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October 21, 2020

The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms, an essay on ‘End Time’, 10-14 June, 2014.

Introduction: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet wrote the following article 24 days prior to CERN’s announcement that they had observed a new particle ‘consistent with long-sought Higgs boson’. In 1993 Leon Lederman (director of Fermilab from 1978-1989) dubbed the predicted Higgs boson particle ‘the God Particle’ in The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?. In the article, Lederman asserted that the discovery of the predicted particle would help explain the structure and creation of matter. The Higgs boson particle has been sought after to supposedly ‘complete’ the Standard Model of physics, which is based on special relativity and quantum physics.

In May/June 2012 Atlantis Rising magazine published an article about Nikola Tesla, who at the age of 81 challenged Einstein’s theory of relativity (including special relativity and general relativity). So if Tesla’s disregard for relativity and his ‘obsession’ with the number 3 (and 6 and 9) are ever properly understood in terms of a unified cosmology such as Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has developed from her explorations into Vedic Science, then the Standard Model of physics will be proven to be flawed and partial and must be cast aside in favor of a new and more inclusive model. As this more inclusive model establishes itself, the billion dollars of research done on smashing particles together at high speeds in attempts to prove or complete the Standard Model will be seen as a colossal waste and an unnecessary danger to all life on Earth. The following is from the Atlantis Rising article:

‘After the Great War, Tesla was a changed man but not for the better. Specifically, he began to display clear signs of obsessive compulsive behaviour, focussing on the number three. In the early twentieth century, OCD was seen as a sign of insanity, so Tesla was now catalogued as an insane genius…It is clear, however, that neither old age nor OCD could temper the audacity of his mind. At the age of 81, he reported that he had completed a ‘dynamic theory of gravity’. Though he said the material was to be published, it never was.’  – Philip Coppens, ‘The Tesla Legacy’, Atlantis Rising, May/June 2012, p. 47. [bold emphasis added]

Despite the fact that this important Tesla material was never published, the Vedic basis of the new model of physics which he intuited and discovered is discussed in the written works of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet. Her recent article, published below, discusses the limitations and failures of modern scientific theory and the 3, 6 and 9 as the numerical seeds or basis of a new understanding of reality (a unity consciousness) in which a bridge is created between the seen and the unseen, matter and energy, matter and spirit, science and spirituality as well as between all perceived opposites.

– Lori Tompkins

Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms an essay on ‘End Time’

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Tamil Nadu, South India,
10 June 2012
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2012

Recently the head of OPERA, a collaborative effort between the 10 billion-dollar CERN nuclear research facility near Geneva and Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of Italy, announced the preliminary results of the team’s findings. They were startling: the speed of light might no longer be the constant for energy equations, as in Einstein’s famous formula E=MC². It appears that there is a faster speed – unnamed as yet.

This revelation set off an instant furore throughout the world of science; if true, it would naturally cause scientists to rethink all their theories. In a word, it was a devastating piece of news. Ultimately, the head of the project had to resign, which seems to be the customary means of dealing with inconvenient data that threaten the status quo.

To the sage and the seer the news was not at all surprising. It has always been held in certain arcane traditions that the speed of consciousness is the true constant – faster, of course, than the speed of light. But the real question is how can it be measured? It is certainly not dependent on billion-dollar projects. Consciousness is the property of every human being; therefore each individual has the potential of proving the theory. The ‘laboratory’ for the purpose lies within one’s own consciousness. If contemporary research is focussing more and more on new alternative energy sources, which would free the human being from slavery to certain vested interests who do not look kindly on such inventions for fear of losing their control over the energy market, what would be the case when every person on the planet would potentially be equipped with the key factor for understanding the workings of the universe? We would no longer be subjected to dogmas and sacerdotal impositions that today have lost their meaning and purpose, precisely in view of the strides science has made in encouraging rationalism and a free spirit of enquiry. But still the question remains: What is the method of discovery and of subsequent measuring in a dimension so foreign to most?

The new cosmology of Aeon Centre of Cosmology provides some answers, primarily by constructing a bridge to ‘the other side’. This bridge is described by a simple formula: 9/6/3/0-1. However, the mathematics science uses to prove its theories do not hold where the Bridge is concerned. As science rightfully states, our mathematics break down ‘on the other side’.

But, what is ‘the other side’? Again the formula comes to our aid. The first two numbers, 9 and 6, are fully expressive of that ‘other side’, whereas the 3 is the link between this and that. The 3 provides the bridge at the end of which stands the Zero. But when the 1 emerges out of the 0, then we find ourselves fully on this side of the divide that separates materiality from a subtle essence, commonly known as the event horizon. The 0-1 is the description in the formula of our material universe. In the realm of the 1 the current laws of mathematics apply. However, while this is true and has served humanity well for the past three centuries, coinciding with the discovery of the three outer planets beyond Saturn, we have now come upon a stone wall. Science is blocked at the Zero threshold; it cannot penetrate or cross the bridge to the other side because it lacks the tools to do so – or should we say, the speed?

The speed of light as the reigning constant informs us that relying on it for solutions reminds us that we are thoroughly closed within the boundaries of the material universe; whereas, the speed of consciousness knows no such limitations. The formula uses the latter to investigate and to establish what lies beyond our dense physical world. Science as we know it today can only carry humanity (and the planet ultimately) to a final catastrophic destruction. As time moves on this is becoming increasingly evident. The partial vision, distinguished by the accepted constant, the speed of light, must cause a breakdown when a certain threshold is reached. Either we progress to an integral vision, or we must accept that the world as we know it, the world of the technology we have created, will perish. This is the meaning of 2012 – or, as some call it, END TIME.

Time does not exist only in our material universe. It is synonymous with consciousness. It is the ‘stuff’ of creation itself. Our material universe is the product of Time, and the formula describes the entire operation. No complicated, arcane mathematics are required to understand the process. It is simply an appreciation of Number and its unitary, unifying essence. Thus, 9/6/3 are the numbers that reveal the foundation of our material world. They describe what stands on the other side of the Bridge. In most schools of philosophy and metaphysics the three digits are numerically expressive of 9=Transcendent, 6=Universal, 3=Individual. But more importantly, what this simple string of numbers conveys is that the trinity lies at the root of creation. The formula indicates that in a descending sequence the numbers are a triadic configuration moving from 9 to 6 to 3. Only when we cross the Bridge and, via the Zero-womb, we witness and experience the emergence of the number 1, do we proceed by single consecutive digits but in the reverse direction.

This shift tells us something essential: on the other side, upholding or giving birth to our material universe stands the trinity. Moreover, the descending sequence distinguishes the quality of the operation ‘on the other side’. It indicates compaction. The descending triad of 9,6,3 is compacted in the Zero, from where the spatial universe begins as the horizontal field within which to extend the components of the Zero, or of compacted Time reversed to extended Time. Thus, we understand that this triad of number – i.e. Transcendent, Universal, Individual – is the very essence of our material creation. The origin can be discovered when we cross the Bridge – by and through consciousness – into the realm of essence. Our universe can rightly be called a display of form; but when its own essence is overlooked or ignored, disintegration and destruction must ensue because the limits of the separative consciousness are reached which can be described as a consciousness that sees only half of reality. A partial vision is what plagues our civilisation. Spiritual and religious leaders proclaim that a new consciousness is the answer; however, if we continue to make a separation between the spiritual and the material as is presently the case, the desired integration cannot come about. And only such an integration, out of which evolves a consciousness of unity, can solve humanity’s woes on all levels.

To better understand our creation and its mechanics, or how the formula can be made relevant and applied in our material dimension, we must seek for the answers employing more familiar terms. Thus, compaction would be another name for contraction, which in turn is another name for gravity. On the other hand, extension (from the 1) is another name for expansion. These are the principal features of our world. They are, properly speaking, cosmic directions; in symbols, for instance, they have been expressed from time immemorial as the cross or the swastika and their variations. Contraction and expansion are the binding forces of our material world. Their constant, simultaneous interaction is what keeps the universe of form together and does not allow particles to spin off randomly. Without the triadic principles as the foundation of contraction/gravity there would be no universe as we know it.

Insofar as gravity is a part of the energy base that continues to defy integration, for which reason the unified theory of everything has eluded science, it is clear that we must understand what the real nature of gravity might be. Since it is alternately described as contraction or compaction, the formula tells us that gravity is a property belonging to ‘the other side’; so naturally science cannot make the conclusive discovery that would explain everything. It attempts to do so via the mathematics of this expanding, extending universe of the 1 – whereas gravity/contraction is experienced through processes involving consciousness alone. When that exploration is done the results can be brought into our world and applied. Through such an application, however, there will be the emergence of a very different world than science has given us today.

We find that gravity is the carry-over, or itself the bridge between subtle and physical, it is the real constant because it links the two dimensions in a continuum that can be described as the cosmological constant. Einstein called this his ‘greatest blunder’. On the contrary, it was his greatest intuitive success, except that mathematics of his world of the 0-1 were unable to provide proof of operations at the origin – ‘on the other side’ beyond the event horizon. When ‘this side’ is separated from ‘that’, the result is a world of relativity, just as Einstein formulated. This stamp of relativity has plagued the human mind since then; it explains our civilisational crisis. Relativity was not incorrect; it was only the result of an incomplete vision and process.

It appears that the genial scientist, Nikola Tesla, stated, ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.’ In view of what is written above, his statement was not an exaggeration: everything essential that we need to know about life is contained in the formula 9/6/3/0-1. But the key to the discoveries, clothed in this extreme simplicity, is a consciousness of unity. This is what is lacking in our world today, in our science and in every aspect of life we have created for ourselves. Clearly, based on the formula, it is a new world that is seeking to be born. ‘End time’ can really be the portal to a ‘new time’ and the experience of an entirely different life on Earth. For that to transpire, for heaven to descend and to convert our planet into the paradise it rightfully can be, science must accept its limitations and allow for a new way to take the lead, carrying civilisation across the Bridge where unity and oneness are discovered to be the foundation of all material creation.
14.6.2012 – 6:37 AM
Einstein’s general theory of relativity explains that light from stars is bent by gravity. The theory holds that space and time become curved near a mass, and that the larger the mass the more they are curved.

This caused me to reflect on the extraordinary properties of the Gnostic Circle and how perfectly it describes the law but applicable to human consciousness and therefore how right it is as a symbol – applicable in the sense that the symbol is the thing symbolised – of the processes of consciousness and a tool to unify macro- and microcosmic bodies. Because of this oneness the Gnostic Circle is the description of the movement of consciousness in large and small bodies – i.e. how it is all one, how that very same Divine Consciousness moves in the vast and in the small.

Finally the Gnostic Circle proves the truth in the general theory of relativity with the difference that the individual is not excluded from the law. With the Circle we can know the solar system’s organisation but never divorced from human awareness. We see the same process or organisation reflective of the movement of consciousness in the individual as well as beyond in the entire System. The Gnostic Circle reveals that indeed the individual is intended to become THAT which is mirrored in the Circle – or the structure and organisation of our very own solar system.

© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 1975 The Gnostic Circle

If light bends due to gravity near mass and the greater the mass the larger the curve, this is portrayed in the Gnostic Circle at its most critical area: its nadir. There, in order to avoid exiting the solar orbit (ecliptic plane), human consciousness must curve when that nadir is reached, just as the larger System portrays by its very structure. It is essential to complete the Journey (across the 12-month year) – that is, to avoid pressure to exit when it is exerted to its maximum; the pressure required to curve, precisely. This is accomplished by the solidified powers of contraction and expansion in unison – i.e. Mars and Jupiter. Our solar system as reflected in the Gnostic Circle simply enacts the effect of the two cosmic directions, but not just in the larger movement of the planets of our System. More importantly, the same Circle and System describe how those interacting directions play out in the human consciousness for the purpose of carrying the individual on the same journey as the cosmic bodies.

To be borne in mind is that the physical universe, and in this case our solar system, is the densification of what lies beyond, what supports, sustains and gives purpose to creation. Thus each physical component of our material universe densifies an upholding truth to which it owes its life and ability to carry forward that abiding Intention. In simple terms, light serves as the current constant for speed in the material universe. On this constant we base all our theories. But having stated the above, we must see what it is the light ‘represents’. The Vedic Rishis gave us the true position: Light is Consciousness. And so, we cannot allow that denser quality to govern our lives once we realise that it is merely a representation of what lies beyond, what gives it its own life and relevance. When humanity matures in its collective Journey to the point where it can digest these sublime Vedic truths, then light must be seen for what it is, what it represents, and we must honour that which supports its existence: we must turn to the speed of consciousness as the determining law of our existence in a material universe.

Mars 4th Planet; Jupiter 5th and the 4.5 Orbit (Asteroid Belt)

At the nadir and enclosing the cosmic ‘birth canal’ (the 4.5 Orbit) there is Mars to one side and Jupiter to the other. Mars is the extreme essence of contraction, while Jupiter is expansion. In planetary terms of function, these are the representatives of the two cosmic directions. Jupiter’s mass is what does indeed curve the movement of consciousness in the trajectory of the Year as if it were taking over the role of the Sun. Therefore I have written that Jupiter ‘aspires to be the Sun’. Because of its actual physical mass the formidable thrust and impulsion of Mars is contained by the Jupitarean mass and it is curved so that the individual on the path can be assisted and ultimately compelled to experience the curve at the 4.5 nadir and not to exit there but to continue the journey. Jupiter pulls the consciousness to itself by its mass and thereby prevents exit. So massive is the power required to counter the thrust of Mars with its extreme impulsion that often a shattering (of encumbrances) is the result – be this either in one’s consciousness or in the solar system. We see this clearly reflected in the Asteroid Belt.

What prevents shattering? Disintegration? Chaos? It is the strength and stability of the axis of consciousness-being. I had written that this is forged also by the cosmic directions, contraction and expansion, similar to the birth process. It is clear that the formation in the Asteroid Belt had no axial balance and therefore could not survive the rigours of thrust and pull exerted by the 4th and 5th planets. Hence, poise around a central axis is the key. Suppleness of consciousness, plasticity born of surrender to the Sun of our inner Truth is the way.

Science has failed because it describes properties of the macrocosm (general theory of relativity) and, separately, the microcosm (Quantum). It is unable to link the two because the way to do so is through the laboratory of human consciousness. That is the link, the harmonising quotient that stays entirely ignored by science; therefore, science has created a world in its own image which is devoid of oneness and unity. To serve as this essential link is the purpose of human existence. We serve the Great Architect by willingly and in full awareness offering our laboratories for the alchemical process that can unify the vast and the small. The Gnostic Circle indicates the path to accomplish this noble task.

Our children must be taught these fundamental truths at the earliest age. We presently set them on the journey of life ill prepared. We provide them with tools to cement the separative perception of creation rather than the simple and elegant truths of the harmonies of the cosmos as they truly are so that the unity and oneness of Reality – from which their own consciousness-beings must not be separated – can be the firm foundation in face of all the vicissitudes that lie ahead, all the crossings of the Asteroid Belt on to the completion of the Journey.

Given the true harmony of the solar system, uncomplicated by mental formulations, we must reveal to the world, and especially to its youth, that escape through the enticements a corrupted world offers all constitute escape strategies. These strategies of vested interests of every hue that plague our world are the bane of human existence. They have carried us to a decisive turning point. We must reveal to the world the disharmony fostered in our beings by all religious and spiritual disciplines that promote otherworldliness as the panacea, that encourage escape to ‘heavens’ beyond, thereby withholding from the Earth the store of creation’s most precious energies. The war to fight is expressed by Mars and Jupiter – or the distorted vision that has been conveyed to our children and to society as a whole of these powers of contraction and expansion. One, Mars, has been distorted to epitomise violence in all its forms, be this physical or moral; and the other, Jupiter, in its degenerate character stands as the opposite of the Divine Grace the planet truly stands for. Presently we know ritual and dogma and we parade these as the saving grace in times of dire need such as ours.

Contraction and expansion thus hold the key: Do we cling to these concepts in their degenerate form, or do we complete the Journey by their aid – Mars providing the impulsion needed to pass through the Asteroid Belt with a fury of speed that only Mars can provide; and Jupiter as the saviour by its very mass which can tame the fury of Mars and draw the human creation up and out of the Asteroid Belt, its very mass providing the thrust to complete the Journey. For after all, that is the essential purpose: to complete the full Circle and not to succumb to lesser enticements that hold us prisoners by the illusions they foster. Truth lies here, on Earth and within our solar system which, as a harmonious whole, explains better than any scientific discipline our sublime purpose as a species and as individuals.

The world needs the new cosmology to see what is actually self-evident – once the veils are lifted.

The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

The Supramental Change, The Vishaal Newsletter Volume 0 No 1, October 1985.

The supramental change is a thing decreed and inevitable in the evolution of the earth consciousness; for its upward ascent is not ended and mind is not its last summit. But that the change may arrive, take form and endure, there is needed the call from below with a will to recognise and not deny the Light when it comes, and there is needed the sanction of the Supreme from above.

Sri Aurobindo, The Mother

The time has come to establish contact with the many people throughout the world who have vibrated to Sri Aurobindo’s message of a Supramental Manifestation upon Earth, who have understood that humanity stands at the threshold of a totally new development in the long history of its evolution, and who wish to be conscious participants in this great change that is upon us.

For a number of years—since the Mother’s passing in Pondicherry in 1973—the work of Sri Aurobindo appeared to be floundering. It seemed to have been left adrift in a tumultuous sea like a rudderless ship. There was no guiding light after the Mother’s passing to carry the work forward; indeed, to carry it to its most important phase of expression. However, this was the apparent state of affairs. In the background, removed from the infighting of the city called Auroville that the Mother founded in 1968, and uncontaminated by the indifference to the spiritual challenge and the stagnancy that have taken hold of the Ashram in Pondicherry, founded by Sri Aurobindo in 1926, a solid work has been in progress since 1971. This has now reached a certain stage of maturity and therefore the time has come to carry the message of this work to a larger audience. Hopefully this will bring about a greater consolidation of energies.

The Supramental Manifestation has reached a certain point in its unveiling which renders it easily recognisable. Daily the active presence of Supermind is becoming more and more evident in world affairs. However, this is an entirely new manifestation. That is, Supermind itself is not new, properly speaking, for it is the upholding light of the material creation, the involved ‘seed’ in the passage of the Unmanifest to the Manifest creation, and from then onward experiencing a progressive unveiling. But what is new in the conscious experience of humanity is the manner in which this involved Light expresses itself in the course of evolution. Or, to use Sri Aurobindo’s words, how it will be “organised for Earth use”. At the time Sri Aurobindo wrote these words, this organisation had not been made apparent; Supermind had not manifested, had not crossed the threshold where it stood as an upholding but concealed power, to become the overt force in control of evolution and providing its own body of knowledge by which the human being could follow its action and become a conscious participant in the work of establishing a gnostic society on the globe under its aegis.

However, in 1956 an event occurred that signalled the momentous passage to this overt expression. This happened on 29 February, 1956 and was called the Supramental Manifestation Day by the Mother. In an especially significant experience that day, it was brought to her awareness that ‘the time has come’. And these were the very words she heard in the midst of this important event which indicated to her that the long awaited manifestation of Supermind was now a concrete fact of the evolutionary mechanism. Since that time, the work initiated by Sri Aurobindo has been accelerating the emergence of an entirely new body of knowledge by which the human being can ‘measure’ its action in the world.

In 1971, another threshold was reached and a further breakthrough was made to consolidate the organisational capacity of Supermind on Earth. Since then there have been a number of milestones along the way; and at this point, 1985, it is possible to review this activity and, as mentioned, present certain details of this revolutionary work to those who have vibrated inwardly to the call but who may have become disheartened by the outward stagnant appearance of Sri Aurobindo’s work. This has undoubtedly suffered severe blows and in its external form has found itself crippled and greatly incapacitated by the blockages in the above mentioned centres for their inability to respond to the urgency that the evolutionary crisis demands. Indeed the time has come to carry this work vigorously forward under a new banner, whose clear design announces the advent of a gnostic truth and is accompanied by the clarion call of Victory.

During the time of their embodiment, the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was essentially of an esoteric nature. There was an outer organisation and activity, but the real potency and significance of their yoga was not revealed to others in the manner in which it is possible to do today. During their embodiment, the stage had not been reached where the full mechanism of Supermind’s organisation for the Earth could be explained simply because the main ally in the task—time—had not extended its decisive support. It was only as of 1956 that this allegiance was fully granted. This signifies that certain stages had been completed by that year and Time could begin to play its active role in the consolidation of the new body of knowledge concerning the supramental action in the world. Likewise, from 1956, a new quality began to express itself in the Mother’s yoga (Sri Aurobindo left his body in 1950). In her recorded conversations and discourses thereafter, this change, or the new formulation, is quite evident to any person who has been trained to perceive such an activity. To others, the newness that began to express itself in her yoga went largely unperceived, and lamentably this seems to have been the case in her own Ashram in Pondicherry, where the entire process was not only ignored but ultimately vigorously combated when it was finally revealed.

For this introductory Newsletter, let us take just one recorded conversation of the Mother and reveal certain aspects of this revolutionary work she embarked upon. The selection I have made is determined by the fact that this particular dialogue, perhaps more than any other, provides an exact description of what was later to become the foundation of this new body of knowledge regarding the organisation of Supermind for the Earth. In this conversation, the Mother reveals the ‘form’ it would take, in addition to offering the conclusive proof that she was its creatrix. Thus on 5 February, 1969, one year after the inauguration of Auroville, the Mother spoke to a secretary-disciple about certain unusual experiences she was then having nightly, involving groups of people throughout the world. Apart from the disciple she was speaking to, there was no mention of other members of the Ashram or Auroville being engaged in this activity with her, a significant point which was later confirmed when the meaning and purpose of these experiences were finally revealed but were subsequently dismissed by those groups. However, to call them ‘experiences’, is somewhat misleading. What the Mother described was an action, and precisely because of this she had difficulty in conveying the nature of the activity to the disciple.

