to observe that Krishnamurti succeeds in carrying Bohm, a physicist and hence a person supremely trained in the art of Measure, into his vision of a featureless void, in which time is an illusion and there is no becoming. A portion of their conversation will suffice to illustrate the nature of the problem:

JK: I am asking you as a physicist, is this universe based on time?
DB: I would say no, but you see, the general way…
JK: That is all I want. You say no! And can the brain, which has evolved in time … ?
DB: Well, has it evolved in time? Rather, it has become entangled in time. Because the brain is part of the universe, which we say is not based on time.
JK: I agree.
DB: Thought has entangled the brain in time.
JK: All right. Can that entanglement be unraveled, freed, so that the universe is the mind? You follow? If the universe is not of time, can the mind, which has been entangled in time, unravel itself and so be the universe?

And further on, Krishnamurti makes this revealing statement:

‘…to be free of becoming? That is the root of it. To end becoming…Of course, there is only complete security in nothingness!’ (The Ending of Time, Harper & Row, 1985.)

This clearly, is the perception that must change if at all a new species and a new world order can safely take their place upon the planet for which they are destined. This calls for a complete readjustment in the ‘lens of our seeing’, precisely our ‘instrument of measure’, whereby the Earth comes into focus not as some eternal, irredeemable Hell that a chastising Creator has condemned us to, but rather the planet that serves a noble purpose in the cosmic order. This purpose is to evolve continuously higher and better forms of life. At present the human being is in transition toward a new condition. The breakdown we witness about us, inclusive of the marvels of technology that the human mind has brought into being, is an indication of that new order that is arising. The axis of the human instrument is being encouraged to shift to a higher pivot, whereby the present atavism is no longer a rigid cross to which we are nailed as a race. Rather, the new species is liberated from this compelling drive and begins then a more conscious participation in this grand act of Becoming through which a new instrument is being wrought. But for this to occur, the orientation of our quest and its consequent goal, based on a truly new perception of the higher reality of existence, must shift. The direction must cease to be otherworldly, no matter how camouflaged this may be, as noted by the example furnished above. The answer lies here, on Earth, in the body–but transformed by the power of a new seeing.

How is this achieved? The new axis is not metaphysical. It is a pivot that comes into being in accordance with precise evolutionary laws involving time. By working with time in a particular manner, it is possible to restructure the consciousness, and ultimately the physical being, around a higher pivot. This cannot be accomplished while religions and the old spirituality block the process by emphasis on a metaphysical experience that disengages the human being from any spiritually and materially meaningful contact with the physical world, and consequently absolves him from any responsibility therein. According to these now outdated ways, the purpose of life was to somehow find escape from it, to either expiate one’s sins and reach heaven, or to work out a karma and thereby become freed from taking birth again on this woeful planet. In the midst of such a conditioning, it was not possible to alter the evolutionary pattern, insofar as the means to do so, in particular a conscious work with time, were denied their truth and the part they played to attain a higher reality.

The new world is a world in which both the being and the becoming are harmonised in the vision. Therefore Sri Aurobindo describes the choice of destiny that faces mankind at this crisis point as an accepting and embracing precisely of the becoming, as the means to attain the ultimate apotheosis, an evolutionary leap to a totally new status:

The significance of our existence here determines our destiny: that destiny is something that already exists in us as a necessity and a potentiality, the necessity of our being’s secret and emergent reality, a truth of its potentialities that is being worked out; both, though not yet realised, are even now implied in what has been already manifested.If there is a Being that is becoming, a Reality of existence that is unrolling itself in Time, what that being, that reality secretly is is what we have to become, and so to become is our life’s significance. (The Life Divine, Chapter 28.)

While the old degenerates into chaos and begins its collapse, there is simultaneously a work in progress to evolve a new species. The process entails, however, a laying of correct foundations. That is, a new ‘blueprint’ is being evolved, the lines of which are drawn by time, the power of evolution for the gestation of any new form.

The new ‘blueprint’ being established at present is a pattern of harmony. Indeed, its inspirer is the closest, most complete pattern of harmony that we can observe and of which we are an intrinsic part. It is the solar system–seen with a new eye and an entirely new and different instrument of perception and measurement. This blueprint of a new consciousness-being will provide the basis for a new world order. The outcome is a planetary society, inspired in its governance by the very harmonics of our System and in particular founded upon a vision that sees and accepts the Earth as the place where upon this progression is destined to occur.

But foremost in this evolutionary leap is the question of the purpose of evolution; and by consequence the purpose of our planetary home within the scheme of the cosmic order. It is clear that while we continue to turn to the old spirituality for solutions to our present state of collapse, we are only compounding that collapse, insofar as all spirituality considers life in this cosmos to be a fall and posits salvation in some form of a Beyond, unevolving and static. The dramatic shift that is required is then the complete refocusing of the lens we are provided with for evolution on Earth, and the resultant consciousness that introduces an entirely new direction in our perceiving. We cease to deny life and material creation as channels for expression of the highest truth principle. Rather, we see these as instruments on Earth of what Sri Aurobindo has called, the ‘life divine’.

There is a tested method to establish this new blueprint. It utilises time as the creative power for this revolutionary activity. By a specific knowledge of the mechanics of our solar system and the relation of the planetary harmony to time, as experienced on Earth and in the human body, a shift is brought about in the consciousness-being of the individual practitioner, whereby a new pivot is established in the body, no longer prisoner of atavistic drives but responsive to a higher purpose. On that basis a truly new harmony establishes itself within the individual and his society. There is no longer a collapse of energies but rather a sort of mini-solar system manifests as a nuclear compound from where new influences emerge. Gradually these accumulate and extend and eventually draw into the orbit of the new System an increasingly wider sphere; until finally the entire planet becomes the home of this higher planetary society.

What evolves is therefore neither a new spirituality nor a new science or material ideology. It is something beyond all these known methods but that miraculously harmonises and integrates all the expressions of mind, life, and matter in a splendid act of synthesis. The truth of our world is a magnificent manifoldness, expressing an exquisite diversity. But-this multiple diversity is upheld and sustained by a power of integration and arises in a field of oneness, –just as our solar system is an expression of a superb manifold harmony within an integrating oneness.

This is an evolutionary process which respects the being as well as the becoming. Hence it does not seek to obliterate the cosmic harmony which is rooted in time and is the instrument for the Becoming. Rather, it evolves by the aid of those laws. Thus we can applaud Ilya Prigogine when he declares, ‘I want to feel the evolution of things. I don’t believe in transcending, but in being embedded in a reality that is temporal.’ (OMNI, May, 1983.)

The critical crossroad we have reached is mirrored in the expansion of this very solar system to the observing eye of humankind. During the past several hundred years we have seen the System increase by three planets. While over this same period, pari passu with this expansion, the consciousness of the species and the condition of our civilisation have also undergone singular alterations. An acceleration in the evolution of consciousness never before witnessed has set in during this period, particularly heightened in our century. But what is required now, that ‘choice of destiny’, as Sri Aurobindo has called it, is a conscious collaboration with this process. Prior to this critical juncture the human being was carried along on the crests of the evolutionary wave in an unconscious fashion. But now, with the birth of a new consciousness and species, poised differently, centred on the higher axis of being, the possibility arises that we may collaborate consciously, guided by the harmonics of the very cosmos we inhabit and stand in awe of: an applied cosmology, not another speculative theory.

In the midst of the chaos we see about us a sublime cosmos emerges. Its life does not depend upon the old in the midst of which it stands. It emerges as the old crumbles, uncontaminated by the morose suggestions of purposelessness that vitiate the atmosphere of this dying world. It emerges because the conditions for it are determined by higher evolutionary laws, and is hence a thing inevitable in the history of our planet’s time; even as the present mental being was an unavoidable and necessary circumstance, a step along the way but nothing more, and nobly played its role in the evolution of consciousness. The foundations of this new and higher species are solidly laid in the stratum that is indestructible. But not disengaged from material creation. Rather, these new foundations are rooted in matter and they form the basis for a new species and society.

© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 1986

The Evolutionary Avatar

Thea, The Perennial Dispute: Is Astrology Science or Superstition? 22 December 2014.

Science or superstition? This could be the introductory query on what The Future Realisation (TFR) exhibition consists of, to be held in Delhi at Mati Ghar of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, from 1st January 2015. To further clarify, it is an applied cosmology to distinguish it from that of the physical sciences which is largely theoretical and in many cases speculative. In addition, the public is likely to confuse the contents of TFR with astrology as it is practiced in India today. Therefore, a clarification needs to be made at the outset. TFR displays the entirely new Indo-Centric Cosmology; there is a certain language commonality between astrology and this new cosmology; but the similarity ends there. This new approach to the sacred sciences uplifts astrology to a higher level; while not dismissing it; in the process TFR reveals unknown aspects of the art.

Periodically the debate arises in the national discourse: Is astrology science or superstition? To illustrate, on 9.12.2014, an article appeared in The Hindu editorial page ‘Tampering with Scientific Temper’, by Peter Ronald deSouza. While The Future Realisation is not centred on astrology as such, it does adequately answer this question because of the language – the Zodiac – common to both. In India an astrologer is approached almost exclusively for predicting a person’s future; or else for ritualistic purposes, to ascertain the most auspicious timing for events. But this is only a small part of its true purpose, which is a body of higher knowledge for initiates – now, unfortunately, lost in India. Nonetheless, this process called the Journey in the Rig Veda continues to be the mainstay of all the systems and traditions that lay claim to this single inspirational source, even though most of the hymns remain a mystery.

In ancient times the zodiac, astrology’s basic alphabet, conveyed a body of higher knowledge; hence it formed part of the sacred sciences not only in India but in all the Mystery Schools of the ancient world. Forecasting the future was only a small aspect of the practice, though an important and necessary ingredient insofar as astrology is a study of Time which comprises past, present and future: the unity of Time, in the Vedic Age called trikaladrishti – or the vision of the three times. As an element of higher knowledge its threefold aspect cannot be ignored. But the sanctity of the art resided in the fact that its main purpose was to foster a perception based on unity. And this was to provide a basis for the whole field of life, to ultimately reach a harmonious fulfilment.

