Indocentric Cosmology

Cosmic Harmonies in Hindu Civilisation and Society, Culture and Cosmos, 2 part 3, Volume 6 No 3, August 1991.

‘…A new spiritual awakening must arise from the depths of this vast life that shall this time more successfully include in its scope the great problems of earthly life as well as those of the soul and its transmundane destinies, an awakening that shall ally itself closely with the renascent spiritual seeking of the West and with its yearning for the perfection of the human race. This third and as yet unknown quantity is indeed the force needed throughout the East. For at present we have only two extremes of a conservative immobility and incompetence imprisoned in the shell of past conventions and a progressive force hardly less blind and ineffectual because second-hand and merely imitative of nineteenth-century Europe, with a vague floating mass of uncertainty in between…’.

Sri Aurobindo
CE, Volume 16, page 327

Civilisations evolve religions out of a perception of a certain metaphysical or cosmic order. Or else, the cosmos acts as a screen onto which an order is projected that has evolved out of the religious experience. This, in turn, finds itself reflected in different forms of government, more or less faithful images of that higher perception. Though we may seek to disconnect models of government from the religious experience, in an age which appears to have exceeded the boundaries of old and in the effort to secularise society, a deeper study of the matter does reveal the connection.

To illustrate, Semitic religions, whose influence has spread across the entire globe largely through colonial conquests, have a monotheistic conceptual basis. This ONE GOD then evolved into the monarch and later the president. Below this single Godhead there are the angels in Middle Eastern religions, and the pattern extends to governing bodies via the prime minister, ministers of state, and so forth, – executors of the commands of an all-powerful divine General.

A hardening of the structure has often come about. Fascist and communist regimes of the 20th Century are examples of this degeneration, for in the monotheistic model there are no attenuating, harmonising and balancing forces. The divine General lacks the other two aspects of the trinity, as equal powers, which do indeed prevent the degeneration of a process which bears a respect for the cosmic triune play of energy: CREATION, PRESERVATION and DESTRUCTION. This triadic compound is the true reality of the cosmos, describing the macrocosmos as well as the microcosmos. Upon this play of energy the whole of creation is balanced.

Two of these interacting forces are feminine in quality. In pre-Christian times this fact was expressed in the Greek myth of Demeter, the Divine Mother, and her daughter, Persephone. Joining them in the action was Pluto, thus completing the triune expression of positive and negative interacting and mutually sustaining forces. When these balancing, attenuating forces are eliminated from the pantheon, and this is carried over to governing bodies, it is understandable that a brittleness sets in and despotism of various degrees is the outcome. The dictator is the result of a monotheistic religious model which leaves salvation in the hands of a one God, masculine, wrathful, almighty, and a jealous guard of his all-inclusive rule.

In our 20th Century, secularism evolved when finally the hold of religion began to give way and society sought to disconnect it entirely from the processes of government. Indeed, the religious experience was seen to be unable to inspire the correct order which could accommodate and express a truth that harmonises. Thus, to all appearances, the West and all the governments it has provided models for across the globe, staunchly uphold the division of State and Religion. But a more penetrating observation discloses that the separation is in name only, and perhaps in law: the essence of government and the forms it produces are direct products of a metaphysical perception.

There are examples of the link between government and religion even today in the ‘secular’ West. Switzerland, to name one country, has only very recently granted women the right to vote, having withheld this right on the basis of its Calvinistic interpretation of the Bible, with certain cantons still adamantly refusing to concede what the courts are now seeking to impose.

Indeed, a force moves across the globe urging a release of those long pent-up feminine energies. This is primarily reflected in feminist campaigns for the liberation and uplift of women, similar to the Swiss development; or else there are the environmentalist movements, the save-the-Earth drives which receive more energy and commitment daily. The world is now being forced to accept the existence of these powers and to integrate them somehow into the existing order. But the governing bodies of Semitic inspiration are not reflective of this triune play of energy, hence we observe a state of flux and sometimes collapse when the resulting brittleness reaches an extreme. Or else these drives create a greater resistance and consequently a more intensive effort at suppression of feminine powers. In the sphere of religion itself, fundamentalist responses are always a reaction to the urge for change and the experience of integration and wholeness.

In the Middle East, cradle of the monotheistic tradition, this development has reached an extreme in certain quasi theocratic regimes where women are excluded from any form of effective participation in government. In Pakistan this is now a dominant issue insofar as the Sharia Law is about to be adopted, accompanied by a specific injunction barring women from the right to occupy the highest offices of government, being considered unfit to rule according to the scriptures. These regimes, through fundamentalist, proselytising agencies, seek to foist their divisive framework onto societies whose foundational perceptions are entirely different from the Semitic. Whenever these agents have been successful, we witness a schism: models of government out of tune with the nation’s cultural foundation. A prime example is India.

Rigid fundamentalist responses to change are simply indications that indeed the old order is collapsing. Throughout the world the call is for a new order, and none can now silence this fervent appeal. At the same time, societies are in a state of turmoil precisely because the lines of this Order are unknown; or else the imposition of an order alien to the indigenous soul persists, though colonial rule has ceased to hold sway, through patterns of thought perpetuated by an intelligentsia held prisoner of this bygone rule, acting as agent for a system totally alien to the national soul, the finer points of which these intellectuals themselves ignore.

To a certain extent the United States of America presents a divergence to the rule of a progressively hardening structure degenerating into despotic rule, simply because it has a specific role to play in this 9th Manifestation. America’s essential truth of being is a binary expression, perhaps the purest model to be found on the globe today. Its religious experience of a Semitic origin is expressed in the office of president very faithfully, but the more important feature is the binary party system which has its roots in a stark divide in the early perception of reality, positioning God on one side of the cosmic fence and Satan on the other, in eternal confrontation and struggle for supremacy. In other words, they stand as two basic forces in ceaseless opposition and mutual antagonism. In spite of numerous efforts to break this pattern and to introduce a third or more parties, these have never been successful. The USA has remained thoroughly entrenched in its binary system because indeed it represents the truth of the national soul and its contribution to the global harmony. At the same time, in this epoch, when a force of unity and integration is moving across the globe, we witness stresses on that system with the Republican Party virtually gaining a monopoly through successive re-elections with apparently no breakthrough in sight for the Democrats. Nonetheless, in Congress and the Senate the binary party system continues to function with an admirable degree of proficiency.

Yet, what might be true for one nation may not hold for another. The legacies of colonial rule are in evidence in most nations in the world. As in the case of India, they bear little relation to the soul of the nations colonised. They were imported models forcibly imposed, covertly or overtly. For this reason we see the world in the process of regurgitating all the concepts on which those governments had been based. The outcome of this worldwide movement is certain to be a new world order for there are breakdowns, stresses, pressures for change felt everywhere.

