The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms, an essay on ‘End Time’, 10-14 June, 2014.

Introduction: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet wrote the following article 24 days prior to CERN’s announcement that they had observed a new particle ‘consistent with long-sought Higgs boson’. In 1993 Leon Lederman (director of Fermilab from 1978-1989) dubbed the predicted Higgs boson particle ‘the God Particle’ in The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?. In the article, Lederman asserted that the discovery of the predicted particle would help explain the structure and creation of matter. The Higgs boson particle has been sought after to supposedly ‘complete’ the Standard Model of physics, which is based on special relativity and quantum physics.

In May/June 2012 Atlantis Rising magazine published an article about Nikola Tesla, who at the age of 81 challenged Einstein’s theory of relativity (including special relativity and general relativity). So if Tesla’s disregard for relativity and his ‘obsession’ with the number 3 (and 6 and 9) are ever properly understood in terms of a unified cosmology such as Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has developed from her explorations into Vedic Science, then the Standard Model of physics will be proven to be flawed and partial and must be cast aside in favor of a new and more inclusive model. As this more inclusive model establishes itself, the billion dollars of research done on smashing particles together at high speeds in attempts to prove or complete the Standard Model will be seen as a colossal waste and an unnecessary danger to all life on Earth. The following is from the Atlantis Rising article:

‘After the Great War, Tesla was a changed man but not for the better. Specifically, he began to display clear signs of obsessive compulsive behaviour, focussing on the number three. In the early twentieth century, OCD was seen as a sign of insanity, so Tesla was now catalogued as an insane genius…It is clear, however, that neither old age nor OCD could temper the audacity of his mind. At the age of 81, he reported that he had completed a ‘dynamic theory of gravity’. Though he said the material was to be published, it never was.’  – Philip Coppens, ‘The Tesla Legacy’, Atlantis Rising, May/June 2012, p. 47. [bold emphasis added]

Despite the fact that this important Tesla material was never published, the Vedic basis of the new model of physics which he intuited and discovered is discussed in the written works of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet. Her recent article, published below, discusses the limitations and failures of modern scientific theory and the 3, 6 and 9 as the numerical seeds or basis of a new understanding of reality (a unity consciousness) in which a bridge is created between the seen and the unseen, matter and energy, matter and spirit, science and spirituality as well as between all perceived opposites.

– Lori Tompkins

Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms an essay on ‘End Time’

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Tamil Nadu, South India,
10 June 2012
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2012

Recently the head of OPERA, a collaborative effort between the 10 billion-dollar CERN nuclear research facility near Geneva and Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of Italy, announced the preliminary results of the team’s findings. They were startling: the speed of light might no longer be the constant for energy equations, as in Einstein’s famous formula E=MC². It appears that there is a faster speed – unnamed as yet.

This revelation set off an instant furore throughout the world of science; if true, it would naturally cause scientists to rethink all their theories. In a word, it was a devastating piece of news. Ultimately, the head of the project had to resign, which seems to be the customary means of dealing with inconvenient data that threaten the status quo.

To the sage and the seer the news was not at all surprising. It has always been held in certain arcane traditions that the speed of consciousness is the true constant – faster, of course, than the speed of light. But the real question is how can it be measured? It is certainly not dependent on billion-dollar projects. Consciousness is the property of every human being; therefore each individual has the potential of proving the theory. The ‘laboratory’ for the purpose lies within one’s own consciousness. If contemporary research is focussing more and more on new alternative energy sources, which would free the human being from slavery to certain vested interests who do not look kindly on such inventions for fear of losing their control over the energy market, what would be the case when every person on the planet would potentially be equipped with the key factor for understanding the workings of the universe? We would no longer be subjected to dogmas and sacerdotal impositions that today have lost their meaning and purpose, precisely in view of the strides science has made in encouraging rationalism and a free spirit of enquiry. But still the question remains: What is the method of discovery and of subsequent measuring in a dimension so foreign to most?

The new cosmology of Aeon Centre of Cosmology provides some answers, primarily by constructing a bridge to ‘the other side’. This bridge is described by a simple formula: 9/6/3/0-1. However, the mathematics science uses to prove its theories do not hold where the Bridge is concerned. As science rightfully states, our mathematics break down ‘on the other side’.