Vishnu Trivikrama in Time, not Space

Today this is not at all the purpose of the study of Time, in astrology or otherwise. As an example we may take perhaps the most famous of all myths found in the Rig Veda, Vishnu Trivikrama. The common interpretation, purely speculative, is that the three strides are spatial measurements albeit moving across dimensions; whereas the myth is very specific: the key to the correct interpretation lies in Time – more specifically, these Vishnu verses convey correctly when his Avatars will take birth on Earth, particularly the last three, the 7th, the 8th and 9th, or his three strides. This is an example of the knowledge that was lost when pundits lost the cosmic connection, foundation of everything the Sanatana Dharma is based on. This time factor is embedded in the circumscribing cosmic harmony and for this reason much of the ancient scriptures are not understood. Sri Aurobindo wrote in the early part of the last century,

‘…It is because we do not understand the Vedas that three-fourths of the Upanishads are a sealed book to us. Even of the little we think we can understand, much has been insecurely grasped and superficially comprehended… For want of this key profound scholars have fumbled and for want of this guidance great thinkers gone astray…’

‘Religious movements have come and gone or left their mark but after all and through all the Veda remains to us our Rock of the Ages, our eternal foundation… The Upanishads, mighty as they are, only aspire to bring out, arrange philosophically in the language of later thinking and crown with the supreme name of Brahman the eternal knowledge enshrined in the Vedas. Yet for some two thousand years at least no Indian has really understood the Vedas.’ (India’s Rebirth, emphasis mine.)

The Philosophy of Astrology

To return to the question, Is astrology superstition or science? The answer lies in the manner we approach the art; we may call it the philosophy of astrology. We do not expect a person unschooled in physics to pass judgment on relativity or quantum physics. But for some strange reason we accept that a physicist, for example, is expected to be qualified to pass judgment on a sacred art, though he has never been schooled in the subject. And by ‘schooled’ I mean the purification process a true astrologer must pass through before any of the more arcane knowledge is revealed. This is often referred to as an initiation. When that intense discipline is undergone, usually covering many more years than the amount put into obtaining a degree in physics, the adept is able to penetrate the mysteries and come upon answers that science has never been able to provide.

The reason is simple enough where the sacred sciences are concerned: The foundation of a true astrologer/cosmologist is a consciousness of unity. Its establishment is the very first step – and it is the longest and hardest. Once attained it becomes the anchor or axis for the seer; he or she can then extend beyond from that innermost centre to expound on the grandeur seen from that tiniest point, ‘no bigger than a thumb’, as the Upanishad describes the individual soul. But this begs for some clarification because the term is not easily understood.

‘Unity’ in the context of a sage or seer of the true Vedic sort involves the ability to expand one’s consciousness to embrace this side and that – i.e., beyond the event horizon of contemporary physics. This is unity for the Rishi: the ability to move across thresholds that science cannot penetrate. This barrier is admittedly out of bounds for the scientist because we know that the mathematical foundation of all contemporary sciences breaks down at that threshold; whereas, the seer crosses over the ‘horizon’ as no scientist can do, precisely because he or she is graced with a perceptive capacity that permits the construction of a bridge between here and there.

That is the true unity-consciousness, differentiating it as we must from the common understanding: i.e., a consciousness that sees ‘the unity between all things’. To be precise, on this side of the demarcation that experience is more accurately known as Oneness. The sage sees this ‘oneness’ upon which basis he or she can say: We are THAT. We are all One in an indivisible unity.

Beyond Relativity, the call of the hour

The factor that allows the sage to possess a unity-consciousness and bridge the subtle and the physical is the discovery of the true function of gravity, whatever the name or the description given to the experience in earlier times. We know that the stumbling-block the physicist faces today in the discovery of a Theory of Everything (TOE) is precisely gravity. Understandably, because gravity is that very bridge. Gravity is the cosmic property that bridges the subtle and the physical. It is the carry over from the other side to this; hence to understand its true nature the physicist must employ a different mathematics, a system that is intrinsically unifying. In the new cosmology this system is called the Mathematics of Unity; in Vedic Mathematics it is reducing a number to its ‘seed digit’, as in the following: 2014: 2+0+1+4=7. Thus 7 is the year’s seed digit.

But to be borne in mind is that this truly Vedic realisation does not form a part of the modern schools of Yoga, or even of the schools of philosophy that have arisen after the time of the Buddha.

This answers another question in the national discourse: Why impose Vedic Mathematics in school curricula today, when we have much more ‘advanced’ systems and, above all, the omniscient computer? It is because one of the most important elements in this ‘obsolete’ system is the focus on ‘seed digits’? On the ‘other side’ whole tones are the key to the mysteries discovered there. That is the mathematics that can be employed to understand how gravity operates, how it bridges the subtle and material – and therefore the role of Time because the contraction of gravity is actually Time on the other side of the event horizon.

TFR reveals with precision how the revelation of a simple formula, 9/6/3/0-1, can prove the connectivity between the subtle and material through the application of the formula in a series of twelve births that on this side, according to the birth dates of these twelve individuals, display the control of Mahakala who himself bridges the subtle and physical; that is, TFR reveals that our material dimension is the extension of the One. On the other side, Time is contracted in quanta of triads expressed in the formula as 9/6/3/0. But when the Zero is reached in the descending compression, by the intensity of this compaction, the Zero-Womb of fullness gives birth to the One. Thereafter the flow is sequential – 1 to 2 to 3, and so forth.

This very message was given by Aurobindo avatar from the beginning of his joint mission with the Mother in the central square of his own symbol, called the Lotus of the Avatar, with the formula 9, 6, 3 in its petals and leaves. 

In an applicable, non-speculative manner this reveals that the understanding of the nature of our world is expressed in this formula, countering, or rather completing Relativity Theory:

3 dimensions of Time (the triadic compacting quanta), the 4th dimension of which is the point of space 

From that compacted bija-point – in sound-vibration it is the primordial Om – the physical manifestation evolves sequentially; thereafter, relativity theory steps in, but because of the disconnection physics does not have a foundation in absoluteness, as enjoyed in the Vedic Age, and only relativity lies at the root of whatever our 20th Century has given rise to: wonders of technology, yes, but also the most destructive weapons ever devised by man, an impossibility in the next step of evolution. But if we know the contents of that sacred Seed, we can know where evolution is taking us. That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of The Future Realisation: to explore that tiniest particle containing the divine Purpose that carries us to the next stage of evolution.

From the first breath at the moment of birth, that compacted Seed (from the other side) is integrated with the entire solar system – that is, the individual at his or her very birth is drawn into the cosmic harmony and is able to learn through the horoscope what part is to be played in the course of the sequential extension thereafter. No science or technology can perform this feat for individuals born on this planet – but of course the issue is that astrologers themselves of the contemporary brand have no understanding of the sacred nature of their art. They are not excluded from the assessment Sri Aurobindo made above (p.2). On the contrary, they are the most responsible for the decline because it is their duty to carry the message of this sanctity to the masses. Through the Hindu calendar, for example, those masses are led astray from this highest truth. Sri Aurobindo explains the mechanism we are discussing, of cosmic directions – vertical/contraction, horizontal/expansion – in terms of yoga in this way:

‘There are in fact two systems simultaneously active in the organisation of the being and its parts: one is concentric, a series of rings or sheaths with the psychic at the centre; another is vertical, an ascension and descent, like a flight of steps, a series of superimposed planes with the supermind-overmind as the crucial nodus of the transition beyond the human into the Divine.’

In this paragraph Sri Aurobindo has described not only the vertical and horizontal ‘directions’, the destiny pattern of every individual, but a pure example of the control of Mahakala is the fact that TFR will be displayed in Mati Ghar at the IGNCA to physically express the same inward turn – three galleries, the innermost being that ‘psychic centre’ of his description. In TFR that ‘circle’ contains the Core of the Mother’s original plan with precise measurements given by her. 

Sri Aurobindo continues,

‘First, there must be a conversion inwards, a going within to find the inmost psychic being, and bring it out to the front, disclosing at the same time the inner mind, inner vital, inner physical parts of the nature. Next, there must be an ascension, a series of conversions upwards and a turning down to convert the lower parts.’ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the eternal aphorism

The convergence of the circumscribing data of the cosmic harmony as captured in the natal horoscope presents a super-photograph of the vastest dimensions to the astrologer-seer, as if it were the individual’s own private 0-1 experience – the reversal from vertical-contraction to horizontal-expansion, or extension in measurable planetary time. This is the key to the birth process lived by every creature that inhabits planet Earth.

Reading a horoscope is the same: penetration into the Seed of one’s individual compaction of Time in the space ‘no bigger than a thumb’. From birth that seed-essence begins its extension in and of Time. Therefore those triadic quanta in the Seed, or the content of the soul, are actually lived on this side where conscious awareness is possible, where evolution takes place. The meaning is that each individual incarnation is the image of THAT; and through each soul a seed of That is embodied here when birth occurs on this side of the horizon. Our lives, every second we breathe is the Transcendent experiencing the evolution of Itself in this material universe, on this most favoured of all the planets because its position in the third orbit of the System allows the Law of Three to function, to do what it was created for: it permits the individual to realise That as the sustenance of life and to understand that the purpose of birth is nothing other than to manifest the ultimate, maximum expression of the contents of the Seed on this side of the Horizon. The privilege birth offers is the fact that awareness is a property only of this material dimension, as well as growth into the divine Image. The coming race of gnostic beings differs from mortals of Martanda’s creation because they take birth in full knowledge of their divinity, their divine essence, and consciously participate with the Supreme to give the purest expression in matter to the highest Light in this universe whose number is 9.

After all, what is superstition? It is when the light is absent, when, as Sri Aurobindo wrote in the last century, ‘…the body remained but the soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings’. The aim of TFR is to offer a portion of that Light to illumine the path ahead and, above all else, to eliminate superstition – not by throwing the baby out with the bath water, but by introducing a higher synthesising quotient that elevates what has been covered in veils over the ages to the experience of a new Harmony. It is the new principle the Avatar introduced by his tapasya: the truth-conscious Supermind.

The 9th Manifestation: Prophecy of the Navagrahas

The Hindu temple as I have stated time and again is the repository of a lost knowledge on the subcontinent. It was conceptualised to preserve the ancient wisdom through a long period of humiliating darkness. In this 9th Manifestation we are destined to emerge from that darkness, never more to suffer regression. It is the special quality of this Manifestation because being the 9th it means that like a foetus in gestation for the past 77,760 years, the Divine Child is finally born. It means that the era of 3 x 3 has finally arrived. Everything we have known until now, even our most luminous seeings and spiritual attainments, will appear unreal and will pale into insignificance with the descent of this Gnostic Light.

Regarding the triadic quanta and astrology, here is an example of how superstition, or so it is thought by many, is simply the lack of knowledge because of a condition of incompletion. At the entrance to every Hindu temple we find the Navagrahas. This is one of science’s most conclusive ‘proofs’ that astrology is not a science. And why? Simply because the temple inculcates in each and every worshipper that 3 x 3 = 9 must be the focus, or we could say, the secret support behind the worship, the imprinting that must never be lost sight of. Science claims that this item is proof of the lack of scientific knowledge because astrologers do not know that Rahu and Ketu are not planets. Including them in the triadic presentation is tantamount to the greatest ignorance in their eyes.