We are interested in the nature, the texture of that emerging Order because the New Way is a heralding voice of that superior expression. It has provided a model of a new order taken from the cosmic harmony which is its inspiration. Its order is hence of universal relevance and not in the least sectarian and divisive. Its essence is triune, or the harmonious balance of the triune powers of creation. Thus, using the formulas of the new way Cosmology, in this essay we shall present an example of 1) India’s higher seeing and the features which distinguish it from the Semitic model; 2) how this seeing has played itself out in India in the political sphere, though ostensibly the nation has adopted the Semitic model in contrast to the ancient Hindu formula; and 3) how 20th Century secularism impedes a competent resolution of the problems the Semitic model created in the nation, to the point where the entire edifice of modern India stands on the brink of a catastrophic collapse.

The long slumber of the soul of India

If the West evolved its political framework out of its perception of ‘heaven’ – often a euphemism for the cosmos divested of the sacredness of the Divine Mother once she had been relegated to the inferno of man’s suppressed desires and libido – the East has equally produced its contemporary order. But here we encounter an interesting phenomenon. India has never really displayed this order in the more recent historic period, having been saddled with foreign rule for the past thousand and more years. Nonetheless, Hindu civilisation has nurtured this order and kept it alive in subterranean levels of the consciousness of its people. This is because, come what may and in spite of innumerable fierce attempts to destroy its vision of wholeness, it has been maintained by the nation’s obsession with the cosmic harmony. Even today, western rationalism and Bible-thumping zealots notwithstanding, great store is placed in the validity of certain minor aspects of cosmic harmonies, namely astrology and other forecasting arts. In addition, India has used these harmonies to record its history in a language which evolved for that purpose. The Puranas, for example, express this cosmic truth. These ‘myths’ serve a purpose which has not been fully appreciated in modern India: they preserve the Cosmic Truth which is the basis of the new world order. While the West and the Middle East experienced the destruction of a unified perception and consciousness, which relegated the Divine Mother to the position of an Eve, evil temptress and responsible for all mankind’s woes, and in the process eliminated the Feminine Principle entirely from its civilisational expressions, so too India experienced the same severance – or at least a nearly successful attempt to split asunder the consciousness of unity which has always characterised the Indian spiritual genius. Indeed, the philosophical fragmentation has been reflected in the violation of the wholeness of the geographical body of Mother India. Thus, if Partition can be taken as a pointer, the attempt appears to have succeeded, and on a certain level of physical existence we are forced to admit that this splitting apart has taken its toll and appears now irreversible. But, is this entirely true?

To arrive at certain conclusions we must analyse the present position in the light of developments in this century which involve the political and spiritual manifestations of that cosmic harmony. At the outset one factor becomes clear: India had been suppressed by extraneous foreign and colonial rule only until the time when this superior pattern, this cosmic truth of her higher destiny had begun to play itself out. This means that for many centuries, indeed for several millennia, nothing of this cosmic truth escaped an imprisonment Time had demanded and maintained. However, the general lines of this pattern were preserved intact in the Puranas.

We are discussing the flow of Time over millennia. At the same time, we have narrowed our vision like a microscope and zeroed into this century where, in a nuclear time-space, physical and temporal, we observe that sacred Secret playing itself out. We see the truth of the Puranas cast into the political/spiritual pattern upon which the new India has been moulded. More astoundingly, we see it clearly and unmistakably reflected in the very geography of the subcontinental land-mass.

The discernible play-out began in 1857 with the Sepoy Rebellion or India’s first war of independence from colonial rule. Ninety years later, in 1947, that independence from the colonial power would become an historical fact. But ‘independence’ reflected the unconsciousness of the process: India’s physically dismembered condition is simply an expression of a process not whole, involving much unconsciousness in the executing instruments and an ‘order’ imposed upon the new India which does not bear a direct relation to that cosmic Harmony.

We can appreciate the gravity of the situation when we understand that the political order of the West reflects that civilisation’s religious perception. We know that the Indian perception is markedly different from the Western, of Middle-Eastern origin. Yet India has adopted a political system which is an import from that world very far removed from her reality. What, precisely, is left out? It is that very mother, – yet we go on invoking Bharatmata, or Mother India. Thus, we are not surprised to observe that the physical body of the ‘new’ India presents a dismembering of the Mother. The geographical condition simply describes the condition of India’s contemporary political and social order.

At the same time, in a paradoxical manner so much in keeping with the abounding paradoxes one is faced with daily in the Indian subcontinent, the awakened consciousness of the Indian spirit which we may call the Hindu Soul, for want of a better expression, has already revealed itself faithful to the unified perception of that ancient Vision. It has been the reflection of the Puranic cosmic truth in spite of surface appearances; or rather, that Truth has played itself out negatively though with immaculate precision.

The structure of the collection of Puranas provides the key, which none suspect exists and which has therefore served as its means of protection and preservation. Thus the Puranas have a triune structure: 18 books divided into 3 groups of 6. Each 6-section belongs to a particular aspect of the essential Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or Creation, Preservation and Destruct ion. This same triadic play is more pointedly connected to the Mother through the gunas (energy flows) of the Tradition: Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas – again, Creation, Preservation and Destruction. This very same trinity forms the basis of astrology as it is practised throughout the world.

These triune groupings are the woof and warp of Hindu philosophies and systems of yoga. They are also the woof and warp of India’s political order via the Nehru Lunar Line of three (plus a fourth ‘one’). The accurateness of this pattern is empirically verifiable. The birthdates of the members of this Line provide the harmonic key: 9 and 6 and 3: the Trinity manifest. (See The New Way, Volume l; TVN 0/1) The cosmic harmony of our solar system given exquisitely faithful reproduction on Earth.

Nonetheless, the situation is problematic. The imported political structure bears little relation to that harmony ‘up above’. It does not describe a triune conglomerate of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, but harkens rather to a Semitic monolithic Godhead, a one God and no other, to the point where it denies the manifold expressions of the Divine Mother as reflected explicitly in its condemnation of ‘idol worship’. Contemporary India followed suit. Thus, we have witnessed the rise of organisations such as the Arya Samaj, a clear example of the subjugation of the Hindu perception of the cosmic Truth in its integral form to the imported religious experience of the Middle East and Western nations with their insistence on a stark monolithic truth, at war with the many-faceted reality of the Divine Mother’s vast Being.

Predictably, this exclusiveness and damning of the multiplicity of creation was inflicted upon the planet itself in an on-going war with Mother Nature, or the ecological collapse of our planet Earth.

Vedic India knew no such war. It expressed the integral realisation, – a harmony of God, Nature and the human being, or the Transcendent, the Cosmic and the Individual Divine. This was its foundational seeing; this remains the basis of the Hindu perception of reality. But where is the political order to express this indigenous seeing?

