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Video – Series One, Part 3: Protests in the Age of Aquarius

This wave of protests moving across the earth is ONE whole movement. Yes, the internet is connected, but it is only a part. There is a spherical development we need to study. It is all One, is a cliché, to live that cliché, to live the Oneness is quite different.

There is a mechanism which evolution on Earth provides, it is unique I believe to this third planet only. I doubt that any other place in the universe has this element, the soul. The human being has this instrument that receives ‘from the other side’, from the ‘subtle plane’.

I feel these protests demonstrate this this phenomenon. The Movements have arisen spontaneously, there is no leader, people risk their lives, what is the inspiration?

What is stirring them?

That is why the Zodiac is so important,  it comes to our aid: it gives us the script for the evolution, and the process. The Aquarian Age, which started in 1926 is the Age of universalisation. The rule of the people, the voice of democracy is so important. People are stirred from within.

Transformation of our Earth will be the same. It will arise from the voice of the people, each one participates, and is connected to every other individual.

The symbol of the Sun  -the circle with the point  – is appropriate here: there is the Centre, that Divine One, and there is the periphery, the universe: the one and the many.

The One is inspiring these movements, We need to find a way to understand the One, the One Divine Purpose, All these keys of knowledge which we study, all direct us toward that Purpose of the One.

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