Navagraha of Hindu Temples 

The truth is that the supreme value of the Navagrahas is to keep the divine Measure alive and uppermost in the devotee’s mind, coupled with a sense of belonging to the solar system: the Law of Three and the 9 are the key to the universe, as also believed by the great inventor and scientist, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943): ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, then you would have a key to the Universe.’

The importance of keeping the measure alive is in attendance of the solar system to the eye of the observer reaching its own maturity where the Law of Three and the divine Measure of 9 can be integrated into the lived experience of inhabitants of Earth. That maturity was attained in the last century just at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius in 1926. Shortly thereafter, in 1930 completion was reached and the system then expanded to 9 (the planets) and 0 (the Sun).

Thus the Navagrahas are the foretelling of the Divine Measure that our solar system would attain centuries ahead, indicating the same expansion for the human species that would then be able to appreciate the greater harmony open to the perceiving eye of humanity. For this to occur the discovery of the Zero was of paramount importance because the count goes from 0 to 9; and this too India has given to the world. But how many in India and elsewhere could have imagined the future that simple unpretentious Naught held in its bosom?

Originally configured as the Dot or Point, it was fullness – purnata – and not the shunya of today. This development from Point to the empty Circle tells the history of the decline better than all words. Recently a parliamentarian stated that astrology was the greatest science. He was ridiculed. But every historian knows that astrology was for long considered the Mother of all Science. And according to what is written here, how can we claim that it is mere superstition? Where is the contemporary scientific discipline that can bridge the other side and this?

But of course if science remains entrenched in the now stale and exhausted atheist mindset it seeks to impose on students under the guise of the ‘scientific temperament’, the very postulation is meaningless. For these entrenched fundamentalists there is actually no ‘other side’. Then the question to ask is why do they admit that their methodology breaks down at the event horizon if there is nothing other than what we can see and touch on this end of the spectrum?

Astrology and the new cosmology deal with Time. It is not a question of the influence of planets (another stick to beat the astrologer with since no such ‘influence’ has ever been detected). Time expresses itself in this solar system through orbits. It is a harmony of orbits that ‘influences’. And they work in triads. This is another indication of the tremendously important stage we have reached as a species: this system we belong to, our ‘extended family’, has finally reached the maturity indicated in the Measure of 9. Until that moment arrived in the last century when Pluto joined the holy family of our solar system, we could never hope to banish superstition forever. But of course there are those in the scientific community who insist on downgrading Pluto to the status of a non-planet.

This issue is of no concern. Orbits, triads of 3, this is the only issue, the real issue that informs us we are on the threshold of a very great change. And India stands at the centre of it all. Blessed are her sages that have kept the tradition alive and managed to inculcate, emblazon the 9 into the consciousness of seekers across the ages in attendance of this sublime moment.

Science must abdicate before a higher truth

The exhibition offered to the Delhi public should be visited primarily by scientists, those who hold the entrenched belief that astrology, a relative of this new cosmology, is mere superstition and must be erased from the memory of the nation at all costs. While The Future Realisation is not a display of astrology as such, I repeat, we share a common language. I throw down the gauntlet to members of the scientific community to visit the exhibition and then to participate in a debate on 5 January at 5 PM, on the evidence on display that ought to challenge the mind of anyone believing to have a truly scientific temper.

We would like a debate on how various points of this sacred cosmology would be answered by the scientist – or dismissed – such as the connected series of twelve births spread across a century fulfilling with exactitude the formula 9/6/3/0-1. Most will want to brush off the evidence on display as mere coincidence; however, this becomes untenable when that evidence is so voluminous as to render the label ludicrous. Hiding behind this worn-out excuse will only further erode its credibility.

The point being made is that to pass a proper scientific judgement on this new Indo-centric cosmology as displayed in The Future Realisation, the scientist has to be thoroughly familiar with its basic tenets. First and foremost he or she would have to dismiss preconceptions and approach the material on face value, so to speak. The methodology and formulations of contemporary science must be set aside. This is a system beyond both science and spirituality. On 24.5.1962, the Mother discussed her experiences, then in the germinating stage, related to this very topic. What the Mother was waiting for before she could adequately describe her experiences is the key – the lived experience: 

‘It is something we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building. ‘We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is as yet inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come…’ ‘…These positions, the spiritual and the “materialist”, if one may call it so, that are believed to be exclusive…are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge. ‘…And as for saying what it is, the other one, the true position? It is so much beyond all intellectual states that I am unable to formulate it. ‘But the formula will come, I know. But it will come in a series of lived experiences that I have not had yet.

The Evolutionary Avatar

A Dialogue – Each Thing in its Place, The Mother

THE VISHAAL NEWSLETTER, Volume 3, Number 3, August 1988

“The idea of sin is something I do not understand, I have never understood. ‘Original sin’ seemed to me one of the most monstrous ideas men have ever had – sin and me do not go very well together! So, naturally I agree with Sri Aurobindo completely, that there is no sin – that is clear, but…”

There are certain things one could call ‘sins’ if one wants, like cruelty; well, I find only this explanation: it is the deformation of the taste or need for an extremely strong sensation. I observed in cruel people that it is then that they feel an ‘ananda’, they get from it an intense joy. Consequently, this legitimises it. Except that it is in such a deformed state that it is repugnant.

About the idea that things are not in their place, that, my child, is something I had understood even when I was little. And I found the explanation with Theon [the Mother’s teacher in occultism], because in his cosmogony he explained the successive ‘pralayas’ [destructions of the worlds] saying that in each universe it was an aspect of the Supreme that was manifesting; that each universe was constructed around an aspect of the Supreme, and that all, one after another, had returned to the Supreme (he enumerated all the aspects which had successively manifested, and with a logic in the succession that was extraordinary! I kept it somewhere but I don’t know where it is). And this time it was (I don’t even remember the number in the succession any longer), but this should be the universe that would not be withdrawn, that would follow a progression in the becoming which would be, so to say, indefinite. And that universe was the Equilibrium (not a static equilibrium but a progressive one). Equilibrium, that is (he explained), each thing in its place, exactly: each vibration, each movement in its place, each…and then, as one descends: each form, each activity, each element exactly in its place with respect to the whole.

That interested me very much because Sri Aurobindo said the same thing, that there is nothing ‘bad’: simply things are not in their place – their place, not only in space but in time; their universal place, their place in the universe, beginning with the worlds, the stars, etc, and each thing exactly in its place. And then, when each thing would be exactly in its place, from the most formidable to the most microscopic, the totality would express the Supreme PROGRESSIVELY without the need to be withdrawn and emanated once again. It was on this point that Sri Aurobindo based the fact that it is in this creation, this universe, that this sort of perfection of a divine world could manifest – what Sri Aurobindo called the Supramental.

Equilibrium is the essential law of that creation and that is what permits a perfection to be realised in the manifestation.

According to that idea, things ‘in their place’, another question came to me: with the descent of the Supermind, what would be the very first things that the supramental force would want to dislodge or try to dislodge?

The first things that it would dislodge?

     Yes, individually and cosmically, in order for everything to be in its place.

Would it ‘dislodge’ anything?… If we accept Sri Aurobindo’s idea, it would put each thing in its place, that’s all.

There is something that must necessarily cease: it is the Deformation, that is, the veil of falsehood covering the Truth, because that is what is responsible for everything we see, everything that exists here. If that is removed, things would be entirely different, necessarily: they would be as we feel them, when we come out of that consciousness. When one comes out of that consciousness, when one enters into that Truth-Consciousness, one is astonished that there can be anything like suffering and misery and death and all that; there is a sort of astonishment in the sense that…one cannot understand how this can happen (when one is pushed to the other side). But then that state of consciousness is always associated with the experience of the irreality of the world as we know it; whereas Sri Aurobindo says that that perception of the irreality of the world does not need to exist for the supramental consciousness: it is only the irreality of the Falsehood, not the irreality of the world. And that is very interesting. That is, that the world has a reality in itself, independent from the Falsehood.

I suppose that this will be the first effect of the Supermind – the first effect perhaps even in the individual, because it will start first with the individual.

That state of consciousness…probably must become constant, but then there is a problem: how can one remain in contact with the world as it is in its deformation? Because I have noticed something: when that state is strong in me, so strong that it resists anything that bombards it from outside, if I say something, people understand NOTHING! – nothing. Consequently, it must do away with a useful contact.

How would a small supramental creation be, like a nucleus of action and radiation on Earth, for example (taking the Earth alone)? Is it possible? …One can easily conceive of a nucleus of a superhuman creation…that is, men who have been men and who, through evolution and transformation (in the true sense of the word) have come to manifest supramental powers; but their origin is human, so while their origin is human there is forcibly a contact; even if everything is transformed, even if the organs are transformed into centres of force, there is still something human which remains, like a colouring. It is those beings, according to tradition, who would discover the secret of the supramental creation directly, without passing through the process of ordinary Nature. And so, it is through them that the real beings from the supramental world would be born, those who must, necessarily, live in a supramental world. But then, how would the contact be between those beings and the ordinary world? How to conceive of a sufficient transformation of nature for that supramental creation to be produced on earth? – I don’t know.

Naturally one knows that for such a thing to happen a considerable length of time is required, and there will probably be stages, degrees, faculties which will appear and which, for the moment, we do not know or we cannot conceive of, and which will change conditions on Earth – that is looking several thousand years ahead.

The problem remains: is it possible to use that idea of space – I mean space on the globe? Is it possible that there is a place in which this embryo or seed of a future supramental world can be created?

What I had seen… The plan had come in all its details: but it was a plan that, in its spirit and consciousness, is not at all in conformity with what it is possible to realise terrestrially right now (but in its most material manifestation, it was based on the existing earthly conditions). That idea of an ideal city which would be the nucleus of a small ideal country and which would only have purely superficial and extremely limited contacts in its dealings with the old world. One must therefore already conceive of (and this is possible) a Power sufficient to be at once a protection against aggression or bad will (that would not be the most difficult protection to get), and a protection against infiltration; the mixture… But that, one can, if need be, conceive of it. From the social point of view, from the point of view of organisation, the point of view of interior life, these are not difficult problems; the problem is the relation with what is not supramentalised, to impede infiltration, mixture; that is, to prevent this nucleus from falling into an inferior creation – it is a period of transition.


All those who have thought about the problem have always imagined something unknown to the rest of humanity, in a place like a pass in the Himalayas, a place unknown to the rest of the humanity. But that is not a solution. That is not a solution at all.