Over the centuries India has experienced continuous attacks on this original Vision – a vision that must form the recognised foundation upon which the new India is built, as well as the anticipated new order that is global. But, let us be clear, it is not HINDUISM that becomes that global order. It is the cosmic truth. Whoever has not realised that Truth cannot comprehend the universal character of Hinduism and its destiny of world affirmation. This affirmation will not be labelled ‘Hindu’. It will be simply that Truth, that impersonal face of the cosmic harmony manifesting in each nation in a progressive unfolding according to the ever-widening eye of its collective perception. This ‘infiltration’ by the Cosmic Truth – which began with the accelerated spread of the Indian spiritual vision throughout the world in the 1960s – brought about a gradual undermining of those old structures based on divisiveness and a separative perception of reality. Creation is seen as a wholeness of the triune manifestation, as the One and the Many, as a superb unity in diversity. The destiny of India is to spread the vision of this truth-seeing, not under the label of Hinduism but as the Cosmic Truth, a perception which then pierces the veils that hold back the energies concentrated in the Vision and these then find manifold avenues and patterns of eternally-renewing expressions.

Indeed the old order is crumbling. But it is merely the beginning. At present we are simply witnessing the collapse of very basic elements which in their continued existence will not permit the ‘infiltration’ of the Cosmic Truth. We have yet to witness overtly the formulas themselves which will evolve in those nations once the transitional period has been successfully surpassed and the channels of expression of that Truth begin to manifest.

Similarly, there is a crumbling of inadequate structures in India. Indeed, the nation seems to be disintegrating. It was predictable. It is inevitable. The existing order is inadequate to express the Vedic Seeing. It served its noble purpose during India’s transitional phase, but its limits have now been reached, in time and in the lived experience of India society. The time has indeed come for the true new order to be unveiled.

We emphasis unveiled, because like Shiva’s mighty and invincible Son, Guha, the Hidden One, the superlative Secret of the most profound secrets of Hinduism, the new order already exists in India. The travails of the present are simply experiences in this act of unveiling, in becoming conscious and whole, in granting to that Cosmic Vision a manifest vehicle of Truth which is able to unify the formidable diversity that is India.

The Vision that Illumines

The world order which was established at the close of the Second World War is crumbling, in India and beyond. The central focus of that order was the threat of communism and political systems in a number of countries were a reactionary response to that threat. Hence these systems were externally imposed. One very clear example is Italy. Having as it does a special relationship with India in esoteric tradition, Italy’s case history is particularly relevant. For we note that a crossroads has been reached there as well. Apart from revealing a chronic instability – the rise and fall of no less than fifty governments since the end of the War – Italy’s north now seeks to establish a certain independence from the south. The outcome of this movement and its effects on the newly-united Italian nation promise to be significant. As has been rightfully pointed out by political analysts, the demise of communism had a particularly hard effect on Italian politics, given the fact that the constitution and political structure adopted at the fall of Fascist Italy, bore this focus foremost: the threat of communism and its containment. Now that this threat has dissolved, the entire structure upon which it stood is threatened with collapse.

This is the situation we encounter throughout the world, and it is this circumstance which is the cause for the present strife and turmoil: artificial structures were adopted, systems which bore scant relation to the soul of the nations. India’s condition is not an isolated one. We may cite any number of similar situations where national ‘orders’ were the outcome of external conditions and not true and free internal movements and expressions. Constitutions and socio-political systems were devised in reaction to those externals almost exclusively. Even the national borders were determined by extraneous considerations. Such has been the legacy of colonialism throughout the world; and in this assessment we include the special brand of colonialism of both the USSR in Eastern Europe, and the USA in Latin America.

It is now openly accepted and stated in India that ‘something else’ must evolve to replace the constitution and parliamentary democracy which the nation adopted almost in its entirety from Great Britain. The loud invective is heard, COMMUNAL!, for any attempt to unveil another order, more attuned to the national soul. The death of secularism is bemoaned and the attempt to establish a ‘Hindu Rastra’ is frantically opposed and labelled retrograde.

The reply to these castigations and lamentations must necessarily be that the affairs of the nation have been in the hands of those ‘secular forces’ for decades. Independent India has never experienced anything else. Therefore, if the country is today faced with communalism, desecularisation, disintegration, and the opposite of any true integration, it is this secular mindset that must be held responsible. We must therefore question its efficacy and legitimacy and cease avoiding this badly needed introspection.

However, an introspection of the sort required at present is not advisable when it is a speculative, intellectual exercise – those which continue to abound. That is, analysts turn round and round on a wheel of nothingness with a void as its hub. These attempts to probe the failures of the system are thus always negative. It is similar to dissecting a corpse rather than the examination of a living body. We may uncover the reason for a fatal disease in dissecting the corpse, but we cannot pretend that this will replace a vision of its living truth. The implication is that introspection must have a centre, a focus – indeed, a vision. It is that vision which illumines our penetration. Without the light of this vision we simply engage in endless speculative gyrations in a mind-boggling labyrinth, apportioning the blame here or there. Introspection can only be a valid exercise when a clear focus exists. That focus in this case is the living pulse of the soul of India, with its mathematical avenues of expression, as the light which illuminates the causes for the failure of the old order. Without that we simply construct another model as a result of our introspection which will once again bear a central void in place of the living and pulsating soul of Bharat Mata. Because of this it has been stated time and again that the new world order can only arise on the basis of knowledge, the fruit of a very precise ACT OF SEEING, by persons of Knowledge.

Aids are provided for this purpose, born in the midst of intensely concentrated states of higher awareness. These revelations act as Philosopher’s Stones in our introspection. They reveal that India, unlike any other nation in the world, is not only a consciousness of the Divine Mother on Earth, but her very PHYSICAL being, her geography, proves that she is the earthly representative of that Mother. The key of Knowledge for this higher perception is the Capricorn hieroglyph (ruler of India) superimposed on the map of her integral Body. We may use this in our present analysis as we have done on numerous occasions in the past, this key being a ceaseless self-replenishing source, and we shall see that even in her disintegration there is a control that is a superb reflection of the Cosmic Truth. This superior tool of perception can, by consequence, reveal the path we must take toemerge from the present prison of unknowing.

Disintegration shows the way

Wholeness, an integration of a trifold manifestation is the way. But what are we faced with today? We have anything but wholeness. We have a truncated physical nation – but that is not enough. The subtle energy sheath of Bharat Mata is riddled with holes and in parts devastatingly dismembered. Massive portions have been severed from the Body, torn out of the sheath at crucial points. This is also the result of the external system imposed upon the civilisation. The results are mathematical. One clear example may suffice because it is of such crucial importance at present.

