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Puranic Cosmology Updated 11, February – June, 2010

The supreme symbol that holds the keys to eternal truths is the ancient astrological/astronomical symbol of the Sun,

In this most simple of all diagrams the knowledge required to update the Puranas as well as to know the path ahead to a universal apotheosis is contained. Its most striking aspect is the privileged position of the central Point. It is as if the Point is the Sun itself, centre of the System it has spawned. On the other hand, the circumscribing periphery is the family of planets which presently number 9. Since the periphery can be reduced to 9 (360=9), we are informed that when the measure of the System reaches this number the Puranas and all else can be updated – i.e., made factual and relevant to our Age, the same message of the Navagrahas.In astrological tradition the sign Aquarius, our present Age, is known in its esoteric significance as the period of universal transformation. Thus, our exercise of updating must be applicable to the entire Earth. Such being the case, we can once more use the symbol of the Sun to describe the methodology to attain the goal of universalism. In other words, this symbol provides the key to the heart of wisdom, not just to the role of the central Sun in the solar system. It can be the symbol of the individual as well as the entire Earth.Regarding the individual the central point is the Soul, nexus of time and space, the descending and ascending principles and their powers of manifestation. The location of this point in the human being identifies the converging point of the lower ascending planes and the higher descending powers. They meet in the individual Soul. It is the receptacle of what lies beyond the cosmic ‘singularity’ – the threshold that Science for all its wonders cannot cross. The soul is the repository of the supporting powers of existence, not only on Earth but of the entire material universe – this is the universal soul. Those planes are known in metaphysics and philosophy and some schools of yoga as Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual, the trinity at the root of all manifestation. When the time comes for the universal transformation, then this threshold must be breached; and incarnations descend into Earth time with the ability, by virtue of the manner in which they take birth, to draw those powers into the atmosphere. By their unique relation with Time the powers they jointly embody become the support of the march forward for the purpose of the 9 becoming the 10. They are the path breakers of the Age. Indeed, this passage is not merely cosmological or metaphysical: it is a reality made poignantly real by the lived process in Earth time of the 9th Avatar becoming the 10th, or Kalki of Puranic tradition.Leaving this aside for the moment, the Sun symbol can also be the Earth in her totality in the circumscribing periphery. But the symbol must describe the condition of the way forward for the Earth, once more based on this symbol and what it reveals. It indicates that the Sun is the central Point within the system of planets, while the soul is the central point of each individual. Therefore, so too the Earth must bear her own central Point. The ancients had understood as much when the Puranic Cosmology was formulated. The sages gave the cosmology the same structure I am describing in this updating process. But in those early times Science had not contributed its part to the evolution of consciousness and to the universalism that was being prepared and for which many aspects of Earth life had to be drawn in to carry the objective from the realm of Ideals into the material world we inhabit. For example, as earlier noted, geographical exploration had to reveal the full body of our planet. This was ultimately accompanied by the proper tools to measure that newly-discovered Body. On this basis the very first steps could be taken on the road to the preordained universal transformation of Aquarius – RIGHT ON TIME.In Update 6 I presented a means to identify factually the connection between Capricorn and the subcontinent by the superimposition of its hieroglyph on the landmass. Its exact synchronisation cannot be disputed, though we may be hard pressed to understand how this could have come to pass in an age we consider primitive. But that superimposition was only the first step in the elaborate process of drawing Mt Meru/Bharatvarsha into our Age, or to materialise the symbol. Now we must carry that process into further levels of ‘densification’ to bring Heaven to Earth as it were by employing certain tools science has provided to measure our globe; for instance, latitude and longitude. Thanks to the Circle and its wide applications, the concept of Mt Meru can be carried forward in the exercise of the symbol becoming the thing symbolised. This measuring act will prove that the Sun’s astronomical symbol does represent the Earth herself with that indispensible ‘centre that holds’, which is discovered as existing on the planet through India’s astrological ruler. India is for the Earth what the Sun is for the solar system and what the soul is for each individual.

From The New Way, Vol. 2, PNB
Aeon Books, 1981.