In the context of our present discussion, the noteworthy aspect of this dialogue is the fact that it does not describe the usual occult activity of the Divine Shakti, countless records of which are found in her recorded talks to disciples or in the writings of Sri Aurobindo. Rather, in this particular recorded transcript, perhaps for the first time the Mother gives precise details of the activity of the Supramental Shakti. In so doing, she begins the revelation of just how the Supramental Consciousness is working in the world.

In studying this conversation we are presented with certain key elements of the Supramental Manifestation. And this is not an incoherent, random description. There was a clear and progressive method developing in the Mother’s yoga at that time, which began to take an especially overt form as of 1960 approximately, and stretched over the entire decade thereafter. Thus, 1969 was the last year of that ten year ‘arc’ she was drawing, and of which this conversation was to be a milestone, for in making it a point to have this activity recorded, the Mother gave the signal that the work had reached a decisive, actualising phase.

To illustrate this coherency, on the very first day of 1969, the Mother announced the ‘arrival of the Superman Consciousness’. Then, one month later, she revealed in the dialogue we are discussing, the way in which that Consciousness would be seen to work in the world; the process continued throughout the year and was largely concluded on 1 January, 1970,—or exactly one year later. But before proceeding with our analysis, let us reproduce the transcript of the tape recorded conversation, from which I have eliminated only the disciple’s comments and certain repetitions:

…I remember a vision when I was doing a work with numbers during the night, and I was putting numbers—numbers and groups of numbers—I was putting them in certain positions. And that is what I wanted to tell you. In the ‘dream’ (if one can call it a dream), I told myself that I should show you this.

Now I remember…it comes like that (gesture behind the head). Well, it is associated with groups of people who are all over, groups of people spread out in the world and connected with…what planet? Planets? I don’t know. And I remember that I told myself (all this during the night, not awake) when I was making this arrangement…I still see the arrangement of numbers I was making, which were totally living—numbers were living things—groups of numbers that I was arranging, and there was an arrangement like this, like that (the Mother seems to move about pieces of a puzzle)…You were there and I was telling you that when it was like this, (the Mother indicates a certain arrangement) it expressed a certain thing, and when it was like that (another arrangement of the puzzle), it expressed a certain other thing. And at the same time I was saying: ‘It doesn’t only express it, but it has a power to realise that thing…’.

All that is there, (the Mother makes a gesture behind her head to indicate a memory there) it is there somewhere. And it is in connection with groups of people who are in different parts of the Earth.

It is…well…it…was the ‘numbered’ expression—the numbered expression of the application to life in a coming realisation: life to come, but not very far away: for example, in the next century, which is beginning now.

So this is what probably stayed in my memory and which was the reason why I wanted to tell you something. But I still see the arrangements of numbers. I spent a long, long time arranging them. A long time.

A truer application, more universal, and with spiritual knowledge; the principle of the position (place) and the utilisation of individuals on Earth. Two columns here, one column there; but living columns. It was not on paper—it was in the air. I don’t know how to explain this: it was in the air, and these numbers were LIVING, it was not writing on paper.

And there were groups of numbers (the Mother tries to remember). Yes, there were groups of numbers; those of one were blue, dark blue, and the others were golden yellow. And (how to put it?), it was not masculine-feminine, but these were two principles, the two principles—the principle—not of creation but of conception (origination) (a gesture of a descent from above) and the principle of realisation.

I am completely conscious when I do this. I am asleep as it were, but I am not sleeping; and I am not ‘dreaming’: I DO, I ACT, and I am completely conscious, the same type of consciousness as in the waking state—not that of dreaming. I do that, and I was explaining to you how all these numbers were organised and that they determine future events.

When I wake up, or rather when I get up (I can’t say ‘wake up’), when I get up and begin my activities, it goes—it just ‘goes’, not that it stops: that stays in the world. And it is only because you are present now that the contact with that memory is made.

This lasted for several hours. It was not the ‘conception’ of a work: it was THE WORK itself. It was as if…as when there are levers and things that one moves, and that sets in motion. (the Mother outlines a large control panel)…It was something like that, but it was not at all that! It was the organisation of groups of numbers which determined the events and the ORDER of events (above all the order of events) and the place on earth. And probably while I was doing this, there was something that wanted me to tell you and which left this impression that there was something to tell you, but then it was all gone. When I come back to this life here, everything goes. It is only because now I searched that I made the connection (gesture of contact with that memory). I searched and it has come back. But I realise, almost surprisingly, that this must have lasted at least two or more hours—two, two and a half hours. I don’t sleep at all, but I am active, thoroughly active in the (the Mother tries to place the zone)…in what is being prepared to manifest on Earth. That is I don’t know if we must call it the ‘subtle physical’ or… It is the creative zone of the physical. And since I cannot run about from one place to another, what I do is connected to numbers like this—living numbers. Living numbers; I organise them, I put them in groups, and I remember what I did the night before and then I say ‘No, yesterday it was like that, but now it is necessary that it be like this’,—with the knowledge that tomorrow another change will be necessary. And it is this that determines the events. But the consciousness (the waking consciousness, or the ordinary consciousness) MUST NOT know what is decided there. I must only know the part that is necessary for the execution, and this is why there is a severance—it stays, it continues to live on like that (gesture behind the head) but it doesn’t come through. It is only because I had taken the decision to speak to you about it (in the ‘dream’) that I could make a connection with the memory of it, but…though I SEE—now I see those numbers, it is for this reason that I can describe them—it has no longer any meaning for me. And I don’t know if they are numbers or letters…It was numbers, I know it was numbers; there were golden numbers and blue numbers (but these are not our material colour). I was arranging them, I put a group there like this, another one this way (gesture like moving a puzzle), then I would choose. It is curious. And I must have been very large because the numbers were large. I would take them and place them on this big surface. And as I placed them a communication was made and that organised the events immediately to transpire.

Perhaps I will remember….

Last night—I knew I did it every night—but last night…There was (in the body), in the waking state yesterday, a sort of aspiration to know what the functioning, the action of the Superman Consciousness would be. I said: ‘It is not enough to have that Consciousness around one (like a rampart). It is necessary to know what the changes will be in the body’s functions, in the work and the method of the work.’ And then this experience (of the numbers) was a reply to teach me a bit how it is going to be. But it is curious, I was doing this just like they now do with certain large electronic machines, with all sorts of levers. I was doing it in this manner: I was moving them about…Only I think I must have been bigger…I don’t know. In any case, I placed the objects, it was something…but it was something fixed in form—it was fixed—and there was a sort of storage place (I don’t now how to say it), a storage place where I laid these things. Then I placed them in the arrangement like that. The arrangement in its wholeness was a continuity, but within which the details changed.

If I remember exactly it will be interesting.

I was making comments to you now and then, and I was saying: ‘These numbers (but I wasn’t calling them numbers, I don’t know…), this I am putting here because of that…’. I was giving you explanations.

It was strange.

It must be an activity of the Consciousness (of the Superman) because it was not something that I have had for very long. Last night, I knew I was doing it regularly each night, but not since very long. This must have come with that Consciousness.

This vision was like the application of certain scientific means (the large panel to begin with), but completely different! And it was based solely on… There was no thought, no reasoning, nothing of that: it was a force that acted like this, (gesture of a descent that imposes itself), as it always does. And this force made one act. No, I was seeing, I knew that it was necessary to do that, and I wasn’t thinking at all, but I could explain why. That is, I could say in advance this was for this thing. And it was the combination of those two colours of numbers (perhaps it is a translation of my consciousness, but anyway…), blue and golden numbers. And the priority for action was always with the golden numbers, while the blue ones came as if to fill in the holes. This had a form. It had a form. It is strange; it was so natural, so spontaneous, so HABITUAL: there was nothing in the being that remembered with astonishment, that is to say, it did not remember as one remembers a dream or to have done something—nothing of that. It was completely natural: I did it ‘like that’, and I knew very well that I did it every night, between midnight and three in the morning (a bit before, a bit later).

But this has a very strong action. That is, it COMMANDS action on the Earth; but it is not submissive, tied to something below that holds it: It is like this (a gesture of a descent that imposes itself). This constantly received the Will and the Power of action from above—not ‘from above’, it is not above, it is (the Mother makes a sort of gesture signifying that it is ‘everywhere inside’) …‘superior’ in the true sense of the word.

And this body RECEIVES things. It receives them. It hasn’t the impression that…I don’t know how to explain it (the functioning of thought isn’t there). Suddenly it felt the need to know what effect that Superman Consciousness would have on this consciousness here. How would it function? And then, for you I thought: ‘Yes, and how does this atmosphere work?’ And it is for this reason that I had this experience (of the numbers)…It came because of that, that was the beginning of the experience. It came in order to draw my attention to the fact that I had to know it…It is strange….

Perhaps it is the beginning of something interesting….

Translated from the French: Extracts from the conversation of 5.2.1969
L’Agenda de Mère, 1969

There are various elements of this dialogue which merit a detailed discussion. First, certain characteristics of the human perceiving instrument must be taken into account in order to establish the merits of an action of this nature,—a newly revealed supramental action. The problem lies in the connecting link with the physical plane. Thus the reader can observe that the Mother had difficulty in formulating the action she was carrying out; first because, as she explains, recollection of the experience was purposely withheld; and secondly because of the unusual nature of the work she was doing in those subtle planes. The peculiar nature of the action or rather its description, results in the fact that if the reader is not acquainted with this type of activity, this conversation appears to be the wildly imaginative fantasies of a gifted science or occult fiction writer! It goes without saying that, shorn of devotional attitudes which render every word of the Mother sacrosanct and unquestionable, a person reading this piece in a detached frame of mind and conditioned—as most of us are—by the modern sciences dealing with matter and human psychology, will find little that is meaningful or relevant in this incomprehensible record. There is no way in which any sense can be made out of this dialogue, which would bring the experience to occupy its rightful place at the heart of the new dawning world, the world of the Supermind made manifest.