No, the only solution is occult power. But that… Then that would mean already a creation of a certain number of individuals who had arrived at a great perfection of realisation, before anything could be done… But if that could be done, it is conceivable that one could have, cut off from the external world (there are no contacts, isn’t that so), a place where everything is exactly in its place, as an example. Each thing is exactly in its place, each person exactly in his place, each movement exactly in its place, and in its place in an ascending movement, progressive, without relapse (that is, just the contrary to what happens in ordinary life). So, naturally that would mean a sort of perfection; it also means a sort of unity. It means that the different aspects of the Supreme can be manifested; and necessarily an exceptional beauty, a total harmony; and a sufficient power to keep the forces of Nature under control: for example, even if that place is surrounded by the forces of destruction, those forces have no power to act – the protection is sufficient.

All of this demands an extreme, extreme degree of perfection in those individuals who would be the organisers of such a thing.

                                    (Long silence)

This must be similar to what happened for the appearance of the first man.

Finally, no one knows how the first men were formed, the first mental realisation. Is it known whether they were isolated individuals or if it was in groups? If this took place in the midst of others or isolated? I don’t know. There could be an analogy with the future case of the supramental creation.

In the solitude of the Himalayas or in the solitude of a virgin forest, it is not difficult to conceive of an individual who begins to create his small supramental world around him – that is easy to conceive. But the same thing is necessary: he must have arrived at such a degree of perfection that his power would act automatically to prevent intrusion from outside.

      Because he would be automatically exposed to attacks from outside?

They would automatically have to be protected; that is, all foreign or opposing elements must be prevented from approaching.

One does hear of stories like that, of people who live in an ideal solitude. That is not impossible to imagine at all. When one is in contact with the Power, when it is in you, one can see…that is child’s play! To the point even of being able to change certain things, to exert an influence on the environing vibrations and the environing forms which, automatically, would begin to be supramentalised. All that is possible – but it is on the individual scale. Whereas, let us take the example of what happens here: the individual who stays right in the middle of the chaos – that is where the difficulty lies!… Is it that, because of this fact, to arrive at a sort of perfection in the realisation is impossible? But the other also, the one isolated in the forest, it is always the same thing; it is the example that doesn’t prove at all that the rest will be able to follow. Whereas what happens here would already be a far more radiating action. This must happen at a certain point – it MUST happen. But the problem still remains: can this take place at the same time or before the other thing is realised: the individual, the one supramentalised individual?


It is evident that in the conditions of community or group the realisation is far more complete, integral, total and probably more perfect than any individual realisation, which is always necessarily, NECESSARILY, on the external, material plane absolutely limited, because it is only one mode of manifestation, a microscopic aggregate of vibrations that are touched.

But from the point of view of facility of work, I think there is no comparison!


So the problem remains. All those people like Buddha and the others, they FIRST realised, and then they returned to a contact with the world. Well that is very simple. But for what I envision, isn’t remaining in the world an indispensable condition in order for the realisation to be total?


           (The Mother remains a long while absorbed, looking before her)

I am constantly seeing images! – not images: living things, as answers to the questions. There was a magnificent peacock being formed (the peacock is the symbol of victory here), and then his tail opened up like this, and on his tail a construction appeared, like the construction of that ideal place… It is a shame that we cannot photograph that world! There should be sufficiently sensitive plates – they have tried. That would be very interesting because it was moving like a cinema: they are not stills, they move.

(18 July 1961)
From L’Agenda de Mere, Volume 2, 1961
Institut de Recherches Evolutives, Paris, 1978


[While the Peacock is the national bird of India and is indeed the symbol of Victory, it acquires this qualification because it is the vehicle of the God Kartikeya, Shiva’s Son, the War God of Victory. This is the same Godhead referred to in our work as the Fourth Power of the Solar Line, the Son Principle in the descent of powers for the supramental transformation. Since ‘the City’ is the domain of that Fourth Power, it is not at all surprising that the Mother should have had this first vision of that ‘ideal place’ with the backdrop of the Peacock’s Tail.]

The Evolutionary Avatar

Thea, The Embrace – at Last! Revolution, Indian Style, 29 September 2014.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
 Aeon Centre of Cosmology
South India, 29.9.2014

Those who have followed my work in India since 1971 through a number of published books, and more recently also through blogs, articles and videos online, can join with me in acknowledging that the Indo-American tie-up has been long overdue. I described its inevitability via perceptions gleaned on the basis of a new paradigm offered to the people of India and the world. For the first time we have at our disposal an Indo-centric applied cosmology as the background for our analyses that provides a very different understanding of world affairs, insofar as they were always viewed through the Euro-centric prism; but there are certain aspects to the current rapprochement that enhance our earlier perceptions. In this paradigm one of its outstanding features is the manner in which America is shown to form an axis with India in both time and space. To present factual examples of the applicability of the new cosmology, in Chapter 15 of The Gnostic Circle, entitled ‘The United States of America and India’, in 1974 I wrote the following, revealing far deeper commonalities between the two than simply the largest and oldest democracies:

The United States of America is of course a very important element in the Earth’s evolution at present. Together with India it forms the evolutionary axis of Cancer and Capricorn that has often been referred to in this text. Capricorn [Makar] is India’s occult sign, and Cancer is the Sun sign of the United States [based on its July 4th independence date]; these together represent the axis of Spirit and Matter which is now carrying the evolution. It is around these two nations that the future of humanity’s growth into a more divine species largely depends. Both must pass through ‘labour pains’ as described for Tibet. India must become ‘materialised’ and the United States must awaken to the Spirit. If neither of these fulfils its destiny there is no possibility of a transformation on Earth. It is also essential that the two nations realise their union and come to the point where they shall work in harmony with one another in order that the new reign upon Earth can become established, for it is no coincidence that Columbus in 1492 thought he had reached India in his travels and called the natives of the land Indians… (p.181)

Following the publication of The Gnostic Circle in 1975 this theme has run through all the discoveries I have made since then; there was nothing to change that perception – rather, it has been enhanced over the years. I had even written to leading politicians of the day in the same vein, notwithstanding the compunctions of the Cold War and the fact that Richard Nixon had just a few years earlier sent the 7th Fleet into the Bay of Bengal in support of Pakistan in its war against India and the rebellion of its then eastern wing.

      …I spoke to you of the necessity of India and the USA coming closer. The reason for making such a statement is not some sentimental fantasy on my part, rather it corresponds to a cosmic working which, when realised, would signify the ultimate victory of Truth. To explain briefly: India and USA form a ‘pole’, occultly, cosmically and physically. This is the pole of Spirit and Matter, respectively. To those who have an inner vision of things this is obvious, but I must point out that this Pole is a world reality as well. India is of the sign Capricorn; the USA is of the sign Cancer. These are opposite signs and this would make them complements in this ‘occult’ pole. Yet this Pole is what I have called the ‘Axis of Evolution’, for it is also the very axis of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In July, the month of Cancer, the Earth moves farthest away from the Sun. In January (Capricorn) it is closest, and this becomes then the physical axis of the orbit and hence of the evolution. We see that even in the development of our 20th Century civilisation this has been the case. USA is the prime representative of the materialistic consciousness, of Science, of Matter. India is the prime representative, as she has been for aeons, of the Spiritual Reality, and this has been her major contribution to the world. But we must understand that Spirit and Matter are one, and it is the discovery of this oneness that the world is now experiencing. If these two countries would somehow come together in this understanding, support each other, and work in harmony and unity, it would mean that the Earth would be able to live through these trying moments and come to the true spiritual age that is before us. I must point out also that these two nations are also ends of the Pole that pierces the very planet we inhabit. They stand back to back on the globe; we could say, it is a question that now they must stand ‘face to face’ rather. USA must come ultimately to recognise the value of India and that only by giving it full support can anything truly great for the Earth be accomplished.

The Mother has arranged things in a perfect fashion, for all the events help to bring this about. I feel that the fall of South East Asia will inevitably bring USA to reconsider its position with regard to India; it will be obliged to ‘court her’…otherwise…China? (Private correspondence dated 18.4.1975, published in Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 2, Book One, Aeon Books, 2014.)

It is one thing to jump on the bandwagon today when the efforts of past labours are bearing overt results. The most difficult part of the labour was completed long before India and the world realised what was being done, for it is not limited to India. It is important to review those efforts because they began in the late 19th Century and continued through the 20th, unbeknown to even close observers of the political or spiritual scenes, and have finally culminated in this 21st Century as it transpires before our eyes in India and before the eyes of the world.

To illustrate, it was the labour of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar, Sri Aurobindo, that made it possible for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare that ‘India would be clean by 2019’, in his recent public appearances precisely in the USA. He referred to Mahatma Gandhi in the context of his championing the cause of cleanliness – a clean India which we all deeply desire on more levels than one. However, Gandhi was in a sense jumping the gun because he did not go to the root of the problem – he could not, because it was not his dharma to do so. In his day the cleanliness situation was bad enough; therefore, he himself took on tasks traditionally reserved for certain sections of the society so as to convey the message forcefully. With the increase in population since then, the lack of sanitation and hygiene has become overwhelming. But it must be noted that while these efforts were necessary they could not bear results unless the root cause of the filth that India has become was addressed.

I have written extensively on this ‘original cause’, and since that was dealt with successfully over the past century and into this 21st without interruption, one can rejoice today when Prime Minister Modi lauds Mahatma Gandhi and declares that he will take up the baton of cleanliness and sanitation, no doubt believing that it all started with Gandhi’s campaign.

What was the original cause?  If we follow the thread we will see that it was cemented in the spiritual consciousness of the civilisation over 2000 years ago; moreover, it lay at the basis of every successful invasion and colonisation ever since. This understanding is reached today only if we manage to enlarge our view of evolution to include matters of the spirit as well as material. Both evolve, pari passu in fact. The evolution of the Spirit is the driving force of the material. Without it we would, as an evolving world, collapse into the ‘nothingness’ Science and even certain spiritual greats cherish dearly.

This first cause was a pernicious undermining in the spiritual domain that began approximately around the time the world entered the 9th Manifestation in 234 BCE, marking a stark departure from the realisations of the Rishis in the Vedic Age. The arrival of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar was due on the scene some 2100 years thereafter, during Vishnu’s gunaic/zodiacal period of Sattva/Preservation; more particularly, when the cosmic clock marked arrival at the borderline between the Age of Pisces and into our current Aquarian Age in 1926. From that point onward the stage was set on the subcontinent for all the elements to be put in place for India to play her destined role as centre of the 9th Manifestation comprising 6480 years – a duty for which she is eminently prepared: India is required to work out the dark patches in the collective consciousness of the subcontinent which are representative of the energy knots in the global consciousness, or in the aura of the Earth herself, if you will.