The inadequate brand of Gandhian non-violence permitted the body of Bharat Mata to be torn asunder at the time of Partition, and, lamentably, its effects continue to be felt in the nation. India, because of this inadequate perception, became a victim of an emasculated energy base. In terms of its ancient heritage, this meant that the concept of non-violence struck a critical, almost fatal blow at the Kshatriya (warrior/ruler) segment of Indian civilisation. This having been the case, what are the results today? We have the ‘defenders of the Dharma’, as the Sikhs have been traditionally called, not exerting themselves in the defence of this Dharma in the direction it should go, but twisted, turned back upon itself. This question of energies turning back upon themselves is the mathematical part of the process. We shall now explore it in depth.

Originally Sikhism arose not as a religion, let us be clear, but as an organisation within the Kshatriya caste for the defence of the Dharma in the wake of relentless onslaughts from the North West of forces seeking to implant in India a foreign culture and faith. The Sikhs stood at the frontier of Bharat Mata, face to face with that invading and corrosive element, at the point where it had entered. On the Symbol-Map, this would be in the Rajas portion of the subtle energy sheath (see page 10). They still occupy that same physical position, pushed back to the new frontier at the time of Partition. But what transpired after that initial moment of truthfulness, of faithfulness to their inherent dharma and the blessed expression of that Kshatriya energy?

With the completion of the Line of Ten Gurus, we see those corrosive invading seeds taking their toll and the Sikh religion came formally into being, separate from the cultural identity of the greater body. This crystallised as a reaction to that invading ideology rather than a true expression of the Kshatriya soul (numerous elements of its belief system and ritual attest to this fact). We are justified in asking how this came to pass. The answer is given in the sacred Symbol-Map of a united subcontinent and its projection of wholeness and integrated, integral seeing.

Thus, on the basis of the Symbol-Map, we note that at the other end, the North East, another corrosive substance had entered, through the Tamas portion of the subtle energy sheath. The British came originally through what is now Calcutta, and this invasion through the Tamas section forced the Hindu Soul more cunningly than ever into the cramped space of the religious consciousness. Its effects have been more devastating than the Islamic attack on the wellspring of Warrior energies. The Sikhs were caught in this crunch when the inadequate brand of non-violence was imposed upon the nation and the Sikh Dharma had no proper outlet of expression, or felt itself a victim of an inexpressible undermining.

Partition reflected the same turning back upon itself of that energy. The forces which might have been directed toward the colonial aggressor were blocked, suppressed, emasculated. The mathematical effect was a collapse of energies. That is, those frontier pillars of strength fell into the central void of where the Dharma is ‘preserved’. The impact of this collapse of energies in the subtle sheath of the nation brought a convulsive turn of Indian upon Indian rather than a concentrated, unified thrust of a county whole and integral in its energy body to oust the invading virus. It is similar to a disease attacking the immune system – indeed, AIDS is the utterly perfect symbol. The body of Bharat Mata lost its defences. Those ‘warrior cells’ were undermined  throughout the breadth of the land, just as the immune system is undermined in AIDS. The Body from that time onwards succumbed to one disease after another. Continuing into the present, at both ends of the nation there are seepages of energy, escapes which at the same time permit entries of new viral hordes. These, it must be emphasised, enter and attack the health of the Body because of internal causes. The system breaks down, caves in upon itself, immunity fails from causes inherent in the body itself. The result is compulsive auto-destruction.

The suppression at the time it was most needed of these ‘warrior cells’ forced them to turn back upon the system – i,e., the main body – for they had no other legitimate outlet. The bloodshed of Partition was one such expression, but only the first in a long series of energy collapses. The process is mathematical, I hasten to repeat. Thus, the Sikh revolt of today, ostensibly for economic and political grievances, is a predictable development, the result of a denial of the truth of the Kshatriya dharma in the fourfold division of the civilisation’s consciousness-being, a division taken directly from the cosmic harmony, an expression, faithful and pure, of the Cosmic Truth. A denial of this sort perforce affects the entire nation since the Body and its presiding consciousness-force is an integral whole.

Sri Aurobindo once remarked that Gandhi was a Christian soul in an Indian body. Gandhi represented the prevailing conditions at the time of British rule, when the nation had failed to recognise and respond to the Supramental Avatar and aligned itself solely with the agents of the Lunar Line; it was thus a partial expression of the greater vision.

Gandhi, like the Sikhs in reaction to Islam, evolved a formula for the independence struggle which was primarily Christian in its flavour – ethical and moral (its main ingredient was a Christian-inspired manipulation of guilt) – but bearing no essential connection to the soul of the new India because the ancient foundation had long since been corroded upon which the new was to arise. The infiltration and its consequences on the national psyche became reflected in the physical Body, resulting in a dismembering entirely representative of this disintegration in the energy sheath.

This sheath is threefold and fourfold in its structure. It has ever been the basis of the Hindu Dharma. The Kshatriya element of the fourfold energy body bears a connection to the sexual expression of a civilisation or an individual. Thus, in the Rajas portion of Bharat Mata we encounter a very virile force, not merely in evidence in the North-western male, but in the female as well. Indeed we see the symbol materialised with an astounding accuracy when we note that while Gandhi attacked the Kshatriya segment of the energy sheath through his policy of non-violence, throughout his entire adult life until the time of his demise, he grappled with this unruly energy within his own being. He admitted that he had not succeeded in his self-styled methods to dominate his sexual nature, while he also seems to have stated that had he done so he would have succeeded single-handed in ousting the British.

The connection Gandhi made was valid, but his ignorance of the Integral Yoga and the work of the Supramental Avatar, while nonetheless finding himself at the helm of the movement, has left the nation with this shadowy legacy of incompletion and half truths. At this point the Government of India is expected to deal with that ‘unruly energy’ in its collective expression (one of which is terrorism, we may add), in such a manner that its policies will integrate it into the larger body of Bharat Mata and in that integration allow it its correct expression. But failing to appreciate and discuss the real flaws, how can a solution come about?

The Kshatriya element, like all the other segments of the fourfold sheath of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, must be allowed to express legitimately its dharma: the protection of Bharat Mata, similar to a healthy immune system in a body invaded by a virus. Instead, this ancient tradition must surely have felt itself undermined and relegated to an inferior status, for it is only such a deep-rooted frustration, impossible to express in the context of present-day secular India, that can account for the ferocity of the Sikh uprising and the determination to secede of a portion of the community’s members – precisely its virile youth – rather than the ‘grievances’ which appear on the surface to have caused the degenerated expression of that vir dharma.

