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India, Egypt and the Enigmatic Sphinx – A Message To India – 4, February 2013.

IN Message 2, I mentioned the central focus of the ancient Egyptian civilisation with respect to the Indian and the line both civilisations had been pursuing from ancient times. I have developed the theme elsewhere in depth. The Egyptian was spatial, I wrote, while India’s task involved the temporal. Hence the importance a discussion such as this assumes. Researchers have been intrigued by certain enigmatic monuments Egypt has bequeathed to us, to the extent that for a very long time the existence on Earth of such phenomenal engineering displays was played down – for some reason it was embarrassing to admit that there had been ancient cultures capable of what we cannot repeat today. For instance, school children are taught even today that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built by slave labour as a tomb to satisfy a megalomaniac ruler. It did not matter that this slave-driven feat could not have been executed anywhere on Earth at the time the Pyramid began to occupy our attention, somewhere in the 19th Century. The tale was told and re-told until finally no further questions were asked. This situation prevailed until well into the 20th Century. When it was accepted that our technology had not reached the point where a colossus of that nature could be built by us, in spite of our advanced equipment, questions began to be asked and a number of theories emerged: the Great Pyramid began to reveal its secrets – some of them, but not all. As for the theory that the ancient Initiates of Egypt could somehow manipulate molecules to disassemble and re-assemble the Pyramid’s humongous stone blocks in order to set them in place at the height of a 40-story building, evidence to suggest that this is possible emerged not in conventional halls of science but by the humble and largely unpublicised accomplishment of a man on the fringe of engineering, Ed Leedskalnin and his Coral Castle. For those interested, the evidence of his astonishing feat can be viewed over the Internet. While acknowledging a number of discoveries by the unorthodox, my curiosity led me to question why it would have been necessary to build such a massive structure. I understood what impelled the Egyptians to expend so much time and energy in the construction of a colossus like the Great Pyramid when I discovered Egypt’s connection to India. It was the Sphinx that confirmed my assessment, I might add. What I discovered would obviously not be on the order of Einstein’s time-space relativity theory but something entirely different. It formed part of that ‘third thing’ the Mother described in the early 1960s, beyond both science and spirituality as they are experienced by us today. Briefly, the contribution of Egypt was more than clear. In Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, I discussed in detail my perceptions in Update 1 of the series (see For the first time I presented what I considered to be the Pyramid’s function within the context of ancient Egypt’s contribution to a process that had already become clear to me but which required to be ‘fleshed out’, so to speak: its involvement with the conquest of Space. The idea I presented would seem outlandish on the surface, that a re-setting was in order similar to India’s objective, but involving one of the two ‘belts’ encircling the Earth – the space ‘belt’ covering the physical globe, it is important to note. Interestingly, shortly after developing this aspect of the Pyramid’s contribution, a scientific discovery came to light that in large part substantiates my position. The scientist in question confirms that mass of a certain proportion near the Equator can affect the Earth’s alignment. The news item in question appeared in The Hindu, 27 May 2004, entitled ‘Why the Earth Wobbles’. I wrote in Chronicles, Update 1,
…This report from scientists at the University of Nevada adds considerable weight to the assessment put forth in these Chronicles…regarding the function of the Great Pyramid. The ‘wobble’ referred to in the newspaper report is what creates the Precession of the Equinoxes. Catching up with ancient traditions the world over, science now knows that it takes approximately 26,000 years of the Precession for one gyration to be completed, but more importantly it is now theorising that a shift in mass on the surface of the Earth can alter that rhythm. According to Geoff Blewitt, by using a global positioning system over the past decade and measuring changes in the shape of the Earth, the conclusion his team has arrived at is that ‘…the earth is wobbling while its shape is changing…It bulges at the equator as it’s spinning. If the position and height of that bulge changes slightly – we can pick it up’. This shift in mass changes the wobble and, by consequence, the rhythm of the Precession must change. The builders of the Great Pyramid possessed a technology very far in advance of our own. On this point there can be no dispute. However, what is still being questioned – or rather ignored because there seems to be no ‘reasonable’ answer – is what the purpose of such a massive structure might have been….The Great Pyramid and its companions had a specific role to play – and incredibly this role embraced the destiny of the