But, what is ‘the other side’? Again the formula comes to our aid. The first two numbers, 9 and 6, are fully expressive of that ‘other side’, whereas the 3 is the link between this and that. The 3 provides the bridge at the end of which stands the Zero. But when the 1 emerges out of the 0, then we find ourselves fully on this side of the divide that separates materiality from a subtle essence, commonly known as the event horizon. The 0-1 is the description in the formula of our material universe. In the realm of the 1 the current laws of mathematics apply. However, while this is true and has served humanity well for the past three centuries, coinciding with the discovery of the three outer planets beyond Saturn, we have now come upon a stone wall. Science is blocked at the Zero threshold; it cannot penetrate or cross the bridge to the other side because it lacks the tools to do so – or should we say, the speed?

The speed of light as the reigning constant informs us that relying on it for solutions reminds us that we are thoroughly closed within the boundaries of the material universe; whereas, the speed of consciousness knows no such limitations. The formula uses the latter to investigate and to establish what lies beyond our dense physical world. Science as we know it today can only carry humanity (and the planet ultimately) to a final catastrophic destruction. As time moves on this is becoming increasingly evident. The partial vision, distinguished by the accepted constant, the speed of light, must cause a breakdown when a certain threshold is reached. Either we progress to an integral vision, or we must accept that the world as we know it, the world of the technology we have created, will perish. This is the meaning of 2012 – or, as some call it, END TIME.

Time does not exist only in our material universe. It is synonymous with consciousness. It is the ‘stuff’ of creation itself. Our material universe is the product of Time, and the formula describes the entire operation. No complicated, arcane mathematics are required to understand the process. It is simply an appreciation of Number and its unitary, unifying essence. Thus, 9/6/3 are the numbers that reveal the foundation of our material world. They describe what stands on the other side of the Bridge. In most schools of philosophy and metaphysics the three digits are numerically expressive of 9=Transcendent, 6=Universal, 3=Individual. But more importantly, what this simple string of numbers conveys is that the trinity lies at the root of creation. The formula indicates that in a descending sequence the numbers are a triadic configuration moving from 9 to 6 to 3. Only when we cross the Bridge and, via the Zero-womb, we witness and experience the emergence of the number 1, do we proceed by single consecutive digits but in the reverse direction.

This shift tells us something essential: on the other side, upholding or giving birth to our material universe stands the trinity. Moreover, the descending sequence distinguishes the quality of the operation ‘on the other side’. It indicates compaction. The descending triad of 9,6,3 is compacted in the Zero, from where the spatial universe begins as the horizontal field within which to extend the components of the Zero, or of compacted Time reversed to extended Time. Thus, we understand that this triad of number – i.e. Transcendent, Universal, Individual – is the very essence of our material creation. The origin can be discovered when we cross the Bridge – by and through consciousness – into the realm of essence. Our universe can rightly be called a display of form; but when its own essence is overlooked or ignored, disintegration and destruction must ensue because the limits of the separative consciousness are reached which can be described as a consciousness that sees only half of reality. A partial vision is what plagues our civilisation. Spiritual and religious leaders proclaim that a new consciousness is the answer; however, if we continue to make a separation between the spiritual and the material as is presently the case, the desired integration cannot come about. And only such an integration, out of which evolves a consciousness of unity, can solve humanity’s woes on all levels.

To better understand our creation and its mechanics, or how the formula can be made relevant and applied in our material dimension, we must seek for the answers employing more familiar terms. Thus, compaction would be another name for contraction, which in turn is another name for gravity. On the other hand, extension (from the 1) is another name for expansion. These are the principal features of our world. They are, properly speaking, cosmic directions; in symbols, for instance, they have been expressed from time immemorial as the cross or the swastika and their variations. Contraction and expansion are the binding forces of our material world. Their constant, simultaneous interaction is what keeps the universe of form together and does not allow particles to spin off randomly. Without the triadic principles as the foundation of contraction/gravity there would be no universe as we know it.

Insofar as gravity is a part of the energy base that continues to defy integration, for which reason the unified theory of everything has eluded science, it is clear that we must understand what the real nature of gravity might be. Since it is alternately described as contraction or compaction, the formula tells us that gravity is a property belonging to ‘the other side’; so naturally science cannot make the conclusive discovery that would explain everything. It attempts to do so via the mathematics of this expanding, extending universe of the 1 – whereas gravity/contraction is experienced through processes involving consciousness alone. When that exploration is done the results can be brought into our world and applied. Through such an application, however, there will be the emergence of a very different world than science has given us today.