The Government must act in this unclear atmosphere – unclear about the REAL causes of the disease; and similar to the administration of antibiotics, a violent suppression of the immune system of this order results in an enhancement of the invading virus by INCREASING the resistance of the body to the medicine. Thus, every remedy applied of this inadequate sort, based on retrogressive methods and not enlightened approaches to health and well-being, simply serves to fortify the resistance, or drive it to lower layers of the collective subconscious where it accumulates power (toxins) and returns at a later period to disrupt the Body’s harmony once more. None can deny that the nation faces precisely this unfortunate situation: whatever measures are taken merely enhance resistance and increase the efficacy of the destructive power.

Thus, in the subtle body of Bharat Mata these warrior cells were suppressed and controlled artificially by the imposition of a will acting in opposition to the inherent Cosmic Truth, with the predictable result that they now attack the central Body rather than the invading viruses on the frontier; indeed, equally predictably, the rebel cells align themselves with the invaders to add vigour to the viral attack. The Body no longer has the capacity to fight off invasions of this sort; it can only turn back upon itself and eat itself away. The result is collapse, collapse, collapse in an unending inward convulsion.

Interestingly, these two northern segments of the nation, ruled by Rajas and Tamas gunas, are important sources of economic support for the main Body. The Punjab stands in the forefront of the nation’s agricultural production, while Assam contributes considerably to the production of oil and the benefits accrued in terms of foreign exchange which its tea industry provides. Secessionist movements in these areas thus have the potential of striking deadly blows at the economy of the country, and it stands to reason that the inputs from those segments, Rajas and Tamas, will be critically affected as the collapse of energies quickens.

The Birth of the Cosmic Ignorance

In spite of these undeniable facts based on an integral perception of the Indian Reality, we are faced with a society which persists in denying its own soul-truth. The ‘Hindu Dharma’ is simply an expression, in its integral form, of the Cosmic Truth. But due to the inadequacies mentioned above which permitted the invasion of viruses, that Cosmic Truth became the shadow of itself – i.e., the Cosmic Ignorance. Indeed, the ancient Vedic Knowledge in its practical application was lost, and the keys which allowed this truth to provide the formulas for management of the civilisation along those higher lines became buried beneath a thick crust of ignorance. This was a process slow in developing, straddling many centuries. The first symptoms of the disease could be detected at the time of Gautam the Buddha, the ‘ruse of the Supreme’, the underminer of the Dharma (see Part I of this series, TVN 5/6). The Buddha played a pivotal role in the collapse of energies we witness today. This original undermining brought about a gradual disintegration in the spiritual dimension of Bharat Mata: energies began to collapse into a Nirvanic Void. They were thrust into the cosmic waste bin or ‘black hole’, and the nation was thus deprived of the only energy which could counteract the future invasion of ‘foreign bodies’. By the early centuries of the Christian era – the ‘Dark Ages’ – this withering away of spiritual force, this emasculation of the spiritual consciousness brought the same results as the emasculation of the Kshatriya element in contemporary Indian society. Consequently, it is not surprising that the Supramental Avatar was born into a Kshatriya family rather than a Brahmin. To arrest the decline in the realm of the Spirit, no less than in the more material realms, only those warrior energies will suffice.

  We have thus far discussed the collapse due to faults in the Rajas and Tamas sections of the subcontinental Symbol-Map. We have not yet dealt with the central guna, Sattwa, or Preservation, though in this area of our discussion we are confronted with an equally important ‘symbol’, as irrefutable in its connections as the former two. For where have those viral seeds the Buddha planted some 2000 years ago settled? They were collected centuries ago in an especially significant location in the Symbol-Map: the lowermost tip of the descending ‘V’. Thus there too – indeed, most important of all in the esoteric sense – we encounter a gap, a point of seepage in the pocket of energy-mass we know today as Sri Lanka.

The drainage is thus at all three points of the Guna-Map of Rajas, Sattwa, and Tamas: the North West, the North East, and the deep, deep South…where the Dharma is ‘preserved’.

In Tamil Nadu the effects of this drainage are almost physically palpable, as if a deadly corrosive element were eating away at the bowels of the Body. Indeed, its effects upon the system are predictable. From time to time poisonous fumes emanate from this deepest-most pocket. They cloud the atmosphere periodically and on an increasing scale. These toxic fumes arise from this deep pit and infiltrate the entire Body with devastating results.

The central portion of Bharat Mata is ruled by the guna of Preservation, Sattwa. But preservation of what? The Hindu Dharma, of course, – or the Cosmic Truth. What is the channel or instrument of expression on Earth, in a physical embodiment, of that cosmic Truth? It is the Soul, the Atman. The power of Mahakal, the Time-Spirit operates through the psychic construct of the individual and collectivity to establish its heaven (the Cosmic Truth) upon this planet Earth. The secret goal of our Age is the ‘marriage’ of that Heaven and this Earth. But, as the ancient Veda prescribes…a new heaven and a new earth.

The Buddhist realisation, at a predictable moment in the evolution of the species, cast the first effective undermining seeds into the Body of Bharat Mata. It attacked precisely this channel: it denied the individual soul.

This is the poison that lodged itself in the pit of the Body, at the deepest heart of the Preservation Guna. Without this formidable happening some 2000 years ago, the North-Western and North-Eastern infiltrations could never have taken place. The foundations of the civilisation had to be undermined, which in the Symbol-Map are located in the deepest portion of the ‘V’, those energies which alone can preserve the Dharma. The other, uppermost portions of the Body which sustain themselves on these support pillars can suffer collapse only after the Preservation Guna is attacked and not before.

It was thus in this deepest southern Sattwa region that the great defender of the Dharma arose, Shankara. But what was his ‘defence’, at a time when the shadowy mantle of the Dark Ages had already settled over the soul of the nation? Shankara merely ‘integrated’ the Buddhist realisation of the Void into the Hindu Dharma; and while not its complete abrogation, the soul was relegated to an entirely inferior status in the spiritual echelon. Shankara carried those seeds, impeccable instrument that he was, from the deep south to the four corners of the Body. The result was the first clear and unmistakable sign of the loss of the Cosmic Truth. It was then that the nation became the representative on Earth of the Cosmic Ignorance and no longer the higher Vedic reality. Thus the Divine Maya of the ancient Veda became Shankara’s ‘Maya’, or Illusion, devoid of any divine attributes. For all practical purposes, she became the temptress Eve, the weaver of the veils of illusion and the cunning power which binds the human being to this woeful evolution, prisoner of his atavistic drives in the fruitless cycles of birth and rebirth. The cleavage in the energy body of the civilisation was complete: on the one side was ranged the Spirit, on the other Matter. And the toxic fumes from the chasm in between never cease to emit their corrosive substances to cloud perception of the higher Truth.

Shankara, like all superior souls, could not fail to be faithful to the Time-Spirit: he could ‘see’ only what the divine Power permitted, in an Age characterised by a dimming of the light, a first perceptible decline in the Dharma.