I present above the world map – but it is unlike any other that our atlases offer. This world map presents the 12-part division of the ecliptic circle – the zodiac – brought to Earth; and given the strides science has made in devising tools to measure our circular globe, and since both longitudes and latitudes consist of bands of 30 degrees to reach the 360 of all circles, similar to the zodiacal signs, our own planet can serve as a means to bring the celestial phenomena to Earth. For this purpose we lay the zodiac across the planet on the basis of the Vedic laws of correspondence and equivalence, 6 signs west and the other 6 east in the manner indicated to complete the circle superimposition. Further on we will continue this measuring exercise to reveal even more clearly the relevance of Capricorn for India and for the world since this convergence of time and space would be the equal-bodied cross for our planet and hence the perfect ‘centre that holds’ due to the axial alignment that comes into being from this perfect convergence.Capricorn serves the new cosmology as a sort of Philosopher’s Stone as in alchemical tradition, the element that could reveal true gold and thus the success of the transmutation. Similarly today, we may use Capricorn, known in the ancient mysteries as the Name of God, to test its relevance as the new and updated Mt Meru of old. In locating the sign both by longitude and latitude, Capricorn appears on the map in both directions over India. It is a convergence of time (longitude) and space (latitude), using our own globe as the field to test the Knowledge.
The Vedas, as well as the more recent Revelation of St John, speak of a new heaven and a new earth. We can readily recognise that given the above-mentioned discoveries our planet has indeed undergone a metamorphosis: she has been made NEW before our eyes, in our very times. But the scriptures speak of a new HEAVEN as well. No one, to my knowledge, seems to have grasped the enormous significance of this simple phrase: a new Heaven and a new Earth. For how, pray tell, can ‘heaven’ be made new? In our understanding of the word, Heaven lies beyond all that is corruptible and subject to the decaying mechanism of all things Earthly born of time. Heaven must perforce be eternal and definitely unchanging. At least this is what the dogmas teach us. If we follow the dictates of the priests, that static, incorruptible realm awaits us at death – but of this ‘heaven’ we have no empirical proof. Again I pose the question, what then is meant by a new heaven, since in our conception it lies beyond the mechanism that can make ‘all things new’. Without Time no renewal is possible, and all religions concur in the belief that ‘heaven’ is eternal and beyond time and space and hence any change. It stands beyond our material universe.And yet, the words of the Ancients haunt us. What is the answer?Conditioned as humans have become after passage through Pisces by the religions that evolved during that period, we equate heaven (Swar) with an eternal, static, unchanging and, of course, undying dimension. For after all, if this were not so, how then to offer it as a prize for the faithful who cannot make sense out of this dynamic madness with its imprisonment in and by Time that carries us to ineluctable death? Heaven of all religions has to be different and therefore soothing in our world of suffering and miseries of all sorts. Even Eastern philosophies and yogic systems succumbed to this enticement. They offer sure methods of escape (in themselves illusions?), and realisations of seemingly the highest order were presented as indisputable proof that right here on this planet subjected to the dratted enchainment of life, death and possibly rebirth, the chain could be broken for good. Liberation, moksha, could be attained right here. But the fly in the ointment was that the finest energies of humanity were thus siphoned off either by a dogma, unprovable but nonetheless binding through fear of eternal damnation, or else by proffering yogic tactics of escape from this entrapment that birth on Earth signifies.Eastern yogis succumbed in equal measure to the enticement of a static Beyond. Having been so proficient in their respective paths, they are to be held the most guilty for the sorry state our planet finds herself in. Indeed, yogic methods were perfected in the true oriental tradition of realising the truth and not simply accepting dogmas which could convince the seeker that indeed all things Earthly and of this cosmos are simply illusory, unreal. This position continues to hold firm in the minds of aspirants. This simple undermining has carried the Earth to the brink of the Abyss of Time. For indeed, if it is all basically unreal, and everything, including truth itself, is relative, then striving as I am doing in these pages to re-establish the Divine Maya or Measure is simply part and parcel of that unreality and need not detain us further.However, the Sun symbol tells us otherwise: both Being (point) and Becoming (periphery) – harmonised through the yogic realisation of the new Aquarian Age – hold the key to making both the Earth AND Heaven new.The map of the world which I present here is a factual demonstration of the manner in which HEAVEN ITSELF IS MADE NEW.
In the Puranic Age that harmonisation could not be attained. Science and spirituality had to evolve separately until Time had fulfilled itself and the Age of the Supermind had arrived. This highest of all principles, until now unmanifest on Earth, is the tool to bring Swar to Earth, made new in our perception when the earlier separation is healed because of the allegiance of Time in this Age of the Supermind, and the unveiling of the updated Vedic and Puranic traditions. For the way to make heaven new is by rendering dynamic to our perceiving eye what dogma holds to be static. The lived realisation of the Supermind introduces this changed direction which describes something very different.The 10th month victory, with its secret ‘door’ that opens before the aspirant at the December Solstice, provides the magic formula that can bring Swar right here onto this planet thanks to the joining of science and spirituality by a process which itself makes obsolete the two separate approaches to Reality: a synthesis is the key, a third way beyond both.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Aeon Centre of Cosmology

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