What was the original cause that finally, after two millennia, has come to be reflected in the filth that none have wished to see or to acknowledge as Prime Minister Modi has done, an individual aptly suited to the task, being born in the zodiacal sign of Virgo (see Chapter 6, The Magical Carousel, PNB, Aeon Books, where the characteristics of Virgo are embodied in none other than Miss Lily Spotless!)? The cause lay in the direction yogic and philosophic systems cemented in the spiritual consciousness of the civilisation as the be-all and end-all of every quest from the time of Gautam the Buddha. Simply put, it was Otherworldliness.1 A ‘seed’ was planted  that undermined the Earth-centred quest of the Vedic Age as described in the Rig Veda, the world’s oldest scripture and the bedrock of the civilisation even today, though it has moved so far away from that Earth-centred direction to find itself unable even to satisfactorily decipher the treasure left to us by the Rishis. The good news is that this decline, this degeneration that has become so evident in the physical through the filth that we cannot ignore and that welcomes every visitor to India today, is part of the system of renewal and re-establishment of the eternal Dharma. And it is eternal only because of this in-built method of renewal, because only by renewal has it escaped fossilisation.

In a nutshell, this is the task of the Vishnu Avatars. The national Epics describe the life and times of the 7th and 8th in the Line of Ten. Today we have the grace to be born during the period of Vishnu’s 9th, Sri Aurobindo, some 6000 years after the last. The soil for his appearance was prepared by two spiritual giants of Bengal, just prior to his 1872 birth, Sri Ramakrishna (1836) and Swami Vivekananda (1863).  In The Gnostic Circle I drew the connection more emphatically, in the process revealing the remarkable consistency in these matters Vedic:

    …In the lives of these three there are significant dates which show us the important role they play. Ramakrishna was born with the Sun in Aquarius, in opposition to India’s new birth sign, Leo, and he left his body on August 16th, just an hour or so after the date of India’s independence, August 15.2
    Vivekananda was born with the Sun in Capricorn, in opposition to the sign of America, Cancer, and he left his body on July 4th, the date of the American Independence … Ramakrishna’s incarnation was necessary for India’s spiritual awakening, and Vivekananda brought the word to America and planted the seeds of Vedanta in that country. (Ibid, p.182.)

Only those who have experienced at close hand the labour of reversal, as I have called it, can understand what a colossal task this has been. It entailed reversing an otherworldly goal and positing that as the ultimate attainment of any spiritual quest, because that created a split in an area that had never suffered a severance of this order. The Vedic Age was characterised by a seamless unity between Spirit and Matter. There was recognition of the various planes of consciousness, or sheaths that constitute both the individual and collective consciousness-being, but never a linear, polar positioning. It is to be noted that this linearity has plagued not only the subcontinent but the entire world. Those ancient civilisations that shared the unity poise in time and space, all succumbed to the same undermining in the Age of Pisces as India has; none survived, none were able to fend off the onslaught of Otherworldliness until finally this projection culminated in some of the major religions of the world, all of which arose in the past Age of Pisces, all of which enjoin their followers to aspire for salvation and ultimate fulfilment in heaven after death. In other words, this planet can never provide that fulfilment.

Bharat did survive and in spite of the degeneration could keep the thread more or less intact because of a system that allowed India to do so over vast evolutionary cycles of time – the Vishnu Line of Ten, backbone of Hinduism.
Conditions for dealing with what I have called a tendency in the human constitution were in place by entry into the Aquarian Age in 1926 – and this includes Partition, the contours of which began to take shape around that time. These conditions allowed for the 9th to begin the task of uprooting the cause of the decline. The task set before him was to reverse that trend and ultimately to extirpate the tendency of escape to realms beyond, entirely due to the state of incompletion of the human species. Therefore, together with reversal he had to establish in the evolutionary matrix what was lacking to cause the problem in the first place.

This was the truth-conscious Supermind, the next level in human evolution. Each of Vishnu’s emanations has had a similar task – that is, the cementing of a particular feature of the human species in an ascending order, because of which Sri Aurobindo called the Line of Ten a parable of evolution. The consequence in India of the tendency to focus on the Beyond away from our planetary base, and thereby bringing about a de facto split between Spirit and Matter, was that the energies of hundreds, if not thousands of realised beings upon which the transformation of the human species depends, were withdrawn from the evolutionary drive. Eventually this withdrawal percolated through all the planes of consciousness down to the physical, the abandonment of which resulted in what we see today.

The new, post-Vedic postulation was, simply put, all that is in motion – ergo, the material universe – is mere illusion. Up there in the Self, in the Spirit lies the only reality – a proposition significantly boosted by contemporary particle physics. Bharat thus lost a grip on the physical dimension. It was just a question of time before that physical would be abused to the intolerable level we witness today. Is it not incongruous that the nation acknowledged to have reached spiritual peaks as no other should also hold the distinction of today being the filthiest? India’s ruling zodiacal sign can perhaps give us the answer in its mystic imagery. Capricorn is depicted as the mountain goat with the tail of a fish. This image conveys the connected heights and depths. The time has come to reach a deeper understanding of the symbol when we learn that Capricorn is the sign of the Earth’s soul.

No one now sees the filth; it is just the way things are because it has been a slow and steady decline over centuries. Another aspect of the abuse is corruption, perhaps worst of all; it too is now just the way things are. For there is no store of those finer spiritual energies available, accompanied by the purposefulness required to eliminate the evidence of this abandonment. It is as if a gap exists in the human constitution through which energies are seeped away. This has allowed the physical body of Bharat Mata to display the problem for all those who have the courage to search beneath the surface debacle and reach what Sri Aurobindo called, a falsehood planted…at the very root of things, in his poem, ‘A God’s Labour’,

…A voice cried. ‘Go where none have gone!
    Dig deeper, deeper yet
Till thou reach the grim foundation stone
    And knock at the keyless gate.’

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
    At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep
    On the Dragon’s outspread wings.

I left the surface gods of mind
    And life’s unsatisfied seas
And plunged through the body’s alleys blind
    To the nether mysteries.

I have delved through the dumb Earth’s dreadful heart
    And heard her black mass’ bell
I have seen the source whence her agonies part
    And the inner reason of hell.

Above me the dragon murmurs moan
    And the goblin voices flit;
I have pierced the Void where Thought was born,
    I have walked in the bottomless pit…

By undoing that knot the rest could then find its place. Well meaning souls could shout till the proverbial cows come home, but until the labour of the 9th was completed, no efforts could bring concrete results.
This work is done; the reversal stands cemented in the evolutionary matrix. In February of 2014 the final ingredient was added to the alchemy and the sacred labour was completed. A Zero-Seed was planted within the prescribed harmony of Time and Space so that, through the Vedic laws of equivalency and correspondence the poisons in the Earth sheath of the past 300 years, further compacted into 30 years, to be further condensed, by the same laws, into 3 years, and finally 3 months (February to May) – were at last extirpated from the body of the Mother that is Bharat.

The external evidence was that for the first time since 1984 – precisely 30 years ago – majority rule resulted from the electoral process on May 26, 2014, a majority none expected. This was the signal of a job well done behind the scenes, so to speak; the surface, in a connected, seamless consciousness, displayed this accomplishment, to remind us once again of that underlying drive with a purpose. This is not an unconscious, mindless creation and evolutionary process: there is a divine Purpose at the root of everything material and spiritual. Thus, that compacted Vedic Zero-Seed planted at a specially selected geographic position, directly aligned with the physical source of Ganga, was a womb which, like the poison accumulated in Shiva’s throat at the great Churning, served to gather within itself the compacted poison of centuries and, once and for all, cast it out of the body of the Mother, rendering it truly sacred again.

These are facts not theories or idealistic imaginings. When the Avatar’s labour covers all four dimensions – spiritual, mental, vital, physical – only then can we proclaim the work to be done, the direction to be reversed irrevocably; and the actors are now in place who can carry the fruit of that hidden labour into the dimension that people the world over can relate to: the material plane of the physical consciousness.

This is India’s response to the Aquarian wave that has swept across the globe awakening the masses to their rightful place beneath the Aquarian Sun. It is a revolution Indian-style. In this context, the coming together of America and India is not left to governments alone. The driving force in response to the Aquarian ideal is the people of both nations, and all nations. This was amply displayed in Madison Square Garden on 28 September 2014, a drive that extends well beyond the confabulations of the governments of the day.

Exactly 43 years ago on this very date the final ingredients were drawn into India to assure this great victory of the people of both continents as an inevitable consequence the gnostic wheel of Time sets in motion when its divine purpose is accepted as a legitimate part of the Earth’s fulfilment. Today one leader plays the role the Divine Shakti commands, tomorrow it will be another. Her will prevails and we are blessed to participate in the manifestation of her Power that we have just seen Indian-Americans display in the United States of America.


1  Most would find it hard to accept that the origin of the need for a cleanliness drive could be connected to the concept of Nothingness, a quotient of the Nirvana realisation of over two millennia ago; or to what Sri Aurobindo wrote in the first half of the last century that the task of Kalki, tenth in the Vishnu Line, would be precisely ‘to correct that error’. The bedrock of Fullness was slowly displaced when Otherworldliness became the goal over two millennia ago, thus leaving the work incomplete, or only ‘halfway there’, in his view.

2  Sri Aurobindo’s birthday, 15.8.1872. 

The Evolutionary Avatar

Thea, The Politics of Dynasty and the Maturing of a Nation, December 2014.

The demise of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il and the appointment of his 28 year old son as successor inspires me to discuss the difference between these now-outdated politics of dynasty and the New Way Formula that was experienced in India. I have used this Formula – 9/6/3/0-1 – as an example of the new future that lies before the world, notwithstanding the fact that it too has sought to be used to further the politics of dynasty. But let us move a bit back in time to discover exactly when dynasties effectively came to an end as having any determining significance on the world stage. This was during the First World War at the close of the Age of Pisces and leading to the onset of the new Aquarian Age in 1926, our present astrological ruler.

There have been monarchies that have survived into the Aquarian Age, but they are for the most part simply figureheads in support of parliamentary democracies, mostly in the Commonwealth nations where the British model was adopted: a central (dynastic or presidential) axis with a parliamentary system of democracy as a periphery held together by this axis. India was one such nation. On 15 August 1947, Sri Aurobindo’s birthday, the nation consolidated its independent status. Three years later in 1950 the Constitution was adopted that has been the foundation of the political structure of the nation since it became a Republic. The date of the Constitution is 26/11/1949. It was, in fact, the very date of Sri Aurobindo’s return in 1963. Thus, independence in 1947 occurred on his birthday; while the date of the Constitution is that of his return. The point made seems more than clear.

Since then, and especially in an accelerated manner in the new millennium, 26/11 has acquired an iconic status equal to 9/11 in America, both events having occurred once we crossed the threshold to the new millennium. The attack in Mumbai on that date in 2008 set the tone for India. Since then other events have taken place on 26/11. The most recent one has resulted in a serious strain in USA/Pakistan relations when over two dozen Pakistan soldiers were killed in an attack by NATO troops.

