Donations To Aeon Trust

Aeon Trust is registered with the Gov’t of India holding 80G non-profit status.

Since its inception in 1986 the Trust has been funded by donations from Thea’s small group of dedicated students from around the world.

Over the years costs to operate and maintain the land, buildings and staffing have increased exponentially while donations have remained more or less the same.

We appeal to you, the reader, to consider the importance of Thea’s work to the world at large and make a one-time, annual or monthly tax deductible donation (rupees only, for now).

Your contribution will be utilized for expenses such as re-printing Thea’s books – our mandate from her prior to her passing to “get my work out there!” – and/or one of many capital improvements that are much needed and long overdue, such as repair to the 800 metre mountain road linking the main campus to the panchayat road, which was originally built in 1995.

To learn more about Aeon Trust/ Aeon Centre of Cosmology/ Skambha click here.