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On the Nature of Centreship – a Message to India-1, 11 January 2013

‘The vehemence of the Amnesty report at this time is what made all this come into greater focus. Secularism…The point is, secularism might indeed intend to give equal rights to all religions, and all the other slogans that go with it. But this is precisely the point: the real battle, the real element being worked out for the Earth is just that: Is it to be the religious consciousness, or the spiritual. This is what ‘Hindu Dharma’ is all about. The Eternal Dharma, that ‘core’ means a SPIRITUAL foundation rather than religious. The West upholds the religious, because that is all it knows, that is as far as it has gone. India alone in the world upholds the Spiritual and not at all the religious. For the past 2000 years, and particularly the past 200, and particularly the past 20, this struggle has been the real motivator of all our problems.‘Let me put it more clearly. The only way to a world of unity and harmony—in other words, exactly the opposite of what we have—is when the basis of the Order is the Spiritual. Unity can only be achieved if that consciousness is the determining force. On the other hand, the religious consciousness is the force of division and disunity. If we want to perpetuate that old world, then we must cling to the religious consciousness, we must ‘protect’ all religions, we must ensure that our nation is founded on that ‘right’, because then we will ensure that it is the religious consciousness which governs India and therefore the world.’ (PNB, extract from a letter to Girilal Jain, 11.5.1991)
Once again hostilities have erupted on the border between India and Pakistan. There is no need to discuss the causes of the recent turmoil; periodically, for one reason or another, this does come to pass. And if we scrutinize these happenings in the light of the new Indo-centric cosmology, it will be clear that such periodic upheavals will continue. The issue is therefore to examine the causes of Partition – the root of it all – in a manner unknown to our contemporary disciplines. The tools I use are cosmological, just as India has done since this civilisation began a slow and steady evolution across the astrological ages. It is as if a building plan had been drawn up using these tools to help the civilisation transition into the time-edifice of our current 9th Manifestation, a period during which India is to become established as the accepted centre of the Earth – that is, the planet’s soul-centre.A Centre defined: superpower irrelevancyIt is appropriate at this point to define centreship, if it may be so called. It is not to be confused with the term superpower. Though this may cause disbelief in many on the subcontinent, it needs to be stated that the destiny of India has nothing to do with being recognised as a superpower. On the contrary. Even to apply the word today to the United States of America is inadequate because the presence or even the necessity of a superpower implies a global society poised binarily – the unavoidable end-product of what I call the Binary Creation. This condition – or affliction, if you will – collapsed in the 1980s when the Wall came down and the Soviet Union, one of the extremities of the binary superpower polarity, fell apart. We refer to what happened then as a ‘velvet revolution’ because there does not seem to be any clear root-cause for such a colossal and relatively peaceful remaking of the world order. But the truth is the dismantling was the first visible effect of what I call the Aquarian Wave which came about due to a set of conspiring circumstances with that singular objective. Everything and everyone then converged to further the operation, to bring an end to a world poised on a binary pole of tension.However the truth be told, it was the Time-Spirit in control of the play of circumstance and who brought the Wall down and did away with the binary condition that had produced two superpowers wedded to interminable hostility. Or rather, that decade marked the beginning of a process of transition to a true new world order based on unity and a perceived oneness governing our societal exchanges. Therefore I stated that the issue of superpower does not exist in the new order that is already evolving in our midst. It was the correct nomenclature for the Binary Creation – i.e., the linear structure based on a fragmentary, divisive outlook ruled by Mind as the highest principle influencing the evolving species. If we wish to understand the limitations of a species under the aegis of Mind we need only observe the world the human being has created. Our societies across the globe have clearly reached a point of near collapse, the finality of just such an incomplete condition.In order to rectify the situation adjustments are brought about. To this end there is a yogic process behind any given break-through, particularly when a monumental transition to a new spherical order of unity is the objective. Indeed the current passage was preceded by just such a breakthrough. It occurred in the first half of that singularly-important ennead of the last century, 1980-89. What occurred in 1983, to be precise, was a process of centering and consequent re-alignment, the outcome of bringing into being, through yogic processes, the Centre that fills the Void. It is to be noted that the breakthrough, though yogic and unknown to the layperson, had a cosmological foundation. It was the first step on the road to establishing a new world order with its accompanying revolutionising paradigm, a product of a faculty higher than Mind.