The reader must realise one thing therefore, if this analysis is to prove beneficial: the Mother, as the Supramental Shakti, embodied an action which she carried out—nightly in this case—in the ‘creative zone of the physical’. She makes it clear, however, that this determines events ‘below’; and this is where the organisation of Supermind enters the scheme. But, being an action involving certain cosmic forces, the problem naturally arises of expressing in words or images comprehensible to us, the true nature of this hitherto unrevealed activity, so entirely new in a world so unfamiliar with and resistant to the idea of the existence of an embodied Power with a capacity to deal with forces in planes largely unrecognised by the contemporary human being. This is the first difficulty. Therefore the Mother chose images which can convey the idea, which transcribe her activity visually,—i.e., the electronic panel with levers, the coloured columns of numbers, etc. But this, it must be pointed out, is a transcription. And it took a form determined by the mental/vital instrument the Mother was provided with at birth. For example, being an artist, the images she employed were highly visual. Nonetheless, and this is important to note, they were entirely faithful to the action itself. There was nothing lost in the transcription or anything to indicate an obfuscating consciousness that clouds or distorts the truth of the more subtle regions. I shall provide evidence of this in the course of my analysis.

The second point to mention is the fact that the Mother insists she was not meant to remember what had transpired during the night, when back in the waking consciousness. She is emphatic on this point. It is well to consider at length the reasons for this evident limitation, inasmuch as it concerns an aspect of the Mother’s work that has not been appreciated by devotees, or even by close disciples.

The Mother was the incarnate Divine Shakti, but this has two aspects that cover the mechanism by which the realising power of the supramental creation is being established on earth. The Mother refers to numbers in the above dialogue. Likewise, using numbers, I can also express the two aspects that are complementary in a work of this nature. They are the numbers 6 and 3. The 6 represents the Mother’s action and the nature of the incarnated power centred on the cosmic dimension; what would be considered by us in this material plane, the subtle dimensions ‘above’. But she was not to provide the action from below. That is, a ‘bridge’ had to come into being connecting her activity above, so to speak, and the action of the supermind on the physical plane below. The latter is provided by the third power, or the number 3.

In consequence, the Mother’s fully conscious participation was restricted to the subtle planes and was not a formulation that could provide an explanation or a meaning as such, but was rather an action. This is difficult to understand by anyone who has not had contact with conscious out-of-the-body states, trance, or even lucid dreaming. In the latter, the dreamer discovers he is able to control his dreams and to determine the outcome. By this parallel, though very remotely, something can be comprehended of the Mother’s nightly activity concerning Supermind. Awareness of this action was carried over by her only to the portals of the physical plane, and thereafter she remembered strictly what was needed for the ‘execution’, as she indicates to the disciple.

This was part of the process. But in 1969, the time was fast approaching for the complementary action from below to begin. That ‘bridge’ was to come into existence, whereby these two dimensions could be connected for the purpose of activating the new Power and allowing it to reveal its control over events… (‘above all the order of events’). It was in 1971 that the ‘power from below’, or the Third, was incorporated in order to forge this bridge. The immediate results were a perceptible acceleration in the Supramental Manifestation.

In this dialogue, the Mother describes her identification with the Supramental Shakti; or rather, perhaps for the first time she clearly reveals herself in this respect. Significantly, this involved numbers, events, and time. The process extended through 1969, having begun on the first of that year with the ‘arrival of the Superman Consciousness’. It was coherent and detailed, yet none in her entourage were aware of this action and to this day they fail to realise, much less to accept, what was then being set in motion and since then has been worked upon and solidified to form the core of the new phase of Sri Aurobindo’s work for the world.

Thus, after this conversation, on certain occasions throughout the year the Mother returned to the subject of numbers, most notably on 19 November, 1969, which happens to be Indira Gandhi’s birthday. At that time the Mother stated, once more in connection with the newly arrived Superman Consciousness, ‘The number 9 has something to do with this…There are so many things we do not know.’ That the reference to the number 9, the master key in this new cosmology of the Supermind, should have been made by the Mother on Indira Gandhi’s birthday is not insignificant. To be specific, in her February 5 conversation, the Mother speaks of two columns of numbers, one golden yellow and the other dark blue. In the cosmological formulation of this visual image that came into existence in the 1970s—long before anything of this dialogue was known since it came to be published only in 1981—I described these same ‘columns of numbers’ as the Solar and Lunar Lines, the golden yellow being the daytime, solar colour, and the dark blue the nighttime, lunar colour. And just as the Mother states, these are related to people and events and principles.

Indira Gandhi belongs to the Lunar Line, the ‘dark blue column’ of the Mother’s transcription, while the Solar Line is Sri Aurobindo’s. The exquisite manner in which the Lines are interconnected and the detailed explanation of this unique arrangement—the mainstay of the new cosmology—can be found in my books, especially the several volumes of The New Way.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the clear manner in which the Mother transcribed her action concerns the question of ‘planets’ and ‘principles’. The Mother suggested the possibility of a planetary connection, but she was evidently not certain about the correspondence. For it is a fact that though celestial bodies are significant in the formulation, they are employed quite differently than in the usual application. The same must be said regarding the correspondence to cosmic principles of these ‘columns of numbers’, or the Solar and Lunar Lines of the new cosmology. In the Mother’s experience they were seen to be the powers of origination and realisation, rather than pertaining to the masculine and feminine qualities. In the later cosmological formulation, though the terms solar and lunar are employed, these designations, as the Mother also realised, do not refer to a masculine and feminine dichotomy, but rather to the same principles of origination and realisation, or inspirational and executive, of her vision/action.

By referring to these two phases of the work, the 6 and the 3, a certain action of the Mother on the subtle planes has been made clear, particularly the manner in which, though she experienced limitation in the formulation of the action on the physical plane, the visual images she employed in order to convey the essence of her supramental work can be seen to have been superbly accurate. Within a mere seven years after this conversation, the presentation of the new cosmological knowledge verified in every detail the truth of her experiences and the purity of the images she used to express them to the disciple. This was indeed a ‘truer application, more universal, and with spiritual knowledge’.

However, without this additional collaboration ‘from below’, on the physical plane, what sense could have been made of this enigmatic description? Bereft of the new cosmology, her dialogue can have appeal only to her close devotees; but even they must accept on faith that this activity does indeed pertain to a real process in the subtle plane. On the other hand, those who are not a part of her entourage or following, when presented with this conversation, can only suspend judgement in the kindest of cases, and ridicule it in the worst. Yet when her activity is accompanied by the formulation from below in the form of an objective body of knowledge, then we leave the realm of faith and speculation and we enter into a true new consciousness whose keyword is precision.

This ‘new precision’, to use the Mother’s words (see The New Way, Volume 2, page 319), has nowhere been more exquisitely applied than in the original plan she drew up of ‘the Mother’s Temple’. It should be noted that true to this remarkable coherency and precision in every detail, the vision she had of the Temple came exactly one year after the ‘arrival of the Superman Consciousness’, a Consciousness that required a numerical expression on this plane, as she revealed. Thus, on 1 January, 1970, the Mother closed the decade and opened a new one, when the arc she was drawing in time culminated in this most sublime architectural expression in Number. In the Temple’s original plan (and we must distinguish this one from that of the revised building that is coming up in Auroville), she gave the world the Divine Measure, to use the ancient Vedic term. This was the principal task and feature of her incarnation, and it signified the beginning of the transformation of matter.

In this, once again the Mother’s work had to be complemented by the action of the Third Power, and therefore the significance of the design and its precise measurements was revealed not by the Mother but by that power with which she formed the bridge connecting the subtle to the physical (see: The New Way). The work from below is not an occult action as is the Mother’s. It is an ‘act of seeing’ that allows for a release of the Power on this physical plane. In this manner the marriage of Heaven and Earth takes place.

In the course of these Newsletters, we shall bring to readers the numerous examples of the supramental Action, so that we may once and for all leave the realm of speculation which has been the bane of spirituality, especially in the entourage of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. There is a ‘new way’ arising which is beyond both science and spirituality. For those who have understood that the trying transitional period we are experiencing can only be successfully crossed by a new approach, then these discussions will be a precious aid along the way. At the same time, by a presentation of this nature, nonspeculative and in no way abstract, it will become apparent that Sri Aurobindo’s ongoing work is not represented by those organisations which have become bogged down in a mire of stagnancy, self-complacency, in-fighting, disputes over ownership and control, and the like, but rather by this new way that all along has been growing, while the ‘wisemen talk and sleep’.

September, 1985
The Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
Aeon Books 1985

The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

From Thea’s Journal, The Miracle of Oneness, Parts 1-9, April 2012.(Published in Symbols and The Question of Unity, 2020)

I have finally seen something that I have been missing since the beginning – contraction and expansion are indeed simultaneous. This was a most accurate perception. But they are not happening here at the same time. Contraction is a property of the Zero, not the One. This I know. But my mistake, of sorts, has been a serious one. Contraction is on the other side; and it is constant. It is the cosmological constant Einstein finally disowned. He had the right perception, but since the laws of physics and mathematics break down in the singularity, he could not ‘prove’ the point. Indeed, he had always to deal with the Point. He could not ever conceive of the Zero. Therein unity holds – i.e., the Mathematics of Unity. There Number IS, whole and complete in itself. Physics, math as we know them cannot explain – much less prove – the elegant simplicity of that Unity. Whole numbers, as number-powers, alone ‘explain’ reality.

The Zero/Contraction is what holds the universe together. It is the binding force – the eternal all-pervading Centre. Without that there is no universe at all. And those number-powers encapsulate the Transcendent, the Cosmic, the Individual Soul. These are the triadic principles of all creation, of all created things. These principles through the 0/1 are at the root of our universal manifestation – and they are the components of the individual Soul, our vahana in this material creation of 9.

This is the magnificence of the 9 – the number-power of the Divine Mother as India has long understood…

Everything I have perceived and written since the beginning is true. But now, 36 years after the most important breakthrough of the Avatar’s descent, the final ingredient has come which has eluded me all along. Yes, Contraction and Expansion are indeed simultaneous. But I could not formulate accurately and completely how this simultaneity is experienced – factually – in the universe. Now it has come, 36 years after the first Seeing. It has come.

On this side we experience Expansion. It cannot be otherwise given Time’s ‘arrow’. But Contraction is ever present there always. It is not that it ceases at the threshold and Expansion takes over. Indian classical music expresses it perfectly: the Shruti never ceases. It upholds the expansion of Sound that arises from the Silence – silence to us because it is on the other side of our material threshold. Therefore, to our senses it appears as silence. But really it is Sound compacted – all sound in a seed. We have no faculty to ‘hear’ sound compacted. And this is the marvel and the beauty and the grace of a material manifestation. And more particularly of our Earthly evolution. Here, perhaps unique in the universe, we can SEE, and HEAR along with the Supreme. To see, to hear his own essence the Supreme requires a creation of the 9 – otherwise IT just IS, but IT cannot know this Is-ness. It is therefore impoverished, incomplete, diminished – unembellished.

Like the raga that compacted Sound experiences itself as embellishment, raga, melody. Therefore, there can be an infinite number of ragas because everything is contained in the Zero. That is why Nothingness is a falsehood, a distortion of the Absolute Reality. Only Fullness describes the true reality of our world.

This is a glorious day. Christians celebrate it as the death of the Son Crucified. They had not gone far enough. They have not seen the Son Victorious. Only India has…

It is curious how this tiny missing piece, just a more finely adjusted, focussed lens, can make all the difference in the world. Now perception is whole and sound – and indestructible.