Thus, in present-day Tamil Nadu we observe a situation similar in some ways to the North. We witness the largely Hindu Tamils at the frontier, standing in opposition to the Buddhist Sinhalese. To appearances the struggle is ethnic, social and political. But this is simply because the channel provided for the struggle is the external political dimension. The spiritual channel to deal with the true issue is closed – or rather, hidden.

The ‘Bottomless Pit’

The base for the Supramental Avatar was carefully selected. It lay in the southern sector of Bharat Mata – in order to deal with those toxic fumes which no politician can possibly detect much less understand. That ‘sattwic’ portion of the Body requires a YOGIC defence, hidden from the eye of the uninitiated. Therefore Tamil Nadu preserves the nation’s most important, most meaningful and determining worship for the new India – that of Murugan or Kartikeya, or Guha, the Hidden One. His work is symbolised by the description of the 10th Evolutionary Avatar, Kalki, with sword in hand and mounted on a white steed: Kshatriya symbols. Indeed, all the prominent players mentioned were Kshatriyas. The Buddha belonged to this caste also, who had usurped the place of the true 9th Avatar, Sri Aurobindo, himself a Kshatriya. But in the yogic experience of higher expressions of energy interaction, how is that warrior force to be exercised? In the case in reference we have Sri Aurobindo’s explanation of the method as well as the struggle, recorded in his most autobiographical poem, ‘A God’s Labour’. Here are some of its verses:

All around is darkness and strife;

For the lamps that men call suns

Are but half way gleams on this stumbling life

Cast by the Undying Ones.

Man lights his little torches of hope

That lead to a failing edge;

A fragment of Truth is his widest scope,

An inn his pilgrimage.

The Truth of truths men fear and deny,

The Light of lights they refuse;

To ignorant gods they lift their cry

 Or a demon altar choose.

All that was found must again be sought,

Each enemy slain revives,

Each battle for ever is fought and refought

Through vistas of fruitless lives.

My gaping wounds are a thousand and one

And the Titan kings assail,

But I cannot rest till my task is done

And wrought the eternal will.

How they mock and sneer, both devils and men!

‘Thy hope is Chimera’s head

Painting the sky with its fiery stain;

Thou shalt fail and thy words lie dead.

‘Who art thou that babblest of heavenly ease

And joy and golden room

To us who are waifs on inconscient seas

And bound to life’s iron doom?

‘This earth is ours, a field of Night

For our petty flickering fires.

How shall it brook the sacred Light

Or suffer a god’s desires?

‘Come, let us slay him and end his course!

Then shall our hearts have release

From the burden and call of his glory and force

And the curb of his wide white peace.’

But the god is there in my mortal breast

Who wrestles with error and fate

And tramples a road through mire and waste

For the nameless Immaculate.

A voice cried, ‘Go where none have gone!

Dig deeper, deeper yet

Till thou reach the grim foundation stone

And knock at the keyless gate.’

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep

At the very root of things

Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep

On the Dragon’s outspread wings.

I left the surface gods of mind

And life’s unsatisfied seas

And plunged through the body’s alleys blind

To the nether mysteries.

I have delved through the dumb Earth’s dreadful heart

And heard her black mass’ bell

I have seen the source whence her agonies part

And the inner reason of hell.

Above me the dragon murmurs moan

And the goblin voices flit;

I have pierced the Void where Thought was born,

I have walked in the bottomless pit…

Sri Aurobindo writes of the ‘bottomless pit’. In the occult Body of the nation, it is precisely where he established his counterattack, his yogic realisation, together with the Mother’s. The first trinity of his Line set about their work in this lowermost area and injected an antidote into the bowels of Bharat Mata – into the ‘bottomless pit’ where the Void had consolidated its seeping stronghold in the body of the Dharma.

Yet all is still very much hidden. Thus this play-out continues to be a reflection of the Cosmic Ignorance and not the Cosmic Truth, and it is composed of suffering, bloodshed, schism, disintegration – all the trappings of that Ignorance.

To counteract this the Kshatriya element is needed not merely in the physical realm proper but in the spiritual. Mind is the bane of the human being. The Void is the experience of a species balanced on a precarious binary structure where Mind is the regent and the soul is denied…in Sri Aurobindo’s words, ‘the Void where Thought was born’. The Supramental Avatar, 9th in the Line of the ten, came to dislodge the usurper and to re-establish the Dharma in the only way that it could be done: to undermine the Void itself. And the location for this exercise was the South in the Preservation/Sattwa guna, right where the original invading virus had been collected and firmly lodged.

Courage is needed in this exercise – the courage of the Divine Warrior. To see what is, to express that profound Seeing fearlessly, and to refashion the new India on this foundation of Cosmic Truth.

The play is no longer quite so hidden, however. The Act of Seeing has lifted many veils from the Hidden One, exposing in greater measure the divine Truth. It is seen increasingly to shape even the most material and apparently insignificant aspects of daily life. To illustrate, a massive statue of the Buddha sinks to the bottom of the sea in Andhra Pradesh in 1990, while the Chief Minister of the state had previously declared that the project of installing the statue, inherited from his predecessor, would ‘sink the economy of the State’, – almost as if his words became a spell and played itself out most physically, driving the statue to its watery grave. People justifiably question how so noble a project could display such a merciless lack of divine blessings. In the light of what is written in this essay, one must question the wisdom of such projects being left to the discretion of secular leaders who have no deeper understanding of the hidden reverberations of such acts. Are they, we must question, in tune with the real Dharma of the nation? Or might these be further acts in this centuries-old process of undermining, unconscious no doubt but nonetheless exacting their toll?

The Dharma is an integral truth. The three Gunas are an harmonious whole, each completing the other. The Cosmic Truth describes this integral play of the Divine Shakti, resulting in both individual and collective integrality. Unless this is perceived and the truth is exposed in its totality, no integration can come about. For to integrate implies first to know what the equation is, what energies stand to be integrated, what the total alchemy consists of. Right now we have a truncated energy base: some portions of the subtle body are denied, others upheld, while the foundations are corroded.

The Buddha was a native of Bharat, it must be remembered, while Christianity and Islam came from outside. The element that the Buddha introduced was a work exclusive to India, a work which only India could do, or rather undo. The establishing of the Dharma is thus the undoing of that illusory substance, the unmasking of the cosmic Lie and the re-establishing of the light of the soul in its eternal truth of being.