We find that gravity is the carry-over, or itself the bridge between subtle and physical, it is the real constant because it links the two dimensions in a continuum that can be described as the cosmological constant. Einstein called this his ‘greatest blunder’. On the contrary, it was his greatest intuitive success, except that mathematics of his world of the 0-1 were unable to provide proof of operations at the origin – ‘on the other side’ beyond the event horizon. When ‘this side’ is separated from ‘that’, the result is a world of relativity, just as Einstein formulated. This stamp of relativity has plagued the human mind since then; it explains our civilisational crisis. Relativity was not incorrect; it was only the result of an incomplete vision and process.

It appears that the genial scientist, Nikola Tesla, stated, ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.’ In view of what is written above, his statement was not an exaggeration: everything essential that we need to know about life is contained in the formula 9/6/3/0-1. But the key to the discoveries, clothed in this extreme simplicity, is a consciousness of unity. This is what is lacking in our world today, in our science and in every aspect of life we have created for ourselves. Clearly, based on the formula, it is a new world that is seeking to be born. ‘End time’ can really be the portal to a ‘new time’ and the experience of an entirely different life on Earth. For that to transpire, for heaven to descend and to convert our planet into the paradise it rightfully can be, science must accept its limitations and allow for a new way to take the lead, carrying civilisation across the Bridge where unity and oneness are discovered to be the foundation of all material creation.
14.6.2012 – 6:37 AM
Einstein’s general theory of relativity explains that light from stars is bent by gravity. The theory holds that space and time become curved near a mass, and that the larger the mass the more they are curved.

This caused me to reflect on the extraordinary properties of the Gnostic Circle and how perfectly it describes the law but applicable to human consciousness and therefore how right it is as a symbol – applicable in the sense that the symbol is the thing symbolised – of the processes of consciousness and a tool to unify macro- and microcosmic bodies. Because of this oneness the Gnostic Circle is the description of the movement of consciousness in large and small bodies – i.e. how it is all one, how that very same Divine Consciousness moves in the vast and in the small.

Finally the Gnostic Circle proves the truth in the general theory of relativity with the difference that the individual is not excluded from the law. With the Circle we can know the solar system’s organisation but never divorced from human awareness. We see the same process or organisation reflective of the movement of consciousness in the individual as well as beyond in the entire System. The Gnostic Circle reveals that indeed the individual is intended to become THAT which is mirrored in the Circle – or the structure and organisation of our very own solar system.

© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 1975 The Gnostic Circle

If light bends due to gravity near mass and the greater the mass the larger the curve, this is portrayed in the Gnostic Circle at its most critical area: its nadir. There, in order to avoid exiting the solar orbit (ecliptic plane), human consciousness must curve when that nadir is reached, just as the larger System portrays by its very structure. It is essential to complete the Journey (across the 12-month year) – that is, to avoid pressure to exit when it is exerted to its maximum; the pressure required to curve, precisely. This is accomplished by the solidified powers of contraction and expansion in unison – i.e. Mars and Jupiter. Our solar system as reflected in the Gnostic Circle simply enacts the effect of the two cosmic directions, but not just in the larger movement of the planets of our System. More importantly, the same Circle and System describe how those interacting directions play out in the human consciousness for the purpose of carrying the individual on the same journey as the cosmic bodies.

To be borne in mind is that the physical universe, and in this case our solar system, is the densification of what lies beyond, what supports, sustains and gives purpose to creation. Thus each physical component of our material universe densifies an upholding truth to which it owes its life and ability to carry forward that abiding Intention. In simple terms, light serves as the current constant for speed in the material universe. On this constant we base all our theories. But having stated the above, we must see what it is the light ‘represents’. The Vedic Rishis gave us the true position: Light is Consciousness. And so, we cannot allow that denser quality to govern our lives once we realise that it is merely a representation of what lies beyond, what gives it its own life and relevance. When humanity matures in its collective Journey to the point where it can digest these sublime Vedic truths, then light must be seen for what it is, what it represents, and we must honour that which supports its existence: we must turn to the speed of consciousness as the determining law of our existence in a material universe.