Everything was correct all along: the One is that Fourth of the Solar Line where reversal takes place. Indeed – contraction and expansion, vertical to horizontal. It has all been true, been seen for the past 40 years; but this small element can make all the difference in the world. IT ALONE IS VICTORY – the Victory that ever IS.

Yes, the Becoming is the most blessed component of Reality because it allows the Absolute to see and to know his own essential Being. Therefore Being and Becoming too are simultaneous because it is that BEING that extends, and in the extension of Itself, knows and sees and experiences Itself. Hence Oneness is the very essence of the Absolute. Without it there is no Seeing or Knowing: the Absolute constantly dissolves into the stillness of Its eternity and infinity. But in our universe, on Earth, we can live the Absolute’s eternity and infinity in Time and Space which are the material expressions ON THIS SIDE of the Its Eternity and Infinity.

Einstein caught the tail of it, but the limitations of his discipline would not permit him to ‘cross the threshold’ to the other side. Indeed, that discipline broke down and he had to retreat, calling his cosmological constant the ‘biggest blunder of his life’. Whereas all he had to do was to plunge and discover the essential and complete nature of Reality. But he was trapped by the limitations of his discipline, trapped in the Becoming alone ignoring the oneness of Being and Becoming, of the 0 and the 9.

Today, April 6 we reach the bottom of the Core’s Pedestal [see The New Way, Vol. 2] – the point of the Return, of the reversal from the vertical of the descending Ray, and the horizontal Base of the Mother’s symbol. Truly the Inner Chamber holds all the secrets of the Future Realisation. And that ‘future’ today becomes the Present – if we but see.

This is the secret of Oneness. Indeed all is one – there and here. The separation exists only in our limitations, our divisiveness. We must see and live that Oneness. In that experience lies the key to salvation.

The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Thea, The Zero, the Veda and the Divine Measure of the Year, May 2006.

The Zero, the Veda,and the Divine Measure of the Year

The Zero, history records, was India’s contribution to mathematics. We take for granted today the knowledge of this cipher of incalculable value; we cannot imagine computation without it. But we would like to analyse the greater significance of this ingenious Naught that revolutionised mathematics in times gone by, and to demonstrate how this concept lies at the heart of all that is Vedic. To be precise, not just its mathematical value but above all its philosophical and psycho-spiritual content. We will then come to understand that the concept of Zero is indeed of Vedic origin and that it describes the heart and soul of everything Vedic. Likewise, we may use the Zero itself to understand the difficult times Vedic civilisation has known, and then in what way we can restore or unveil the true and deeper meaning of the concept to make it an active principle in society once again.

If we use the mathematical symbol for Zero as our guide in this journey of discovery, the alterations in the notation itself over the centuries will bring to light revealing developments. To illustrate, we note that originally it was drawn as a single dot or point, thus: •

In the ancient yogic realisation of the Zero, this ‘bindu’ was experienced as the compact essence of all veda. And by consequence, it held everything that would subsequently evolve into what we know as Vedic culture today. Though in contemporary times this culture differs significantly from the ancient Vedic civilisation,nonetheless it evolves in a direct line from the consciousness of that Rishi who had first broken through certain barriers to enter a dimension where the secrets of the Zero are found. And there he did find veda. This placed its stamp on everything that was to follow from that original breakthrough.

Via another visualisation this Zero Point appears to our inner eye as a ‘seed’ or bija. And similar to a biological seed, if the Zero is the compacted essence of Veda, nothing other than that can grow out the original Bija.

Thus, the origin of Vedic civilisation and culture can be traced back to the birth of the Zero. But it did not arise in the mind of a mathematician. It was born of the vision and realisation of the ancient Rishi, the fruit of his arduous tapasya. Above all,and this is the most important feature of the Zero, it came to him as Purnata, the Fullness. Indeed, if the Veda is the compact essence of the Zero-Seed, only Fullness can describe its true nature. Thus, Zero=Fullness=Veda.However, a seed cannot grow in a vacuum. The sperm requires a womb and a seed its soil. Once born, the Zero/seed gathers nourishment for its growth from the surrounding soil to attain its full potential. It is not separate from its environment. But in this play of interconnection or intermingling, difficulties arise. We can understand the nature of the problem by simply observing the development of its mathematical notation from ancient times to the present. Though it always contains the essence of the Veda, for that was the Rishi’s realisation, the evolution of the notation began to reflect a concept very different from the Rishi’s experience. It went from Point to Empty Circle; or from Fullness to the Shunya we know today as Zero: 0.

That is Fullness, this is Fullness,from Fullness comes Fullness.When Fullness is taken from Fullness,Fullness remains. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 1.10)

According to these verses, so essential an expression of Vedic culture, we can easily appreciate that this Shunya can never represent that Fullness. Something happened along the way to have allowed for this transmutation, this opposite expression of the original Vedic Point/Zero. Indeed, if the Zero lies at the origin of the Vedic experience,naturally this dramatic disconnect would have to be central to any enquiry into the history of Vedic culture on the subcontinent. How and when did this shift take place?

What is its philosophical/yogic import? As a civilisation, how then are we affected by this dramatic shift from Fullness, the essence of our origin, to Emptiness, its opposite,5from Light to the darkness of the Void?Let us now examine how we can APPLY our understanding of Zero as Fullness and not the emptiness of Shunya, and in which way this may affect the life of Hindu Society. That is, where do we find this Zero in our collective life, the common experience for all its members? The Zero comes alive for each of us at birth, our very own personal Zero Point,- specifically our entry into Earth time; or else at the beginning of an enterprise, a movement, even a nation. More particularly, at the start of every new year. Indeed, for Hindu Society this would be its most important connection with the Zero in that it affects the entire society that celebrates this occasion collectively. And we do this via the calendar, or calendars, as the case may be. In India we do indeed find a plethora of calendars, each one binding on the group or caste or sect that adheres to the calculations of its pundits or astrologers as to when exactly their particular year began. But are there really different years? Properly speaking, the year begins when day and night are equal, the Equinox in March. That is its Zero Point; or more specifically, the 0 degree of the ecliptic whence the zodiac of twelve signs/months ensues. Yearly, from the moment we take birth we become engaged in this ‘journey’, as it is called in the Veda. None can escape this common destiny. We may ignore it; we may prefer to consider another point in time as our‘beginning’. But this does not mean that there is any basis in Veda for our choice, or even in astronomy. More importantly, these different calendars, each with their own purported Zero Point, serve to disunite rather than to unify – though this was the objective of calendars in all evolved civilisations of which we have memory.Thus, this Zero entry into the ecliptic circle, within which all the planets orbit the Sun, can be visualised as a sort of science fiction wormhole. Through it, when calculations are correctly done, we gain access to secret places and secret forces. As a society, this common entry according to true Vedic Wisdom generates a binding and protective power. Indeed, because Hindu Society has lost access to that sacred Cipher,where time and space conjoin, it has no hold on the key to generate forces for its own protection and expansion.

It may safely be stated that the evolution from point to empty circle encapsulates the entire history of the Vedic decline. Nowhere is this made more evident than in the time factor incorporated for Vedic sacrifices. For it is that very same Zero point, or ayanamsha, that initiates the yearly journey as recorded in the Veda. As the Rig Veda tells us, it is in the course of the year that the victory is attained. Thus, the quality or precise connections between time and space of this all-important Ayanamsha will reveal itself to be the most significant element in the Sacrifice. And if the Zero for us becomes Shunya, then the start of the yearly sacrifice can only be chaos which is born of emptiness, of nothingness. We cannot overstate the point: It is always the Zero we must turn to because it determines our entry into Earth time, the first breath we take in our journey of fulfilment of our individual and collective Dharma. It is the numerical representation of the Sun of our solar system. Hence, it is in this Zero that we discover our purpose as a society ever at the service of that Light.

But what is the realistic position of Hindu Society today? Indeed, as the Veda tells us, it has ‘lost the Sun’. It has lost the Divine Maya or Measure as prescribed in the Veda. The Zero is not the Fullness out of which springs an orderly flow of days and nights in the course of the Earth’s annual revolution around the Sun. Access is denied into this sacred wheel because the harmony has been transgressed. There is no increase of the Light in the course of the year that carries us to the apex of the journey, the Makar Sankranti, that sacred most tenth month as measured from the March Equinox when the victory is finally accomplished and the Earth begins to experience an increase of the Light.

Today the harmony is not respected. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than by the fact that there are many ayanamshas, many calendars, each purporting to be‘correct’. But when the pundit or astrologer loses sight of what exactly he must measure to gain access to the sacred zero-chamber where Knowledge is found – that is, the measure the Earth herself offers to the solar system of which our planet is an intrinsic part – then we can safely state that the Zero of Fullness has effectively become the Shunya of Emptiness. Such being the case, disunity must ensure, disintegration and not integration, because the correct beginning is not observed.

The article that follows as a first offering to the Hindu Samaj was originally written for the Kashmiri Pundit community insofar as its plight is typical of the inability of Hinduism to generate a power sufficient for its protection. Rituals upon rituals are performed, but where is that integrating and protective power they are intended to provide? The reason for this impotency as a collective experience can be traced to the loss of Fullness and immersion into the Void where only chaos is found.

Nothing is right, nothing is in its place. The ayanamsha of Fullness which generates Order and Power, and certainly the power to integrate, cannot arise from the void of Nothingness, or the Zero as we know it today after centuries of decline. Thus, to integrate, to unify, to fortify, to render whole what has been torn asunder, we must seek to understand the root of the problem. Once we have located the original ‘knot’ as it were, we can proceed to undo it; and then the emergence of the pristine and true essence of the Zero can begin.The temple is the focal point of Hindu society. This is not to state that Vedic sacrifices can only be performed in temples, but simply that the temple with its presiding pundits and priests is usually where the timing of rituals is established for the community at large. Therefore, because the calendar of festivals and sacred observances serves as a binding web for the civilisation, it naturally stands that the pundit’s duty is to respect the correct time factor as prescribed by the Veda itself, so that a harmony arises between Hindu society, the Earth and the cosmic surround. And for this binding power to be effectively established, the perfectly precise Zero Point, or Ayanamsha,where the Earthly and the Heavenly converge, is essential. But the position today is that false and un-Vedic measures are in vogue; these are examples of the ‘lost Sun’ which, according to the Veda, must be retrieved from the cave of powers hostile to Truth.Hindu society stands amidst the chaos that this loss engendered. Therefore we must now make order out of the chaos by discussing the restoration of the correct calendar as a very first step for the regeneration of Vedic civilisation.

Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet)
Aeon Centre of Cosmology
At Skambha, May 2006

The Evolutionary Avatar, The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Thea, The Supramental Synthesis: A Third Poise, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 0 No 3, February 1986.