It may appear on the surface that 26/11 is somehow inauspicious since it has brought certain tragic consequences. Actually the presence of 26/11 simply reveals that the Fourth Power of the Formula (0-1) is active. The question to ask is, active in what way, to serve what purpose? In point of fact what stands out prominently is that in their own way each marked decisive turning points. And that is precisely the nature of 26/11 in the new cosmology. It may be seen as a reversal point. To provide a graphic image, we may place our number scale around a circle, as the diagram below indicates. At the top there is 0-9. Moving down the sides of the circle through the numbers – i.e., 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, all equaling 9 – when we reach 4-5 the reversal takes place at the position in the circle which in the cosmology we allocate to the Fourth Power. In terms of our solar system of 0 (Sun) and 9 (planets), that position of extreme tension and reversal is the Asteroid Belt located between the orbits of the fourth planet, Mars, and the fifth, Jupiter. After reversal we move up the circle again with 5-4, 6-3, 7-2, 8-1 until we reach the 9 again. The shattered particles in the 4.5 Orbit of our System describe the nature of the Fourth Power and by consequence 26/11. For a time it may appear as a date best avoided, but that is only during this transition period when ‘shatterings’ of this nature are required in order to demolish structures that are obstructing progress. The Mumbai occurrence is a perfect example, a before-and-after, as it were. Likewise, the NATO bombing would appear to be a before-and-after as well.

Returning to the question of dynastic politics, India’s history over the past century and a half reveals the existence of a new power guiding evolution on Earth; new only in the sense that its workings are ‘measurable’ now with the Formula 9/6/3/0-1 as a sort of numeric ruler based on the Vedic method of reducing numbers to a ‘seed digit’; in this case it is a reduction of the birthdates involved. The focus of this brief analysis is on politics – particularly dynasties in politics which seem to make no sense in democratic structures. They can continue to play a role but only in some form of dictatorial system. This may appear to be a contradiction in terms in the development of Indian democracy pre- and post-independence, centred around the Nehru-Gandhi family. However, each member of that family was elected to office democratically – even its most staunch critics must admit – not imposed dictatorially.

The Nehru-Gandhi line, which in the new cosmology is called the Lunar Line, played a very different role. As I have described extensively in my major work, The New Way Volumes 1-3, it was to serve as an axis holding the nation together through the trials and tribulations it would pass through for a determined period, the time required for the polity to reach a certain maturity. The Congress single-party rule served as a stable point while the democratic process was becoming strengthened; after a specified period the polity then experienced a dramatic shift to coalition politics. Central to that ‘shift’ was the Fourth Power of the equation. It was indicated by the Formula itself, which because of its connection to the official calendar adopted by India at Independence, revealed a calendric application of ‘seed digits’, just when single party rule would cross over to coalition politics. This maturing of the polity could only be allowed once the axis 9/6/3/0-1 was firmly in place. In other words, it is Mahakala who controlled, and continues to control, the rise of a new India. Dynastic politics played no role whatsoever in the development – only cosmology. We have no name for a system wherein the Time-Spirit is seen to be overtly in control of the democratic process; failing which we call the phenomenon dynastic politics; whereas it is simply a new way, a measurable mechanism which the official calendar itself validates.

The progression up to the entry of the Fourth Power of the equation (0-1) is vertical, as in the descending line in the figure, . Upon entry of the 4th, a shift takes place from vertical to horizontal the base line of the former illustration. At that point the ‘multiple’ takes over and in terms of politics it is when coalitions come to the fore. The date when this shift was made operational was at the demise of Indira Gandhi and the entry of the fourth in the Lunar Line, Rajiv Gandhi. But at his demise, the last member of the Line, the question of any further succession does not arise. Thereafter any rise to power is based on the political prowess of all the participants in the political arena, the Gandhi family included. The heirs of any of the numerous ‘dynasties’ in Indian politics may rise to occupy prominent positions in whichever party they may be a part of, but to be borne in mind is that their rise is on their own steam as it were. Contrast this with the vertical which was imposed by Mahakala ‘from above’ though through the same legitimate democratic process. In other words, there is now a level (horizontal) playing field which in itself indicates the level of maturity the system enjoys.

Mahakala’s role was of vital importance in the beginning of the Aquarian Age. It was a time of great ‘churning’ when emerging powers were seeking to establish the new world in their image – the Nazi regime in Germany, for example, that sought to pervert the role India was destined to play by blatantly usurping certain Vedic geometric symbols. India, as the cosmologically destined centre of the New Age had to be protected from the fury of that Churning. But that the geometry usurped was Vedic indicates that India was the target.

This was the task set before Mahakala and facilitated by individuals who took birth in accordance with the Formula in a direct biological line, replacing royal dynasties of the past with a new model that utilises the power of the Time-Spirit in such a way that the line between physical and subtle worlds is erased¬¬¬. All these births, a total of 12 in all, including the Solar Line together with the Lunar, were arranged ‘on the other side’ so to speak. This is how ‘heaven’ is drawn down to Earth.
The birthdates are their ‘seed digit’ equivalents are as follows:

We may protest, we may howl and scream at the arrangement we have been saddled with, but we cannot deny its existence: 9/6/3/0-1 is the sacred formula that set on its way the new India for its own protection. Indeed, the system is based on the number 9 which is the number-power of the Divine Mother, whose protection as Durga is undeniable. She is also known as Bharat Mata.

The point is not to rebel against this arrangement but to understand what it has meant for the nation – and then TO MOVE ON, to move along with the Time-Spirit whose guidance carries us to discover the marvels that lie ahead. The Lunar Line of the Nehru-Gandhis had a role to play, guided by Mahakala. Now that the democratic system is secure refinements must take place, a ‘tweaking’ as it were. We are witness to just such a case in the current desire to eliminate corruption. But we may legitimately ask: If Mahakala is so much in control, whose power is undeniably helping the nation reach its pinnacle of destiny, how is it that we are saddled with this apparently incurable disease? It would seem to be a contradiction in terms. However, how this shadow of corruption came about is easily understood through the same Formula.

The new India arose on the number-power 3 (1947=3) of the Formula. The underlying goal of its application is ultimately to reach a point of integration of all its powers in order to give birth to the Soul which alone can carry the nation forward into the new future that stands not only before India but before the entire world. The principal qualities of the 3 in the equation are freedom and unity both individually and collectively. Since the 3 is the soul in evolution we learn through this that these are longings proper to the soul. Therefore they are as eternal as the soul is eternal. They drive the human being to seek their fulfilment. In times like ours when the Aquarian Wave is arousing the soul-power in people, the call of the hour is freedom as witnessed across the globe. And though it may not appear to be so on the surface, the unity conjoined to freedom can only come about when the Wave sweeps away the old and the collective arousal of soul-power imposes a forward-moving, relentless drive to install new systems in every sphere of life that can satisfy the longing for these attributes of the 3 to manifest.

Corruption as experienced in India is simply the unbridled licence that has been unleashed by the shadow of the 3, the Soul. It is again a usurpation of power. And that ‘shadow’ is commonly known as the Ego. It exists for itself, by itself, of itself, and thus corruption is the result which is simply an extreme form of egoism. It is not as the 26/11 Constitution stipulates: a system of the people, for the people, by the people.

In the present situation unity cannot manifest because of the Shadow’s policy of divide-and-rule. Indeed, as suppressors of freedom the Raj left systems in place that would further divide-and-rule. Maturity is recognised to have occurred when in full awareness those out-dated structures are dismantled. The struggle to introduce an efficient law to deal with that corruption of the soul-power in order to eliminate corruption is a collective attempt to be rid of the Shadow (of the past).

The soul integrates, the ego divides. That is its function as a protective device until a certain maturity is reached. Applied to the political system, the very fact that this Aquarian Wave is sweeping across the nation at this time indicates that maturity has been reached and a certain cleansing process can now begin without damaging the basic fundaments that the Constitution stipulates. The current response – soul to soul – that has been awakened in the population is the best proof of the existence of the Aquarian Wave that is moving across the globe, affecting nations according to their needs of the moment. In India the time has come to tweak the system and eliminate its worst disease, because maturity has been reached that can withstand the pressure when seeking to do so. It is a strengthening mechanism and in no way destructive of the system Mahakala has firmly set in place in a carefully monitored and guided process, unique in the world.

The most fascinating aspect of the Aquarian Wave as experienced in India today is that the people will force a system to be set in place of laws that can allow the nation to fulfil that singular destiny. If politics is perceived by the populace as the breeding ground of corruption, then the uniqueness of this movement is that it is forcing the political class to legislate against itself. That requires undeniable maturity.

The Evolutionary Avatar

Thea, The Nehrus: A Phenomenon of India’s New Cosmology, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 0 No 1, October 1985.

THE VISHAAL NEWSLETTER, Volume 0 Number 1, October 1985

There is a hue and cry in India and abroad that the nation is not following the path of a true democracy because of the dominance of the Nehrus in Indian politics. The cry is becoming louder now since, with the tragic assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31 October, 1984, her son, Rajiv, has become the country’s new prime minister, making him the third Nehru offspring to hold the office and the fourth to occupy the position of president of the Indian Congress Party. Though this happening may be disagreeable to politicians, or to upholders of democratic traditions which appear, in their eyes, to be violated by this succession, to a cosmologist like myself the matter is viewed very differently. In these studies one is not bound by conventions of a limited nature and scope, but rather the phenomenon is analysed within the framework of cosmic patterns which exceed these conventional limitations. One adopts a detached and scientific attitude and allows the phenomenon of the Nehru succession to reveal its sense and place in the history of India, rather than combat it a priori and seek to closet the happening in a mental framework in large part borrowed from Western democracies which may have little relevance to the Indian experience.

What is taking place in India in this century is a phenomenon wholly Indian and has no parallel or previous model elsewhere. Indeed, it can be stated that India is right now in the process of disclosing what cosmologists call ‘a new model of the universe’.

From ancient times illumined minds have seen in the workings of the cosmos a reflection of the human spirit, and by such ‘models’ have come to a better understanding of humanity’s place in the evolutionary process. Or we could say, the vision of the cosmos seemed to bear a definite correspondence or influence on the evolution of the species, particularly evidenced in systems evolved in certain key civilisations spread around the globe. Some of these cosmologies are better known than others; the Greek, for example, through the Pythagorean and Platonic schools. In this century another such system has come to light in the discoveries archaeologists and astronomers are making in Central America, the area that housed the splendid Maya civilisation among others. However, cosmologies of ancient times were not simply studies in celestial mechanics as are their modern-day counterparts—though even in this the Maya attained in a remarkable degree of perfection on the basis of mere naked-eye astronomy—but were directly related to the life of the societies. Cosmology served as a pattern of harmony that the particular civilisation out of which it evolved could use to orient its collective life and determine its focus. This was made possible because, like the ancient Vedic Rishis, the Maya understood and vibrated to the interconnectedness of creation and the principles of oneness governing macrocosm and microcosm. This is particularly evident in Mayan America, the reason being largely that it centred its cosmology on Time, whereas for the Greeks the pattern was essentially restricted to space. Having a special key to time, it was possible for the Maya to integrate their vision with the collective experience via the calendar. Indeed they possessed, even in those remote times, a calendar that was nearly perfect, just seconds off the true measure.

