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Video – Series One, Part 1, The Maya 2012

I see 2012 in context of a larger movement; there is no end time, as far as the cycles of the Earth go. The Mayan civilisation was very advanced, and like my Indo-centric Cosmology, it was an ‘applied’ body of work.

It is true, their calculations ended at 2012, that was their limit. But what is the bigger meaning of this? The only really important record to come out of the 60’s was Carlos Castaneda’s series on the knowledge of Don Juan, he was a part of the Meso American civilization, and obviously it was important for DJ to leave a record. Carlos Castaneda did a good job in showing what that civilization contributed.

I believe that 2012 is really pointing to something else – to something that will continue where the other left off. The objective of their lives was to leave the earth, ‘to cheat death’ or ‘to cheat the eagle’ as he termed it. It was an individual transformation, there was no focus on the more universal or the transformation of the Earth.

Don Juan talks about the old seers and the new seers.  We are the new seers, Sri Aurobindo and his Solar Line. Something was built up, it  matured, it is being carried on, so to speak,. The earth moves toward a new world order, we carry that threat of knowledge, that work, forward, But who can appreciate that?

It is a very important moment. But when something new pushes up,  it means pushing out the old, and a certain crumbling is the outcome. It looks terrible if you cannot see what is happening.

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