‘…This unity embracing all mind, life and matter in the Light of a supramental Truth and the pulse of a spiritual Bliss will be to us our internal fulfilment of the Divine in a complete cosmic consciousness. But since we must embrace all this in the double term of the Being and the Becoming, the knowledge that we shall possess must be complete and integral. It must not stop with the realisation of the pure Self and Spirit, but include also all those modes of the Spirit, by which it supports, develops and throws itself out into its cosmic manifestation. Self-knowledge and world-knowledge must be made one in the all-ensphering knowledge of the Brahmin.’

Sri Aurobindo
The Synthesis of Yoga

On April 13, 1962, the Mother experienced perhaps the most critical moment in her yoga, a process that had stretched over many decades. Her physical body was the focus of an action that was to mark the beginning of a new phase in the work she was born to accomplish. On that fateful night, she was declared ‘dead’, only to ‘resuscitate’ some time later. And then she proceeded to describe the experience she had in that state. She entered into a dimension which revealed that material creation was carried along in its manifestation by pulsations or undulations, and that the essence of these pulsations was the power of Love:

‘Suddenly in the night I awoke with the full awareness of what we could call the Yoga of the World. The Supreme Love was manifesting through big pulsations, and each pulsation was bringing the world further in its manifestation. It was the formidable pulsations of the eternal, stupendous Love, only Love; and each pulsation of the Love was carrying the universe further in its manifestation…’

(Extracted from The Gnostic Circle, page 57)

1956, the year of the Supramental Manifestation, marked a new beginning in the unfolding of Sri Aurobindo’s vision and determined a particularly important turning point regarding the action of Supermind (see VISHAAL 0/1 and 0/2). From then onward Supermind crossed a certain threshold and the processes it controls began to overtly bear witness to its upholding power.

From that time onward as well, the Mother’s yoga gradually began to give evidence that it was being carried out in consonance with this new development, that she was in fact the instrument through which that Power was hewing its path and extending its influence in the world. But to be more specific, it was arranging a ‘new language’ for itself, precisely one of the means by which a collective change is meant to come about, bridging the consciousness of the unity and the multiplicity. Hence, the descriptions the Mother gave of her yogic experiences thereafter provide us with certain clues as to the exact language the new Knowledge would evolve. In the first issue of VISHAAL (October 1985), I have given an example of that new formulation. In this article I shall present a further example, equally accurate, of the new formulation that was arising out of the direct experiences provided by the supramental yoga.

Time, as I have pointed out in all my publications, holds the key to the new language. And this is not an abstract formula, theory or hypothesis. It is a living time, gestator of a lived experience that delineates an intelligent and intelligible process, a conscious pattern in evolution and a means by which we can measure the activity of Supermind on Earth.

Considering the role time plays, the fact that this critical juncture for the Mother was reached in 1962 is meaningful in many ways. First, in terms of number-power, 1962 equals 9 (1+9+6+2=18=9). Any year of this vibration points to a new beginning. It marks a death to the prior 9-year cycle and the start of a new one, integrating in the process all that had been lived previously. The 9-power years are seed periods (by virtue of the equality of the 9 with the 0). The experiences lived at that time present a sort of condensation of what will extend outward in time, spanning the next 9-year period. This 9 rhythm may also be referred to one’s age, any year equalling 9, as, for example, one’s 18th, 27th, or 36th year, and so on.

There are many remarkable facets to this arrangement, but limited space does not permit a detailed discussion here. However, the reader may refer to my books on the subject for a more detailed presentation, with a complete exposition of the theory and the methodology in the context of the new yoga. Nonetheless, I must make brief mention of certain facts, in order to bring forth the importance of 1962 in the Mother’s life and the progress of her work. In fact, 1962 was especially important in that it marked 36 years from the beginning of the Aquarian Age (1926); and the rhythm of 36, or 4 x 9, carries a yogic (or other) process through four levels, or a complete development, corresponding to the four levels of creation: physical, vital, mental and spiritual. Indeed, that year marked a substantial change in that the Mother then withdrew permanently to her room and hence from the outer management of the Ashram which, until that time, she had supervised. From then onward she remained in this withdrawn state, fully concentrated on her new phase of yoga.

Apart from the 9-year cycle, students of Sri Aurobindo’s life and works are aware that the 12-year cycle is also significant, to such an extent that happenings involving this cycle in his lifetime cannot be easily dismissed as ‘coincidences’, – a word which in any case we employ to cover a range of striking synchronistic phenomena for which we have no valid explanation. As such, we see that 1962 marked the 12th year after Sri Aurobindo’s passing, and it was a 9-power year. These two numbers and their corresponding time cycles experienced an integration in 1962, in the Mother’s yoga. And indeed the process we shall discuss concerning the new formulation she set in motion then revolves around a harmony of 9 and 12, the former being related to time and the latter to space. These divisions of the Circle, into 9 and 12 parts, give us, in their superimposed combination, the Gnostic Circle.

Shortly after the Mother’s critical ‘death’ experience of the night of 12/13 April, 1962, a new vision began to emerge. It was truly a new beginning and set the pace for an entirely different development, not only within the parameters of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, but in the context of the entire range of known yogas. Indeed, this marked the beginning of the formulation of certain essential elements in the supramental yoga. This was in fact the ‘newness’ that was born in the Mother’s ‘death’ experience – a death that was effectively a new birth.

I should like to present an example of this new formulation that began to take shape at that time. To do so, I shall reproduce a dialogue of the Mother’s which took place just after her momentous ‘death’. This conversation was on 24 May, 1962. I have included the major portion of this talk as Appendix VIII of The New Way, Volumes 1&2, but for this review I shall present the entire published transcript (translated from the French), taken from L’Agenda de Mere, Volume III, Institut de Recherches Evolutives, Paris (1979).

There was a time when I thought that if one could have a total knowledge, complete and perfect, of the entire functioning of physical Nature, as one perceives it in the world of Ignorance, this could be the means to rediscover or once again to reach the Truth of things. With my last experience (of 13 April), I can no longer think this way.

I don’t know if I am making myself understood . . . . There was a time – a very long time – when I thought that Science, if it went to the depths of its potential, but in an absolute form (if this were possible), would discover the true Knowledge. As for example in its study of the composition of Matter: by pushing-pushing-pushing the investigation, there would be a time when the two would join. Well, then I had the experience of the passage of the eternal Truth-Consciousness to the consciousness of the individualised world, it seemed to me that this was impossible. And if you ask me now, I think that the one and the other, that possibility of attainment by pushing Science to its limits, and then that impossibility of any conscious, real connection with the material world, are both inexact. There is something else.

And during these days, more and more I find myself surrounded by the whole problem, as if I had never seen it.

Perhaps these are two paths leading to a third point, and at the moment it is the third point that I am in the process of…not exactly studying, but I am searching for – where the two would join in a third that would be the True Thing.

But certainly objective knowledge, scientific, pushed to its extremes, if it is at all possible for it to be total (in this there is an ‘if’), at least leads to the threshold. This is what Sri Aurobindo says, only he says it is fatal, because all those who have given themselves up to this sort of knowledge, believed in it as if it were an absolute truth, and this closed for them the door to the other approach. This is what is fatal.

But according to my personal experience, I can see that for all those who believe in the EXCLUSIVE spiritual approach via the inner experience, this is in any case also fatal if it is exclusive. Because it reveals ONE aspect to them, ONE truth of the ALL, but not the ALL. The other side seemed to me equally indispensable, in the sense that when I was so totally immersed in that supreme Realisation, it was absolutely indisputable that the other external realisation, deceiving, was only a deformation (probably accidental) of something that was AS TRUE AS the other.

It is that something that we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building.

We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is still inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come.

That is all I can say.


It is truly the state of consciousness in which I live at this moment. It is as if I were in the presence of this eternal problem, but…FROM ANOTHER POSITION.

These positions, the spiritual and the ‘materialistic’, if one may call it so, that are believed to be exclusive (exclusive and unique, so that one denies the value of the other, from the point of view of Truth), are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge.

This is where I am. More I cannot say because I am there.

One can ask, practically, how to participate in this…

This discovery? That…after all, it is always the same thing. It is always the same: realise one’s own being, enter into a conscious rapport with the supreme Truth of one’s own being, under NO MATTER what form, NO MATTER what path – this is unimportant – it is only the means. Each one of us carries within a truth, and it is with this truth that one must unite, this truth that must be lived; and in this way the path that he will have to follow in order to unite with and realise this truth is the path that will take him CLOSEST to the Knowledge. That is to say, the two are totally united: the personal realisation, and the Knowledge.

Who knows, perhaps it is even this multiplicity of approaches that will provide the Secret – the Secret that will open the door.

I do not think that a single individual (on the earth as it is now), however great he is, however eternal his consciousness, and origin, can alone, by himself change and realise, – change the world, change the creation as it is and realise the Higher Truth that will be a new world, a world more true, if not absolutely true. It seems a certain number of individuals (till now it appears to be rather in time, as a succession, but it may also be in space, a collectivity) is indispensable so that this Truth may concretise and realise itself. I am practically sure of it.

That is to say, however great, however conscious, however powerful ONE Avatar may be, he cannot, all alone realise the supramental life on Earth. It is either a group in time, arranged in a line in time, or a group spread over space – or both – that are indispensable for this realisation. I am convinced of it.

The individual can give the impetus, indicate the way, WALK himself on the path, that is to say show the way by realising it himself – but not accomplish it. The accomplishment obeys the collective laws which are the expression of a certain aspect of the Eternal and the Infinite – naturally! it is all the same Being. It is not some different individuals or some different personalities, it is the same Being. But it is the same Being that expresses itself in a certain way which, for us, translates itself by means of an ensemble, a group, a collectivity.

There…Have you any other questions to ask about this?

I would like to ask you: on what point has your vision become different after that experience (of 13 April)? What is the point of difference?

I repeat, for a long time it seemed to me that if one made a perfect union between the scientific approach carried to its extreme and the spiritual approach carried to its extreme – its maximum realisation – , if one joined these two, one would find, one would obtain naturally the Truth one seeks, the total Truth. But with the two experiences that I had, the experience of the external life (with universalisation, impersonalisation, with all the yogic experiences that one can have in the material body), and then the experience of the total and perfect union with the Origin, now that I have had these two experiences and there has occurred something – which I cannot describe now – I know that the knowledge of the two and the union of the two are not sufficient; that there is a third thing in which these two terminate, and it is this third thing that is in the making, in the process of working itself out. It is this third thing that can lead to the Realisation, the Truth that we seek.

This time is it clear?

It was something else I had in mind…How has your vision of the PHYSICAL world changed after this (experience)?

One can give only an approximation of that consciousness.


I arrived by yoga at a certain kind of relation with the material world based on the notion of the fourth dimension (inner dimensions that become innumerable in yoga) and I made use of this attitude and this state of consciousness. I studied the relation between the material world and the spiritual world with the sense of inner dimensions – that had been my experience before the last one.

