The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Video Series 2, Part 3: The Question of Prophecy

We are familiar with the old method of prophecy such as the work of Nostradamus, although most people find the quatrains confusing. There was one ‘when man shall leave footprints on the moon’, and there is no mistaking what that means when you read it today. After the fact it can be recognized; 100 years ago, it may have seemed like a fantasy to be fulfilled.

In my book, The Hidden Manna I did something on the same order. I took the last book of the New Testament, the Revelations, and deciphered them according to an event that took place in 1976. It is clear that much of the Revelations do not make sense, and the Seer had to be positioned in time, in 1976, to look at them and decipher them and make sense of the writings.

For example, look at Chapter 17, verse 9, where there is a reference to ‘the seven kings, five are fallen and one is, and the other is not yet come, and when he cometh he must continue a short space’.  When I deciphered that text Paul VI was in office, and John Paul I, his successor lasted only 37 days.  His successor, John Paul II, had many experiences with the number 8.  He brought in the Opus Dei.

There have been many change in the Churchs, exposures, etc.. I leave it to the reader to decide. I believe this Revelation of John  was pointing to the papacy and its end – as we know it.

Regarding my book, The New Way, this is something entirely different. Its presentation assumes a Centre, there is no prophecy. You view the play of circumstances from that  Central Point, I call it Super-Logic, the One and the Many. In 1983 -84,  I undertook a  yogic process to cement that Centre into the evolutionary matrix. After that the play of circumstances flows from this Centre.

Time is essential. Someone has sent me a book by Robert Penrose, and it seems science has hit a brick wall. He states Time is the fourth dimension of Space,  and this is the accepted norm in science.  The future is determined, he adds, there is no free will.

I have put out my concepts (see The New Paradigm After Relativity) in which I express it as three dimensions of Time compressed into a seed and from this seed emerges the 4th dimension of Space. It is TIME that extends itself into the future, revealing the play of circu;mstances in our lives.

At this mental level of our evolutionary journey, it is true there is really no choice, the totality of circumstances will compel you to act in a particular way, a pre-determined way.

But there is a threshold to be crossed,  where one makes a conscious choice and it is the  Suprramental plane of consciousness that holds the key… we penetrate the threshold and move beyond the ‘speed of consciousness’ and there is a release of energy.  The question of pre determination becomes irrelevant on this plane.

 Science cannot solve this paradox. Penrose says ‘we need a new way of TIME’; well, I say, we have it – we have The New Way. Science does not want absolute truth, it wants to be able to speculate, this is quite necessary for the scientist. Science does not accept the subjective reality of ‘consciousness’.  That each one of us has our own personal private laboratory, where we can enter and find the Absolute Truth… Where the Macrocosm is reflected in the Microcosm.

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