The Unifying Power Of Number: The Zero

The New Paradigm after Relativity: reflections on the Geometry of Time, 11 February 2012.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon centre of Cosmology
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2012

If Relativity is valid within a specified parameter but when ‘boundaries’ are extended it no longer holds, then the answer to the next paradigm must indeed be on the order of the ‘speed of consciousness’. But practically, what does that mean?

The expansion of boundaries is reflected in the expansion of the solar system from 6 to 9 planets. The triad of outer planets explains the need for a new paradigm. When the 7th was discovered several centuries ago, it indicated the beginning of the end to the Newtonian vision of the cosmos. When the 8th appeared, Relativity was discovered and replaced the earlier paradigm. Einstein’s formulations were the product of a system containing only 8 planets and not the complete triad of 3 x 3. But when in 1930 the 9th appeared, it was the signal that a paradigm would be required to incorporate the full triad of outer planets. That shift would have to express the turn inward.

The Magical Carousel has the answer: Sagittarius, speed to the point of a reversal when it is no longer exterior movement; it is internal. That is the reversal.

But what does that in turn mean? It means entering the Point wherein ALL is contained. The key is spacelessness, compactness. It means no distance. There is no external movement. That is what distinguishes the new paradigm from the others we have known: the reversal through speed – i.e., exceeding the speed of light means entry into the Point or the singularity. There is spacelessness and timelessness to our experience, but it is really compression, contraction into a point – or a singularity – where there is all time, or simultaneous time. Simultaneity of the Point is all space because the compaction of the three times implies the essentiality of space.

From Einstein we know that there can be no space without time. Any travel between two positions implies space-time, a measurability of the amount of time it takes to cover the distance. Therefore, if we experience reversal due to exceeding the speed of light, as is presently the case, we will indeed enter the Point/singularity ‘right within ourselves’ according to The Magical Carousel.

This dimension of extreme internalisation we label consciousness – i.e., the speed of consciousness – because we have no other name for it. The New Way is closer to the mark when it describes the nature of the Zero (singularity) as the womb of the three times, translated into Number as 9, 6, 3; that is, Transcendent, Cosmic, Individual, the three creative principles on which our physical reality is built. They are the building blocks of our universal manifestation. Added to the three is a fourth, as Indian metaphysics states. In the New Way it is the Immanent, or that first point of Space out of which the evolution of Time begins – or the extension of that compaction: the three times, the three building blocks. Number is the bridge between the ‘other side’ and our physical manifestation; it makes the creation process applicable, to be experienced ‘on this side’; hence the value of a universal, precise calendar that can adequately express applicability. This method of measuring ‘here and there’ is called the Geometry of Time.

The Point having been cemented in the evolutionary matrix through Yoga in 1983-4, the new creation of Truth-Consciousness began to evolve from that ‘seed’ – which is indestructible. It can never be withdrawn or eliminated as an integral part of evolution. We now have a new paradigm to replace Relativity: the 3 dimensions of Time, of which the 4th is Space – the first Point out of which time extends itself in the material manifestation. The ‘boundary’ that was expanded in 1983 to make Relativity ultimately unable to express the expansion of the solar system from 6 to 9, was what in the Yoga would be called ‘filling the Void’ – or a creation rooted in Fullness, wiping away the illusion of Nothingness, Emptiness.

Simultaneity is the key to the new applicable speed, or Measure. In the Point there is Simultaneous Time; and therefore all space. Any distance can be traversed in that Point which is not an external extension like in the current Relativity Paradigm. This holds the key to ‘space’ travel, which of course renders feasible travel across the universe. Those who visit us from beyond use this Paradigm.

The discovery of the complete triad of outer planets signalled the reversal of Measure to the inner dimension, in accordance with the actual cosmic harmony.

From The Magical Carousel (1970), Chapter 9:

(When the Centaur of Sagittarius-land overcomes inertia due a spell that had been cast over him, he is able to resume his duty and carry the children to the Border, to the ‘higher realms’):

‘Once again he is Val and Pom-pom’s saviour. They cling to him tightly and with their free arms wave to Heropodus Heronimus, the registrar and the guardians, who have all gathered at the gate to bid the young ones farewell and a safe journey. Heropodus comes close to the children and with a far-away look in his eyes, almost as if he were having a strange vision, he whispers:

‘“You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach. Remember Heropodus Heronimus and all his teachings, for in those realms this knowledge is used. Good-bye my little ones, good-bye…”

‘They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuchsia coloured land, for the Centaur makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly and to bring the children to their destination on time. He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than the speed of light, and at a certain moment the very space around them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seem to have entered a point right within themselves.’ (Aeon Books, page 101-2)

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