The binary see-sawWhat relation does this have to the current disturbances on the border? The question is pertinent because the issue underlying the trials and tribulations of the past 100 years on the subcontinent is society’s determined refusal to eschew the now-surpassed paradigms of the 8th Manifestation and to give way to the new unitary order. The goal of the process is for India to take possession of the world’s cosmological centre; that is, the geo-cosmological Centre as presented in The Partition of India (2009). That document describes the cosmic properties of centrality upon which the new world order is based – but it is more than that. This new Indo-centric cosmology finally and conclusively inserts our very planet into the cosmic harmony in her rightful place; thereafter she can contribute legitimately to the overall Harmony on her own terms.This issue demands an in-depth analysis because the hostilities on the subcontinent will not come to an end unless India updates the vision of herself and cosmos that she carries over from the now-concluded (1926) Age of Pisces. We note that it was precisely around the end of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius that a definitive consolidation of the Hindu/Muslim divide became established. This was made possible because India had lost her cosmic moorings. By the end of the Age of Pisces she roamed anchorless in the cosmic sea and could therefore be held captive in the binary epistemology of the former Age. To do that Hinduism had to allow itself to be treated as a religion, a categorisation Bharat’s ancient roots could never allow. In the Vedic Age and even in the pre-Christian Old World, exclusivist religions did not exist. They are products of the so-called Kaliyuga which is purported to have begun at Krishnavatar’s demise. And I have pointed out in earlier publications (The Gnostic Circle, 1975, Aeon Books) that the famous kali darkness lasts only until the new light of a principle higher than Mind can effectively take over and begin to re-mould the species in preparation for the new times ahead.Those times are upon us. First of all we need to dismantle the binary polarity of Hindu/Muslim because it is illusory. Hinduism cannot be accommodated within a linearity of this nature, something entirely foreign to its essence. But the next question to ask is how did it factually happen that the ancient pre-religion civilisation of Vedic origin became trapped on this see-saw finally resulting in Partition?The answer lies precisely in the fact that India lost the anchor she had securely maintained in the cosmic surround. Despite protests to the contrary, her renowned ‘cosmic connection’ became disrupted during the Age of Pisces when the rise of Religions took centre-stage and moulded the world we know today. The multi-faceted constellation of beliefs enjoyed in the pagan world – that is, the situation prevailing in every society and culture across the globe – could not be accommodated during the Age of Pisces, an astrological period known for its self-undoing propensities. The limitation of Exclusivism was the required instrument of the time.
In the extract of the 1991 letter quoted at the beginning of this message, the issue was religious or spiritual. This conforms to the terminology the world was familiar with at the time; if we were to use different terms to express the newness that was taking shape, hardly any would be able to follow. I have included the extract precisely for this reason: to reveal the limitations that closet India in a pattern inherited from the former Dark Age. In clinging to the old formulas India is found to be as rigid as other conservative and even fundamentalist societies, though Hindus believe the contrary. Fundamentalism has many guises; precisely for this reason it is so hard to eradicate.Much yoga has passed under the bridge of time since 1991. The breakthrough of the 1980s discussed earlier set on its way the first concrete attempts at a very different understanding of the matter. The unitary consciousness being established since then could not occur on the basis of spirituality as its supporting pillar. In fact, the dichotomy Religion or Spirituality, as it has reached us in the Age of Aquarius, was the result of passage through an age of darkness. This binary terminology did not exist in the Vedic period. Then it was Dharma and a society faithful to its dictates that was the sustaining pillar of the civilisation. Contemporary thinkers have translated the word as religion because when this came about we were in the thick of the Binary Creation, moving toward a definitive collapse that would begin with the onset of the new age in 1926.To rid the world of the Binary, a faculty considerably higher than Mind had to be introduced in the evolutionary matrix through yogic means, precisely because Mind, dualistic as it is, was the begetter of the religious consciousness. We can go further to state that the spirituality inherited from the former Age bears all the limitations of a mental constriction. Finally, it has become the staunchest propagator of the strategy of escape and therefore the primary cause of the Earth’s woes. This statement will be found disturbing, but if one has the courage to probe the matter deeply, there can be no other conclusion.When the motor of evolution reached the point when it was ready to carry the species up the ladder to a higher level, the mental constriction breathed its last, but not before energetically leaving its stamp on the species in the form of a distortion of the very element that would be its sustenance in the new order of unity. Therefore, through yogic methods the 9th Avatar (not to be confused with Gautam the Buddha) did succeed in imprinting the principle that would displace Mind and cause the earlier dichotomy to be superseded – that is, the truth-conscious Supermind. The decades following 1926 consolidated this imprinting, and gradually with Mind superseded the higher principle has been able to create the conditions for its complete emergence.Consequently, at this point we can no longer revert to the old nomenclature in the effort to convey the contours of the new world order.