This was not the case for the Greeks; and not possessing the key to time, their exercise was largely speculative and abstract, a mental diversion which gave birth to modern Western philosophy. To this abstract exercise present-day Western society can trace its roots; whereas for us today the Mayan experience is still an unknown quantity for the most part, though discoveries are being made daily in that area of the globe which bring to light aspects of the quality of the Mayan vision and its potential for practical application.

In an article entitled, ‘Old and New World Naked-Eye Astronomy’ (Astronomy of the Ancients, MIT Press, 1981), Professor of Astronomy at Colgate University, Anthony F. Aveni, in his studies of comparative cosmologies between the Old and New Worlds, has written of the Greek system that its ‘scientific explanation of the Universe was couched in a framework of interlocking orbits’. This, Prof. Aveni points out, centres the practice on a spatial reality. Whereas, referring to the Maya he writes, that they ‘strove for celestial harmony by appealing to the cyclical nature of time’. He states, ‘Time, not space, is the principal medium of expression for all the astronomy gleaned from the Mayan codices’. To this we must add a point he makes in his article that is especially meaningful for the present discussion of India and the Nehrus: the ‘…greatest intellectual achievements of New World (Maya) astronomy are to be found not in geometry but in numerology…’.

I have quoted Prof. Aveni because, as stated, India is at present evolving a new and revolutionary cosmology for the world, whose principal feature is precisely a unification of time and space in its postulation and practical application: not one divorced from the other, but a harmony of the two is its essence. And as it was for the Mayans, this phenomenon is not an abstract exercise but is being experienced in the course of India’s development, particularly since Independence. The Nehrus therefore figure prominently in the scheme, forming, as they do in this cosmology, what I have called: the Lunar Line.

It can be recalled that in ancient India there were Solar and Lunar Dynasties. These were akin, though very remotely, to the Solar and Lunar Lines of this new cosmology India is offering in the 20th Century. In this brief space it is not possible to deal with all the intricacies of the cosmology. Its complexities have been amply treated and its complete scope presented in my books, especially in The Gnostic Circle and The New Way. In particular, in the latter I have described in great detail the Lunar Line and hence the Nehru place and contribution within this ‘new model of the universe’ as seen from Earth, which harmonises time and space in an exciting and unique manner.

The ultimate purpose of this cosmological revelation of our times is to serve as a foundation for a new world order. As evidenced from Prof. Aveni’s assessments, past cosmologies were necessarily restricted to certain areas of the globe and affected only the societies in which they were born. Perhaps this was due to the fact that a more complete vision had not emerged due to the separation of time and space in their formulations, reflecting itself in an east and west polarisation on the planet. Today, with the advent of modern physics which has largely eliminated this division in its discipline, it stands that the same unification must extend to cosmological models. In so doing, we have a view of cosmic harmonies that tends to unify polar opposites. The new cosmology India offers today is the product of this new age of unity, and establishes a foundation for a world order that does away with any separative perspective and sees the Earth as one.

An unbiased observer of Indira Gandhi’s life, her achievements, aspirations and emphasis, can easily appreciate that she held these concepts of the new age closest to her heart. The theme that consistently permeates the entire fabric of her public and personal life is unity—and above all, the unity and integrity of India. She strove to inspire people in India and elsewhere with the truth of the earth’s oneness, and in her own life gave constant examples of a personality and psyche unrestricted by ideological or religious barriers which hinder this process of unification and integration. In her death as well, she continued to demonstrate this same wideness, having succumbed to an attack by Sikhs who had not been removed from her security staff in spite of the difficult situation then prevailing. It is this consciousness of unity that forms the basis for the new world order, as reflected in India’s cosmological model for our age and centred on the Nehrus. Let us see now in what manner this is accomplished.

For the Maya, number-power was foremost. For the Greeks the paramount concern was the harmony of orbits,—static, however, and devoid of dynamism which is the prerequisite of a model that incorporates time in its structure. The new cosmology India offers is a combination of both; there is orbital value and number equivalence correlated to time; and, like the Mayan model, its basic tool is the calendar—not restricted in this age to a particular civilisation, but the one used throughout the world today. I will demonstrate the manner in which the calendar works in this cosmology, and, above all, how the Lunar Line of the Nehrus figures in the most central part of the model via the calendar and its cosmic equivalencies based on a special perception of the harmonies of our solar system. In this way the reader can come to appreciate that a formidable power of destiny has been and continues to be at work in India. It has worked through the bloodline of the Nehrus, and its purpose is to establish a new world order once the experiment is successfully completed in the subcontinent.

This is the point to be stressed: the process being played out through this ‘dynastic succession’, so hotly criticised, is fulfilling itself regardless of any opposition or limitation the actual political systems in India and elsewhere seek to impose. The Lunar Line consists of four members, and they have all fulfilled the roles allotted to them in this cosmological pattern. We are witnessing here a power of destiny unique in history, supported by a cosmology which is also unique and is revolutionising previous concepts in the field, from ancient to modern times.

I will limit this discussion to the formula applicable to the Lunar (and Solar) Line. We start with our present number scale, 0 to 9. Forthwith it can be observed that India’s outstanding contribution to mathematics is basic to this cosmology. Unlike the Greeks and others who began their counts and built their systems on a progression from 1 to 10, this cosmology begins with the zero, and proceeds to the last number, 9. From a discovery of the most profound attributes of the zero, which cannot be dealt with in this brief space since a variety of fields of knowledge enter into the vision, a formula or equation results. This is a descending progression down the number scale thus: 9 to 6 to 3, finally ending with the zero by means of this triadic shift. There are thus four levels in the progression; but at the last, the zero, a dramatic change takes place. The zero throws up from itself the number 1; and thereafter the progression continues through the scale from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on.

With this basic pattern, let us see how the Nehru Lunar Line fits into the formulation.

The Lunar Line began with Motilal Nehru, extended to his son, Jawaharlal, then to his daughter, Indira Nehru Gandhi, and finally to her sons, Rajiv and Sanjay, both of whom fill the final position because of their identical number equivalents. Like the Mayan system this new cosmology makes use of the calendar and a numerological system of reduction of dates to a single digit in the traditional manner. To offer an example, let us take the following date, 1 January, 1985. By this method of reduction, this becomes 1+1+1+9+8+5=25, which in turn becomes 2+5=7. We use the same method of reduction for the birthdates of the members of the Lunar Line:

MOTILAL NEHRU6.5.1861= 9

Concerning the number 1, or the fourth poise in the scale, it may be noted that both Mrs. Gandhi’s sons were born on days whose numerological equivalents reveal the same harmony. Thus either one could occupy the fourth place, which seems to have been purposefully arranged given the fact that Sanjay died in an accident that put an abrupt end to his succession. But the most prominent feature of this scale, which has fulfilled itself to perfection in the Nehrus, is the change of direction at the fourth poise. In the above list I have indicated this by a line separating the sons from the rest of the Nehrus. Until the fourth level is reached we see a descending order, from 9 to 6 to 3. However, this descent or vertical direction is arrested at the number 3, in this case corresponding to Indira Gandhi. That is, she is the last element in the vertical descent. From her third poise a dramatic change must ensue. Indeed, the precise attribute of the 3 in this cosmology is the ability to construct a bridge, as it were, to the number 1 (via the zero). That is, the 3 must give birth to the new by virtue of this drastic shift initiating a new direction, and in so doing the old is undone. It is very much like an actual birth process with its concurrent labour pains. For this reason this poise is the most difficult of all and the one that receives the bitterest opposition, because the demands made upon it are to undo the old while at the same time giving birth to the new. The 3 in such a cosmic process relates to our formulation of the Feminine Principle in creation, and hence its human equivalent is played out through a female birth.

From the fourth poise, or the 0/1, in metaphysics related to the Son Principle, an entirely new direction sets in. The descending progression makes a shift to a horizontal extension and a process of rapid expansion. We leave the triadic leaps and begin a movement through the number scale from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on.

A dispassionate assessment of Indira Gandhi’s career will bear ample testimony to the above. She inherited the old structure and was unexpectedly made the country’s third prime minister by the old guard of the Congress Party. No sooner had she begun her long career than the true power of the 3 in its attribute of breaking down the old and introducing the new became evident. The outer effects were the several splits in the party, without which she could not have carried on with her task. There has been much criticism of her in this regard, but from the more objective vision offered by this cosmology, her actions could not have been otherwise. An impartial study of her leadership in this light will reveal an individual perfectly in tune with this cosmic model that is ultimately to form the basis of a new world order. The method by which this is translated into such a radical change for the Earth forms the core of this cosmology.

In her death Indira Gandhi continued to serve this cause and to fulfil her role in this cosmic vision. Briefly, it can be explained in this manner: 1984 was a year corresponding to the fourth power/orbit/planet of this decade, a decade which is to see India well on her way to achieving her role in this new age. The number-power of the year is itself 4 (1+9+8+4=22=4). For complex reasons, described in my books, the summer of 1984 was the most critical point of the decade,—what I have called, the Reversal Point. In the number scale 0 to 9, it marks the exact halfway measure, the 4.5. If we were to lay this scale against the solar system of 9 orbit/planets, this reversal point would fall at the Asteroid Belt. That vast abyss in our system presents us with a visual impact of the reversal point’s effects when experienced in time on this planet, housing, as it does, billions of particles of some shattered cosmic body that once occupied the zone. Disintegration is thus its keyword,—a splintering, a shattering, a dismembering. And as stated, according to India’s new cosmology, this reversal was experienced in the summer of 1984 in the decade of the 1980’s. The events of that period do indeed bear witness to the difficult passage the nation had to pass through, as if it were a space ship travelling through that dangerous abyss in the heavens. In the previous decade the very same correlation occurred in the summer of 1975, when the emergency was declared. It was then that Indira Gandhi’s son, Sanjay, shot into prominence and began his political career. There was talk from that point onward that he would one day become the country’s prime minister, that he was being ‘groomed’ for the post. Yet now, after a return to the same cosmological equivalent (in time), it is Mrs. Gandhi’s other son, Rajiv, who has indeed become the next Nehru in the Lunar Line to hold the position of prime minister of India.

