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Video – Series 1, Part Two: Transformation of the Earth (18 January 2012)

Don Juan (in the Carlos Castaneda series) and his group wanted to leave this Earth in a group, and not die – basically a conscious transition – they wanted to ‘cheat death’. This yoga, The New Way, starts where that work leaves off.  But there are some important things that are different that we need to consider. That was an individual path; we are now talking about what is the destiny of the entire Earth…

We have a Map of Evolution, it is the Zodiac; … and Scorpio is the 8th sign, the sign of Death.  Scorpio has a higher and lower level; its higher level is the Eagle… and there are four more signs of the zodiac after Scorpio… what is to happen after Scorpio, what is the real destiny of the Earth?

Yes, at this point in time, evolution is ruled by death;  this earth is considered only a ‘springboard’ to leave for a life here after…  you work out your karma and you die,  hopefully never to come back…but is there another possibility?

Yes, but for this, our entire Earth must become transformed. That is what the New Way is about…

There is what I call ‘an Aquarian Wave’ sweeping across the Earth, The old way is breaking down and naturally people are disturbed. But there is no need; you can imagine it as a new seed, a new plant that is pushing up through the Earth and the ground around it begins to crumble abit. The old order, the old spirituality you could call it, is giving way to a more mature stage – a new spiritual work needs to be done. Sri Aurobindo’s coming brought the Supramental Truth consciousness…

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