Naturally, for a long time, there was no longer any question of three dimensions – that belonged absolutely to the world of illusion and falsehood. But now it is the use of the sense of the fourth dimension with all that it entails which appears to me as superficial! I do not find it any more, the thing is so strong. The other, the three-dimensional world is absolutely unreal; and the other one appears, how to say, conventional. It is as it were a conventional translation to give you a certain kind of approach.

And as for saying what it is, the other one, the true position?…It is so much beyond all intellectual states that I am unable to formulate it.

But the formula will come, I know. But it will come in a series of lived experiences, which I have not yet had.


The means which were for me useful, very convenient, and by the help of which I did my yoga, which gave me a grip on Matter, appeared to me like a method, a means, a procedure – but it is not THAT.

This is the state I am in.

More I cannot say. I would prefer making some progress before saying anything else.

Like the 5 February, 1969 dialogues concerning the way in which the Superman Consciousness would be organised for Earth use, utilising number-power or the mechanism of time, this conversation is another milestone. It offers an equally precise clue to a certain arrangement the Supermind uses for the purpose of producing an imprint on the evolutionary blueprint – that is, the mechanism that the Supreme Consciousness utilises in its process of deployment in the material creation. As the Mother says, ‘…the collective laws which are the expression of a certain aspect of the Eternal and the Infinite.’ This deployment is the act of giving a body to the Absolute. Our evolution as a species provides a channel for the reproduction of certain basic laws in the act of the manifestation. From an in-depth study of human evolution within the framework of terrestrial and cosmic existence, we can come to a better, a truer integral vision of the reality of our world. This is the goal that the Mother indicates in her dialogue she was set upon reaching.

The important clue the Mother provides in this conversation concerns two poises that are the mainstays of the mechanism Supermind employs. In consequence, these two poises have become the principal features of the new cosmology, that new ‘formula’ the Mother was seeking, or the laws describing the structure of the vehicle for the propagation of the Truth-Consciousness in the world. We have, then, a new cosmic language, and elements central to the Mother’s experience are found to be pillars in this new cosmology.

Insofar as the Mother embodied the Divine Consciousness focussing its action on the cosmic dimension (the number 6), it is not surprising that the successful completion of her yoga should have produced a new cosmic synthesis. It is evident that the elements constituting this unique synthesis have been in existence for centuries, millennia, and stretching back even to the origin. She did not bring them into being, but rather her yoga served to give birth to the initial stages of a process of integration, on the basis of which a new language could arise expressing a more total Knowledge. This constitutes the ‘third point’ or poise she refers to. It is not a product of scientific investigation, nor of the spiritual endeavour, properly speaking. And yet, like all true syntheses, this Knowledge harmonises both poises; and at the same time it is indeed something else. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is an aphorism that is especially true and applicable to the process under discussion.

In the analysis of the Mother’s 5 February, 1969 experience (VISHAAL, October 1985), it was noted that her yoga was centred on the cosmic dimension and was a descending, penetrating activity, an action ‘above’ reaching down into the physical. I shall demonstrate the manner in which this ‘direction’ is registered by the use of numbers, the elements so central to her experience. This can be done by presenting the formula of the Supramental Descent: 9-6-3-0/1, which, in effect, represents a descending or inverted direction in time, – that is, time coupled with vibratory number-power. (This same formula was presented in VISHAAL 0/1, to describe the contribution of the Lunar Line.) But the exciting aspect of this revelation lies in the fact that once the Mother had broken through in her yoga to the new dimensions of the Supramental Manifestation, she immediately began to perceive the existence of this inverted direction, even though at the time she was not fully able to grasp the intricacies of its actual formulation (‘…But the formula will come, I know. But it will come in a series of lived experiences, which I have not had yet…’) and the manner in which this would come to express itself in the body of the new Knowledge. Regardless of this temporary limitation, we find that once again the Mother’s description was precise enough to provide a means which could help us to verify the accuracy of the Knowledge, once it became formulated on the basis of those ‘lived experiences’.

In this conversation, the Mother describes two poises, which for her constitute the mechanism (corresponding to higher laws) on the basis of which the Supramental Change would come about. In so doing, she provides us with the splendidly accurate description of exactly how the Supramental Manifestation would be arranged in terms of the Incarnations (the Avatars she refers to) who would form one of these ‘poises’ or directions involving an inversion of number-power, related to time via our calendar – in other words, registered by the births of these incarnations, as well as the points in time when significant breakthroughs in their yogas (and other meaningful happenings) would take place to form a new web of time, or a new ‘blueprint’. We are brought into the heart of her Yoga by these descriptions, and are able to follow the process as if it were unfolding before our eyes, even as the Mother was then engaged in a process of ‘unfolding’, or hewing the path day by day.

In 1962, the Mother began to cross the threshold to a new way and hence to make possible the precise formulation of the Supramental Action on Earth. Indeed, the avataric Descent for this new age of the Supermind has been arranged as a succession in a line in time, because this is the mechanism for the great Change, utilising certain higher laws which control the evolutionary process. The above mentioned formula (9-6-3-0/1) is the pattern of that deployment, and indeed ONE incarnation is not sufficient to secure the victory, insofar as it is a process that covers four planes of consciousness – spiritual, mental, vital and physical. This ‘line in time’ that the Mother had foreseen in 1962 – 9 years before the last components were known, or that such a ‘line’ even existed for that matter – came to be called the Solar Line in the new cosmology, or the new formulation that the Mother was seeking so assiduously. Its peripheral companion in the action is the Lunar Line of the Nehrus (see VISHAAL 0/1), and like the resistance the Nehru succession has encountered in Indian political life, so too has the Solar Line faced a similar if not worse resistance and downright hostility; as if this hostility and denial could in any way alter the power of destiny stemming from the Truth-Consciousness and erase what is and has been done.

The necessity for a mechanism using an inverted time power is fully understood when it is realised that the Supramental Manifestation has a fourfold nature, corresponding, as mentioned, to the four planes of existence. Accordingly, this renders clear why Sri Aurobindo had seen that the Square was the geometric symbol of the Supermind, insofar as this form is composed of four sides and its number equivalent is 4. As explained in VISHAAL 0/1, there is an experience of reversal at the last poise: the 3 introduces this reversal and the two dimensions, or directions, join at the level of the 0/1. This would be the interconnecting nexus for the two poises the Mother mentions in her dialogue: an avataric descent stretched out in a succession in time, AND a group spread out in space. That is, the mechanism brings into being a harmony of the unity and the multiplicity – in higher knowledge, this is its significance – or the individual poise and the collective.

But there is something even more interesting to note in this unique arrangement. At the third level, the Descent has reached the domain of the vital. It is in that domain that the ‘organisation’ of time comes into being, in its periods which civilisation has registered by calendars in consonance with the cosmic harmony. When in her talk of 5 February, 1969, the Mother spoke of the ‘creative zone of the physical’, it was this area that was indicated, and hence she mentioned ‘the order of events’ that her action would determine. This is the zone that serves as a ‘bridge’ connecting the more subtle planes to the physical. As proof of this, we may note that it was only when the third stage of the Descent was reached, centred on the third incarnation of the Line and indeed connected to the vital plane, that the question of Time became prominent and it was possible to ‘measure’ the action of the Supermind via the time factor. Added to this, all disciples of Sri Aurobindo are aware of the fact that he was rather obsessed with time. There are various, often amusing, anecdotes in circulation attesting to his interest in this fundamental element of creation.

The Supramental Descent embraces a fourfold action; it integrates four planes in the process that constitutes what I have called the vertical dimension. This implies a vertically descending direction measured through number-power and the calendar. There is a penetrating descent into the physical manifestation of this Earth-plane, thereby producing an involution: it embeds a ‘seed’, a supramental Seed in the field of earth-consciousness. This ‘field’ is constituted by the expanding evolutionary movement, the horizontal dimension of the consciousness-cell, – a ‘group spread over space’. Thus the two poises – vertical and horizontal, or involutionary/evolutionary – join at a certain stage of the manifestation, a certain maturing point that occurs when the final two stages are reached. In the formula by which this activity can be measured, it would be at the level of the third and fourth powers (3 and 0/1). The express work of the Third in the organisation is precisely to secure this interconnection by a process of reversal. That is, the inverted, involutionary embedding reaches its compact wholeness, after which the Fourth Power engenders an expansion that overtakes the evolutionary process and plays itself out over the wider field of the Earth. Time is the instrument by which this action of the solar Line is extended to encompass the whole earth-consciousness and to permeate the evolutionary mechanism. This activity and the part time plays have been amply detailed in my books. The Mother’s yoga of the 1960s opened the way to the formidable body of Knowledge that would be fundamental in the overtaking process that is upon us.

When the Mother perceived the necessity of these two interconnected dimensions, the new language was still far from materialising. Above all, she did not have the key to the means by which such an action could not only play itself out but could also be registered in our world of material creation. The Divine Measure was yet to be established as the key element in the Supramental Change. But when that key finally did come – after the victorious completion of the Mother’s transformation – she was able to reveal to the world that time and number were the means. Thus, in 1969 she described how the Supramental Consciousness would work in the very terms we subsequently employed and have been able to verify according to the laws which comprise the new cosmology. This is the beginning of the third poise beyond both science and spirituality – a poise that does not deny the constituent elements of material creation in order to realise the heights of the supreme Spirit, nor does it deny the upholding subtle planes of consciousness in the effort to stamp its mark and mould civilisation into its image. Neither one – science or spirituality – secures its exclusive supremacy in the arena of life on Earth.

The important factor that comes forth in this analysis of the Mother’s dialogue is that an entirely new poise emerges when the Supermind reaches a particular phase in its actualisation. The time when this threshold was reached, initiating therefore the onset of this revolutionary activity, was the 9-year span from 1962-1971. By the beginning of the decade of the 70s, the Mother’s yoga had effectively produced the Divine Measure, the truth-measure of matter, and this was indeed the Golden Rod by which a new and truer understanding of matter could begin to emerge. However, with the new revelation the method also manifested of the realistic process for establishing a new consciousness on the planet and in consequence for the emergence of a new world order. The key to this realisation lies in a harmony and integration of the above mentioned directions the Truth-Consciousness uses for its manifestation on Earth: involution and evolution, – or the vertical and horizontal poises of contraction and expansion. We can best understand their respective properties if we imagine it as a biological process. What has to come into being is veritably a new Cell. As in a biological cell, there are two parts to the supramental Consciousness-Cell: the nucleus and the cellular mass. In this new Cell the nucleus comes into being by a contracting, involutionary action, which, through the mechanism of time, forms a core from which the encircling mass receives its sustenance.

The contracting power (of time), utilised for the formation of the Cell’s nucleus, creates then a sort of binding energy, on the basis of which the new Cell is held together. As the reader can appreciate, this process involving a reduced microscopic consciousness-cell, is the same any cell is subject to; the Supramental Manifestation in fact reproduces the original act of manifestation, the fundamental laws of all creation in matter.