Sphericality definedWhile the political/diplomatic binary world of superpowers has collapsed, the linear hold of religions is merely at the initial stage of responding to the Time-Spirit’s pressure for change. An unmistakable indication is the intransigence observed in a rising fundamentalism across the globe. No society is free from this type of reaction to the Aquarian Wave whose intent is to do away with the Binary Creation under whatever guise it presents itself. The goal, I repeat, is a Unitary Creation, spherically poised around a centre, no longer linear. This will be completely set in place when India agrees to accept her centre-ship, when, in a reversal of the poet’s words, the Centre WILL hold. She will then abandon the mesmerising aspiration to become a superpower, for that simply indicates a clinging to the old binary formulation with its now outdated nomenclature that does not express the true reality of the new world order she is destined to facilitate. It indicates her reticence to move ahead on the crest of the Aquarian Wave and to be the channel for the ‘waters’ the Water Carrier dispenses upon Earth from his cosmic kumbha or jug. Millions of Hindus celebrate this astrological event at Allahabad precisely during the month of the Aquarian Kumbha. But the point is missed when the oneness is overlooked between the ‘water’ he carries in his kumbha and those the heavenly Ganga releases periodically upon Earth – provided the correct anchoring is done in calendrical/zodiacal time to permit reception of the River-Goddess’ boundless grace, just as the myth describes. The ‘jug’ is filled with her beneficent, re-vitalising energies; therefore her sign, Capricorn, precedes Aquarius in the wheel and the celebration should rightfully begin in her period – more specifically, when her sacred Source is reached in our annual zodiacal time-journey. This is January 3rd in calendar time each year, or when the Sun is seen to occupy the 12th degree of the sign. As centre, India can bridge the heavens to engage in this replenishing directly from the Source. (The New Way, Vol.2, Chapter 9, Aeon Books, 1981)Pervasive senselessness: a civilisation without ‘purpose’We have discarded the true Harmony. We have pulled up the Anchor from the ecliptic wherein we and all the planets orbit the Sun, the Anchor which should serve to steady us in the cosmic surround. For instance, we have allowed the split between astrology and astronomy to rule our lives and to limit this ancient civilisation to a binary shadow of its former unitary poise. What we fail to realise is that the split between the acknowledged mother-of-all-sciences and the contemporary discipline we call scientific cosmology, which is based on an astronomy devoid of sense and purpose, is the root-cause of much of the pain the Earth suffers. Indeed, astrology’s primary aim is precisely to offer sense and purpose to life on this planet. In this view evolution is part and parcel of the cosmic harmony which, through the zodiac or the Vedic journey along the 12-stage ecliptic plane, that sense could be known and consciously lived in a progressive evolution to ever higher plateaus of consciousness-being. It is this divine Purpose the enriching waters of Ganga nourish.The ancients did not revel in the observation of phenomena as an end in itself. Their goal was simply to preserve the Anchor intact and to assure that the individual and society would never lose the cosmic connection by an incorrect positioning in the ecliptic plane in orbit of the grand luminary, a misplacement the currently-used Nirayana system of astrology and ritual timings promotes. A ‘dark age’ or a Kaliyuga is defined by that loss: the light of the Sun is eclipsed and an all-pervading darkness chills the mind and spirit of humanity, allowing for all sorts of distortions which blot out the soul’s luminosity. But exposure to the light by yogic processes is the key, failing which the Harmony continues but the perceiver can no longer find his place therein. The vision of Oneness is lost and the result is pure and simple chaos.That is the definition of our present collapsing world. It is being carried away by the Aquarian Wave as by a veritable tornado, but no one really