entire Earth. The Initiates of those times dealt with the Solar System as if it were a great Clock, and they left us this evidence of their startling ability to re-set this cosmic timepiece. What has not been addressed, though we continue to give so much thought to HOW the pre-Pharaonic Egyptians carried out the construction, is why such massive stones were required. We seek to understand how they were set in place, realising that today we cannot duplicate such a formidable feat; but no one questions why they needed such enormous blocks to begin with. Considering their very advanced technological capacity, the Pyramids could have been made hollow, if only the shape was required – for whatever purpose. This was not the case. Great effort was put into securing a certain tightly fitted mass. It seems clear enough that this mass is the key issue. Contemporary science is now edging closer to the discovery of just what a given mass might have been needed for, though it does not apply these discoveries to the Great Pyramid; after all, our text books continue to propagate the misinformation that we are the apex of evolution! How can science now introduce anything that might contradict this dogma? As stated in these Chronicles and in other publications, a ‘shifting of the poles’ was required in order to bring about a convergence of the two circles, equatorial and sidereal, in 234 BCE. This was to assure that the Age of Aquarius would begin in 1926. According to the newspaper report, ‘…Large amounts of mass need to be moved from one place to another so that the Earth is “off balance” to make the Earth wobble, according to Blewitt, who said the North Pole then adjusts to a new position to compensate.’ (Emphasis ours)
With the Great Pyramid constructed at very precise longitude and latitude coordinates and at a specific Age in the Precessional unfolding, with an orientation to the Poles added to the equation of a precision that engineers can hardly repeat today, the size and weight of its enormous stone blocks does not seem to have been purposeless. If it had been, why was so much energy expended in their transport from a far away location to the site, especially if we go along with the conventional theory that it was merely a tomb built long before ‘civilisation’ had reached the shores of the Nile?1The Egyptian re-alignment and re-setting would have taken place in the Age of Leo some 12,000 years ago – once again contradicting conventional theories. While the date for the Pyramid has not been conclusively proven, it is now widely accepted that the Sphinx was constructed during that same Age, confirmed by geologists when observing its weathering patterns with an open mind. The geological evidence proves that the Sphinx had to have been sculpted during a period of significant rainfall. This last occurred during the 7th Manifestation and the time of the appearance of Vishnu’s 7th Avatar, Sri Ram – approximately within the specified geological framework as supported by the new cosmology. We find further confirmation in the details of the Sphinx symbolism from the zodiac itself – half Lion, or the Age of Leo; the other Man-half points to our present 9th Manifestation and the appearance of Vishnu’s 9th Avatar in the Age of the Friend/Man, which in the zodiac is Aquarius. In the Rig Veda verses precisely to Vishnu, this symbolism is referred to specifically as the Friend (‘Mitra’), the last ‘step’ of Vishnu while measuring the universe. This is the applicable interpretation based on the cosmic harmony, while the orthodox version is not:
1.  Of Vishnu now I declare the mighty works, who has measured out the earthly worlds and that higher seat of our self-accomplishing he supports, he the wide-moving, in the threefold steps of his universal movement. 2. That Vishnu affirms on high by his mightiness and he is like a terrible Lion that ranges in the difficult places, yea, his lair is on the mountain-tops, he in whose three wide movements all the worlds find their dwelling-place. 3.  Let our strength and our thought go forward to Vishnu the all-pervading, the wide-moving Bull whose dwelling- place is on the mountain, he who being One has measured all this long and far-extending seat of our self-accomplishing by only three of his strides. 4.  He whose three steps are full of the honey- wine and they perish not but have ecstasy by the self-harmony of their nature; yea, he being One holds the triple principle and earth and heaven also, even all the worlds.  5.  May I attain to and enjoy that goal of his movement, the Delight, where souls that seek the godhead have the rapture; for there in that highest step of the wide-movingVishnu is that Friend of men who is the fount of the sweetness. 6.  Those are the dwellings-places of ye twain which we desire as the goal of our journey, where the many-horned herds of Light go travelling; the highest step of wide-moving Vishnu shines down on us here in its manifold vastness.  (Rig Veda 1.154)
Thus we have an axis formed in the Sphinx, whose secret is revealed by the Precession of the Equinoxes linking the two Manifestations, the 7th and the 9th, and the Ages of Leo and Aquarius, as my Map of the 12 Manifestations demonstrates. (For further details see the series Secrets of the Earth, questions and answers on ‘The Line of Ten Avatars of Vedic Tradition’, Aeon Books, 2009.)

