The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

From Thea’s Journal, The Miracle of Oneness, Parts 1-9, April 2012.(Published in Symbols and The Question of Unity, 2020)

I have finally seen something that I have been missing since the beginning – contraction and expansion are indeed simultaneous. This was a most accurate perception. But they are not happening here at the same time. Contraction is a property of the Zero, not the One. This I know. But my mistake, of sorts, has been a serious one. Contraction is on the other side; and it is constant. It is the cosmological constant Einstein finally disowned. He had the right perception, but since the laws of physics and mathematics break down in the singularity, he could not ‘prove’ the point. Indeed, he had always to deal with the Point. He could not ever conceive of the Zero. Therein unity holds – i.e., the Mathematics of Unity. There Number IS, whole and complete in itself. Physics, math as we know them cannot explain – much less prove – the elegant simplicity of that Unity. Whole numbers, as number-powers, alone ‘explain’ reality.

The Zero/Contraction is what holds the universe together. It is the binding force – the eternal all-pervading Centre. Without that there is no universe at all. And those number-powers encapsulate the Transcendent, the Cosmic, the Individual Soul. These are the triadic principles of all creation, of all created things. These principles through the 0/1 are at the root of our universal manifestation – and they are the components of the individual Soul, our vahana in this material creation of 9.

This is the magnificence of the 9 – the number-power of the Divine Mother as India has long understood…

Everything I have perceived and written since the beginning is true. But now, 36 years after the most important breakthrough of the Avatar’s descent, the final ingredient has come which has eluded me all along. Yes, Contraction and Expansion are indeed simultaneous. But I could not formulate accurately and completely how this simultaneity is experienced – factually – in the universe. Now it has come, 36 years after the first Seeing. It has come.

On this side we experience Expansion. It cannot be otherwise given Time’s ‘arrow’. But Contraction is ever present there always. It is not that it ceases at the threshold and Expansion takes over. Indian classical music expresses it perfectly: the Shruti never ceases. It upholds the expansion of Sound that arises from the Silence – silence to us because it is on the other side of our material threshold. Therefore, to our senses it appears as silence. But really it is Sound compacted – all sound in a seed. We have no faculty to ‘hear’ sound compacted. And this is the marvel and the beauty and the grace of a material manifestation. And more particularly of our Earthly evolution. Here, perhaps unique in the universe, we can SEE, and HEAR along with the Supreme. To see, to hear his own essence the Supreme requires a creation of the 9 – otherwise IT just IS, but IT cannot know this Is-ness. It is therefore impoverished, incomplete, diminished – unembellished.

Like the raga that compacted Sound experiences itself as embellishment, raga, melody. Therefore, there can be an infinite number of ragas because everything is contained in the Zero. That is why Nothingness is a falsehood, a distortion of the Absolute Reality. Only Fullness describes the true reality of our world.

This is a glorious day. Christians celebrate it as the death of the Son Crucified. They had not gone far enough. They have not seen the Son Victorious. Only India has…

It is curious how this tiny missing piece, just a more finely adjusted, focussed lens, can make all the difference in the world. Now perception is whole and sound – and indestructible.

Everything was correct all along: the One is that Fourth of the Solar Line where reversal takes place. Indeed – contraction and expansion, vertical to horizontal. It has all been true, been seen for the past 40 years; but this small element can make all the difference in the world. IT ALONE IS VICTORY – the Victory that ever IS.

Yes, the Becoming is the most blessed component of Reality because it allows the Absolute to see and to know his own essential Being. Therefore Being and Becoming too are simultaneous because it is that BEING that extends, and in the extension of Itself, knows and sees and experiences Itself. Hence Oneness is the very essence of the Absolute. Without it there is no Seeing or Knowing: the Absolute constantly dissolves into the stillness of Its eternity and infinity. But in our universe, on Earth, we can live the Absolute’s eternity and infinity in Time and Space which are the material expressions ON THIS SIDE of the Its Eternity and Infinity.

Einstein caught the tail of it, but the limitations of his discipline would not permit him to ‘cross the threshold’ to the other side. Indeed, that discipline broke down and he had to retreat, calling his cosmological constant the ‘biggest blunder of his life’. Whereas all he had to do was to plunge and discover the essential and complete nature of Reality. But he was trapped by the limitations of his discipline, trapped in the Becoming alone ignoring the oneness of Being and Becoming, of the 0 and the 9.

Today, April 6 we reach the bottom of the Core’s Pedestal [see The New Way, Vol. 2] – the point of the Return, of the reversal from the vertical of the descending Ray, and the horizontal Base of the Mother’s symbol. Truly the Inner Chamber holds all the secrets of the Future Realisation. And that ‘future’ today becomes the Present – if we but see.

This is the secret of Oneness. Indeed all is one – there and here. The separation exists only in our limitations, our divisiveness. We must see and live that Oneness. In that experience lies the key to salvation.

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