What is embedded in the core/nucleus then extends to the outer mass, influences it and uses it for its propagation (‘the collective laws which are the expression of a certain aspect of the Eternal and the Infinite’). The nuclear activity of the Solar Line could not succeed in penetrating the world consciousness if deprived of the cellular mass of the collectivity.

This is an evolutionary process. An experience that is, in fact, the deepest truth of the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Ever and always the first expression in any great change in evolution comes through the creation of a new cell of consciousness in some form or other, which then divides and reproduces itself according to the pattern embedded in the nucleus or Seed. The Supramental Manifestation is no different. Rather, it is the apotheosis of the entire evolutionary arc of which we are a part. That is, when the truth-conscious creation comes into being it signifies that as an evolving planetary species we have crossed a decisive threshold: from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge.

It is clear beyond any doubt that the Mother was consciously ‘in search of’ that third poise, since it involves the Divine Measure whose revelation was the core of her destiny. She was well aware of its indisputable relevance to the work of transformation she was embarked upon. Time and again I have referred to this search as something so entirely evident, if one studies the records of her yogic experiences with the right preparation and in the correct poised of consciousness. Above all, the study must be pursued on the basis of an holistic seeing and supported by a vision that provides us with the coherent thread that time weaves through the garland of innumerable yogic achievements that she was forming. Thus, in these introductory issues of VISHAAL, I have presented two milestone dialogues in which she offers us the insight into the beginning and the end of her formidable activity, embracing in fact the final years of her embodiment. In the dialogue under discussion in this issue, she describes the first glimpses she was given of the path to be hewn. Above all, the Mother knew from the first breakthrough that the ultimate answer would be a process of transformation of the earth-consciousness that would ultimately harmonise and integrate two poises of universal creation: time and space, or contraction and expansion. But in order to do so an entirely new vision of just what these universal dimensions are had to come about. Hence in the process that followed hers, covering the 1970s to the present, time and space have come to reveal aspects or certain properties ignored by both the worlds of science and spirituality. Indeed, this has carried us to that Third Poise the Mother had foreseen. By the work we are able to present in this combined third and fourth stage of the Supramental Manifestation, it is entirely possible to carry the yogic achievements of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother out of the realm of speculation and thereby secure their indisputable contribution at the heart of the new world that is being born.

December of 1985
The Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Kodaikanal, India

The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Thea, The Vedic Altar Updated: An Essay in Twelve Parts, No 3, September – October 2012.

The Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s co-worker, was the channel for his vision as the 9th Avatar of Vishnu to be rooted in this Earth dimension. He stated that had it not been for her he would have ‘remained up there’. In fact, in this incarnation as the Evolutionary Avatar he embodied the Transcendent in the structure of reality as expressed in the trinity Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual (Soul). This trinity, apart from providing the central ingredient of almost all metaphysical systems and religions, in one form or another, has been especially prominent in his mission; more than just philosophically relevant, it has been made applicable through the processes of Yoga he and the Mother undertook.

The descent of Vishnu’s 9th has been played out according to a precise formula. Sri Aurobindo was assiduously engaged in rendering it applicable over the final years of his sojourn on this planet. It consists of the numbers 9/6/3/0. As an indication of its importance, he enshrined it in his own symbol in the central square known as the Lotus of the Avatar. In it we find an arrangement of 9 and 6 petals in a descending order, resting on 3 leaves.

The numbers and descending arrangement when transposed to calendar time allow us to verify his credentials as the Avatar of Vishnu. With this simple equation his revelation of the supramental Truth-Consciousness as the next stage in evolution became applicable for Earth use.

We are aware of the role Number has played throughout the Vedic Age and into the present on the subcontinent. But to render the Formula applicable it had to be supported by a particular number system (0-9) and an appropriate calendar by which the Formula could be related to the experience of time on Earth. India has both calendar and number. The revelation of the Zero was especially important, India’s contribution to the world of mathematics centuries ago. If that had not been the case, the sacred Formula could not have been applied in a manner that would convert Mahakala from Destroyer to Dissolver; that is, to remove the ‘sting’ from his contribution to the trinity of Creation, Preservation and Destruction (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). This is an especially significant shift with the potential to lift the doomsday gloom that has been hanging over our collective psyche for the past 2000 years in one form or another. To be precise, without this transformation, appropriately expressed in the calendar, Time would be unable to play its part in the appearance of the Vishnu Line when the Avatar re-sets the cosmic clock. This, above all else, has been the purpose of the 9th’s birth on a particular date: a re-organisation in no way speculative but rendered applicable via Number and Calendar.1

It is the date and time of the Avatar’s birth itself that sets the Clock ticking, the very first ingredient in the re-establishment of the Dharma in this cycle. But to recognise the pattern, I repeat, the appropriate calendar must be used. And given the current stage of evolution and its position within the ‘parable of evolution’, that calendar must be universal. At independence the calendar India officially adopted suits the purpose of universalism to a sufficient degree. Thus, Number and Calendar are the primary ingredients in this updating of the ancient Veda. Furthermore, that both systems have a global application points to the role India is to play in the world as indicated in the cosmic harmony itself and preserved for us in the Rig Veda. Having reached the stage of evolution where the Earth is increasingly perceived as the planetary home of all human beings, and if India is by destiny the central figure in the comity of nations, then this universalism is an indispensible ingredient.

The reason why the number system in use throughout the world can serve the purpose of re-establishment of the Dharma rests on a simple aphorism of the new cosmology: The 0 and the 9 are equal. This aphorism, apart from providing applicability indicates a spherical process rather than linear as in the series 1-10 of the Wisdom Schools that came into existence after the Vedic Age – for example, the school of the Greek sage Pythagoras. This is illustrated by his main teaching tool, the Tetraktys comprised of 10 dots to form a pyramid; there is no place for the 0 in this diagram. His system, as well as others that evolved out of the Egyptian initiatic tradition, would have utilised the linear pyramid and similar diagrams as geometric figures to convey the inner teaching. In so doing the limitations are made evident of all schools post Vedic to serve the purposes of the new age. It is a case of linearity in contrast to sphericality.

In the pyramid the construction is on the basis of 1 to 10, as indicated above. The 0-9 is spherical; they join at the top of the sphere as we find in the revered Ouroboros symbol, the Serpent biting its Tail. Where Head (0) and Tail (9) meet, there is a joining of 0 and 9, an overlapping, if you will. Applying this to calendar time, in a sequence such as the date 1950, if the 9 and 0 are eliminated, the final sum will remain 15 (by the mathematics of unity – 1+9+5+0=15, or 1+5=15). This application was well known in ancient Vedic Mathematics. It was called reduction to the ‘seed digit’ by the Ancients and is central to the evaluation of the cosmic credentials in Vishnu’s 9th avataric descent – a further example of the updating of our times.

Regarding Vedic Mathematics, it has been argued that the system presented by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha2 should not be called Vedic because his aphorisms are not found in the Veda as he has used in his application of the sutras. It needs to be pointed out – and this will serve our present updating exercise as well – that the contemporary sage’s methodology is the same as the Ancients’, the process of discovery was the same though the function may vary in the contemporary application. The emergence of Vedic Mathematics in modern India reveals the eternal quality of the Dharma and once again how ‘seeds’ from the Vedic Age continue to flower today, provided the same method of discovery is used.

It is not the purpose of this series to prove that science in the Vedic Age was earlier or superior to that of the Greeks. That exercise can best be tackled by historians. My intention is to carry the experience of the Ancients into the modern era, and also to reveal that the passage of time enhances the experience. That can best be done by presenting an example of an updated vedi that rests on the same principles as the former. This contemporary example is not proof of the scientific skills of the ancients but is an application revealing the same features of the tradition that are found in texts such as the Rig Veda – that is, the cosmic harmony as expressed in the Journey, the central experience of the ancient school which I often refer to as an initiation.

The Mother was especially adept in the use of Number and Symbology. In fact, in the example of the updated vedi I will provide, she has carried them to heights never reached earlier, not even in the Vedic Age. Her superlative talent is proof of what I stated in Part 2 of this series: both Time and Circumstance join to enhance the original vision. This is an example of the ‘nourishment’ the Seed receives in the course of evolution as it moves ahead spherically, spiralling out into a ‘field’ that comprises ever larger quanta of energy for its enrichment. This enlargement is understood by the sequence of numbers or multiples of 9: the first is 0-9, then the next lap of the spiral is 9-18, then 18-27, and so on endlessly to reveal the larger quantum of energy embraced in each extension.

The Mother could not have undertaken her task as Sri Aurobindo’s helper in the manner required had the number system and calendar not been those used throughout the world. With these at her disposal, the original vedi has evolved to manifest its finest seed-potential through the consciousness of one of the world’s most eminent Seers. The updated vedi will be seen to reinforce certain premises Sri Aurobindo elaborated regarding the Supermind: for example, the simultaneity of Being and Becoming and the ability of only the supramental Truth-Consciousness to harmonise and integrate them into our experience of Reality, thereby resolving a paradox that has troubled the mind of seekers since the Vedic Age. This reconciliation and integration had not been achieved until the advent of the 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu in our Age. It can be expressed as Time in its essentiality (Being) and Time in its periods (Becoming), Time compacted to a ‘seed’ and Time evolving out of the seed of itself ceaselessly, carrying evolution along on the spiral of creation. It concerns the most remarkable feature of our existence on this particular planet in this solar system – the miracle of Transcendence and Immanence. Vishnu’s 9th and 10th appearances cemented the phenomenon in the evolutionary matrix as the key undertaking for the displacement of Mind as the reigning principle over the human species, and the establishment of Supermind at the apex, the fourth, and highest principle of existence. It is this action direct from the Supreme that has the potential to alter life on Earth. The Mother captured this exceptional process in her contemporary vedi, a process already completed and indeed responsible for the remarkable changes we have been witnessing, affecting every aspect of existence.

When the human eye of consciousness crosses a certain threshold, then evolution is observable today in the cosmic harmony just as it was for the Rishi millennia ago. It is the coveted experience of Oneness which alone allows for the incorporation of Equivalency to unfold via the consciousness of the Seer and made operational on Earth. This enhanced perceptive capacity is the signature of the Supermind.

1 In the words of the mathematician Laplace (1749-1827), as quoted by C. N. Srinivasiengar in his The History of Ancient Indian Mathematics, a case is made for the utter simplicity of the discovery (the Zero): ‘The idea of expressing all quantities by nine figures (or digits) Linkwhereby is imparted to them both an absolute value and one by position is so simple that this very simplicity is the reason for our not being sufficiently aware how much admiration it deserves.’ Simplicity can be the key to effective application, as the Formula reveals.

2 Vedic Mathematics, 1st edition, Hindu Vishvavidyalaya, Sanskrit Publication Board, Banaras Hindu University (1965).