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J. Shapiro, The Capricorn Map-Symbol, 2015

In May 1974 Thea found herself facing the most serious dilemma her Yoga had thus far presented: India had detonated a nuclear device. In the 1960s the Mother of Pondicherry had written that India enjoyed an occult protection which would be broken should she ever explode ‘the bomb’.

“I was left in a state of total confusion given the central position of India in the new body of knowledge that was taking shape in such a harmonious and steady flow . . .,” a knowledge inclusive of India’s role as the Earth’s soul.

She prayed for guidance:

“Please send me a sign, a sign that only I may know, that will prove to me that what I am seeing of India’s glorious place in the future of the Work WILL come to pass in spite of this happening, that somehow it WILL come to pass. Send me a sign that this will be so.”(Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, (Thea), The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol 2, Book One, Aeon Books, 2014, pp 27-28.)

The sign came:

The Capricorn Hieroglyph superimposed upon the undivided geography of India
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, 1975, p.68

“This was more than a reply from the Supramental Shakti that somehow the words of the Mother would be neutralised along the way of India’s unfolding destiny in the course of time. The map-symbol was and always has remained, for me, the seal and sanction of the Supreme on my work.”(The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol 2, Book One, p. 33)

As the Earth makes her annual journey around the sun, entry into Capricorn occurs on 21/22 December, the winter solstice. Capricorn is known in esoteric circles to be the ‘gateway to heaven’. In the northern hemisphere, the Light begins to increase. For centuries it was understood that this ‘heaven’ entered through the Capricorn portal was other-worldly. The map-symbol confirmed what Thea had SEEN: The Vedic Swar (heaven) of the Rishi was not in some far-off ‘beyond’. Swar is a state of being/consciousness not only accessible on Earth, but written in her destiny. Capricorn IS that realization. India embodies both the potential and the physical reality of the Capricorn gateway.

“The Capricorn hieroglyph has always been known as the most secret and sacred of the twelve. It is called ‘the name of God’ in certain occult traditions. But little of concrete knowledge has been revealed about the real nature of its sacredness and divine quality. Until now, that is.”(Time & Imperishability, p 192)

“…Capricorn is the Cosmic Midday, the highest position of the Sun, luminous symbol of absolute truth in manifestation. To reach this height the depths must be experienced and integrated. Thus the pictograph of Capricorn precisely indicates these two levels of existence, the mountain goat with the tail of a fish. The one journeys with unflinching endurance to the summit, while the other bathes in the deep waters of the ponderous and mysterious abyss. The Goat, however, is not detached from the Earth, from Matter. This is fundamentally important to note because we learn herein that the way to the discovery of the absolute truth is through life in the material universe.”(Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Magical Carousel Commentaries, Aeon Books 1979, p. 83)

Over the years, the map-symbol would reveal more of its ‘secrets’. Just as Capricorn, through its rulership by Saturn/Kronos, is intimately connected to Time, India, through her very landmass, embodies Time in Matter.

One sees in looking at the hieroglyph 3 distinct parts. Each corresponds to a cardinal energy flow, or guna: Rajas, Sattwa, Tamas (Creation, Preservation, Destruction – Future, Present, Past). Only Time allows movement through the gunas. And it is through Time that the evolution of that which is in nascent/seed form develops, is nourished, renews itself. The triune nature of the hieroglyph can also be equated to the qualities of the Hindu Trimurthi: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. (Time & Imperishability, p. 140)

“…the hieroglyph describes a condition of unified being, – for the individual, for the collectivity, for the nation and the consciousness of its people, as well as for its very geography. This unity of being is beautifully and clearly expressed in the Capricorn hieroglyph by its trifold nature, in which are contained the three Gunas of Indian philosophy and cosmology: Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas. These gunas cover different parts of the hieroglyph, and with the superimposition on the map of India we see that the country itself consists of three areas which together create a harmonised unity in diversity.”(Ibid, p.191)