 The Gnostic Circle (1975) and The New Way (1981)Aeon Books
The Ages of Preservation (Vishnu’s period of appearance) have been preserved in the Sphinx symbolism taken directly from the zodiac – Leo (Lion) and Aquarius (Man/Friend), the first and last of Vishnu’s three strides. In between is Taurus the Bull, Krishnavatar’s appearance in the 8th Manifestation, as the Map indicates. When the Precession of the Equinox is employed correctly, we learn that the Man/Friend is Aquarius, our very own Age, and that it began in 1926. On the other hand, if we go by the Nirayana system, we have to wait perhaps 500 years for India to catch up! When the correct cosmic key is unveiled enigmas no longer remain and speculation is silenced. The problem is the usual one: vested interests. Added to the Nirayana pundits we have the entire scientific community intent on securing that the ‘enigma’ remains in place. There are so many ways to pin a civilisation down. But it has to be borne in mind that what is being written in these Messages refers to a collective realisation. Throughout India we find individual yogis even today who have realised the cosmic truth; many at the Mahakumbh itself, no doubt. It is what has kept the ‘thread’ intact over the millennia. What is required at this crossroads of destiny is an enlightened calendar that can incorporate the mass engendered by the energies of 80% of 1.2 billion people. This is the call of the hour, not for herself but for the entire world. And this is the purpose of a calendar to govern the extended body of a civilisation which is not expected to have a realisation for which an entire life has to be dedicated: it can be embodied in a calendar, as it had been across the millennia prior to the Age of Pisces. For centuries upon centuries the ‘thread’ could be carried on by those individual realisations; but the events of the last Age have forced the issue now and more is required – collectively. Astronomers insist that only the sidereal circle of the constellations is of value, with its shifting zodiac, whereas the Tropical and the Sidereal are of equal importance but they serve different functions. In other words, with Mahasaraswati’s grace we are simply putting each thing in its place and drawing the benefits thereof. For instance, the Map above is based on the Precessional movement and the extension of the equinoctial plane the Earth’s wobble traces in the sky within the same measure of 12. If we believe astronomers that it is the physical circle of the constellations, we are falling into the trap of relativism: the 0 starting point can be anywhere. Moreover, the physical constellations refuse to oblige and to adhere to the measure of 12 (360 ÷ 30); some are far smaller, some far larger. In addition, if we are unable to connect correctly those 25,920 years of the Precessional Great Year to the calendar we use, it is of no use and serves, as stated, to drag us off track – in India’s case by half a millennium! The ‘weight’ of that error has accumulated to the point where correction is now imperative. Most readers will require some form of confirmation from the scriptures for the above to be accepted – i.e. the measure of 12 of the 360-degree circle, Precessional or Tropical. I can do so by quoting the pertinent verses of the Rig Veda itself which describe in detail the very diagram I presented in 1973 before coming upon these verses:
Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three. Who can comprehend this? On it are placed together Three hundred and sixty like pegs. They shake not in the least. (Rig Veda 1.154.48)
There are 12 ‘spokes’ within the one wheel which consists of 360 ‘pegs’. This cannot be denied. The intriguing part is the Rishi’s mention of ‘navels three’. Rightly he asks, Who can comprehend this? The Map of 12 Manifestations answers the question because it contains indeed three hubs in its static form. But when dynamism is added by the impulsion of Time, they become spirals just as the above diagram describes, all within ONE WHEEL. There is no ambiguity, no fumbling or fudging. The verses are clear – or they are rendered clear when the Cosmic Truth is seen. However, the most important line of all is the last, ‘They shake not in the least’. Or else as stated in the Atharva Veda: they are firmly riveted. These verses alone should be sufficient grounds to dismiss the current Nirayana system which SHAKES; and within the sidereal sphere which it employs at the behest of scientists NOTHING CAN BE RIVETED because it is constantly shifting. It is perforce relative, lacking in any objectivity, in contrast to the Tropical Zodiac that NEVER SHAKES. If scriptural approval is required, with these verses who can continue to doubt and raise objections? The mystery is finally solved by Time, but not