Secularism’s Irrelevancy

Illusion – in the planetary harmony Neptune is its representative. Thus those ‘veiling fumes’ which arose from the nation’s deepest South are, astrologically speaking, ruled by Neptune. Being essentially an illusion, cinema also comes under Neptune’s rule in astrology. We cannot help but see the parallel, for which State can lay claim to a more consistent involvement with Neptune/Cinema than Tamil Nadu – ruled for decades by prominent figures from the world of Tamil films? How perfect therefore is this consonance with the Cosmic Truth. Similarly, how understandable is the rabid anti-Brahminical campaign which has struck blow upon blow in that segment of the civilisation whose duty it has always been to preserve the Dharma, to perceive, to experience, to foster the higher truths?

For several decades predominantly secularly oriented governments have ruled Tamil Nadu and have engaged in this campaign. They have justified their attacks by citing the age-old dominance of this highest caste, in detriment to the rise of the lower. In addition, justification is sought by citing the ancient Rig Veda, foremost pillar of Hindu civilisation, to establish an ‘historic’ precedent for a congenital North/South divide, thereby fanning the fires of the Dravidian movement. I have demolished this ‘historic’ interpretation of the Rig Veda elsewhere and need not present the evidence again. Suffice to say that without precise knowledge of cosmic harmonies erroneous and misleading interpretations are inevitable. Particularly nefarious is the persistent intrusion of the ‘secular’ viewpoint into a domain that is the product of a vision in which this contemporary framework is not only irrelevant but at times wickedly falsifying.

In the 18th and 19th Centuries – that is, with the entry of European invaders carrying the banner of Judeo-Christianity – the perversion was complete. The seeds of undermining were thrust right into the core of the Dharma by casting a secular, historic coating over the Veda; or else, in an even more perverse exercise, a mantle of paganism and nature worship.

The results of that invasion were particularly devastating in the Tamilian/Dravidian area of the Symbol-Map. The Rig Veda could thus be interpreted historically to prove an inherent division and by consequence the dominance of the Brahmin who then had to be neutralised. This development, however, is entirely understandable if we realise that geographically the south of India is the destined Preserver of the Dharma, while the north is the Defender, and the North East stands as the Dissolver of the old forms, casting the energy that emerges from that breakdown back into the central Body in a perfect containment of energies in a balanced play.

We live in a ‘secular world, hence these are perceptions not permitted to colour our policies or help us to identify the forces at play and their objective. Yet the Indian reality, I repeat, is a faithful expression of the Cosmic Truth, one element of which is the Symbol-Map which reveals with impressive precision this triune play of energy in the subcontinent.

Secularism is a necessary evil in a world dominated as it is by divisive and fanatical religions. But what has this to do with the Hindu Dharma whose foundation is unity and oneness? And if this appears not to be so it is precisely because these constricting formulas will not allow the real Hindu soul to arise and shape the future of India. This has plunged the nation into a very great inertia; and the elements most responsible for this degeneration of the Tamas Guna are the invaders into and through the Tamas segment – that is, the proponents of western secularism. At the same time, the awakening periodically comes from that very segment with Bengal playing this noble role.

In terms of this impersonal, objective assessment, the limitations of a secular, democratic system of government are obvious. It does not permit an analysis of this order because it appears that we are ‘mixing religion with politics’, insofar as the language I am employing happens to be the fundaments of the Hindu perception of reality and part of its ancient philosophical base. Yet none can deny that the revelation of the Capricorn hieroglyph superimposed on the map of India, whole and integral, does indeed explain the course of events and the policies which have shaped India since Independence.

How could we, for example, explain why anti-Brahminism ‘happened’ to arise in Tamil Nadu and no where else in the nation to the same degree – that is, as a consistent platform of the political parties that have held a monopoly over the State government for almost half a century?

The Symbol-Map informs us that such a development and these behavioural trends are compulsive. They also serve a purpose, but unfortunately this purpose at present does not contribute to the integration of Bharat Mata but rather to her disintegration. Consequently, we also understand why the Dravidian movement fostered secessionism, since the breaking up of the energy structure of the triune Map must inevitably become expressed at later stages as actual physical divides – witness the Partition at Independence.

We do not find the Kshatriya element hounded in South India as a policy, only the Brahmin. This is simply because the guna that governs this portion of the geography is Sattwa/Preservation, to which the Brahmin feels affinity. Whereas in the North, the pursuance of non-violence took its toll where the Symbol-Map indicated that it would: in the Rajas portion which bears an affinity with the Kshatriya. Similar to Tamil Nadu, we observe that the movement to restore something of the dharma in that area has resulted in a call for independence from ‘Delhi Rule’ because secessionism is the inevitable outcome when those seeking redress from wrongs which they cannot even formulate since they are related to deeply esoteric principles, become victims of the secular imprint which bars them from a vision of wholeness and integrality, whereby they would not seek to secede but demand to be integrated.

Christianity is a religion which holds Death central to its vision. One need only enter a Christian church or home with the image of a crucified Christ hanging on the wall to realise that this is so. Notwithstanding the Resurrection, which cannot compete with the Crucifixion in terms of a predominance of the symbol in the focus of ritual and worship, we must concede that Death via the Crucifixion does occupy a pre-eminent place. Consequently, the Christian invasion occurred in the Tamas portion of the Symbol-Map, a guna which bears an affinity with Death insofar as it is the agent of breakdown, destruction, dissolution, and so forth. In this case that affinity acted as a magnet and drew the British into the nation precisely through that segment, entirely in keeping with the Christian perception of reality.

These are facts of history which none can deny. However, to express them in the way I have done invites attacks from secularists who cannot go beyond the limited consciousness they possess and see Hindu civilisation and culture as a phenomenon completely distinct from all organised religions, in India and in the world. The Hindu Dharma founds itself on a COSMIC pattern – ideally on the threefold/fourfold pillars of the Cosmic Truth. This is as distinct from religions as day is from the night. Yet the secular model of independent India has trapped the nation in this false assessment with the result that all policies and even the political, judicial and social structures themselves are products of an essentially flawed perception. The question then remains, How can these structures be undone or otherwise permit the real soul of the civilisation to flourish?

The Divine Shakti presides over the evolution of the world and the evolution of Indian civilisation. As time moves on we witness that the flawed system is strangling itself, as if a malefic parasite were eating into the nation’s viscera, causing breakdowns in almost every aspect of collective life. This too was predictable, given the fact that the Cosmic Truth had degenerated into the Cosmic Ignorance centuries ago.

At this point, if at all we have the good of the nation at heart – and this too we must question given the patently self-destruct policies which are often adopted – we must accept what this cosmic-truth foundation of Hindu culture has to tell us regarding the true and real foundations of this civilisation. And we must accept that the principle of secularism, as it has evolved and the bizarre interpretations given to it by all and sundry, are simply clever ‘ruses’, tactics of hostile forces bent upon carrying Bharat Mata to a complete and total disintegration, for the only way to preserve her integrity is via the Hindu model.