Capricorn hieroglyph superimposed on undivided geography of India, with Gunas
(Time & Imperishability, p.140)

“… the three gunas on the country’s physical body indeed correspond to the nature of the people inhabiting those areas, as well as the type of forces at play in the areas, today as also in the past, which have contributed to build the history of the Indian nation . . . One of the most secret significances of this hieroglyph concerns the fact of an area which, because of the perfect balance or harmonisation of the three gunas within it, gives rise to a creation that is eternal in nature or unending in time, enjoying a continual process of renewal.”(Time & Imperishability, p.196)

The Dismembering of India’s Body

What happened? How did India allow the amputation of her body?

In The New Way, Volume 2, Thea writes that partition can only occur when the unifying element of the soul has not been unveiled. She goes on to point out this is exactly what happens within the human body: without the power of the soul to harmonize conflicting perceived ‘needs’, its organs are at war with one another, resulting in illness and ultimately death.

India’s abandonment of an Earth-based realization in favor of extra-terrestrial ‘bliss’, with its exclusive focus on the Sattwic/static poise, allowed for a disarrangement of the Gunas in the Indian landmass. It allowed for the dismemberment of India’s body, and along with it, the loss of its true measure (See also ‘International Cosmic Ruler’).

Remarking on the original ‘seeing’ of the Capricorn symbol centuries earlier, Thea asks

“. . . How could the design of the symbol be so exact as to come to delineate the entire landmass of India as she would be presented in maps at the time of Independence, as if it were a slap-in-the-face to all ideas of partition of the sacred symbol-land by mere human design; and above all in response to the call of religion and politics, none of which could be said to approach the supremacy of ‘the Name of God’ as the true fashioner of Destiny? This symbol was the real India, unblemished by human interference in the ancient contours of everything that the symbol signifies. Indeed, Capricorn has always been India’s most revered among all the sign/months, as attested to in many myths and the nation’s own epics.”(The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol 2, Book One, p. 33)

India’s True Measure

India unfolds along 40 degrees longitude and 30 degrees latitude. In addition to allowing the complete manifestation of the Capricorn hieroglyph within its landmass and all that entails (see above), many other keys of knowledge were seen to be held in these numbers, 40 and 30.

The Gnostic Circle superimposes the circles of 9 (planets) and 12 (zodiacal signs). It ‘reveals the pattern and pace of evolution’ (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, 1975, p. 187). The 360 degree circle divided into 9 parts = 40 degrees each. This represents the longitudinal time measure. Dividing the circle into 12 parts yields sections of 30 degrees each, representing the latitudinal space measure. Bharat Mata encompasses a perfect harmonization of Time and Space.

The Gnostic Circle, p. 187

The numbers 40 and 30 also were discovered to play prominently in the Mother’s original Vision of the core of her Matrimandir. (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way, Volumes 1 &2)

Why any of this Matters

As emphasized in Thea’s Welcome Message to the Forum, India has a unique destiny among nations. If she is to fulfill the role of ushering in a Life Divine on Earth, it is imperative that she understand the need for a TRUE integration of all energies. The Capricorn map-symbol encourages that understanding for one with eyes to See.

“True integration implies a harmonisation on the basis of complementation. The matter of national integration is given prominence today. There is even a governmental body appointed to assist in the process. But for a real integration to come about the first necessity is to know the exact nature of the parts in the whole, permitting them then to find their right place. Unless each part is known in its true light it cannot add itself to the mosaic on the basis of its right and effective contribution. It is always out of place. Demands are made upon it which it cannot fulfil because they have no relation to its inherent nature and worth. Thus integration necessarily implies a cognition of all the existing parts first, then of their true nature, and only then can these diversified elements be set in their rightful place in the unified mosaic that is to be the new India, the Vedic Swar on the Earth.”
(Time & Imperishability, p. 193)

Jan Shapiro

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