Indocentric Cosmology

Video – Series 1, Part 3: Protests in the Age of Aquarius (18 January 2012)

These protests, the marchers are all part of one cycle happening on Earth.

There is something unique on this Planet which I do not think can happen any place else: the human instrument has this marvelous equipment (the soul) that can receive directly ‘from the other side’, that is, there is a subtle plane from where influences do come.

So people are risking their lives, no one is telling them to protest, what are they motivated by? Something is stirring them from within…

And that is the key to the new order, to the New Way: nothing is imposed from outside, one must be stirred to change totally from within.

At the base is a deep desire for change. Transformation of our Earth takes place as each person feels that need for change, each interconnected to the other.

The symbol for the sun, the circle and the point in the centre is apt:  We are the periphery of the circle; the point in the centre is THE ONE; THEE ONE…

What is the purpose of the One? What is the Divine Purpose of our earth?

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