Mars 4th Planet; Jupiter 5th and the 4.5 Orbit (Asteroid Belt)

At the nadir and enclosing the cosmic ‘birth canal’ (the 4.5 Orbit) there is Mars to one side and Jupiter to the other. Mars is the extreme essence of contraction, while Jupiter is expansion. In planetary terms of function, these are the representatives of the two cosmic directions. Jupiter’s mass is what does indeed curve the movement of consciousness in the trajectory of the Year as if it were taking over the role of the Sun. Therefore I have written that Jupiter ‘aspires to be the Sun’. Because of its actual physical mass the formidable thrust and impulsion of Mars is contained by the Jupitarean mass and it is curved so that the individual on the path can be assisted and ultimately compelled to experience the curve at the 4.5 nadir and not to exit there but to continue the journey. Jupiter pulls the consciousness to itself by its mass and thereby prevents exit. So massive is the power required to counter the thrust of Mars with its extreme impulsion that often a shattering (of encumbrances) is the result – be this either in one’s consciousness or in the solar system. We see this clearly reflected in the Asteroid Belt.

What prevents shattering? Disintegration? Chaos? It is the strength and stability of the axis of consciousness-being. I had written that this is forged also by the cosmic directions, contraction and expansion, similar to the birth process. It is clear that the formation in the Asteroid Belt had no axial balance and therefore could not survive the rigours of thrust and pull exerted by the 4th and 5th planets. Hence, poise around a central axis is the key. Suppleness of consciousness, plasticity born of surrender to the Sun of our inner Truth is the way.

Science has failed because it describes properties of the macrocosm (general theory of relativity) and, separately, the microcosm (Quantum). It is unable to link the two because the way to do so is through the laboratory of human consciousness. That is the link, the harmonising quotient that stays entirely ignored by science; therefore, science has created a world in its own image which is devoid of oneness and unity. To serve as this essential link is the purpose of human existence. We serve the Great Architect by willingly and in full awareness offering our laboratories for the alchemical process that can unify the vast and the small. The Gnostic Circle indicates the path to accomplish this noble task.

Our children must be taught these fundamental truths at the earliest age. We presently set them on the journey of life ill prepared. We provide them with tools to cement the separative perception of creation rather than the simple and elegant truths of the harmonies of the cosmos as they truly are so that the unity and oneness of Reality – from which their own consciousness-beings must not be separated – can be the firm foundation in face of all the vicissitudes that lie ahead, all the crossings of the Asteroid Belt on to the completion of the Journey.

Given the true harmony of the solar system, uncomplicated by mental formulations, we must reveal to the world, and especially to its youth, that escape through the enticements a corrupted world offers all constitute escape strategies. These strategies of vested interests of every hue that plague our world are the bane of human existence. They have carried us to a decisive turning point. We must reveal to the world the disharmony fostered in our beings by all religious and spiritual disciplines that promote otherworldliness as the panacea, that encourage escape to ‘heavens’ beyond, thereby withholding from the Earth the store of creation’s most precious energies. The war to fight is expressed by Mars and Jupiter – or the distorted vision that has been conveyed to our children and to society as a whole of these powers of contraction and expansion. One, Mars, has been distorted to epitomise violence in all its forms, be this physical or moral; and the other, Jupiter, in its degenerate character stands as the opposite of the Divine Grace the planet truly stands for. Presently we know ritual and dogma and we parade these as the saving grace in times of dire need such as ours.

Contraction and expansion thus hold the key: Do we cling to these concepts in their degenerate form, or do we complete the Journey by their aid – Mars providing the impulsion needed to pass through the Asteroid Belt with a fury of speed that only Mars can provide; and Jupiter as the saviour by its very mass which can tame the fury of Mars and draw the human creation up and out of the Asteroid Belt, its very mass providing the thrust to complete the Journey. For after all, that is the essential purpose: to complete the full Circle and not to succumb to lesser enticements that hold us prisoners by the illusions they foster. Truth lies here, on Earth and within our solar system which, as a harmonious whole, explains better than any scientific discipline our sublime purpose as a species and as individuals.

The world needs the new cosmology to see what is actually self-evident – once the veils are lifted.

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