The cleverest aspect of the ruse has been the constraints people of Knowledge have been subjected to when attempts have been made to cast aside these debilitating formulas and found the new India on real foundations, those in harmony with the nation’s ancient soul. Indeed, we are witnessing at present a formidable upsurge of forces intrinsically hostile to that Hindu psyche and who, by clutching the sinking raft of secularism, seek to suppress and eventually eliminate any elements in society who can vigorously champion the cause of Bharat Mata and rid her of these age-old viruses. They are in her body, physically; but more painfully, they are eating away at her psychic being because none have laid hands on the real roots of the problem – the perversion in the spiritual domain. None except the real 9th Avatar of this 9th Manifestation.

Insofar as the nation is at a perilous crossroads and in this situation the people of India must now elect a new government, it is understandable that all politicians proclaim that their party alone can provide the stability which India so badly needs in these disquieting times of collapse. But the analysis provided in these pages, I believe has exposed the vacuity of these claims: Stability of any sort is impossible unless the nation accepts the only real basis for that stability – the cultural and civilisational truth of India divested of these external models and ideologies which bear no relation to the soul of the nation, and incorporates this truth as a determining power. This does not mean that India must eject from her body whatever cannot honestly feel at ease with this ancient expression. It simply means that this is her central truth. All else is peripheral and can no longer be permitted, by underdog or top dog tactics, to mould the polity of the nation. Or if this continues to be the case, the mechanism I have described will continue to function with impeccable faithfulness to the formula, and the extremities of the Body will go on experiencing corrosion, decay, disintegration until they fall away at an ever accelerated pace from the central trunk. While that trunk itself, divested of its ‘arms’, or its shakti or power, will cave in upon itself in a sombre pralayic convulsion until another Age, until another line of Ten Avatars begins its cyclic work through the eternal meanderings of Time.

March 1991


Just before printing the above, there has been further evidence of the efficacy of the new way cosmology in its ability to cast light on happenings which, without this guideline, might fail to enlarge our vision and widen our perspectives. I refer to the cyclone which struck Bangladesh just after midnight on 30 April 1991 – thus pushing it over and into a day of 9 number-power (3+0+4+1+9+9+1=9). Insofar as Bangladesh is an integral part of the Symbol-Map analysed at length in this essay, a tragic happening of such colossal proportions striking at this ‘armpit’, must capture our attention. Indeed, on numerous occasions in the past I have written about the special characteristics of Bangladesh, since it occupies a very critical position in the Body (see page 10). It is located in the Tamas segment which does indeed account for these periodic visitations of Nature in her full fury. But of all the Indian states which occupy the same segment, why is Bangladesh targeted more than the others for this on-going devastation?

The answer lies in the new way geography whereby the Gnostic Circle is laid across the globe, its 360 degrees, comprised of the 12 signs of the zodiac, thus covering the entire planet. With this superimposition we can ‘read’ the various characteristics of certain geographical locations by the sign under which they fall (see The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 9). Bangladesh, for example, lies at exactly the transition from Capricorn to Sagittarius; that is, from a sign ruled by the Rajas Guna (Capricorn) to one ruled by Tamas (Sagittarius). Given this correspondence, it is understandable that the Tamas character is fortified. Particularly relevant is the location of the mouth of Ganga at this 90-degree longitude point.

In The New Way, Volume 2, page 355, I had written the following in January of 1978:

‘One of the most crucial areas of her Body is the armpit of the left arm, Bangladesh, because this area stands at the point of transition from Capricorn to Sagittarius and coincides with the mouth of the Ganges. The energy change there is from rajas…to tamas… It is a tremendously potent point – hence even nature manifests there in her full power when cyclones rage into this armpit with a force only occasionally felt elsewhere on the globe… Life can only be tumultuous in that area until the essence of this ‘armpit’ is understood and its true place taken in the destiny of a united India.’

The point of the above was to highlight the fact that a break-up in the geography of the triadic Symbol-Map results in ‘cracks’ in the system whereby no attenuating force can ease the impact of such furies and come to the aid of that segregated area. This type of assessment will certainly be ridiculed by the secularists and pragmatists, but I am confident that the evidence provided by the new way cosmology and the light it throws on what may be called, esoteric geography, will silence these criticisms. Indeed, almost on a daily basis, happenings across the globe do offer continual confirmation of the precision of this Seeing. Unfortunately, Bangladesh also furnishes us with a confirmation, a poignant and tragic reminder of the relentless drive of the Shakti to force the artificial barriers which separate the ‘nations’ of the subcontinent to give way and unity to be restored.

More recently, in the December 1988 issue of VISHAAL (TVN 3/5), in the article entitled, ‘The New Dawn of 1989’, I had again referred to Bangladesh and the tribulations it would undergo due to its severance from the main Body:

‘On the basis of the knowledge provided by the new cosmology, we see that it is the existence and reliance on just one of the energy flows that will provide the means to bring about unification in the subcontinent. Bangladesh, for example, cannot survive the constant onslaught of Mother nature in her Tamas energy flow as an independent nation. The natural calamities and the constant destruction which the area experiences can only be overcome successfully if that ‘armpit’ is an integral part of India; however, an India strong enough in her economy and political organisation to be able to absorb those disasters with relative ease. On its own Bangladesh will face ultimate disintegration under the weight of its isolated energy experience. The Shakti, using the tool of her destructive Tamas guna in continuous natural calamities, will undermine the economy of the State to such an extent that Bangladesh will either join India in the unification of the subcontinent or find itself overwhelmed by debts and thus left vulnerable to a host of aggressive forces because of the fragility of its political and economic structure.  (p. 41)

Lamentably, this latest calamity, by its severity and fidelity to the above, has revealed that Bangladesh, similar to India, has reached the critical threshold. Henceforth, each such calamity – and they are already an annual occurrence, be these either floods or cyclones or tornadoes – will serve to push the State deeper and deeper into an abyss. To exit from that black hole, the only solution is Bangladesh’s re-entry into the main Body. If such were the case, given the restitution of the threefold harmony and balance of energy, these natural calamities would begin to lessen until the point is reached where this destructive force could no longer act in the area with its present ferocity, – destruction would be transformed into dissolution.

A statement of this nature cannot be accepted unless the Earth is seen and experienced as a consciousness-being of the Divine. India, better than any other nation, has the capacity – and indeed the duty – to reveal this Truth-Seeing to the world. This is her destiny, her dharma, her truth of being. In this analysis we have discussed the trifold nature of that Dharma. In the final part of this series, I shall concentrate on the fourfold harmony and a focus on the Chaturvarna, the ancient caste system, companion of the above, We shall explore its cosmic nature, and, by consequence, its place within the vision of the Cosmic Truth.

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