The structure of this cosmological model is not restricted to the Lunar Line however. There is, what I have called, the Solar Line as well. In fact, it is the foremost piece in the model. In order to describe the attributes and relevance of the Solar Line, far more space is required than allotted here. Suffice it to say that for the Solar Line the same equation holds, 9 to 6 to 3 to 0/1; but this progression uses only the year count. The actual Solar Line began in 1872 (=9) with the birth of Sri Aurobindo. The passage was then to the Mother, his co-worker, and the year count was 1878 (=6). Thereafter down the scale it has been fulfilled in the same precise manner as the Lunar Line. In this context it may be pointed out that India’s Independence occurred on 15 August, Sri Aurobindo’s birthday.

What we are dealing with in this cosmology centred on India are patterns formed by events and interconnections in time. The most important contribution that India makes in this respect is to present a perfect model for a new perception of the mechanics of time in the context of the earthly evolutionary process. The reason for this is that by such a process a ‘blueprint’ is created which then facilitates reproductions through the mechanics of time, rather on the order of the morphogenetic fields Dr. Rupert Sheldrake describes in his hypothesis of formative causation, a new theory which seeks to explain the reproduction of forms, biological as well as psychological, expressing themselves in habit and instinct. Such a contribution, however, can only be appreciated in this new age which has seen the emergence of a universally accepted calendar. The model under analysis is precisely concerned with a universal order, affecting the entire planet and not just one nation or race, and the ultimate establishment of what I have called a planetary society. This does not do away with distinctions nor postulate a uniformity of system or creed. Rather, this new model from India describes a perfect harmonisation of multiplicity in unity – or what is commonly known as India’s diversity in unity. It is just such a harmonious blend of difference within an all-embracing unity and wholeness that is India’s main contribution to the new age and serves as a model which can extend in the future to other points of the globe. India’s capacity to fulfil this role is evident in a logical, objective assessment, for surely there is no other nation on earth that can boast of such a vast variety of peoples and languages and creeds, gathered together under the umbrella of a single national culture and ideal.

However, patterns of this nature cannot be perceived nor understood unless time is viewed differently, with a yardstick that is not appreciated in modern times by most researchers in the field, though in ancient India these mechanisms were well known. Yet these synchronisations and patterns continue to fascinate thinkers, such as Carl Jung, the noted psychologist. In another field, we find the same fascination in the author, Doris Lessing, who is presently popular among new age groups because of her intriguing space fiction series, Canopus in Argos. In an interview with The New Age Journal (January, 1984), she states; ‘It is not individual coincidences that concern me; it is patterns. Things will start happening along a certain line, coincidences in a certain field or between fields, or people who are linked will suddenly meet…I think the human animal is one; we are one organism. We have a mind that we share.’

The manner in which this consciousness is shared by all people, cutting across space and utilising the mechanics of time is the subject of this new cosmology. The presentation ceases to be theoretical in this instance, since India is offering the living model and the process is being activated at this very moment. On this basis the discussion becomes an exciting one, especially for India, in that we are not dealing with a theoretical pattern that awaits verification in the future. Rather, this new model of the universe, with projections into a new world order, is taking shape today before our very eyes.

The difficulty encountered in matters requiring a different perceptive capacity is the human being’s inability to see the threads of these harmonious patterns woven in the fabric of daily living. This is largely due to our preconceived notions of what ‘should’ be, based on formulations and systems unrelated to what is. In India’s case, this finds its expression in criticisms of ‘dynastic succession’ regarding the Nehrus, and a failure to appreciate that what is taking place in the subcontinent is unique and has no previous model. It is India’s own system. For if we are speaking of and indeed seeking a new world order for this ailing civilisation, it stands that we shall not be able to fall back on old patterns for the creation of this newness, a contradiction in terms, in any case.

Basically, the order India presents to the world is nothing other than the harmony of our solar system, translated into our lived experience on this planet, via time. To understand this new order we need only study the harmony of the System we inhabit, but with an enhanced understanding of its correlation to time in its periodicities, and regulated for our collective awareness via the calendar. There is nothing recondite or esoteric in this perception. It is merely a new capacity to perceive these interwoven and interrelated threads, regardless of surface appearances. To the ancient Vedic seers, this might have been termed a ‘consciousness of unity’.

Another difficulty to be surmounted is the human being’s tendency to label events negative or positive, according to limited frameworks. In this regard, we may take Indira Gandhi’s assassination as an example.

In a more integral vision of events transpiring in time, a vision this new cosmology offers, death is simply the result of what I have called a conspiracy of circumstances. Be the cause illness, accident, old age, suicide or a volley of bullets, the only common denominator is this conspiracy of circumstances. Indira Gandhi’s demise was no exception. But the field in which this circumstantial development or conjunction organises and plays itself out is time. However, the circumstances are not limited to present or past. Nor are they cut off from the future. The contemporary human being should not have any difficulty with this fading of the time barriers, in view of the way modern physics has conditioned us to a new understanding in these matters. Nonetheless, in this area we approach the most baffling enigma the human mind has ever dealt with, an enigma which remains unsolved but which continues to intrigue us all: the question of destiny, of predetermination, covering the arc of our collective and individual lives. Thus, to return to our example, Indira Gandhi’s assassination, as all other deaths, was a conspiracy of circumstances. That is, the totality of conditions prevailing and focussed on her at that given moment determined the nature of her death. And those conditions, belonging to the past and present, extend as well into the future. Consequently if the succession of the fourth Nehru is an event that already exists (in the same way as the future is indistinguishable from the present and past in particle physics) in the future of India, it stands that her demise, which is a temporary nexus of the prevailing circumstances in the nation’s web of time (its destiny pattern), will conform to the future and will moreover facilitate the emergence of that future into the nation’s experience of the present.

A result of Indira Gandhi’s assassination was therefore the smooth succession of Rajiv, fulfilling the cosmological pattern to perfection. It is evident that the circumstances of her death were the elements that allowed for this smooth transition and her son’s subsequent overwhelming victory at the polls. In keeping with this vision, one of Indira’s final public utterances, the day before her death, was that every drop of her blood would invigorate the nation.

These cosmic harmonies focussed on the destiny of India find their ultimate resolution in the number 9, last in the series. The number scale of 9 corresponds to our present vision of the solar system consisting of 9 planets plus the sun (the zero). This has its correspondence in our method of demarcating time. Thus one of the principal features of this new cosmology is the cycle of 9 years. This represents a period of wholeness and allows for the completion of a process, even as the human gestation period is also a measure of 9 and results in the completion of a living, mental creature. We have then cycles of 9 months, 9 years, and even 99 years. Indeed, a particularly sensitive cycle is the final 9 years of a 99-year span. In the nation’s political life, let us focus our attention on the Congress Party which has served as a vehicle for the Nehrus’ succession, and which, at this very time has completed 99 years of age. All four members of the Lunar Line have been president of the party, starting with Motilal Nehru.

In my book, The New Way, written in the 1970s, I discuss the Congress Party and the very important phase it entered in 1975. The party was formed in the winter solstice of 1885 and therefore in 1975 it was 90 years old. I wrote that during the following nine years—that is, from December, 1975 to December, 1984—a complete remaking or transformation of the Party would ensue, for this is the nature of that particular time-cycle. In conjunction with this, we must consider what has been written here concerning the critical midway point in the 9 cycle, its 4.5 point. We may, and indeed we must, apply this knowledge to what has transpired in the Party during this period and in particular at those critical points, in this case the Party’s 94.5th year, or the last week of June, 1980. Moreover, it is to be noted that the ‘answer’ to the stress engendered in that period of intense shattering or disintegration is provided by the fourth power, according to this cosmology. In the case of the Lunar Line and the Nehrus, that power is offered by either of Mrs. Gandhi’s sons, Sanjay and Rajiv. In the following I will show how both her sons collaborated to provide, in life and in death, this crucial ingredient in a unique and unmistakable manner.

It was precisely between the Party’s 90 and 99th years that the two fourth powers attained exceptional prominence, and only during that period. Before that time, neither of the sons took any major interest in politics. Indeed, it was at the Congress Party’s 90th birthday session in Gauhati, in December of 1975, that Sanjay Gandhi came fully to the fore in the party’s organisation. Let us then examine closely the nature of subsequent events according to the new vision of time.

The really critical period for the Congress (and the nation) was its 94.5th year reversal point, which fell on or about 23 June, 1980. This was the very day Sanjay was killed in an airplane crash. From that point onward in the cycle, the remaining 4.5 years are characterised by a reassembling around a remaining solidly forged core, the result precisely of such a crushing experience or collapse of energy in a cosmic process. On this basis unity is strengthened and eventually comes into being. This cycle for the Congress ended at the winter solstice of 1984. At that very time Mrs. Gandhi’s other son—who entered politics precisely because of Sanjay’s death—went to the polls. The overwhelming majority he secured has assured his supremacy in the party.

As stated, this 9 upon 90-year span of the Congress signified a remaking, a transformation, the forming of a new body as it were. An assessment of these last 9 years in the life of the party amply reveals that an entire reorganisation has been in progress. And the period was neatly marked off by the contributions of Mrs. Gandhi’s two sons, starting in December, 1975, reaching the critical stress point at the exact midway period in June, 1980 (Sanjay’s death), and culminating in the completion of the process at the winter solstice of 1984 with Rajiv’s tremendous victory. More than that. The entire political body of the nation has experienced an upheaval and a remaking during this important period. For in the final analysis, in India’s new cosmology no division is seen between competing political bodies in stark opposition. There is only one process and one goal; and all energies offered by the victors or the losers are collected in a cauldron that is the single destiny of the nation. Therefore the so-called opposition parties cannot be excluded from this reorganisation. In consequence, we observe that the new Lok Sabha, the result of these elections, in its entirety presents a bold new face: Indira Gandhi, even in her death, fulfilled her allotted role, for the old has given way to the radically new.

The opposition stalwarts, most of who formerly belonged to the Congress, have been swept away. A homogeneous field is left ready to serve as the transformed vehicle for the exciting times that await India.

To conclude this extravaganza of time, number, and measure on a lighter though no less significant note, I would like to point out that the third position in the descending scale of the Lunar Line, occupied by Indira Gandhi, corresponds to the third orbit of our solar system, the Earth and its satellite, the Moon. Mrs. Gandhi embodied that lunar essence in her lifetime, serving India (the Earth’s soul) as the Moon does in its protective spin around the planet, like a mother nurturing her child until she is ready to embark alone upon her awesome journey through the world’s future time. She left India ready for her new future, leader of nations on the path to a different world order, of a harmonised diversity in unity. This article is an homage to that great woman who served India in death no less than in life, and who, in her intimate circle of family and friends, was always known simply as Indu,—a Sanskrit name of the Moon.

Aeon Books 1985