according to the flawed dictates of astronomers, those in India and abroad. It is rather an appreciation of the Cosmic Harmony as revealed by the sages of old and open to all who approach the matter in the correct poise of consciousness. And true to the message of the Sphinx, the obligation of time conquest – the theme of this Message – is India’s duty, destined to be fulfilled during the current Age of Aquarius, or the period when the Vishnu Avatar makes his appearance to ‘re-set the cosmic clock’. It is obvious that in order to have any convincing value a certain coherency has to be present to lend credence to an assertion such as I am making. In 1977, I gave the key to the methodology when I wrote in The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 9, page 369-70,
The Ganges, on the other hand, does not move against the current of her inherent nature and essence.  Therefore she is eternal, and she carries the seeds of an undying Truth through the body of India. Her Truth is indeed elusive, as is the nature of Time and the essence of the Spirit, and there are no concrete or solidified monuments representing this Truth, which can bear testimony to it through the long corridors of Time and withstand its ravages. The Truth of the Ganges is one of Consciousness, and it is this that is preserved throughout the ages. This Truth can be ‘measured’, and in this way it is brought down into the Earth dimension to a greater degree…     India has always been the cradle of the Spirit. This destiny can endure through time because it is the very power of Time that sustains the destiny’s fulfilment. But it is a destiny which expresses itself through Consciousness. For this reason India is the cradle of the new race…     Now that the moment has come in the harmony of the Earth’s Time for the new to arise, India can fulfil her destiny in perfect attunement with her inherent dharma. Now we come to the core of the movement in Earth-Time where the beginnings of the new world and race arise. And so we have reached the moment when the jungle of human consciousness that has hidden the truth of Ganga throughout the ages can be cut away and the sacred River Goddess can stand [exposed] before our eyes. She unveils herself – the womb that carries Shiva’s seed.    In The New Way, Vol.2, I noted the role of Ganga and the Kumbh Mela in the cosmic harmony, and that it is India’s people, the ‘energy’ of consciousness contained in her human population – in contrast to the material mass of the Great Pyramid – that is the mass needed today for the Time Axis of the planet to be ‘re-set’ or brought into a new alignment. In other words, via the time-honoured realisations of her sages across the ages, but extended to the population at large through an enlightened calendar for the purpose. For as I wrote in Message 2, given the volume of the destructive (‘stockpiled’) power the Earth is saddled with, a proportionate ‘mass’ of India’s (over)population is also a necessary though temporary factor in the equation; that proportionate ‘mass’ of human consciousness is the element that can ‘tilt’ the scales in favour of the Earth’s salvation with respect to the conquest that makes of Time an ‘ally’. India has to shift the Earth’s subtle and elusive time axis to fulfil this task by a conscious, knowledgeable action. However, it is not just any human mass that suffices, because in that case China could lay claim to the task rather than India. This mass has to be supported by a cosmology that in an unbroken line is maintained yuge-yuge, or through the periods of the 7th, 8th, and 9th Avatars. China cannot lay claim to Centreship because of its ‘mass’ alone, proportionate though this may be. It lacks that Vedic ‘thread’ – and especially the backbone provided to the civilisation by the periodic appearances of the Vishnu Dasavataras, known significantly as offspring of the Time-Spirit. With the understanding that India’s role is universal and at the service of the entire Earth and not just her own people, every attempt would be made to give whatever assistance possible to facilitate her fulfilment. But if we cling to the old binary formula, as all nations are doing, with its demand for the axial balance ‘superpowers’ provide, then China’s struggle to be first makes sense. It ‘makes sense’ but only in a linear world, not the sphericality that Time demands (see diagram above). The struggle for supremacy in a dying world may tilt the scales with losers on all sides. Hence the need for India to unveil her Centreship at the earliest so that she can ‘hold’, and in the process deflect what appears to be an unavoidable calamity ahead. This is the essence of the new way that puts each thing in its place in a new order for the world.

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