knows why and when the disaster began or what its finality will be. The Anchor is pulled out of the cosmic sea and like a rudderless ship civilisation meanders aimlessly toward a sombre unknown. This is the inevitable end to a world where sense and purpose have been lost, to a world beholden to the rule of Mind.Is a total devastation to be permitted? One thing above all else is certain: the emergence of this new creation is under the complete control of the Time-Spirit, more apparent now, on the basis of the new paradigm, than ever before. But it operates with an impeccable control when order prevails; chaos is its enemy and therefore the task we are set upon is to re-establish that Order, but now in the new mould provided by the truth-conscious Supermind. Therefore, to know the goal of the Zeitgeist’s pre-planned new Order we must turn to the cosmic harmony itself to discover the nature of the anchoring that can create order out of chaos. We must have the courage to discard the cosmic formulas of the Dark Age and, above all, to realise that India cannot pretend to re-shape herself and re-fashion her destiny in any manner other than what the Indo-centric cosmology establishes. She must do away with those time-bound formulas that are carrying this civilisation farther and farther away from consciously occupying the geo-cosmological Centre that is her dharmic right.
Centreship as ‘cosmological constant’It needs to be emphasised that the role of a planetary geo-cosmological Centre is to serve as the bridge to ‘the other side’ for the entire planet, as defined in the new paradigm beyond science and spirituality. (See: Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms – an essay on ‘End Time’) That is, the Centre provides a direct connection to the source of those ‘heavenly waters’ of the sacred Ganga that the Water Carrier dispenses upon Earth in this Aquarian Age. For this reason her astrological ruler is Capricorn/Makar, the zodiacal sign that opens before us with the December Solstice each year when the Light begins to increase and when, in a direct connection, the Earth and the heavens can be bridged to receive the grace India deserves when she consciously embraces her role as cosmological constant for the world. India as geo-cosmological Centre is to the Earth what the soul is to individual incarnation. The soul contains the individual’s private portal to the Source. Similarly, India, as the planet’s own soul, is the link or the portal to an ever-replenishing, eternal fount of light and power and bliss. Unique among cultures she is the cosmological constant that connects the comity of nations to ‘the other side’ where the source of Light and Power is found.In the effort to encourage a dismantling of the old and the definitive unveiling of the new cosmology that establishes India as centre, I am presenting once again The Partition of India wherein that geo-cosmology is clearly defined – and with it the understanding that the end of all conflicts will come about when the updating is completed and India re-anchors herself in the cosmic harmony she lost touch with centuries ago and which then left her vulnerable and empty. This emptiness permitted the possession and ravaging of the body of Mother India time and time again, leaving her subject to lesser effete formulations, in contrast to the robustness of her Vedic Soul with its anchor in the true Zero of the cosmic surround. In that Zero lies fullness. An exuberance of its multi-faceted Self that does not fear diversity because as Centre of a circumscribing firmament it can accommodate all and everything in the periphery it holds to its bosom in the true expression of oneness and unity that destiny demands of this sacred Bhoomi. That true ayanamsha, or the 0 degree beginning of the zodiacal wheel on the March Equinox and no later, is the means to enjoy stability in the midst of an evolving world.The great secret is stability and change, rest and motion, or 0 and 9, as a simultaneous experience of unity and oneness. This new Order can become a reality on Earth but only by and through India because of her destined ‘centreship’, because of which she can bring Swar to Earth.

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